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Initiating Sequence - LiveFit W1D1

Monday, March 26, 2012

I spent the better part of the day yesterday cooking and chopping. My fridge is literally bursting. I had to take Hubs' 2-liter of soda out to fit another batch of ready-to-eat salad. *evil grin* Hope he's not too mad about that...

What did I make?
Jamie Eason's 3-Bean Turkey Chili
Jamie Eason's Italian Turkey Burgers

...well, both made with grilled chicken breast instead because it's less expensive and I think it tastes much better (JE thinks so too! *lol*). I had to use some cayenne pepper instead of the spices/chili powder in the chili...but we definately got some heat going, so I guess it worked well enough. Apparently I was also torturing my boys (Hubs included) because the chili smelled SOOOO good and I wouldn't let them touch it...yet. ;) Instead I tried to get them to finish up some of the leftover grilled hotdogs so I could clear more space in the fridge for other things - like a HUGE bowl of salad and two smaller (but still large) ready-to-grab containers of the same salad mix.

I splurged this week. Jamie says I can have unlimited salad and veggies, and I'm taking that to heart, dangit! I wanted the best salad I know how to make, which is really, really simple but when I bring it to work it doesn't last 5 minutes (and they all usually eat like animals on only the fattening stuff, so I consider that a compliment). Red and green leaf lettuce, radishes, white mushrooms, cucumbers (okay, that one's new...I don't typically eat cucumbers, but I'm trying to retrain my taste buds into liking them because they're just so good for you) - NOM NOM NOM!

I also made some roasted Brussels sprouts and some roasted zucchini and peppers with just a dash of parmesan cheese on top.

Didn't get to steaming my broccoli and cauliflower...maybe Wednesday night I'll do that.

I have to say I'm feeling pretty darn self-righteous about my food plan today. It's clean eating at it's finest and yet looks amazingly wonderful! (Those ground chicken zucchini burgers...OMG! I hope they taste half as good as I think they will!) Only problem? WIth such a wide range of veggies making very little dent in my calorie count...we're only looking at just under 1500 calories for the day. I tend to stay closer to 1600-2000, but I'm just going to take Jamie's word for it and see how this works out. Hell, maybe this is the key to eat more with less caloric intake!

As for my workout this morning? A few things:

1) Jamie lies!! *lol* She recommended about an hour for the lifting routine this morning. Seemed odd to really wasn't that many sets...but I went with it and got to the gym by 6am. 27 minutes later I was done and changing into my swimsuit only to find out the darn pool was closed for maintenance. Got to work 30 minutes before I needed to...and I waited in my car about 10 minutes before I even came in. D'oh! Will start budgeting 30 minutes from now on until the workouts get a little more intense (probably week 5).

2) I *love* *love* *love* my gym. My primary, I discovered, is open as early as 5:30am. And, let me tell you a secret...only serious fitness enthusiasts and those really dedicated show up to work out at 6am! And, thankfully, it's not too overly crowded either. (The one thing I really like about my primary is that they have sometimes 3 of the same machine...meaning you never have to worry you won't get one soon. (hell, they have 5 flat benches to work on!)

3) My arms are already feeling it...2 hours later! *lol* I tried to lift semi-light...Jamie calls for lifting at only 60% for the first couple weeks, just to build some muscle endurance. But I was surprised at how much heavier my "light" routine has gotten.

Workout for W1D1
Chest & Triceps

Wide Pushups - 3 sets/12 reps
Flat Bench Dumbbell Press - 3 sets/12 reps/15 pound dumbbells
Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes - 3 sets/12 reps/15 pound dumbbells
Narrow Pushups - 3 sets/12 reps (OMFG! *lol*)
Standing Triceps Extensions - 3 sets/12 reps/20 pounds
Rope Triceps Pushdowns - 3 sets/12 reps/20 pounds

Total time: 27:08
Avg HR: 108
Max HR: 156 (probably those narrow pushups! OMG!)
Calories burned: 167
Calories from Fat: 46%


Tomorrow I have my 2nd supervised workout with a trainer. Too bad it's not Tanner again. He was a LOT of fun! He was the pre-med student and OMG if I was single.... *refuses to finish that least...not aloud*

Not sure what this one will have me do, but Tanner was really great about working around my injury and what I wanted out of a workout. He ran me through a ST circuit on the machines after 5 minutes on the arc trainer (which, yes, hurt my foot as well *sigh*) and a bunch of step-ups and some squats (which he said I do perfectly *big grin*). Not once did he correct my form on something I'm already done...that, my dears, is a ST NSV right there. Any serious lifter has to learn good form to get a good result...or so I hear. ;)

That exercise was 57:24 minutes long. Of course, there was some downtime during which I teased him about being too young to understand my Edith Ann reference (he didn't even know who Lily Tomlin was!! *sad*) and he teased me that I didn't know popular band names.

Calories burned: 259
51% from fat

DO YOU HEAR ME SPARK!? 51% OF MY CALORIES BURNED WERE FROM FAT! That's better than ANY cardio routine has done for me thus far. I think it's time to start giving ST it's due...

So...not burning a crapton of calories in a session, but burning more from fat than ever, and building good muscle, which means the calorie burn lasts longer after I stop working out...I think this might actually work as I heal. (I keep saying "as I heal" because I want to train in swimming and biking and running's still on my to do list....I just have to be patient.)

I keep trying to remember to take pictures of what I eat...and then I forget. Maybe I'll at least show off my chili and chicken burger...if I don't just chow down on them when the time comes. *lol*

I'm just really trying to stay focused here. It's become more important than ever that I figure out my scheduling conflicts so I can workout Monday-Thursday here in town. Why? I knew you'd ask that! Because I had an interview Sunday for a part-time weekend job.

Yes, I realize I do too much already.
Yes, I realize it's going to be hard NEVER having a day "off."
Yes, I realize I'm going to get tired of it and I'm going to hate it.

I'm so sick of people telling me how HARD it's going to be. Sometimes it doesn't matter whether it's easy or just is...if it's something you need or want to do (in this case it happens to be "need") you don't think about the difficulty, you simply manage yourself so that you can accomplish it. Stop telling me about how "hard" it's going to be...that doesn't make me need it any less. (I guess the same could be said about working out, eh?! ;) )

I may start as early as Friday, so I simply MUST rework myself into "machine mode" again.
Workouts early morning Monday-Thursday before work.
The occasional swim or something after work if I want/feel like it.
And then working out in my FIL's garage Fri-Sun so I can be close to home and fit it in around my second job.
And then at some point I have to work in my batch cooking on the weekends, and will probably have to split it up into 3 days instead of just 1 to make it through, so that I'll be prepped for the week.

I keep seeing those Nike "I'm Making Myself...." posters in my head
...mine says, "I'm Making Myself Indestructable."

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SASXONTHEMOVE 4/14/2012 1:17PM

    my smile for you is huge right now! you are indestructible!

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 3/26/2012 1:56PM

    I'm jealous of your fully stocked clean fridge... although I do have more fresh cut fruit in my fridge than I know what to do with, and some lovely greens ... okay so I'm guessing I'm just missing the batch cooking, which sounds delicous.

Good luck with JE and the trainers. I must say that my switch over to more ST over cardio has done wonders. Fingers crossed the same goes for you.

Rock this week girl, and I hope the schedule works itself out for you.

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ERIN1128 3/26/2012 12:14PM

    I agree with you about "credit" of the reasons I stopped logging my workouts on the spark site was that it bugged me so much, how little credit they gave for strength training and yoga.

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ATROTTIER 3/26/2012 12:03PM

    Very cool!! I can't wait to hear more about this! =)

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KKINNEA 3/26/2012 11:22AM

    The people that say it's hard are the ones that want all off days and no work and magically be in shape - there is no magic!

Yes, that first day of LiveFit is really only 30 mins. I think one of them takes me an hour but the others are also 30-45 mins. I can barely bust out a narrow pushup and mine are all modified - I love that you can start with a 15 lb weight - I'm definitely going to start with 8 lbs tonight but will probably get to third sets and drop to 5 lbs.

Your food prep sounds awesome - it's the one thing I really haven't tried to jam in. Maybe I'll try to do at least a litle something tonight after Day 1 workout.

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WALIDGAZALA 3/26/2012 9:59AM

    I just couldn't finish
I congratulate you for your powers to burst your fridge and to fill the sparkpage

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BAYBELIEVER 3/26/2012 9:55AM

    Awesome workouts! And I love your enthusiasm. I have to check out this Jamie Eason... Can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow and tomorrow...

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Lifting Myself Out

Thursday, March 22, 2012

For the record...THIS is what a plateau looks like:

So, yeah. Dealing with that...and the fact that I can't manage to do any cardio without wanting to cut off my foot to save myself the dull ache and pain that just goes from bad to worse and back again (kinda like my plateau)...I'm moving on. Actually, I'm moving the lifting room.

In my old gym, the lifting section was downstairs...but in one of my new gyms, it's up on the 4th floor. (Those stairs should give me a good warm-up, right?)

The other day, after my solid 6.6+ miles on the bike which I thought would be awesome for both my body and my heart...I went to the lifting room (which did more for me than anything else I've done in a while). Oh, how I forgot about my love of lifting like a man. I love to grunt and sweat like a pig and glisten as I lift weights that most women don't dare to even touch over and over again. How did I ever forget this feeling?

And, want to know a secret? Lifting HEAVY actually raises my heart rate faster than my fastest sprint on a stationary bike. I dare say it might even trump running, though I can't test that theory out right now. Oh, you've missed the mark by counting my ST/lifting as little more than nothing these past few years. Where's my trophy for benching 85 pounds or hitting 500+ on the leg press machine?! Where the hell is that trophy?

So, in sight of my recent "I don't give two craps about cardio anymore because it's a lost cause" moment, I hopped back on to my favorite site - - and got myself set up with a program.

I had previously tried one of JE's programs...but the meal plan actually made me ill. Please, don't ever tell me to eat another sweet potato because those things make my tummy turn! And there is such a thing as too much chicken and fish. This girl NEEDS variety! Which was why I was so happy to see that JE's LiveFit program provides just that.

Phase One - First 4 Weeks

emoticon Nutrition
* Eat every 3 hours.
* No carbs/starches after 7pm (or 3 hours before bedtime).
* 5-6 meals a day.
* Can have coffee & tea with Stevia.
* Take multivitamins and other supplements.
* Drink LOTS of water. We're talking about upping my water intake from 8-10 to closer to 15.

Breakfast -
5 Egg Whites, 1 Starch, Unlimited Veggies

Mid-Morning -
2 Turkey/Chicken Muffins, Unlimited Veggies OR 4 homemade protein bars OR Small meal option

Lunch -
6 oz lean meat, 1 Starch, Unlimited Salad & Veggies

Mid-Afternoon -
2 Turkey/Chicken Muffins, Unlimited Veggies OR 4 homemade protein bars OR Small meal option

Dinner -
6 oz lean meat, 1 Starch, Unlimited Salad & Veggies

Evening -
5-6 egg whites, Unlimited Veggies

The best part about this? There are so many different combinations - and many not that different from what I already do. First of all, eggs and oats is my favorite breakfast. Second after that is omelets. Both of these fit into my breakfast options. Things like chicken fajitas, chicken/tofu and rice, fish tacos, etc. All of it is something I can make on this plan. And her homemade protein bars sound yum so it'll be something new and fun to try. (My boys are even excited about this. *lol*)

As far as the supplements go, I'm going to continue to take my potassium and glucosamine, and I'm adding in a multi-vitamin, glutamine, and fish oil. All of these should help with my joints and we all know I need help with that. I'll have to make sure my multi-vitamin has enough calcium as well, or I may add in an additional supplement for that.

emoticon Workouts

* No cardio for Phase 1.
* Workouts should take about an hour in the gym.
* Lift about 60% max.
* First 2 weeks - 3 sets of 12 reps with a 60 second rest in between sets.
* Protein recovery shake or next meal within 30 minutes of completing a workout.

First 2 Weeks -
Monday - Chest & Triceps
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Legs & Calves
Thursday - Shoulders & Abs
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - REST

Weeks 3 & 4 -
Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Back & Biceps
Wednesday - Chest & Triceps
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Shoulders & Abs
Saturday, Sunday - REST

I've already got my first 1/2 of the 12 week program's workouts programmed into my Gym Buddy App on my iPhone. (If you don't have this app, let me say it totally rocks. I can put down my scheduled workout, pull it up at the gym, record my weight/reps/sets, and don't have to worry about carrying around a stupid notebook (and probably losing it) and all my info is right there from the last time I did the workout. I can do it as many times as possible and I never have to worry about getting a poor signal at the gym (to check online) or having my pencil roll around on the floor where someone could slip on it (probably me) and get hurt.)

Like I said, I'm not expecting this to be a miracle thing that will have me drop weight and break this plateau.
...but that'd be alright with me if that's what happened. *lol*

Either way, I'm no worse off with this than I am now -- AND it gives me a chance to heal up. After a few weeks I'll know better how my body is responding to this and whether I want to do the whole 12 weeks (I would LOVE to finally stick to a full program!) or grab a copy of NROLFW, which I've heard great things about.

I also think this muscle endurance phase (first 2 weeks) will really help me...and those 2-3 days of rest sound good too! *lol* When I lifted before I went all out hard and heavy and was sore ALL THE DAMN TIME. And, honestly, I didn't mind...because it meant I was finally doing something. We'll see if this one eases me into it a little better, but even if I have DOMS for the next 12 weeks, it'll be the GOOD kind of sore/pain - which I totally prefer to the other injured kind of pain. ;)

Who else is lifting right now? Who can help keep me accountable?? ;)

And, yes, I'm doing what I tell people NOT to do...I'm waiting to start until Monday. But there's a good reason for that. A few actually.

1) I need the DOMS in my arms to go away. Okay, this might/probably won't happen before Monday. I lifted on Tuesday and will lift again tonight with the trainer, I'm sure.

2) I have to have some prep time. I need to have time to plan. I have to make sure I have time to grocery shop, meal plan, and batch cook. I'll spend most of Sunday putting my meals together for the week so I can just grab-and-go in the morning. I also have to adjust my eating times a bit. If I'm going to get up early, then I'll be having my first meal at or before 5am, which is going to cause the rest of my schedule to move up about an hour to accommodate and will leave me having to eat dinner here at work instead of at home. I need to wrap both my head and my body around this. Dinner is a social occassion for my family, and I won't be joining them for evening meals even though I'll probably be home super early compared to before because I'll be working out in the AM. We'll have to see how this works, but I'm sure I can figure out a way around it...make the boys some dishes this weekend, maybe, so they can "grab-and-go" their dinner as well. Heat-and-eat type stuff.... Either way, it's a planning part that needs to be worked out upfront.

3) I want to make meals, not meat with rice and steamed vegetables. So I have to work this plan into my foodie needs so as to not get bored. I can cook some wonderful dishes with these options...I just need to work my head around them.

4) I have a super-cool date tomorrow with Hubs. *lol* Let's face it, I don't want to be hung up on anything tomorrow. We're going to spend the day together, grab some lunch wherever, and then go see The Hunger Games. (YAY!)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SASXONTHEMOVE 4/14/2012 1:08PM

    lifting = more cals burnt than cardio

awesome that you are doing this program!!

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ROMNEY3 3/23/2012 3:57PM

    OH yeah love to lift! I am been accused more than once of having "man muscules" Enjoy!

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TEAM-SARAH 3/23/2012 1:00PM

    I love to strength train more than anything else. Right now I mostly do yoga and at-home circuit workouts. Weightlifting is no joke, especially if you do circuits where you're constantly doing some exercise or another. And lifting heavy requires you to exert a TON of calories. sparkpeople must be counting strength training like you're doing 10 bicep curls and resting 30 seconds between sets or something! It's a workout if you make it one!! I need to start doing some heavy lifting. I am a strong woman too and I always shy away from it because... because I'm a dummy maybe? haha. no but I worry about bulking up even though I'm not supposed to worry about that ;)

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KAYOTIC 3/23/2012 10:26AM

    I need to get back to the lifting, great reminder of why!

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CAROBEAR1 3/22/2012 5:53PM

    I too was sad to see that the exercise counter doesn't like ST or circuit workouts as I'm filling non-cardio days with a variety of things from the NikeTraining Club app but can't seem to find a place to "log it" at I use the quick tracker and at least put in my minutes....keep forgetting to log those....

This sounds interesting but will take a lot of prep.....good for you for trying something new to kick it up!!

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YOOVIE 3/22/2012 4:09PM

    I told you doing circuit training with weights is one of the most ignored ways to get your heart rate up- but everytime I try to explain it- everyone tells me they dont need to work on ST :(

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 3/22/2012 2:01PM

    Loving the 12 week plan. I think you will rock it. Once you get the timing down, it will all be smooth sailing.

Get prepped this weekend and then ROCK ON GIRL!

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ATROTTIER 3/22/2012 1:27PM

    oooooo....very interesting, I can't wait to hear about your first week on this...sounds like I might want to try as well, my plateau is so irritating as well and I need to change it up and I just wasn't sure how and I never really thought about this, very cool!!!!

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ERIN1128 3/22/2012 12:11PM

    I love how you just keep bouncing back! You go girl!

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BAYBELIEVER 3/22/2012 12:03PM

    I agree about ST not being cardio on Sparkpeople. I feel it much more than cardio since I am so limited by how hard I can go in cardio. But lifting...I am all over it. My trainers say anytime you lift more that 3 reps it becomes cardio.

Good luck! I like the plan...And I love my lifting because it is the one thing I have been able to be proud of as I lift heavier and more even when my body won't lose weight.

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BOB240 3/22/2012 11:47AM


Drops reps from 12 to 6.... 80% max :)

iPhone in gym - careful- iPhone+dropped weight plate = loss of social life...

Paper log book is less valuable.. and immune to dropping plates.

You may notice that after wieghts session that your body gets hot (NOT in that way!) This may be EPOC effect (do google.)..


Comment edited on: 3/22/2012 11:56:20 AM

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KKINNEA 3/22/2012 10:36AM

    I'll be sending you a SparkMail on my thoughts on the program but in brief, I think you'll love it. Since I've been struggling to stay on top of the strength part of it, I may have to start Monday with you to ensure I have someone to be accountable to!

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NOTABOUTHEFACE 3/22/2012 10:11AM

    I wish you luck darlin'. Plateaus blow and whatever you can do to shake things up is a good thing!

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Singing and Spelling and Swimming My Eyes Out

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last weekend was a blur of crazy. Let me try to break it down without being too awful long-winded (sorry, it's just part of my nature..I'll try to hold back).

Friday -
Well, I can say the morning was great. Relaxing, actually. For once we didn't have to leave at the buttcrack of dawn to be somewhere. We planned to check in at the hotel at 3pm, so we left at 1pm and got there super fast (so it seemed). (I didn't realize it was so close, time we won't stay overnight.)

My mom got there an hour early...of course. And then everything tried to fall apart from there. Long story short? Mom wanted ME to pick the place for dinner but didn't like what I picked for whatever reason (I think it's because my stupid step-brother suggested she ride the bus to get mom doesn't do public transportation) and then I got frustrated and she left and apparently there was some miscommunication and I tried not to cry because I had that "Why does my own family hate me so much?" feeling again. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. Hubs stuck up for me, as he always does (and should! ;) ) and told me we could do whatever I wanted to do. ...all I wanted to do was go see my baby sing!! (I'd already been without him for a full day and a half, dangit!)

So, drama, drama, drama...we end up at some preppy "pub" (okay, can I just say that I hate pubs that are trying to be somewhere else? This was a "pub" in WV trying to mimic itself as a Boston pub. I want to go to a Boston pub in Boston and a WV Bar/Hodown/Whatever place in WV. I'm not sure why that irks me, but it does...and Hubs just looked at me and we tried not to laugh after I spouted this entire tirade in the car and then go into the "pub" and sit down and the first thing my Mom says is, "I feel like I'm in Boston!" *sigh*). (EDIT: The only exception is "exotic" cuisine. I like that...but I don't want them to try to be something they aren't. I don't know why it irked me this place saying, "We thought - why not have a Boston pub right here in WV?" Uhm...because it's WV, not Boston...and Boston isn't exactly EXOTIC ...and I don't ever remember thinking, "When I go to Boston, I must visit one of their FAMOUS Boston pubs. For crying out loud, it's not like the Philly Cheesesteak or Seattle and it's coffee houses. Isn't Boston known for beans or something....and the tea party. Yea, I'd want to see where they dumped the tea out, not a friggin' PUB.) Whatever. Hubs ordered a white pizza. Whatever. It was burned so badly that my husband, who actually told me the other day he didn't like my pork chops because they looked like pork chops and weren't charbroiled in an unrecognizable fashion (he and his father burn popcorn ON PURPOSE), started complaining about the "doneness" of our pizza. And the Manager was stupid enough to come over and ask how it I told him it was WAY overdone. And he offered to make another pizza. And I told him we didn't have time because my son was in this big concert soon. And then he basically told me to suck it up because "that's the doneness of our pizzas"...and I wanted to punch him. (I wasn't asking for any money off the bill...I really didn't care at this point..still trying to get to my son...but when you offer to eat the cost of an ENTIRE pizza and then I tell you that would inconvenience me MORE you don't then insult me by telling me that I don't know what pizza is supposed to taste like. You offer to take a bit off the bill - a buck or two at least - and apologize if it isn't to our liking.) Whatever. I had a shot, which thrilled my mother and the rest of my family...but was really only there because 1) I needed something to calm me down after the drama and 2) it was a buck, and St. Patty's Day themed. And I had a small salad with their house ranch dressing (I wasn't going to get ranch, but it was HOUSE ranch...and damn good too!) and a few cheese fries.

And then my boy sang. It was beautiful! Finally kids who LIKED singing and knew how to do it too! There was harmony and different vocal parts and just a bunch of beautifully arranged pieces. And I tried to video it (which is apparently illegal in WV because they want to charge you an arm and a leg for everything - my mom broke down and bought him a plaque WITH MY SON'S OWN NAME ON IT for $32.50!!! Crazy, right?!) but my phone said I was out of memory. Instead, I just listened. I heard his voice a few times in the choir of 200+. I used to think my mom was lying when she said she could hear me through the choir, but I get it now. I just KNOW that voice. Hubs thought *I* was lying until there was one speaking part and he turned to me, eyes big as ever, and said, "I just heard him!" *lol*

A few lessons I learned from watching my son in his first big concert.
1) I can spot my son anywhere. Within 2 minutes I pointed him out to the entire family. I just know him...his mannerisms...who he is. I couldn't even see that well (stupid contacts!), but I spotted him super fast!
2) It's even tougher to see your son singing when your eyes are filled with tears. I tried to hold back, I swear. But I was just SO DARN PROUD!
3) Concerts are long sometimes.

Okay, bear with me. These kids had 2 days to practice together so there wasn't a LOT of harmony and variety. Plus, they're all about 10-12 and their voices sound a LOT alike. And there aren't any real "male" vocal parts. My son was an Alto I. WTF happened to tenors and basses? I guess a boy of 10 can't be a bass baritone yet. *shrug* So a lot of the songs sounded very similar, but we still had our favorites (and one Ethiopian song ...gotta throw one foreign language one in so people can make up their own translations - my mom used to think every baroque song we sang in HS choir was about meat and potatoes).

The best part? Holding my husband's hand through the entire concert. Knowing that we both felt this immense pride in our son. I could feel that feeling surging between us...and I know how corny that stupid "oh, those silly parents who are proud of their kids all the time" it sounds, but I swear to you the air between us was electric for some reason. We couldn't even hardly speak...and didn't want to interrupt the singing to do so anyhow...but each time I looked at him and he looked at me we just smiled. After the first song I looked over at him and grabbed his hand and through tears said, "We MADE that" (i know, gross...but it was magical) and I knew we both felt that pride. No marathons I ever run or tris I ever do or weight I ever lose will match what I felt in that moment. Because it's easy to make yourself do something and so much harder to try to influence a young child with his own ideas about the world to do something...and when they succeed and you feel somehow a part of that and yet somehow removed as if you had nothing to do with it!? Best. Feeling. Ever.

After it was over, it was chaos again. But as soon as I found my boy he ran to me and hugged me SO tight. And then when I showed him the plaque his grandma got him....just tears came out. He couldn't speak (and he's like me so "speechless" isn't a word used often with us). I wanted to cry all over again.

I took him back to the hotel and told him that even though I was completely exhausted, I would take him and his brother to the pool to swim. (Best part about him being away? The blissful 8 hours or so of the two of them getting along while they told stories about what they did without one another. *lol* That broke early the next morning when they fought over who got to take the suitcase to the car. *facepalm*) About that pool?! OMG! I tried swimming when we got there earlier, but one lap and my eyes were on FIRE. Too many chemicals!! I told the boys to be careful but they didn't seem bothered at all. As for the hot tub? Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten much all day (in anticipation of a GREAT dinner I had planned but never got to have), but I spent about 10 minutes in there and then nearly fainted as my blood pressure shot through the roof. WEIRD!

By Saturday, we were more than ready to come home. Too much drama and chaos and confusion...but all worth it for that hour in the theatre. I promise I'd do it all again just for that.

Yesterday that same little boy competed in the County Spelling Bee after having won the bee at his school. I could tell Hubs was impressed, but I was so worried. We'd been studying but his school had only given him the words a week and a half before. FIVE HUNDRED WORDS...some of them *I* had never heard of (and I have a degree in English for crying out loud!). I just crossed my fingers and hoped he'd make it past the second round. Poor thing was out on the word "stabilizer" after somehow skipping over the first "i" and I about died for him. Turned out alright because his crush nearly swept the title from a 6th grader (Ethan and his crush are in the 4th grade) and he felt proud about what he did. And I felt proud for him (because somehow when I spelled it in my head with him, I missed that letter too! *lol*).

As for my tri training?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I biked 6.6 miles yesterday. My foot and ankle hurt as if I did another 20+ minutes on the elliptical (another no-no) but not as bad as when I run. Not sure if this is something that will fade, but it's certainly frustrating. Will try swimming at the gym, but I may have to skip the biking for a bit as well. Until then, I'm raring to go with a 12-week program I'll start Monday that starts with 4 weeks of pure lifting, no friggin' cardio to speak of. That means the pressure will be OFF of me and my foot for 4 weeks...should be enough time to heal. And if I want to swim for fun in that time, I totally can, but there's no HAVE TO and worrying about how my foot will feel after the cardio sessions.

*fingers crossed*

The program also includes a sort of rough outline of a "meal plan" that doesn't count a single calorie. And...yes, I'm going to say it...I'm so friggin' sick of counting calories for no reason! I can yo-yo these 10 pounds just fine on my own, thank you. So 4 weeks of no cardio and no counting calories?! Sounds like the break I need without sacrificing and feeling like I'm "giving up". It's an eating clean, eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of ways to vary my meals so I don't get bored meal plan that I think might actually work. And as for the lifting? Well, lifting always made me feel like a rockstar. And it doesn't put the same strain on my foot that repetitive motion does (i.e. cardio). Sounds like a win-win. And if I don't lose weight doing it? How will I be any worse off than I am already? I might actually heal in that time. Who knows!? I could break the plateau with the decreased stress levels. Either way, it's what both my heart and body need right now.'s not TOO long. ;)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BEACHGIRL1205 3/23/2012 2:12AM

    Oh My Gosh....what a weekend!! At least the concert worked out for you and your son was great!! Sounds like you are very busy and I admire you for training for a triatholon. Wow!!


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SHEILA1505 3/23/2012 1:22AM

    What wonderful emotions throughout the concert! I didn't realise that the words were given out prior to a Spelling Bee - really, I had no idea. Good luck with the four weeks of ST and resting the foot.

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ATROTTIER 3/22/2012 1:34PM

    I LOVE your proud moment!! Brought some tears to my eyes! =)

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SPARKLISE 3/22/2012 12:00PM

    It's so nice to see our children succeed.

Report Inappropriate Comment
HEALTH-E-CLARE 3/22/2012 8:35AM

    Glad you got to really enjoy the concert! Sounds like your son did an amazing job... helps he raised by such wonderful parents.

I'm loving your 12 week plan, can't wait to hear how it goes!

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ERIN1128 3/21/2012 7:04PM

    Sounds like your son did awesome! But of course, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :-)

Report Inappropriate Comment
KKINNEA 3/21/2012 5:54PM

    It sounds like the concert was just wonderful - what a great kid! I laughed about the Boston pub thing - I think you nailed the whole atmosphere thing. Are you doing the LiveFit trainer for your strength training?

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An Epiphany of Tri-mendous Proportions

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I guess sometimes when you're tired and frustrated your mind is "weak" enough to let something new in...the walls come don't filter just absorb because you don't have the energy to fight it.

I just had a true epiphany moment in all my grogginess. (Is "grogginess" a word? I'd normally look it up, but I'm too get what I mean so I deem it a word...because I KNOW that's how you define a word, but I digress...)

So I'm surfing around reading more about PF on the interwebs. (I I don't already know everything there is to know, right?) I finally google "cardio exercises for people with plantar fasciitis. (I would like to nominate Google for the Nobel Peace Prize...whoever thought this up was a friggin' genius and has saved my sanity more times than I can count.) I end up on a site that tells me everything I already know. "Don't run. No jumping. Nothing jarring or repetitive on the foot." Blarghity-blargh-blargh. "Swimming and biking are the best options for people trying to recover from PF." *barf*

And then I found it. A tiny little gem in the comments section. This woman talking about the exercises she had to do when she got PF for 2 years. (TWO YEARS?! I'm trying not to even think about that right now.) Anyhow, she had to resort to biking and swimming like the rest of us. And then she pops out the surprise of all surprises (to me anyhow) - "Now I'm 45 and I just completed my first triathlon."

Yes, I just heard all the collective lights switch to the on position.

What is a tri, anyhow? It's a 3-in-one. I hear of runners taking them on all the time to "challenge" themselves. They can run, no problem. They've been runnings halfs and fulls for a while's old hat. But then they have to switch it up and train in...yep, you guessed it -- biking and swimming.

Yes, you just heard me face palm myself.

Did you know swimming and biking are respectable sports? Yea, I did too. Shoot, I friended Michael Phelps on FB, but that might just be because I find him incredibly sexy in a weird-face-hot-bod sort of way. Maybe. I'm not telling. And you know there was that one, what was his name? Came out with some yellow bracelets a few years back (okay, probably a lot of years back) and I actually wore one. It told me to "Live Strong" and I tried to every day of my life. Oh, yea...that Lance Armstrong feller. Know what his sport was? You guessed it...biking. They even have the race of all races...the NYC Marathon of biking races...the Tour de France.

Why the hell did I never think of any of this before? I mean, yes, I already knew it. It was in there with all the other useless information I have stored (like how the dot over an "i" is called a tittle), but I never really THOUGHT about it.

Swimming is a sport.
Biking is a sport.
They are something you can train for, get better at, and be respected for your ability in.

Just like running, they require training programs and focus driven specific workouts to teach form, technique, stamina, etc., etc., etc.

I'm now realizing what an idiot I am for never connecting these dots before.

I am a runner.
I have PF and cannot run.
Hell, I can't even hardly walk anymore.
To rest my PF and stay active, my cardio choices are basically biking and swimming.

I guess a part of me was coming to this conclusion when I got going on this new gym thing. I loved this place because they had spinning bikes and swimming pools. (Did you just hum the tune to the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song as well? Just me? Uhm...nothing to see here.)

It's like a light just went on in my head.
I'm not a runner who can't run. I'm not an athlete who has lost her athletic ability. I'm no dog without a home.
I'm going to cross train like a mofo. I'm going to train for the Granddaddy of them all - a triathlon.

Now, don't get your panties in a wad. I haven't looked up tri races or anything. I don't even know if I WANT to do a triathlon. But I know that I have the perfect opportunity right now to train for one. I can run. I know that. I've made some mistakes, but I have the ability (and someone who has that ability at 300 pounds is not going to suddenly lose it when she's 10-20 pounds lighter...which I hope to be through biking and swimming and training like a mofo for my triathlon that might never happen).

So why not test the waters here (pun was totally know I can't let a good pun go to waste).

I've joined a Cardio Swimmers group.
I'm looking up equipment to buy (hell of a lot cheaper than running shoes my friends...a swim cap is like 10 bucks, goggles about the same...even those kickboards run (HAHA!) under 20 bucks).
I'm downloading swimming workouts and trying to understand swimming terminology (how the hell do I know what the pool measures? Do I need to bring a yard stick with me everywhere I go? When they say 1x200 do they mean yards or meters? Crap, is this going to be as difficult for me as figuring out km=miles? I need a calculator, y'all!)
I'm looking at videos of swimming techniques.
I'm looking up the dos and don'ts and ettiquette of swimming. (I'm guessing you don't say "passing on your left" when half your face is underwater...)

As for the biking...I'm gonna do that darn spinning class if it kills me.
And it might kill me.
I tried a spinning bike at the Greenbrier. Set the thing for 20 minutes...lasted 7.5 before I wanted to find a gun because I figured that death would be much less painful and drawn out. Spinning is it's own form of slow torture.... running once was for me.
I just have to break that barrier. I have to find my biking legs. I have to train my body for it.

It might also kill me because it requires a 4am wake up time. Did you know they have one of those in the morning too?! But I'm already trying to adjust my schedule (though last night did NOT help). I can do my first class next Tuesday. And I'm terrified. But every good thing in life I have ever done has terrified me at the thought of it. Falling in love. Having kids. All scary as hell. Going back to school at nearly 30 years old? Friggin' panic-inducing terror. But I did it. And I loved it. And even the things I thought would terrify me, I tried, and found out they really ARE that scary and I really DO hate them? Even then I was glad I did it. So what do I have to lose, really?

Okay, I have to go...I have an imaginary maybe-maybe-not triathlon to train for. (as soon as I get over that word - triathlon...which I can never spell because we say it! It's almost as annoying as people spelling it 'till with two Ls...even though it comes from "until" which only has ONE L. Drives me batty...)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHEILA1505 3/19/2012 2:06PM

    As you say, it's been staring you in the face - but now you've seen it and will work with it. Good luck with this training :) Hugs

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 3/19/2012 11:00AM

    Ask the people at the gym if they know if the pool is meter or yards... might even say on their website?
25 meter pool- 64 laps = 1 mile
25 yard pool- 70 laps = 1 miles

If they suggest swimming a 1x200 is 8 laps regardless of the pool being meter or yards. You aren't expected to convert it and swim partial laps.

Feel free to bombard me with questions on swimming. I swam somewhat competitively for 14 years and I coached for 3 years along with teaching swim lessons for more years than I care to remember... one of those kids just swam at the state meet and finished 4th!

You're going to do awesome with Tri-Training!

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SPUNKYDUCKY 3/17/2012 7:55PM

    I think it is a great goal. My triathlon was the top of my training. I am hoping to do one this summer too!

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WONDERJUL 3/17/2012 11:32AM

    Dnjoyed your blog.
I have no doubt you will do a triathlon.
Way to embrace what you can do and not dwell on what you cannot.
Happy training!

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KAYOTIC 3/17/2012 10:03AM

    This is a great way to look at your possibilities for cardio while rehabbing your foot, train for a tri, even if you don't actually sign up for one....but maybe you'll just get the "bug" and really do it! emoticon

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MOLLI15 3/16/2012 6:11PM

    Oh Yay! Your last several blogs sound so happy and upbeat! I'm so excited for you, and I can't WAIT to hear more about your triathlon (tri-a-tha-lon) training!! emoticon

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BAYBELIEVER 3/16/2012 10:27AM

    That's it! We are athletes in training. It doesn't matter what athletic event, but we are awakening the athletes inside us! You rock!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
And the running is done last anyway, so you can re-train for it last!

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SPARKLISE 3/16/2012 9:13AM

    We get so focused on what we can't do sometimes that we forget there is so much more we can do.
Good light bulb moment! emoticon

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SARAWALKS 3/15/2012 10:50PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Triathalon...kind of like nuculur...
Just exorcise George Bush from your brain and you've got it!

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CHICAT63 3/15/2012 7:52PM

    Woohoo, you can do it......I

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ERIN1128 3/15/2012 7:41PM


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KKINNEA 3/15/2012 4:30PM

    Sweet! One of my local runner friends sparined her ankle and she's been working over the other 2 components of the tri since she had already planned to do one. Great, great goal!

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CUYLERAYERS 3/15/2012 4:30PM

    HAHA! This is awesome. I love when something you have ALWAYS known, finally just clicks!

I used to be on a swim team, although....I can exactly remember how the laps measure.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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To the Point of Exhaustion

Thursday, March 15, 2012

First of all, I visited another gym site yesterday at lunch. The gym I joined is connected with 3 others in the area. Each one offers different specific "services" of some type. One opens early, one late, they might have different/special machines or facilities (one has a lap pool, another has a full pool and a hot tub and sauna), or might provide different classes throughout the day. My membership to one of the four gets me access to all four, so it's quite special, I think.

The one I visited yesterday is special to me because it is located about a block from my work. Yesterday I tested out my "lunch workout" theory and gave it a go. I get a forty-five minute lunch break here at work most days. So I headed out and timed myself as I went.

Walked to the gym.
Changed into my workout clothes.
Weighed myself.
Did 16 minutes on the elliptical.*
Grabbed a super-quick shower.
Changed back into work clothes.
Weighed myself again.
Walked back to work.

Got back to the office with one minute to spare. I told Hubs if I can somehow cut down on my prep or post time (whether walking faster...which I can't really do right now) or just speeding up my routine once it gets more regular, I'm hoping I can actually squeeze out a 20 minute workout. It may not be all gung-ho or whatever, but it's better than nothing. And good for days when I have to get straight home after work and would otherwise miss my regular workout at the gym.

That being said, I only did 16 minutes on the elliptical yesterday because at that point my ankle/foot started hurting and I thought it best to get off. What I learned? My foot hates the elliptical machine. It doesn't matter if I'm not continually picking up my foot and putting it down with my full weight...the motion alone nearly sends shooting pains up my leg the entire time. I tried adjusting the crossramp and resistance. I knew walking uphill wasn't a good idea. Apparently trudging through mud isn't good either. So, I hate to say this, I think the elliptical is out for a while.

What else can I do in 20 minutes? Well, they do have a couple upright bikes and a rowing machine. Plus, they have a bunch of ST equipment. So my 20 minute (hopefully) lunch workouts will have to include something like that instead.

Unfortunately, I forgot my HRM yesterday, so I wasn't able to get a good calories burned read. *sigh* I'm going to remember eventually. (I'm actually very forgetful...if I don't make a note of it, I will probably forget...and even if I make a note, I might forget the note and still forget.)

Of course, apparently I retweaked my injury with my little 16 minute trist with the elliptical machine yesterday because I could not get the pain to ease up the rest of the day. My tennis ball only provide extreme shooting pains throughout my entire lower leg. Not good.

Add to that the fact that I pretty much didn't sleep last night and, well, I had to admit "defeat" in a way and reschedule my workout tonight. I just know my body needs the rest, and I have a million other things weighing on my mind right now, so I can't overly stress about going to the gym and working my arse off when I have a bajillion things to do here at work and at home.

Ethan left this morning for his concert practice. He'll be in practice sessions all day today and tomorrow and I won't see him again until 7:30pm tomorrow night at the concert.

I'm the only one in my department at work this week. I had been handling everything just fine, and then yesterday all hell broke loose and I was left to put out a million fires I didn't even start.

I'm being called upon to basically be the go-to person in my department...because they know I'll get the work done in a timely manner. I'm cleaning up everyone else's messes and fixing mistakes done by others before I even took this job. Add to that the fact that I'm called upon to train the new assistant to our department...somehow...even though I won't be here the day she starts...actually nobody in the department will be...

I've had to apologize for other people's mistakes and take them on as my own...without any compensation or appreciation.

I've been scheduled for several speaking engagements and/or training/orientation and/or outreach sessions coming up in the next few months.

Money is still overly tight at home and then somehow my Hubs went behind me this month and paid two bills I had already paid. *bangs head on desk*

My weight still isn't budging. I realize it's only been 3 days, but I've been pretty darn consistent both days, both eating right and exercising as much as I can, so I usually see tiny decreases each day. Maybe it's sodium or water weight ...or maybe it's stress. *lol*

All of this led me to have just about the most horrible night of sleep, if you can call it that, of my life. My foot was hurting already, so I strapped in my brace, which only makes the dull pain continue because it's trying to work to stretch out that muscle in my arch. I woke up several times and had the worst dreams full of the most random stress ever (stress over scratching/damaging my car...stress over people calling me fat...really STUPID stuff) and somehow it led me to wake up wide awake at 3:30 am crying and in full-blown panic attack mode, my heart beating almost out of my chest.

I went to the bathroom and then collapsed on the bed and cried myself to sleep for another hour or so of weird dreams before the alarm went off and Hubs nudged me awake.

Yea, no workout today. I wanted to call off work so badly, but I can't because of all the fires I'm still putting out and the fact that I'm the only one here this week. So I have to stick to the one committment I simply cannot get out of, and somehow make it through today until I can go home, pack Logan and Hubs and my clothes for tomorrow, cook dinner, and then crash and HOPEFULLY get some sleep.

That being said, I haven't lost hope. I know I can handle this work stuff. It's what I do best. I'm really getting exhausted from "picking up the slack," but I can handle it because I always have. For 6 years they've been pushing me to make up where others fail...and I do, because I care about the clients we serve and the work we do and the importance of the agency. I do it because I don't know how to say no when I know it will mean the downfall of everything I believe so wholeheartedly in. It's like seeing a child on the street begging for change, knowing that without a meal or a blanket or something they're going to probably die...maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but things will get worse and they'll either die or go down a path of destruction...and knowing that you might not be able to "save" that child, but there is a slight chance that your kindness and generosity might do just that. Would you just walk on by? I have some clients who are like children, who need a kind word, who need to be guided...who don't need just one more person in their face saying, "That's not my job." Even if I just listen, give them some "common sense" advice, or say "I'm sorry this has upset you" and THEN say, "But I can't do anything for you here." ...Well, I think that does much more good than a simple "No" and "Go away."


Maybe my boss was right a couple years ago when she told me I'm too emotional (I should have corrected her - compassionate, not emotional!)...but I firmly believe it's why I'm good at what I do, and why I choose to do it even though the pay is absolute crap.

As for the weight...I just have to keep going knowing that consistency will win out. Consistent good days will beat stress and water weight and sodium in the end. It always does. It may take a while, but somehow I know it's coming.

Rest tonight and then find time to workout tomorrow. I think that's probably best.

If I don't talk to you again until after the weekend - I hope you all have great ones! I'll come back and at least give you a report of my baby boy's concert. He's already called me once and texted me once as well. Cute thing. Such a Momma's matter how strongly in his fits of rage he says he hates me...I always know he's lying. ;)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MIQUEY73 3/15/2012 1:40PM

    Wow. That's a lot of expectation to put on one person for a workload. I'm glad that you choose to do it though. The world needs many more compassionate people like you.

It's awesome that the gym is so close and that you have options! Options always make things better.

Hope the concert goes well! Have a great weekend!!!

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ERIN1128 3/15/2012 12:29PM

    Sorry about the stress, but the gym situation sounds great - you're making me want to join a gym again!

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KKINNEA 3/15/2012 11:05AM

    Sounds like stress indeed - I hope you can use your workout time to relax instead! Hope you son's concert goes well - what kind of concert? Is it an all-county or all-state kind of thing?

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BOB240 3/15/2012 10:46AM


"Weighed myself".

That gives you two minutes extra on the cardio...

Report Inappropriate Comment

    The elliptical stinks. I know people who love it but every time I've "treated" myself to a go round on that thing I've ended up regretting it after 4 minutes. It kills my knees. I think you'll like the rower, it should be kinder to your legs.

I'm going to be severely hypocritical here but I know that stress plays a big part in lack of weight loss. I'm going through it now and trying to deep breathe my way through it and even meditate when I can (I'm going on 2 hours sleep right now from the incredible racing mind last night). It is SO hard not to stress out but maybe transfer the list here to a paper one at home and worry about the things within your control? Like the double bill pay. Hang an erase board on the fridge or the back of a door you see all the time and write down what bills are due each month and when it's paid, one of you checks it off so the other can see it was paid. Stuff like that.

Hang in there nugget!

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