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What is different this time?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I suppose I am not the only one when I say that the one fear we have when we have lost lots of weight is putting it all back on.

So as I am getting nearer my goal I am putting some thought into how I can prevent this from happening this time. I am serious when I say that I want this to be the very last time I ever have to lose a significant amount of weight. A few pounds is fine but that is it.

Well as I stepped on the scale this morning the answer came to me! I should be finding it more difficult to lose weight as I get to my goal but actually in the past two weeks I am doing very well. So what has changed?

Exercise!! That is the difference. I have become more organised and committed to my exercise and I have started the 5k rookie training. So I am getting in exercise at least every second day and usually every day.

I have also joined the jump rope challenge and though I am not very good at it I managed 100 jumps on my first day. Like jogging, I know I will get better. I will do the Spark Jumping DVD today and see how I get on.

The last piece of the puzzle is strength training. I don’t like doing it but I know, like all the other things, I will once I start. I have two DVD’s of my own and all of the Spark videos so I have absolutely no excuses.

So when I reach my goal weight I have no intention of giving up my exercise and THAT is the difference which I know will keep me from gaining again! Exercise also seems to keep me from wanting to overeat.

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MICROGIRLIE 4/23/2012 7:22AM

    I actually really enjoy the strength training, and like it even more when I can see the difference. I have biceps, can engage my core, even have calf muscles! I will never be defined, but feel good about being stronger. However jump rope is another matter all together, too hard on my wired up knee! Good on you for tackling it head on!

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FATHINSN 4/18/2012 10:52PM

    That's great, you found the things that help you to propel forward! I'm happy that you joined the jump rope team and you got 100 jumps on 1st day, that's awesome! Enjoy exercises by doing things that you like and do various things for more challenge (avoid boredom, too :D) and change your routine at least after 6 weeks (to avoid plateau).

Keep up your excellent effort!

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IAMAGEMLOVER 4/18/2012 1:33PM

    You are doing awesome. I can remember being a kid and playing jump rope everyday at recess. I never learned double dutch, but I did jump rope. I still remember some of the songs we use to jump rope to. Kids never thought of it as exercise though, we were playing. Maybe that is the key, we should be kids again. Remember hop scotch, that was my favorite, or dodge ball. That is probably why this country now has an obese population of kids, video games. I know you will maintain, I hope you stay on spark.

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RUGGER611 4/18/2012 8:55AM

    Keep up the great work! sounds like you are motivated and doing well! Congrats on setting some goals for yourself. I love how excercise makes me feel afterwards, wish I could bottle it up and remember that feeling for those days when I feel like being lazy! :)

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You can't achieve anything without this!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I read this phrase this morning and it is so true and applies to anything we want to achieve, including weight loss and a healthy lifestyle!

You can't achieve anything unless you start!!!

Never underestimate starting, for no matter how small a beginning, nothing happens without it!

For anyone struggling to make a start, just think - this time next year, you will be happy you started today! Lets go people!!

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MKRUSE34 4/17/2012 4:04AM

    Nicely said. I agree 100%

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SALGUOD2 4/16/2012 4:44PM

    Well said

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SALGUOD2 4/16/2012 4:44PM

    Well said

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MARATHONDAD 4/16/2012 9:10AM

    so true

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TWEETYKC00 4/16/2012 9:02AM

    So true.

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Faster results than I could ever have expected.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Just over a month ago when I started on my Spark journey for real, I was out of breath if I ran 50 metres and could not go any further.

Not sure then where I got the notion to decide I was going to start training for a 5k!!

Just two weeks ago, on the 4th of April, I joined the 5k rookie challenge. In the space of those two short weeks I cannot believe how long I can now jog.

By normal standards, it is still not very far but I am doing 2.6 miles in 30 mins half walk/half jog! By my standards, I could never believe I could do it.

When thinking about it I had loads of excuses – no time, a not great ankle, people might see me!! I know the last one sounds funny, but I have read blogs from at least two others in the last week that had the same fear. I am so thankful to them for sharing that because I thought I was the only one.

Why didn’t I want anyone to see me? I live in a small community and I know lots of people and I thought I would look stupid jogging and being a little older than the usual jogger!! I probably did at first and probably still do when I am getting tired, but I am getting better all the time! When I had considered everything, I decided I wasn’t going to let the opinions of others come between me and my health. They won’t be around when I am dealing with my regrets and the ‘what might have beens’ ! And I was reminded yesterday by another blogger, that no matter how slow I was going I was lapping those on the couch – so true, or in my case, those still in bed as I tend to do it early in the morning.

Also, one neighbour met me yesterday and said how she wished she could do it! I wanted to tell her she could but didn’t want to sound too preachy! But I know one parent of kids that go to the same school as my kids, was an inspiration to me. Maybe like she was to me, I can even be an inspiration to others and they may think that if I am doing it they can too.

I also know that I have pains and my ankle can be sore at night, but I also know I that I had plenty pains and aches before I started and if anything I have less now so that won’t stop me yet.

So here I am at the end of week two of my 5k rookie training. Just 6 weeks to go and it is looking very like I will make it!! So very exciting! Maybe at last I will be ready to go public and run an actual 5K (with people looking!!! LOL)!

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BERKCHIK 5/8/2012 4:34AM

    I love this post. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I know it's been a few weeks, and so I wonder how you're getting on with it now. But, I've been intrigued by the idea of jogging recently...a first for me, in the past I thought it sounded like torture...but then I lived in Florida and it may've been. For the moment, I'm not quite ready, as I'd like to be just consistent with walking, perhaps faster and further, lose a bit of weight and then when a plateau hits, BAM! Knock it out with jogging :)

It sounds like a dream come true to run a 5k. And so cool you're taking on neat-o fitness challenges!

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VIXSTERLU 4/14/2012 2:25AM

    Such great news!!! Your blog really resonates with me today. Thanks for sharing.

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ZIGGYSTARSHAY 4/13/2012 8:22PM

    There is no feeling like crossing the finish line of your first 5k, with people looking at YOU and clapping for YOU! I got so choked up the first time I ran one, it was so overwhelming..not only from the amazing support of strangers and friends and family, but also the feeling of accomplishment. You will be ready to run your 5k, and when you do you'll wonder why you ever doubted yourself or thought yourself silly in the first place..I promise!! Keep up the amazing work!

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Positive start to the week

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, I thankfully continued to stay on track for the whole weekend and for that I am very happy with myself.

I seem to be having a very good Monday - 25 points on the bonus wheel for the second day running!

Down to 150lbs this morning after having an increase last week. (Note to anyone who maybe up today - do not give up)

I am looking forward to being in the 140's for the first time in over ten years!! (since before I got married)

I am also tantalizing close to a healthy BMI. Just five more pounds! I hope to be there by mid-April, and to my goal by mid-May - just before school gets out at end of June!!

It is great when things seem to be going right - I am so glad I didn't do my usual and give up last week when I was up 2lbs!

Sun is shining now so I am off for a cycle now to keep things on track.

Best of luck everyone and hope everyone is having a good day!

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WHITE_ELEPHANT 4/11/2012 3:04PM

    Congratulations on being so close to your goal!! I find it helps to remember how far I've come, that way I stay motivated even when I'm not quite there yet. Good for you, way to go!

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EMGERBER 3/26/2012 7:22AM

    Way to go, you sure are a great roll, keep it going!

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Lessons to be learnt from a bad weekend

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am having a pretty good weekend so far this week. I have stuck to my calorie range and have still some to have a treat – I am going to a friend’s house so I can have something small.

I have done my three mile walk in forty five minutes despite feeling a bit sore as I have done a lot of exercise this week.

I broke ligaments in my ankle and a bone in my leg two years ago and my ankle can still get sore if I do too much (any suggestions on how to improve this would be appreciated). I am hoping that the more exercise I do the better it will get.

I am not writing all this to brag about how good I have been today – rather I am trying to figure out why I can do good this weekend and last weekend I put on 2lbs over the weekend. (If I don’t learn from it then it really was a failure!)

This is what I have done differently today

1. I made time for my usual healthy breakfast instead of making do with a slice of toast and tea.

2. I made sure I drank water all day – I am convinced that for me this one is hugely important. I feel so much better when I drink a lot. I definitely retain water when I don’t drink enough of it!! Funny that!

3. I made time for my 10 minute walk – which turned into forty five minutes.

I believe that these three simple steps have prevented me from falling off the wagon again this weekend.

I must read it tomorrow and every Friday night (until I learn) to keep me from sabotaging my week day efforts every weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Remember we do not need excess food to enjoy ourselves.

And we don’t deserve to overindulge – we deserve to live as healthy a life as we possibly can!!

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WHITE_ELEPHANT 4/11/2012 3:03PM

    Great job staying on track and learning from mistakes! Even if we make the same "mistake" twice, I think sometimes it takes a few tries before we really figure out how to make the best choice in the future. So don't beat yourself up in case things didn't go so well. :) You are doing great! emoticon

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FLUKES 3/25/2012 11:14AM

    Thanks for the comment on my blog post. It's really helping me stay strong in my efforts to change.

I'm also really impressed with your changes! I think I might have to adopt a few (cough cough eating breakfast everyday...). I think it's a great idea to keep reminding yourself of ways to stick to your goals. Good luck for the rest of today and the future weekends!

Again, thank you so much for your blog comment. :D

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ONETWOFIVE1 3/24/2012 8:44PM

  Congratulations on your positive efforts so far this weekend!

I agree about the water - it really does make a difference. So I do think that is helping contribute to your success.

Isn't that funny about exercise? How it's easier to do more once we get started - sometimes even hard to stop before we overdo it!

Sorry to read about that old injury. I really struggle with plantar faciitis. I have to try to make time after my cardio to ice my foot - I can't always make the time right away so I have to do it later. Would ice &/or elevation afterwards help? It's my understanding that exercise does promote an irritation (although good for us) but ice helps to ease that. Hope that helps.

Your hard work continues to inspire me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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STARLITE4868 3/24/2012 4:09PM

    Good for you for figuring out how to stay on track, the weekends are definitively a challenge for everyone. I plan on writing something similar on Monday if all goes to plan this weekend.

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