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Week 12: The Impact of Food

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Weight Lost This Week: .5 lb
Weight Lost Since Week One: 12.5 lbs
Weight Left to Lose: 14.5 lbs

So, we are three months into my eating discoveries, having worked with a naturopath/nutritionist and discovering my food sensitivities. I am pleased with 12 lbs in 12 weeks. Yes, it is slow, but I am no longer "yo-yo-ing" up and down. Instead, the weight steady goes down, sits for a week, goes down, and repeats.

I am learning just how very sensitive my body (and therefore my weight) is to every morsel of food. When I eat "clean" and follow my a detox or Whole30 plan, then I lose weight. It's a given. But if I follow a more 80/20 plan, I feel okay (not great) and my weight sticks exactly where it was the week before. And if I throw out the plan and eat sugar IN ANY FORM (refined, or in yeast that converts to sugar in the body, or in condiments and packaged items) then I feel terrible and gain weight.

This past weekend I was very busy, working in my yard and running lots of errands. My eating was therefore completely unplanned and grab-and-go eating. On Monday I felt like I had the flu and had been hit by a truck. My muscles ached. I shivered and felt cold and sleepy. I was jittery and yet my brain felt foggy. I suspected this was food-related because my stomach was bloated from the sugary drinks of the days before and the unhealthy meals I had grabbed on the run. I spent Monday in "detox mode" and ate cleanly all day. By the evening I felt fine. The next day I was okay, and after a second day of detox my energy, sleep, and stomach felt great. Not just fine, but great! Three days later and my body feels wonderful. My nails and hair are growing quickly, my skin looks good, and my energy is high. All of the research on eating in the Whole30/Detox way supports this anecdotal evidence, as well as the evidence of my Naturopath.

So then the only question that remains is: "How can I maintain the consistency to do it every day??????" That's the challenge!

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MSILVER94 6/5/2014 4:41PM

    Learning your body is very key. Your body definitely requires the finest care. To answer your last question I guess the best thing you can do is plan, plan, plan. For the month, week, day and hour. Probably keep snack baggies in your purse of things you can eat for when you're out and about. Best of luck to you!! Also a pound a week is great. Steady.

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Week Ten: Getting There...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weight Lost This Week: .5 lb
Weight Lost Since Week One: 12 lbs
Weight Left to Lose: 15 lbs

Ten weeks and twelve pounds feels just fine to me. I was in such a bad space ten weeks ago (well, actually 11 weeks ago) that I couldn't see that this would be possible. Today I feel motivated and committed to my eating plan and my nutritionist's suggestions. I've recommitted to another Whole30 challenge and I'm looking forward. I don't feel at all stagnant...instead I am active daily, planning my meals again, and looking to tackle these next fifteen pounds.

Heading into week eleven!

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EMMACORY 5/21/2014 10:10PM

    emoticon You are doing so well. Keep up the excellent work. emoticon

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Finally some movement!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weight Lost This Week: .5 lb
Weight Lost Since Week One: 11.5 lbs
Weight Left to Lose: 15.5 lbs

Yes, it's only half a pound, folks, but after being stuck at the same weight for several weeks, this feels like much more than that! Feels like the scale is budging and has given me a little momentum boost. Last week I posted that slow and steady...but steady...was the focus, and I'm keeping that. It will move. I feel good every day that I follow my eating plan, and the scale will follow.

Thanks for hanging in with me! We're getting there!


Week 8: Slow and Steady, but Slow?

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Weight Lost This Week: 0 lb
Weight Lost Since Week One: 11 lbs
Weight Left to Lose: 16 lbs

Here's my weekly blog update. No loss this week, but holding steady at what now seems to be a plateau. I've been exercising daily and building some muscle mass (I hope) and my eating has been on-track, so I'm a bit surprised by the status quo weight on the scale. That being said, I feel good and I know it will move if I just maintain consistency.

11 lbs in 8 weeks pleases me, as does maintaining without bouncing up and down. So I will have another "clean" day of eating, and in another week will see where I'm at. Slow and steady has worked for me before...I am completely committed to that.



Week 7: Looking Forward to the Month Ahead

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weight Lost This Week: 0 lb
Weight Lost Since Week One: 11 lbs
Weight Left to Lose: 16 lbs

Hello everyone! Didn't blog last week because my computer was having difficulty with SP, but that seems to be fixed up now. So I've maintained this weight for two weeks, with no loss. I had let my food plan slide and was eating more in that 80/20 mindset (80% with my nutritionist's food plan, 20% eating without paying attention to the plan.) What I've discovered is that this is a great way to eat for maintenance of weight! But not a great way to eat if I want to lose those last 16 lbs.

I feel great today. This is a great lesson to have tested and taken in, and I am motivated for May to return to my strict nutritionist plan. The calories are the same but my body feels great without the hidden sugars and it clearly responds well.

At the end of May I have a big birthday and a few things planned for myself that I am really looking forward to. Thanks to the great support of this team, I feel really excited about the journey of the next month.


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HOPEFULME 5/2/2014 9:12AM

  You'll rock the month of May I am sure Kim. emoticon

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