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My challenge and results.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi everyone.

Thank you for the messages left on my page and status.
I realize I've been MIA for a while...

The thing is, I got really tired of logging in my food every day. I was almost addicted to Spark, but now that I'm in stage 4, and that Spark recommends I track my food once or twice a week, I thought "why not? Let's see if I can do this."
I stopped logging my food on Thursday 6 October. My weight that day was 69.4 kilos (153 lbs). The following Saturday I had a day out with friends, which involved quite a lot of beer (I didn't eat too much), and on Sunday my weight was 69.9 kilos (154 lbs). Oops!!
I continued to weigh and measure my food as usual, I was just not logging it in, which means I'm not sure about my daily calorie intake, but I'm pretty certain it was within range. The carbs vs. fat vs. protein balance may also not have been perfect, but I didn't really care. That was my challenge, my goal: to stop worrying about having every number perfect.
Well, I weighed myself this morning and I'm pleased with the results: 69 kilos (152 lbs). 1 pound down!
This proves that I can do this! I know what I can eat. As long as I keep weighing my portions, I'll be fine!

But... I don't know what happened today.
I felt really tired, like the onset of a cold. Still I did the household, ironing, grocery shopping, etc. and... I bought a bag of potato chips. I thought I'll try a few to taste them and then leave the rest for hubby, but I ended up eating the whole bag :( It's a small bag, only 77 grams, but still, it's an extra 470 calories that I didn't need. And you know the worst part? They didn't even taste good.
I know that when I'm tired my body tricks me into thinking I'm hungry, and today I was fooled. There's only one solution: don't buy chips or any temptations. We all have those days when we can't resist temptations, so for me it's best not to have them in the house. I have to be stronger, not only at home, but in the supermarket as well. In the future, I will avoid the temptation aisle. And if I'm in a bad mood and need my sweets, I'll buy 1 (ONE!!!) single, less than 150 calories serving of something nice. Yep, I've decided!
Wish me luck.

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BIG_SCOTS_LASS 10/19/2009 12:08PM

    I'm addicted to SP and the one day I couldn't get online and log my food I was in an absolute state! I went into panic mode and ended up severely restricting my calories that day. I don't trust myself to judge what I'm eating on my own, as I "forget" what I've eaten sometimes. Writing it down (or logging it on the Food Tracker) gives me the security to know that I'm not kidding myself and I'm on track. I've been here 10 months and never missed a day. I don't intend to start now.

As far as eating junk food when you're not feeling great is concerned, I too have that problem and haven't found a way past it quite yet. Thankfully I don't feel that way too often, but when I do I end up eating chocolate and chips and pizza (bad kitty!).

Congratulations on your resolve and continued weight loss. Keep up the good work and keep Sparking!

Charlie x
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TN_HAMMOCK 10/19/2009 10:06AM

    I've been thinking about this lately. What do I do once I reach my goal? Planning out my meal plan, logging food, logging is all such a big part of my life now!

Part of me says I should log food forever....that way there is no chance of old habits creeping in.

Another part says that I should trust my new habits and not worry so much.

Much like the journey that brings us each to our goals, I suspect it is different for everyone and I will just have to try out the options when the time comes....just like you are!

Good luck! I'm sure you will find the perfect maintenance routine!

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In class today...

Monday, September 14, 2009

For those of you who are familiar with Japanese comics (manga) and anime characters, this is really funny.

A small Q&A conversation between students.

Q: Do you have any jigsaw puzzles?
A: Yes, I do. I have a 'one piece' puzzle.

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Sounds like me, cause if I had more than one piece, it would NEVER get put together!

HAGD Calli
Make that have a great WEEK

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Have you lost weight?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Have you lost weight?

It's funny how this question, depending on the tone it's said in, can make you feel so different: elated, or speechless.

Yesterday I went to my favourite makeup counter to pick up a new nail polish, and the lovely Counter Manager asked me "Have you lost weight?". She said it in a surprised tone. Her question was almost rhetorical, actually meaning "I can see that you've lost weight. WOW!"
This is how I like this question to be asked, because it leaves me happy, pleased that someone has noticed, and glad that my efforts have shown results.

Today on the other hand, I met with a friend that I hadn't seen since April (kinda had a fall-out with her, but that's another story) and she knows I'm on this Spark diet.
We met to check out this little recycling shop in our neighborhood, and on our way home, we stopped at the supermarket to get some groceries. As usual, I started reading nutrition labels, and she asked me " Are you still on that diet". I answered "yes". Then she said: "And, have you lost weight?". She was actually asking, wondering, if I had had any results!!!
I was speechless, and I think I stared at her, blankly, for at least 30 seconds.
I couldn't believe that she, a woman who notices EVERYTHING, didn't see the difference. I lost 22 pounds, for Pete's sake!!
When she saw my confused, blank expression, she tried to make up for it, but it was too late, the damage was done (LOL).

I sincerely hope that the next time someone asks me if I've lost weight, it's in the "WOW! Great job!" tone. I honestly don't want to experience today's feelings again.

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    Oh my gosh, have you lost weight?
You look FABULOUS! :)
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_VALEO_ 9/8/2009 11:21AM

    Une brindille japonaise ? Quoi que la goujaterie, tout comme la stupidité, soit universellement répandue.

Je crois que j'aurais été vexée comme un pou, et comme toi sans réaction.
Au moins, maintenant, tu sais à quoi t'en tenir avec elle -si tu ne le savais pas avant.

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ESSEXCHICKIE 9/7/2009 5:48AM

    Of course she noticed, she just wanted to be be nasty. I can see thru her like glass.

Women are notorious for being brutal to one another, it's the same old story.

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STEPHANEFANY 9/5/2009 10:23AM

    It can be very hurtful when people make comments like your friend did. It's hard when you are trying to be healthy and people don't understand. As you get closer to your goal, you will have people saying stuff like, "you don't need to loose more weight" or "stop losing weight"'s hard. You want to be the healthiest you, you can be and they are not supportive. I also get "are you feeling well?"", because I have lost weight and many people associate weight loss with illness. So then, I wonder do I look sick, cause I feel great. I thought I was looking good. I think people are really concerned but it is hurtfull. Hang in there! You are the best judge or how you feel! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon

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BUZHAZZARD 9/5/2009 9:30AM

    I like when people notice as well, but if they don't, oh well. I am doing this for myself and have convinced myself that my health is the most important thing. I also say the same thing that OrganicBeauty does when people ask if I am on a diet. I always say, "No, I am just watching what I eat and exercising more."

Congrats on your weight loss!

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GIRLTRUCKIN 9/5/2009 9:30AM

    Don't let the negativity of others bring you down...Use that as fuel to press harder on this lifestyle journey...then the next time they see you, it will definately be the WOW, you've lost weight (in a good way, of course). Keep on keepin' on girlie, you are doing wonderful!!!!!

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SD1122 9/5/2009 9:23AM

    She probably noticed.....but was too jealous to admit it! I totally agree with Alicia. People get used to certain friends being the "fat girl" so when they're no longer in that role, those "friends" have a hard time dealing b/c it always made them feel skinnier. Sad but true.

Keep up the amazing work! You're doing an awesome job!

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That was rude. Honey sometimes people say things without thinking or? Out of spite. You keep reading those labels... even random people walking by me?
Will roll their eyes when they see me reading the label.

It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change, and you are going to look fabulous!!!
I think some friends get used to one being the fat girl and hwen we are on our way down?
Jealousy comes in to play.
When I 'brag' or get excited about my 4 miles. I get the look like... yeah big deal.*eye roll* I am proud of myself!!

No matter...
you are doing this to be your personal BEST!!!!!!!!
Keep it up!!!!!!!
Ignore those rude remarks!!!!!!!!
Big hugs mama!!
You are awesome!!!

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For all exercise...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

There is a proper attire...

I took this picture in a shop in Osaka that specializes in ballet wear.
When I see things like this I always wonder if the Japanese have ever heard of a dictionary.

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15THC_ODETTE 8/14/2009 8:55PM

    The sad thing, I expect there is a shop or two in the US that has it spelled that way.

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DUTCHIEKIWI 8/10/2009 10:13PM

    Great spotting!!

Love this stuff!!

Dutchie ;)

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GIRLHALFFULL 8/9/2009 9:22AM

    :) Maybe it is a new form of ballet that is sweeping the country.

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    Or maybe they have other tradtions that the Mexicans have. You know about the worms in the tequila, right? LOL

Maybe I'll quit working out or get me a bigger worm.

Don't even go there Steelercrazy or CartoonB, LOL

Thanks Callis'

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I started this diet/journey/new lifestyle or whatever you wanna call it, on March 17th 2009.
On August 3rd, I finished 20 weeks, and have lost 20 pounds.

Honestly? I committed myself to stick with it for 12 weeks, and never thought I would keep it up. I don't think I could have done it without Spark. Tracking my food and cardio has become a habit (a GOOD one!) and it's what keeps me going. Making sure I stay within my nutrient range, getting Spark Points for my cardio minutes, these are all little things that keep me motivated. And of course, all the support I got here is just amazing.
It's good to know we're not alone out there.

I'm in it for the long run. emoticon emoticon

P.S. Mikiio, encore une chanson...

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    THANKS for stopping by my blog.
I had to return the favor
You are AMAZING.
Keep up whatever it is that you are doing.

I looked over your page and maybe I'm like you in one way,

I too, and a virtual exercise expert, LOL

I do cartwheels and back flips all the time for my SP friends who do great things. Thank goodness they are virtual cartwheels and back flips. LOL

Thought I'd check in on you.
I see that we have at least one mutual friend, MSCANDACE. She is a sweetie!

CYA round the boards,

Your newest supporter,

Tony, in STL, MO

Stop by and visit us sometime
The price of admission is waived if you join the team. LOL

Actually, the price is FREE

Have a great day
and an even better one tomorrow. emoticon

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JJJ1226 8/5/2009 11:33AM

    emoticon just what the team needed emoticon for the motivation emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/5/2009 11:34:11 AM

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MSCANDICE25 8/5/2009 7:07AM

    That is so great to here that you are 20/20 are you going to try for 30/30 or 50/50?? I bet you can do it!! keep up the good work!!

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TOKUGIRL 8/4/2009 10:58PM

    Congratulations! You've done an amazing job and I'm really proud of you.

Honestly, eerily perhaps, I just committed myself to the same thing (20 in 20) on Aug. 1. After reading this I'm really encouraged to keep at it and not to let up till I get to where I want to be.

Thank you! emoticon

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