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Spring is Here!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

After a snowy gloomy winter, I am glad we are having some warmer weather.
I can't believe I have as much energy as I do. This last week I started taking down damaged Oak trees on my property and the town property we abut. The town is happy to have me do it as long as I don't remove any healthy shade trees. The town gets free labor and I get free firewood. As firewood here is going for $300-$350 a cord and as I use 4-5 cords a year it is worth it. I have also cut a deal with the state park that takes care of the section of the bicycle path where I live to pick up litter along a 2 mile section and in return I get all the trees that nature or the conservation commission takes down, I just have to get in there and get it.

After I got back from my "litter patrol", my wife suggested I take a picture of it for the local paper. I got more trash in one week from from the local people using
the bike path than a whole summers worth of tourists using it. I think that the littering may diminish as the town has installed cameras along the bike trail within its borders. Although I'm not a fan of "Big Brother" government, I think catching people in the act of littering to discourage such lazy actions is OK.

Now that I have our property all raked up I am enjoying getting out into the woods for next years firewood. We have been adopted by a wild turkey. She started coming around a week ago and is here every day almost all day.
My wife and I take turns feeding her sunflower seed as she is so tame from the beginning that we can walk to within a foot of her. A male and his harem stop by every day and he tries to get her to join his harem but she is enjoying her life the way it is for now. (too young??)
The one exception is the dog chasing the turkey but it seems to realize that once she crosses over onto the town land she is safe (we have an underground fence that the dog will not cross unless I am with her to shut off the current. I found a tree over on the town land where the turkey roosts after it has has eaten all day.
What an appetite she has!!

I just realized that all this fun I'm having is also burning a lot of calories. Tomorrow I am cooking up some chops and sauerkraut. I found out that if I use sauerkraut and fresh cabbage in equal amounts when cooking, I don't use all my daily limit of sodium. With meat and fish prices going through the ceiling we are using a lot more vegetables which is good.

I'm just waiting for the rain to stop so I can get back to cutting wood .

Back again. I don't believe I would ever have progressed this far were it not for the help of SparkPeople and its members. I have lost 50 lbs. and find myself doing things I never thought I could. When my Primary care Doctor or my Surgeon ask what I have been doing, they just shake their heads and smile.
As long as I am Cancer free, my COPD doesn't get any worse and the Glaucoma and cataracts don't obscure my vision I plan on continuing as I have. I feel better than I did when I was in my 20s.

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MILLISMA 5/11/2014 9:47PM


What a great blog!!! You should be very proud of yourself with all you have accomplished. By the way, great deal on getting the wood. I have a real hard time with the way some folks treat the earth like a giant trash can but it's giving you some great exercise.

How much fun to have a little turkey to feed. My folks use to have a pair of ducks at their summer home that would come up to the back door waiting to be feed. They would even bring there little ones. We have some great photos of them.

Enjoy this was very long winter.

hugs....Mary Anne

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ZANYGIRL1 5/11/2014 7:53PM

    That's great Bob!! I'm so happy for you, that you're feeling better and able to do more. 50 pounds is emoticon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping to be in your "50 pound lost" club, by the end of this year.......we will have to celebrate!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wifes surgery

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My wife had surgery for a CA lesion on her face at the corner of her eye.
As the surgeon removes one layer of skin at a time until there is no sign of the CA, we were there for about 6 hours. My wife, being Finnish, has very light skin and is prone to sun/skin problems.
The next morning, my wife looked like I had "decked"her. My calling her Rocky Racoon didn't help so I have all the errands outside the house for a few days until her black eye goes down. The main thing is she is OK and we both have the same Dermatologist to keep an eye on any future problems. We were fortunate to get this doctor as she is booked up months in advance and limits the type of problems she deals with. ( no elective surgeries and mainly cancer patients)

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MILLISMA 3/22/2014 2:21PM

    Glad to hear everything went well. That was a long surgery but sounds like you have a very good surgeon. Hope that the healing process goes fast and that you stay out of trouble.

hugs to you both.....Mary Anne

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ZANYGIRL1 3/22/2014 10:14AM

    So happy to hear that your wife is doing good!! That black eye will heal in no time. But just so you don't get a black eye, maybe you should limit the raccoon jokes. emoticon

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BONNIE627 3/22/2014 9:23AM

    glad to hear you are both doing ok.. been awhile since I have gotten any notices about your blogs.. looks like I have some catching up to do.. we are all hanging in there.. about the same... have a great day

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FISHINGLADY66 3/22/2014 8:54AM

    I hope she has a fast recovery.

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SNUZSUZ 3/22/2014 8:45AM

    So glad to hear she is doing okay, even though the black eye must be giving you some hard looks!lol
I'm happy to hear that you are both in good spirits about it! A good attitude makes all the difference!

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PICKIE98 3/22/2014 8:36AM

    My best friend had cancer on her face about ten years ago.. She went back twice to get in deeper because the melanoma was coned... She then had plastic surgery and is back to normal now.. So glad your DW is fine. Kiss that bruising and be thankful you have access to that surgeon.

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SLIMMERJESSE 3/22/2014 8:22AM

    Wishing her a fast recovery.

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Dogfish still Sparking

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I haven't blogged for a bit as I have been shopping for a car New England wide. My wife's Mercedes finally died after 26 years. Cape Cod weather is hard on vehicles with the salt air and the frame started developing holes so we knew it was time to let it go.
The car she is looking for is hard to find. She fell in love with a 2012 Chevy Malibu LTZ in Burgundy so that is what I have been looking for. The car dealers seem to be scooping them up. I almost got one yesterday but every hour the price increased by $500 so I gave up on it. I will be glad when this is over as my gym time is suffering although with all the running around, I have lost a pound. My wife and I have decided to downsize with the vehicles. I will be getting rid of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and trailer and we will have just my van for business and her next car.

am still planning to retire from my business at the end of this year but will find something to bring in some extra money.

I am enjoying making my own bread and doing some healthy cooking. A friend gave me a case of assorted low sodium canned vegetables and I made a soup/stew with 2/3s of the case along with Habenero and other peppers, onions and chicken.
That and a microwave and I can eat and get back to car shopping. ( Habenero peppers are HOT HOT!!)

I think I will get back to early AM gym as that doesn't interfere with my running around although it cuts back on my sleep but I am used to getting up at 4 AM as I did it for 3 years when I started going to the gym and I seem to be more consistent that way.

I will have start printing up some more "You've been Sparked" cards as most of the people I see at the gym have asked for one.

I hope all members stay warm and safe this winter.


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BONNIE627 3/22/2014 9:25AM

    long time for a car.. must have been a good one..hope you found something that she likes.. good luck with your search

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BELTONWALKER67 2/2/2014 10:13AM

    Wow! 26 years..that is a long time for a car. How many miles did it have. I have a 2006 Ford Escape with 150,000 miles. Knock on wood, it still gets me here & there but also shopping for a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage. I do use this vehicle for work and usually drive between 100-300 miles per day depending on what is going on with the rentals. Sure hope you find your wife the car she is wanting. Dealerships should be keeping their eyes open for you. Good Luck & stay warm while shopping!

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SNUZSUZ 1/29/2014 9:41PM

    Good luck on your hunt for a new car, I'm sure your wife appreciates all you're doing for her! That is amazing that you kept the old one for 26 years! I didn't know anyone did that anymore, except my brother:)
He loves old cars and pick ups and has a '54 international pick up that he's had forever, and it still runs!
Good job on losing that pound too!

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ZANYGIRL1 1/29/2014 6:29AM

    WOW! 26 years, that's awesome!! I thought I was the only one that held on to their vehicles forever....Lol.

emoticon emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 1/28/2014 6:21PM

    I think being able to go 26 years before the car died, despite the weather conditions, is amazing; it sounds like you and your wife took great care of it.

I got a Chevy Malibu in 2009; it wasn't even a year old yet when I started getting letters and emails from the dealership asking if I wanted to sell it or trade it in, because they are looking for used ones to sell.

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MILLISMA 1/28/2014 3:43PM

    Hi Bob, hope you find the car for your wife soon and I see you've got some help. I remember how difficult the winters can be on cars (was worse in NY) and can't believe it lasted that long!!!

Good to see you back blogging and I know you'll get your gym time in.

hugs...Mary Anne

PS - as for staying warm....that is really tough this year lol

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MANNYINFLORIDA 1/28/2014 10:00AM

    These are listed in

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43,814 mi.

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43,814 mi.

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Weight Arguement

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My doctor and I are on the same page about most things but one. At my last physical,
he told me he wants me to gain 5 lbs (to 155). I want to get down to 145. He feels that with the extra 5 lbs. I will have more resistance fighting colds etc. which I understand but I feel more comfortable and my clothes fit better at 145-150. I wonder if there is a bit of jealousy as my blood tests O2 levels etc. all came back better than his and I am 8 years older than he is. I think I will agree with him but keep my weight where it is and not drop back to 145. I worked too hard to get my weight down and don't want it to go up. I am 5'9" and 150 which puts me on the higher side of healthy.

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BONNIE627 3/22/2014 9:27AM

    you know your body best. I would do what feels right to you.. have missed hearing from you.. send me an email sometimes.. replying seems to be the only way I can get them to go through to you..

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GOLDDUSTMOMMY 1/11/2014 11:14AM


I personally hate doctors and don't listen to much they have to say. They all seem so ... closed minded when it comes to stuff. I agree to listen to your body, though. You know it best!

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ZANYGIRL1 1/3/2014 7:03AM

    I've always been told that "I" know my body best. I think, if that's where you feel most comfortable, and your health is good, you should go with it!

emoticon emoticon

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BELTONWALKER67 12/31/2013 7:49PM

    I think we each know our own body and how it reacts to bumps in the road. You have been through so much with your body and have come out a Winner by doing what you knew needed to be done. I say go with your gut feeling!

Happy New Year! I think 2014 is going to be a great year for all of us!

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MILLISMA 12/29/2013 5:17PM


Your stats sound healthy and as long as you're feeling good, it should not be an issue. You'll know if you need to add a few pounds. You've done great!!!!

hugs...Mary Anne

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IS1GAR 12/29/2013 1:42PM

    By the results of your blood test, it sounds as you are pretty healthy already and if you are not having problems with frequent cold or viruses, then the weight should be at the range you feel better.

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SUSANELAINE1956 12/29/2013 12:57PM

    It seems like you could keep your weight where you want and see how you do. As long as you have enough energy to do what you want and not get sick, he will most likely agree with you at your next check-up. Congrats on the test results. emoticon

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ALICIA214 12/29/2013 12:52PM


I guess we have to go with how comfortable we feel in our own skin, and we don't sink into anorexia. Just stay healthy...


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MADEIT3 12/29/2013 12:47PM

    Do you think that the "proof" will be whether you have more colds and so on? If you stay healthy, then the weight you're at is a good weight for you!!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finally feeling human again. Right after the Poison Ivy, I caught a cold which went into my chest. For 2 weeks, I felt like a walking medicine chest. 7 days of Prednisone for the Ivy and 10 days of antibiotics for the chest infection.
The PI is gone and the chest cold is breaking up so I'll be back at work Monday.

I am getting to like my new laptop and the WIFI. Makes me portable now as I can use my printer/fax from wherever I am.
My dog snapped out of her depression as soon as I was able to take her walking again.
I think she is in her 2nd puppyhood ,racing around everywhere, She too is happy to be out and about again. She seems to know that the more she walks the less she limps, and there are so many smells to catch up on in the woods. It's a wonder she doesn't wear her nose out.

Now that I'm feeling OK I'm going to make another batch of Chef Meg's Baked Beans.
The last batch came out great and it is cooling down here so it is time for some warm food. I'm glad the recipe calls for very little bacon as the store near here is getting $7.80 a lb. for bacon. I figure a pound should last me through the winter.

After the wife and I had the inside of the house painted and the outside front re-landscaped
we decided it was time for a new refrigerator and stove as the ones we had were 22 years old and winter is coming. Now this winter we can sit and look at our new appliances and hope we can afford to fill them lol.

Although I don't like getting sick, it is a good reminder for me that life and good health are tentative so appreciate the good while I have it.


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IMEMINE1 12/1/2013 7:12AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SLACHETKA103145 10/14/2013 10:34AM

    Me too!!!!! Thank you fir sharing!!!!

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BEWELL48 10/13/2013 9:33AM

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I have a cold right now myself! Cannot remember the last time I had one!
I use an iPad a lot, esp. for sparkpeople login. Like the ease and portability of it.
Beautiful fall morning. We will head to the cape in a bit....lots to get done here first!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MILLISMA 10/12/2013 2:56PM

    Nice to hear that you are on the mend and will be off the meds soon. Not a fun time. It's bad enough having one issue but when you get hit with another on top of that.....

Maybe your pup is also telling you she's glad that you're doing better. They sense more then we realize. Can't imagine life without a furry friend or two.

Laptops and WiFi are great. I have a laptop and was traveling it back and forth to ME but my son thought it was too big so he got me a Netbook. It makes is so easy on the trips and it's easy to carry around.

The leaves are really falling here today. Almost looks like snow when we have a big gust of wind.

Remember not to push yourself too hard when you go back to work. You still need time to completely heal.

emoticon emoticon Mary Anne

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BONNIE627 10/12/2013 2:39PM

    well have been catching up on your blogs.. glad to hear that you are doing better.. it is definitely no fun to be sick..I have been up and down and right now holding my own so am not complaining.. my daughter has had a lot of health problems all of a sudden and that is worrisome but we are handling it.. hope things continue to get better for you all.. emoticon

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