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Last Day of Class--I Made It!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I started this semester of teaching in January with the goal of exercising and eating in a healthier way and feared that the demands of grading and teaching would derail me at some point. I'm happy to report that today was the last day of teaching for me this semester (although I still have a final exam to give and more grading to finish). I stayed on target with my weight loss and exercising.

Normally a semester of teaching results in weight gain, not weight loss. I look forward to maintaining this healthier body through the summer and staying on track again in the fall semester.

Logging in daily to keep track of exercising and my eating habits kept me on target. I've proved that one can make time for exercise despite a hectic daily schedule. My solution was to exercise when I got up and before I hit the morning shower.

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JOYCEE1942 4/28/2011 7:24PM

  Great can do it.

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So far, so good

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm halfway through the spring semester, and I've managed to stick to eating healthier and exercising. I didn't get derailed by the demands and stress of my job. That's translated into the weight loss I was going for. I think I'm on track for my May 15 goal--although I have hit a couple of brief plateaus along the way. I forgot to account for those plateaus.

My BMI is now at the top of what's healthy. It certainly makes me feel better to know that I'm not really overweight now. However, since I'm small boned I know a bit more weight off will get me to a better place.

Yesterday I started using my Wii Fit again--it had been over 500 days, and I'm a little over six pounds heavier than the last time I used it. The good news is that I broke several of my previous records on yoga, strength training, and running. The 28-day Bootcamp Challenge that I completed on Feb. 7 had gotten me back to strength training--and I've exercised everyday for at least 10 minutes since January 2. My improved strength and endurance showed up on the Wii activity scores.

I think I had been avoiding the Wii Fit because I didn't want to see that sad slumped avatar that they post when you haven't been successful at something. I figured that I could get back to using it now that my BMI is in good shape. That tells you something--I hope that more recent versions of Wii have gotten rid of that non-motivating sad slump.

My exercise formula has been simple: I do two miles of walking (30 min.) with Leslie Sansone on most days. Whenever I'm not motivated and am crunched for time--I do Leslie because I know the routine and know I can through it. I've used the Spark People bootcamp videos for strength training. The 28-day Bootcamp Challenge kept me doing the strength training regularly. Because I had backed off a bit on strength training, I joined another 28-day Bootcamp Challenge at the beginning of this week. On days when I have more time I do Jane Fonda's new walkout--the 18-minute mile version and then finish with Leslie. This week I'm also starting to add in some Wii: Wii Fit running, the Michael Jackson Experience, and Zumba.

Spark People has been a fantastic resource because logging the food and exercise has helped me keep myself accountable for my goals. I've enjoyed trying a few Spark Recipes, reading the message boards for inspiration, sharing a few of my own message board tips, and exercising with Coach Nicole. Once I reach my goals I plan to stay with Spark People so that I can maintain the exercise and healthy eating habits. I've been down this path many a time--have successfully lost some pounds, gotten off track, stopped exercising, eaten for stress, and gained the weight back. I'd really like to keep the "yo" in place--no more "yo-yo."


Girl Scout Cookies in Moderation Challenge

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This week I've hit the point where my BMI is barely barely below overweight--just in time for the boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that arrived at our house today.

Our daughter is a Girl Scout and my husband is a huge fan of the cookies so this situation didn't seem like one where I could say "no" to having them in the pantry. Since January 2, my willpower has been pretty good. Any desserts that I've had have all been in the 100-200 range. Usually, that means a chocolate Vitamuffin. Hungry Girl recipes also have been wonderful help.

Technically, I realize that I can add one or two cookies every now and then and not succumb to a cookie binge that would derail my progress. So I have a new goal--to eat these cookies in moderation. I'm blogging so that I can hold myself accountable. I've been successful with the 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge. Now I'm in the 28-Day Girl Scout Cookies in Moderation Challenge.

1. Up to one cookie per day--two allowed on Saturdays.
2. Eat raw vegetables like carrots before I have a cookie so that I'll be less likely to be hungry and so that I can feel virtuous about the veggies.
3. Complete one of Nicole's 10-minute videos after eating a cookie. This one's key because my strength training has fallen off a bit since I completed the bootcamp.

Is there such a thing as creating your own trophy on this site? I'll report back at the end of the 28 days and let you know if I made it.


Sticking with Your Goals Enhances Your Motivation

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I always feel good when I can stick to my goals. I've exercised some every day and eaten a healthy diet since Jan. 2. I'm starting the fourth week of the 28-day bootcamp exercise challenge today.

So does anyone have good suggestions for a goal after the bootcamp challenge? I had some days when I wasn't sure that I wanted to exercise. Knowing that I had committed to the "challenge" helped me stay on track.


Avoiding another derailment

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've had a successful two weeks with SparkPeople. I've exercised every day and stayed within a decent calorie range. Today I started teaching my spring courses. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be particularly tough. My only break from teaching during these days is 10-11:30. That means I need to figure out portable foods to take--particularly so that I can eat quickly before I begin the three-hour teaching marathon from 11:30-2:30.

Also, drinking all this water becomes inconvenient on days when you can't easily take a restroom break. I need to look on the message boards to see if others encounter this issue. I keep thinking that I'll have to save my liquid intake for later in the day.

The healthy eating and exercise falls by the wayside for me when my work life gets hectic. This time I'm trying to strategize ahead of time to avoid derailment.

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JUSGETTENBY42 1/18/2011 7:20PM

    If it's only 2 days, try just laying off and do all the other things and your workouts on the other 5. Good luck

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