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Since losing weighttt.....(especially for bodyfit8 and kasy01: P

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ok...soo I know i havent been on for a while..thats cuz Ive been busy with exams mainly...buttt..I must say that since losing weight and coming "off" of the diet 3 weeks ago..its been somewhat "weird" i think about what i eat so much its not the old i try to eat a "proper" lunch but i still love my snacks and i hardly ever eat a big dinner....I have never skipped eating breakfast since..Must have that and my bodies almost programmed to wake up at 6 every morning to eat whole life and diet have changed i must say
i have become a totally healthier person all round...of course i have my chocolate occasionally..but i have alot of whole grain snacks now..mainly granola bars whick im somewhat addicted to:$...I RARELYY eat fast food...actually more like never...ive cut out fries from my life almost compltely and sweetened juice and soda...i drink alot of water (always try to get in 8 glasses) and i exercise like crazy burning 1365 calories a week....twice a day 5 times a week!!:)...totally different from ever before:)THANKS SPARK!!

Yesterday my grandmother bought home cheesecurls and chips for me ...and I couldnt even look at it twice...THOSE kinds of snacks look beyond disgusting to me..cuz i know its like usleass calories wasted meignn....uhhhh....i just cant eat that way again..Im telling you when i go to any pharmacy or nethign for snacks i only go for wholegrain snacks..eevn oatmeal cookies over choclate...whole wheat current rolls and all...

OOO AND i just cant eat nething but whole wheat bread...never me and white bread again.....the only whiteflour product liek that i eat is white bakes...if thats my ONLY CHOCIE of course..beacuse i love whole whate bakes...and would choose them over white any day...the only white thing ieat actually is white pasta like i my gran makes a macaroni pie for lunch or sumfin...i hardly well more like dont eat any rice but brown..and sicne coming off i havent had any rice period and the first time i had brown bread since coming off was YESTERDAY..the only breadish thing before was time i put whie rbead in my mouth and broguht it up...i just cant bring myself to eat it....

as i said before the only thing i really cant give up is choclate..but only other....i only have twix choclate if nething
alsoo..its so weird but i stillt rack my food like 4-5 times a week..i mean..i really think about what im eating so much because i REALLYR EALLY NEVER want to go back to my orignal soo if i know im gonna be goinng out for icecream or sumfin later on in the could bet ur bottom dollar that im not gonna be eating alot for lunch..

i dont eat fried foods at all......not even frid chicken...after the diet though...i tried kfc chicken only and i realzied how much i didnt miss it and its like eww to me now....i used to love it so much and i havent had a craving for it since trying it after coming off

i exercise like a horse..well twice a day on my stationatry bike and some of the spark people videos when i wanna change up my bike routine....i have only been doing cardio though...i have to start back on my strenght traingin after exams though..but the cardios been going well...60 mins a day 5 days a week...i have a calorie range to mainitain weight since im in maintenance mode...the more i exercise the more i can ye..lool..i love exercising..cuz ME LOVES ME BELLY NEVERTHELESS...lool...

the only bad things bout ma diet is that i lose weight on ma boobs!!!:(..lool...

everything else is going the way i think 105 was pushing it but im trying to maintain a 107-108...dont mind that...but other updates ill write bout later..i have CAPE exams till the 8th of june and i might be working with cable and wirless/LIME for the summer going round selling their products so ill have to be doing alot of walking so ill have my pedometer with me so i could track fitness with that tooo:)...nehoo nething else ill write again in another blog posting!!!:)..


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GONABFIT 5/21/2009 10:37PM

    Glad to hear from you! I was wondering where you went! Glad all is well! Best of luck with those exams!

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BODYFIT8 5/21/2009 6:42PM

  You have been doing great.Glad to see that you have maintained.Thanks for remembering us I think I needed to hear of your success again to remind me to keep pushing cause one day soon I'll be boasting like you.We have been keeping eye on each other,but think Kasy01 is doing better than I am,cause I letting life get to me,but off that.It's about me now.

Know what you mean about not wanting to eat certain foods.Like the chocolate that you keep talking about, makes me want to throw up.Hate chocolate!!!But don't mind me.I used to like granola bars until I saw the amount of sugar that they contain a little too much for me.Especially since I'm trying so hard to avoid diabetes.My family is loaded with diabetics,so don't want to go there.Right now I eat like a diabetic to avoid diabetes.Don't need that.

So I feel good to know that you are doing well,and you'll be getting some added exercise walking around on the behalf of lime.If you were in Barbados you'll probably have to run.These lime people frustrating every body with their poor service of late.But a job is a job right cause they laying off so many people from the Barbados end.
So stay good and I'm glad to hear from you always. emoticon

Oh how rude of me Even better results on your exams!!!

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KASY01 5/21/2009 5:21PM

    I am so glad to hear it. Don't forget about us. Check back when your exams are over. Good luck with them

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Week 15-16-Trouble goal much?

Monday, April 27, 2009 when I started spark i was exercising three times a time progressed i was exercising like 5 times a week...which was fine for me ..loved it and i felt energetic..over the past two weeks...week 14 and 15...i only got in about 1 day of exercise in week 14 and three days in week 15....due to the fact that I had a string of finals over those to to reach my goal of five times a week over those two weeks was pretty hard...and I can mos def say that that was my "trouble goal" for a while....this week coming up here is my final week of hte diet..and i already started one day of exercise yesterday being Sunday because I walked on a walkathon and completed 2.9 miles in an hour and was able to track it in my fitness cardio section!...Thank I already have 60 minutes down for the week and I'm hoping to exercise every day until thursday which is my cut off day..which is the day i go into maintainance mode!!!!:)


My reasons for why it sucks to be fat!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cuz ur jeans just never seem to look right on you..and you dont like to see yourself in shop windows and mirrors
-cuz u have a low self esteem
-cuz u hate to see skinny ppl yet u secretly and always want to look like them
-cuz you are forever waiting on the master diet that will change your life but are so afraid to try it because giving up the foods you like for one week is like torture....yet your STILL always looking for diets
-everyone always hears you talkng about diets and laughs at you for even considering them because they thinku dont have the willpower to keep on and that soon rubs off on you so much so that you start doubting youself
-cuz fat unintentional as they might be..are the most tearjerking(even though u dont do it in public), annoying and hurtful jokes anyone can make....they can make you cringe!

U can comment and add your own reasons people!!!:)

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CAMILLE74 5/24/2009 5:37PM

    hahahaha..i hate the skinny ppl one..cuz they know their not!!...urgghhh....ull never hear someone thaz actually fat say "omgsh im so fat!!..never

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FAHIMADADIVA 5/23/2009 4:53PM

    girl you so right !!!!
And cuz you hate to hear skinny people say ... "Oh my gosh .... I'm so fat" that one really bugs me ....

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    That is so true! Couldn't agree more.

But soon we won't have to deal with these problems cause we'll be fit and skinny! emoticon

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CAMILLE74 3/19/2009 11:25AM

    hehe..thanx!: emoticon

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WILLET33 3/19/2009 9:04AM

    Dominique - Thanks for posting this blog. It is so on point. True to the max!

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Do u ever reach weight plateaus?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ok so two weeks ago i was 115 weighin in on afraid..i afraid to see what im gonna if i actually lost 4 pounds aka the two pounds per week..cuz im afraid ive hit a im stickin within ma calorie carb fat and protein goal..but i think that cuz im in my "healthy" bmi range..that im gonna lose weight less quickly kind of afraid..but still hopeful!!:)..i mean..i wanna lose itt..and im gonna continue no matter what un til i reach my goal weight..but i really hate plateaus..and i wanna stay motivated during this plateau..cuz a plateau can only last so long and i know this is my diet challenge..but i need some words of encouragement and ill mos def keep everyone psted on my weigh in on wednesday..but...all for now/...any motivational words neone?


eating healthy?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ok heres the thing...ive been eating just a little abbove 1200 calories a day..staying wel within my calorie goal range..and ive been kepping up with my healthy diet habits since ive moeved into stage 3...the only one i cut back on is fruits three times a day cuz i just cant obtain fruits and i dont like them that much, thing is..i still have choclate about twice a week for the most and ice creeam about twice a week(carbsmart of course)..and on those days i feel bad even though im sticking within the range..and well 1205 calories...can i put onw eight that way..?


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