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Back on track!

Monday, April 12, 2010

So I went to my WW meeting tonight, had weigh in... up again! Vacation gained me 1.2#! I know that isn't a lot, but.... I also had a gain of 1.8# LAST week, befpre vacation... so tomorrow IS time to buckle down, and get back on track.

I had good losses while I was logging into SP every day, and WW Online... but in the past couple of weeks I have been too lax in that! It is time to get logged in EVERY day... and get back to my "mini goals" that I had set every day!!

So here I go again: EVERY DAY:
1) Drink 100 oz of water.
2)Get my healthy (WW) Guidelines.
3) Message or blog on SparkPeople.
4) Message on Weight Watchers
5) Track my food on Spark People.
6) Track my food on Weight Watchers
7) Journal (feelings) every night before bed.
8) Get 7 hours (or more) sleep.
9) Meet my S P Daily goals, calories, fiber, fat, protein, etc.
10) Get 15 minutes of exercise.

I know it sounds like a no brain-er... but even after only 2 months, these are habits that I can easily "bend"! I need more consistancy, so I will try to beat my 60 day streak on Spark People...

So... have logged my day... will have enough water before I turn in... will go to bed early... didn't make the exercise goal today! I WILL re-commit to both Spark People and Weight Watchers, and more importantly to MYSELF!!!

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THVOLLEY 4/12/2010 8:46PM

    Good for you mom...keep your head held high, we are all behind ya

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well here I am home from a (too short) vacation!! Didn't track well... ate OK, but without tracking do I really KNOW how well I did??? I know my "fly by" today is UP... but we were also on the road from 10:30 AM Friday until 3 AM Saturday... got about 6 hours of sleep... after driving - dozing - driving... all the way home!

We left on Monday (April 5) at 9PM, and drove through the night to Charlotte, NC. While there I met up with an old friend / co-worker... had a nice visit with her during her lunch hour! From there I went and met a NEW friend... a woman I met on the WW boards... known her for over 3 years, but finally got to meet!! That was fun!!

Then made the 4+ hour drive East to Myrtle Beach! Trouble with hotel reservations... finally got in the right room, and got to bed, after being "on the road" for 24 hours!!

Wednesday we walked... walked... walked some more... some on the boardwalk... some on the street... some on the beach... got a FULL workout in that day!! Did spend some time sitting on the beach... then walked to dinner... not so on track, but had walked enough to "pay for it"! emoticon

Thursday, we were in and out of the car... checking out hotels/resorts for a family reunion next year. We started in the morning and ended at 3 PM! We then grabbed lunch... again not so on track, but it was vacation! THEN my husband wanted Golden Corral Buffet!! I did OK... started with a big salad... had a little bit of a few things... actually had one bite of several things, they weren't as "good" as I wanted, so I didn't eat them! I NEVER used to throw away food at a buffet!!!

However I have learned that it IS ok to throw food away... noone will starve because I throw something out!! emoticon

Friday we went for a nice breakfast buffet, then hit the road North!! 16+ hours... we had a few light snacks... lunch never happened, as it was hubby's turn to drive, and I was "resting"... so "dinner" was not on track... but at 10 PM I really didn't care what I had, as long as I ate SOMETHING!!

I know I didn't drink enough water... but Myrtle Beach doesn't offer public restrooms, while out and about!! The first day of walking was tough!! FINALLY found a bathroom in a Arcade!!

I also didn't drink "enough" on the ride home... again, bathroom stops take time out of our already long drive!

I will get myself back on track today, with plenty of water... yogurt... veggies... fruit... and trackable meals! For now... COFFEE and plenty of it!!

Tomorrow is youngest son's birthday "cook out" so it will be a tough day to stay on track...and Monday is weigh in! It won't be great but I Will go and face the scales!! I need to know the damage I did, and get myself back into the same mode I had been in for a month or more!!

It was a nice vacation but now... I am back!!! emoticon emoticon

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CANDLE29 4/10/2010 10:03AM

    Welcome back from vacation. You could have done a lot worse than you did with your eating. It is hard to stay on track while on vcacation and maybe we really should relax a bit on our daily routine so we can enjoy the trip more.

Now that you are home it's tiime to regroup and carry on!

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RUTHANN05 4/10/2010 9:54AM

    Stay focused. You did great. You haven't destroyed anything. Usually a quick gain is a quick loss.

Keep in a healthy life style and you will win.

Just remember the great memories and get on with your life style.

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Here I go again...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Well here it is another Monday! Weigh in tonight, most likely will not be a pleasant one, but will go and face the music, and hopefully it will get my head back on straight for the upcoming week!!

I let myself down... by not logging in daily for the past couple of weeks. I can blame a work project... it kept me so busy I didn't get to Curves at lunchtime... that led to being lax in my eating, my water drinking, and my exercising!

Work however is NOT to blame... I could have taken a full lunch hour, and gone to Curves, I chose not to! I also made the choice not to drink all my water every day... I chose not to plan my meals as well as I could have... these things are all my own choices!!

I am going to weigh in tonight, and see where I stand, as I start my vacation!!

We are leaving tonight for a 12-13 hour drive... then 3 days of sun and beaches... then a long drive home again!! SO I can pack the right snacks... plenty of water... even taking my own breakfast and some lunch stuff, as we have an efficiency unit on the beach! I CAN make good choices even being on vacation... I will have my computer to log in every day... this can work!!

There will be little or no stress for the next few days... no major plans, just beaches and sunshine!!!

Today will be an "active" day, cleaning, doing laundry and packing... then cleaning the car, and packing the car... so I have no reason to think I can't start my vacation out on the right foot!!

I will not let the errors of my ways YESTERDAY turn into a whole week of disappointment! emoticon emoticon

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CAR58OLE 4/5/2010 10:29AM

    Thanks... I know I need to log in every day, for the support from people like you!!

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MYFEETHURT 4/5/2010 9:35AM

  As long as you are talking...or even thinking...of a healthy, my friend, are still in the game. I really love the beach...Heading to the coast myself on Wednesday. What a great place for LONG, LONG walks. I think that's relaxing too. Have a good walk and watch your stresses melt away. Hang tough! emoticon

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JOYCEMARIE9 4/5/2010 9:23AM

    You will do this just keep telling yourself that and you'll do OK it sounds like you have good plans. Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

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Good choices

Monday, March 29, 2010

Well here I am, another week... had weigh in tonight, down 1#, for a total of 7.4 in what 5/6 weeks?? I can live with that!!

I was sure that I hadn't done well this week... Friday was a "Supervisor Appreciation Day" for me and 3 other Supervisors at work. Total surprise... I skipped the bagels and cream cheese they brought in, but the pot luck lunch... and the cake... and ice cream bon bons!! WOW!

I managed to have a taste of most things, but not a lot of anything!!

Friday night we went out to dinner... and I succumbed to fish & sweet potato fries!!

Saturday I had a few chips with lunch... had more chips later in the day... and still had popcorn (cooked in butter oil) while having family movie night!!

Sunday we went to the casino, and while I thought I was making decent choices at the FREE Buffet... I walked out of there feeling pretty full! I wasn't stuffed as I would normally do, so I thought, OK maybe I did do OK! Then we sat in Margaritaville, for a drink while waiting for time to catch the bus... so I was sure today would not be a pleasant weigh in, but I was prepared for anything!!

I must have made good choices, and I walked a lot yesterday... because I tell you I was mega surprised when she said down 1#! WOW...

So now I am home... will make my salads for the rest of the work week lunches... will make soup for supper... drink another bottle of water, then some tea and settle in for the night.

I am so happy, but now want to make sure I "tow the line" between now and Easter!!

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CMAJERAK 3/29/2010 11:50PM

    Woohoo! Awesome job. Sometimes "letting go" of the stress of eating "correctly" is as good as making perfect choices. So happy for your (and DS') great WI! You're doing awesome. This time it will stick! Hugs.

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Another week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well here it is Tuesday... had weigh in last night, down .2#! Certainly OK with me, but not quite what I had hoped for! I know that I was "out" Sunday and didn't "track" as diligently as I could have.

Then Monday... very busy at work... let the day get away from me... didn't track well, ended up not eating properly, and went to bed feeling disappointed with myself! I also didn't have enough water yesterday!!

Today: Had some cake at work for boss' birthday... drinking my water... was taken to lunch by my supervisor... had a tuna salad... huge amount of greens, some other veggies, but more tuna with mayo then I should have had! Oh well, tracked it and can live with it!

I have met most of my daily "goals", should have more carbs and more fiber! Will see what I can do! I am prepping my produce for the rest of the week tonight, so maybe I will have some fruit... add carbs and fiber (?) without a lot more calories...

Just feeling like I let myself down the past three days, and if I continue to let myself get out of control I will only disappoint myself at weigh in again next week!

I am hoping that writing my feelings... and thoughts, will somehow "magically" make them more solid in my mind. I will also write in my journal, like I do (almost) every night, before bed. I need to get my head BACK in the game... now I am at an average of 1.6# per week? Not a great average... so I want a boost before next weigh in!!

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TRIGFROST 3/23/2010 6:40PM

    emoticon Won... emoticon got side tracked...Remember....

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OXYOKE87 3/23/2010 6:35PM

  Carol, just remember that 1.6 loss per week is better than a 1.6 gain per week!! Slow and steady wins the race. You are doing great!!

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