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The Big "P" - Plateau - and Finding a Way to Break Through

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I've been thinking all evening and then again this morning about the P word. You all know it and hate it - the dreaded Plateau. Looking back on my past progress and weigh-ins, the thought occurred to me...maybe I've hit a bit of a plateau. I've had trouble breaking out of a set of numbers before. The 380s were a bit difficult mentally. The 360s had me declaring war against my own body. But the difference between those tough spots and this one is simple - in the past I spent a few weeks self-sabotaging, but this time I'm not. I've been pretty consistent. Sure, I've switched things up in an effort to push the scale along, but I've eaten pretty well and have been exercising regularly. So could I be dealing with that stupid P word already?

We all hate to think about plateaus. They're evil. They keep us from our goals and make us feel like we're failing ourselves somehow. No matter how much progress we see in our fitness levels or other NSVs, nothing compares to seeing that number on the scale agree with our progress and give us the results we so crave. Just thinking about this has led me on a research binge (much better than an eating binge! *lol*) about dieting, plateaus, weight loss, etc. And what a wealth of knowledge we have here at SP!

First of all, I suggest you all read "9 Cold, Hard Weight Loss Truths" here on Spark:

You may not learn anything really new, but it might be helpful in reinforcing the things we have had suspicions about. My favorite is #1 - You have to exercise more than you think.

For me, this is a CHECK! Last night I forced myself into another SIBCCT - Self-Induced Boot Camp Circuit Training. It went a little something like this: 10 minutes treadmill at 3.0, 2.0 incline; 8 laps around the indoor track, running 1/2 a lap on every even lap; Lat pull-downs and tricep work on cable machine, 2 sets of 12-15 reps; 4 more laps on the track, running 1/2 a lap on every even lap; 20 crunches with medicine ball on reclining bench, 20 squats, 20 twist crunches on reclining bench, 20 lunges each leg, 20 regular crunches on reclining bench; 2 more laps, running 1/2 a lap once; 45-second plank, 20 regular floor crunches, 10 bicycle crunches, 10 reverse crunches, 2 sets of 15 reps of modified push-ups; 3 more laps around the track, running 1/2 of one lap; 6 laps as cool-down followed by about 12 minutes of yoga/stretching before a full set on the ST machines and another 5 minutes stretching. There was no stopping really between stations unless I needed water, a stretch, or to go to the other machine/station. I did take a few breaks to breathe, but the only real breaks were between the cool down, the yoga/stretching, and the ST on the machines.

No real answers here...just confirmation that I'm doing well. Okay, onward.

For those of you that are feeling those late night hunger pains, try this article entitled "Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?"

For me, this was something I was trying to end when I started this Midday Calorie Loading experiment. So far it's been working out great. I eat the bulk of my calories before I even leave from work. On my Nutrition Tracker you see that some of my lunches equal 600 calories. The truth is, I used to limit all my 3-big meals to around 400 calories, but I've been loading up in the middle of the day. Sometimes this means eating lunch twice. I'll have a salad and then, an hour or so later, I'll eat a sandwich. In all honesty, my body is responding quite well to this. When I pulled out my Ranch Cheddar Turkey Burger yesterday around 5pm and ate it before I left work, my workout was fully fueled and I wasn't ravenous when I got home after even that long SIBCCT I put myself through. I got home, made my mushroom and cheese omelet, and because I was trying to push up a little on my calories, I added a piece of whole wheat toast and ended the night with an ice cream treat (honestly, not the best idea, but I was within my calorie range to do so).

Right, okay. Got that. Have to remember that there is research to reinforce this method of eating and my body seems to respond well to it, so this may be my new way of eating for life - loading down my calories during the day when my body is burning the most.

Okay, so how about this article - "Is Your Diet Making You Fat?"

I did used to have a huge problem on the weekends staying on task. And, sure, my schedule goes a little wonky on the weekends because I'm working around the family, but for the most part, I've been sticking to my plan and making good choices. Fridays are for activites with the Hubs. This past week he and I started our Friday tennis date, which I hope to repeat this week, but even before then I'd hit the gym on Friday during the day, glad I wasn't on a time crunch and had the gym pretty much to myself while everyone was at work. Fridays are also meal-planning and grocery shopping days. I make a plan for the week and we follow the list at the grocery store. Saturdays are usually reserved for batch cooking and for some outdoor activity with the boys, and Sundays are for Ethan's football games and cleaning...about the only half-lazy day I get to myself. However, I do need to watch where my calories are coming from on the weekends, as we tend to eat out more and I seem to have this "this is a special time so I can have a treat" mentality. Weekends are a good time to REINFORCE my healthy habits, and show them to my boys so they can mimic them. I have GOT to remember that.

That was a good one to stumble on, but it's not exactly what I had hoped for...

Okay, one last one for you, and possibly quite fitting for me to really question - "4 Signs It's Time to Step Off the Scale"

First of all, yes, my scale can talk. In her sweetest voice she tells me, down to the tenth of a pound, how much I weigh each and every morning (mostly) when I step on her. Second of all, it's not a "bathroom scale"...what I mean is, my bathroom floor isn't the most level, so instead my scale is right in front of the fridge in the kitchen! *lol* I didn't really plan it that way, it was just the best level place for it. It has, however, stopped some mindless's hard to forget what you're working toward when the scale is staring up at you as you're picking through the leftovers in the fridge - much more effective for me than a picture of the fat me stuck on with a magnet.

I'm not anal about getting on the scale and, since I've been weighing myself every day, it makes me scoff at him (yes, the scale is male, it just has a feminine voice - anything that evil MUST be male! *lol*) more than it affects my mood. The most important thing it does is that it makes me question what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong, much like I'm doing in this blog today. Today my weight was 351, up a few tenths of a pound, even after the SIBCCT (or, perhaps, because of it). When I step off the scale (after, yes, cursing at it), I go through the questions:

* Did I do all I could think of yesterday to make it a good day?
A: I ate decently. I did have ice cream and I broke down midday and had a Dove Chocolate Bar. I can improve that tomorrow by sticking to my healthy snacks, apples and bananas. One thing I'm not liking is the amount of fat I eat in a day. I'm within Spark's ranges, but when my calories and carbs (go figure) are under those ranges, but my protein and fat is within them, then I'm not balancing like I should. I should probably work on that a little.

* Did I get in my exercise? Did I do enough? Did I do too much?
A: There IS a possibility that I pushed my body to its limit last night. For a regular weigher, I can tell you that a tough workout WITH ST can certainly cause a temporary gain on the scale. My muscles are in repair mode today (such an important stage, PLEASE people, remember that you need those muscle repair days! It worries me when I see you ST every single day. That might be fine for body builders - though I doubt it - but I'm a firm believer in the every other day method of ST, always have been). The research I've done in the past tells me that when you strength train, especially pushing your body like I did last night, you actually tear your muscles. Sounds painful, right? From what I understand, water builds up within those muscles to help with the repair process, but once they're all healed, they become stronger and leaner machines...and I say machines because those lean muscles eat FAT CELLS for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and snack!). So, yes, ST is important, but this could be a reason for the gain this morning. (BTW - I'm no expert, it's just how I understand it from the research I've done on ST. Please be sure to check with a professional if you want real answers to your ST questions!)

* How do I feel?
A: This is the MOST IMPORTANT question I ask myself, and I used to really let it slide, but lately it has become a regular for my morning weigh-in routine. How do I feel today? I feel bloated. This is week 3 of TOM (I'm calling the Dr. today...) and I just feel puffy all over. My arms are sore (no doubt from the push-ups, planks, lat pull-downs and tricep work, as well as from the machine ST) and my legs feel a little sore too (a result of the incline on the treadmill as well as the running, no doubt). My tummy is the most telling though - it feels full, bloated, puffy, a little hard to the touch. It could be gastrointestinal problems (i.e. GAS! *lol*), maybe something I ate yesterday didn't agree with me, or it could simply be bloating from more TOM nonsense. Either way, I feel those extra tenths of a pound today, but I don't think they're here to stay.

There's one thing about research...sometimes you don't find the easy answer. Sometimes you find what you NEED to find instead of what you thought you might find. This whole process isn't as simple as A + B = C. This learning to live a healthy lifestyle is more like the rules of English grammar, confusing and with a bunch of exceptions. ("i" before "e," except after "c" and words that sound like "a") What I learned from my research on plateaus is simple - I'm doing what I need to do for the most part. Sure, I could be a little more perfect, a little more on task, but really perfection is not something I can maintain my entire life. I always consider the big S when I make plans for my weight loss goals -- SUSTAINABILITY. Can I keep this up? Could I see myself doing this one year from now? Being perfect is not sustainable. So while I'll work on being more on target and really learning how to fully balance my meals (a problem I've had from day ONE), I can't honestly believe that I'll NEVER AGAIN slip up and have a chocolate bar and ice cream (hey, but maybe I can strive to never again have them BOTH in the same day!).

So I guess the biggest thing I learned about the P word (don't worry, I won't say it again...I know it scares you), is that there's another big P word that goes with it ---- PATIENCE. Oh, and another P ---- PERSISTENCE. Keep doing what you know is right. Make adjustments if need be, but keep plugging along. Because one day, in the not so distant future, you will push through this wall and see the other side of 350. And one day, in the not so distant future, you'll find yourself on that P word's bound to happen...and it will happen over and over again throughout the process. But patience and persistence are the only answers. Perfection won't do. Quitting isn't an option. Just keep plugging along.

Lesson for the Day:
Patience and Persistence are the only tools you have to beat down that Plateau!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

-SHIMMER-ANN- 10/6/2010 7:03AM

    Yeah, that's a super long TOM. Here's a website I just posted for someone else to help with the dreaded "P," it always works for me and sounds like you need it. Your body is beat!! When I do this, I go for a Chipotle burrito haha, a 1500 calorie one ;) And I absolutely under NO circumstances TRACK IT. It never happened.... ;)

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LOOKY-LOU 10/5/2010 2:17PM

    Okay, I loved the blog, appreciated the research as I too have been at the same weight for almost two months...but WEEK 3 of TOM...okay, that sounds BAD, and probably has a lot more to do with weight than the ice cream..

Take the time to see the Dr.

Take care of you! The 350 will take care of itself... emoticon

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PENNEYV 10/5/2010 1:25PM

    You can be successful. You have found the tools!

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NUMD97 10/5/2010 12:34PM

    Nicely done. Thanks.

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XTMONT 10/5/2010 12:01PM

    Wow! I know you mentioned that I inspired your SIBCCT, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it! WHAT A WORKOUT! You're amazing!

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BELLALUCIA 10/5/2010 11:39AM

    Great blog Esther!

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MAIA2011 10/5/2010 11:23AM

    I am going to come back and read all the articles you linked to. (More SparkPoints for me!)

I just have one question. What the $&@# is a plank?

(Male scale LOL)

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ERIN1128 10/5/2010 11:23AM

    Great blog!!!

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    Great post. Thanks for all of the articles. Sounds like you're really on top of this. I'm sure you'll push through your plateau soon.

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HARMONYBLUE 10/5/2010 10:54AM

    Thanks for all the fantastic article links. Will definitely be reading those when I get a chance. I think the biggest sign that you will be successful in forward progress is that your are being ACTIVE and persistent in working towards that goal. As you know, I have been stuck myself for months and finally think I have found something working or me. (Calorie cycling and changing up exercise routine). Good luck!

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PJH2028 10/5/2010 10:46AM

    You're awesome. And thank you! for this blog.
The P's do try the (my) patience resolve and confidence, just as you say (I was flatlining all through September). But they DO break through!!

Great links.
You're boot camp inspires me.
And ... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAMADWARF 10/5/2010 10:37AM

    Super informative Blog, girlfriend. I appreciate that you posted it with the links and your experience. That took a lot of time and I thank you for it!

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LCHADBOURNE 10/5/2010 10:30AM

    What a great blog! Thank you! I needed this today, I need to ask myself those questions, too. You are doing so great! That boot camp sounds like fun! Keep it up!

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KARVY09 10/5/2010 10:06AM

    Nice articles. You'll defeat the P!

And that's one heckuva circuit workout you did... huzzah!

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SARAWALKS 10/5/2010 9:57AM

    emoticon blog! I've been on a plateau for a month. Finally am NOT sabotaging myself however. Truth #1 is definitely part of it for me. I am trying ST for 6 days a week but really it is fairly light ST and I'm focusing on one area a day so the other muscles do get some rest. After Pilates, my tummy NEEDS 3-4 days rest!
Patience and Persistence are where it's at... emoticon

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COMPASSLOST1 10/5/2010 9:52AM

    Thanks for all the research and the wonderful articles! This blog was very helpful to me! I consistently work my butt off for minimal results and I KNOW that I am doing something wrong, so hopefully I'll find a little help in one of those articles!

I completely agree with you on the ST front. Rest days are paramount. I know when I have an intense ST session if I don't take the day afterwards off I feel so weak and drained. It is an amazing thing though. I think people underestimate ST because it is "boring" or "hard," but when you are really consistent with it, you start to see beautiful muscles and your hard work pays off in inches lost and clothes fitting differently, not just a number on the scale.

If I haven't lost weight in a few weeks I measure myself, I'm usually pleasantly surprised that I've lost inches even though I haven't lost weight. The number doesn't mean everything!!!!

Thanks, again! Great blog!

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MAGPIE17 10/5/2010 9:51AM

    Great blog, Esther! Looks like you've had a bit of a breakthrough!

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MCL Experiment - Week 2 and Scary/Annoying Changes

Monday, October 04, 2010

Now just because I admitted that I'm frustrated with the scale right now, doesn't mean I'm giving up on any of my goals, weight loss or otherwise. Yesterday I took a rest day and I didn't feel guilty about it at all. I did eat some pizza, but I ate healthy the rest of the day and accomplished some of the things I wanted to get done. I even got the Crustless Spinach Feta Quiche made as well as a double batch of Ranch Cheddar Turkey Burgers and a batch of Chocolate Pumpkin brownies too. The only thing I didn't quite get done was cleaning out the van...but I still have time to do that before I leave on Friday afternoon.

So I'm starting week 2 of this Midday Calorie Loading experiment and, I've decided, that if I'm going to be working out so much that I need to eat a little more, but only if I feel hungry for it. I'll allow myself 2000 calorie days without fretting because it will work at that range, I know it will. And I'll get where I want to go...eventually. I honestly don't know if I'll weigh myself much this week (though I must tomorrow morning for my BL challenge), and I haven't decided whether I'll be dragging my scale up with me to my Mom's, since I'll be at her house on my usual weigh-in day, or if I'll just leave it at home and weigh in Tuesday morning after I get back. Either way, I'm not stressing about it.

I'll admit it, the numbers are really getting to me right now, and I know it's because of this whole "350" thing. Those of you who have had the misfortune to get above 350 know what it's like to have that number as a weight-limit pounded into your head. Heck, many regular doctor scales don't go above this number, so you can't even face a dreaded weigh-in when you're above this number unless you order a "special" scale. And, let's face it, I'm sick of being special in that way. There are many avenues and endeavors in my life in which being called special is a compliment, but not here, not this way. So I want to smash that number to bits and I've been working pretty hard to do that (which is, ironically, likely the cause of my problem). I honestly thought I'd be at 348 by now, so to have that number be so elusive makes me feel like nothing is changing.

But you know what? There is a LOT changing. Some of it good, some not so good. Let me explain.

Yesterday at the football game, the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. Being October and with the usual fall weather setting in, it was cold sitting on metal bleachers during Ethan's football game (it was worse later when it started to rain cold pelting drops!). I had to wear three layers yesterday just to attempt to stay warm. A shirt and two hoodies, my jeans and socks would normally have been PLENTY to keep me warm...but not yesterday. I was still SOOOO cold! I've been warned that losing a bunch of weight will make you feel the cold quicker because your insulation is basically gone, but - people, I'm still 350 pounds! It scares me to think that this might get worse because already the cold affects my body much quicker than it ever used to. (Even Hubs has mentioned to me that I feel cold when it's not really all that cold. I sleep with 4 blankets on my side of the bed, while he just has a sheet and our down comforter. And I've gone from nightgowns to long sleeve and pant PJ's already...and it's only October!) I'm going to be an icicle at 250 and will be moving to the equator, the only place I'll be able to survive, when I hit goal weight.

Okay, this is going to sound completely strange but - how do you skinny people not hurt yourselves like ALL THE TIME? The other day I'm sitting in the van and I have to brake quickly and the seat belt pushes against my shoulder area, doing it's rightful job of keeping me in my seat and keeping me safe. But it HURT! Like I actually yelped in pain because the stupid strap of the seat belt hit my collarbone. (And seriously, who would have thought that I'd have visible collarbones at 350? See, the numbers just don't seem to fit the body anymore, unless you consider I'm carrying ALL my weight in my stomach and legs.) I nearly felt like I scraped my arm the other day when I brushed by my stupid collarbones. It was uncomfortable and strange and...well, quite painful.

Oh, and the whole sitting on bleachers thing? Yeah, no longer enjoyable AT ALL! How do you people not bruise your bones like constantly? (I actually asked my husband that and he laughed at "you people." I didn't find it amusing and said, "Yeah! YOU people! You SKINNY people! HOW?!") I have to sit in a certain way and, still, sitting for too long is uncomfortable because I can feel some of the bones in my butt! I remember having a boney-butt kid sit on my leg once, but I never imagined what it would feel like to be the one with the boney-butt. (And, let's remind you all, I'm still 350 pounds! HOW do I have a boney butt??? HOW!?)

Finally, and this one is the most difficult to discribe. My leg hurts lately. See, when you have a huge stomach, you lose your lap. Well, that's not true, it's still there - you're just using it to support your massive stomach. Lately I've been noticing the stomach gradually shrinking in an upward direction, which I completely love, BTW (it's the most hated part of my body), but it's caused strange issues with my lap. First of all, I look down and don't recognize my legs. They look super long and it freaks me out for a minute...I'm just not used to seeing THAT MUCH of my upper leg. I'm not even joking. It's like having an alien body you don't recognize any more, and, yes, there are times when I look down or look in the mirror and go, "What's that?" I seriously, honestly, 100% swear that there are times I don't recognize myself or parts of myself. I thought at one point I needed my eyes checked again. And the bone in my leg?! Painful! I don't know what's going on but when I'm driving sometimes, the bone in my thigh will hit, I don't know, something closer to my hip/pelvic bone?, and I feel this pressure like pushing two sticks together. It hurts! I tried rubbing it out, but it's not a muscle pain so it's not like I can massage it away.

Oh, and one last change for you - my clothes. I am 5'8. That's not exactly short at all and it's not too tall either. All my life I have bought average length pants and such. And I used to complain that shirt makers thought I wanted only belly shirts - WHY do they make them so short?! Yeah, turns out when you start to decrease in width, your clothes become LONGER. While this is great for all those "too short" shirts I used to avoid, for pants it has become a nightmare! I actually tripped on my own pant leg yesterday!! (Go ahead, laugh...I did.) The pants I'm wearing now are way too long and I've been forced to roll the waist to make sure I'm not constantly stepping on them. Seriously? Do you guys deal with this problem all the time? It's really friggin' annoying! I'd rather not look like a tool tripping over my own pant leg, thank you very much.

So, while some things are changing (and, yes, some of them are quite annoying), it feels strange to even mention them because - well - I'M STILL 350+ POUNDS! It doesn't make any logical sense to me that I would experience these type of things yet. In fact, I was so anxious for the day that I could come to you all and tell you some of the strange things I notice about being a skinny girl when I was always once fat, but I expected to have to wait another 2 years to be able to do that. I feel completely rediculous saying this stuff now because I feel like nobody could believe it from someone who STILL has so much to LOSE! But it's true. All of it.

The cold hard facts of an oddly-shaped 350 pound woman:
My body is mine, but sometimes it feels alien to me.
My bones HURT me!
I have skinny days all the time.
I feel light. I swear there are days I feel under 300 pounds, even though I know that I'm not.
My mind plays tricks on me when I pass a mirror. Is that really me?
I'm confused by several of the changes.
My arms look excellent, except for the now separated flabby part at the bottom.
I get these dimples - like the one in your neck? You know what I mean, don't you? I forgot women were supposed to have that!
I'm cold ALL THE TIME! (I'm currently wearing a sweater, a sweater hoodie, and a huge Myrtle Beach hoodie over that...and I'm still freezing!)

Finally - I'm worried. I'm honestly concerned. If it's already this bad, how bad is it going to get when more weight comes off? Am I in for a rude awakening once I hit lower milestones? 200-land? Under 250? One-derland? Goal weight? What are these going to look like? How will I feel? Maybe being skinny isn't everything I made it out to be. Maybe I was right to always be worried about losing all this weight.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up. Fashion alone keeps me going! (Cute boots, pencil skirts - all these things I never got to wear but always felt were "me" make me want to strive to be there!) But I'm discovering that it's not all wonderful and that sometimes, the changes can surprise, and even scare, you. I'm sure I'll get used to it and stop tripping over my pants legs and stop brushing my arm past my ragged collarbone, and I'll start to eventually either appreciate or learn to live with, these things. Eventually.

One last note to leave you with. Yesterday I dropped my son off at his GF's house to "hang out." (Don't ask me, they're 11. I'm not too worried, she "breaks up" with him every other week.) As I'm leaving, I know that Hubs is getting P.O.ed because it's taken so long and we have pizza getting cold and Iron Man 2 to watch, so we need to get home. And I take off and sprint down the driveway (holding my boobage...I forgot how much sports bras meant to me until I tried to run without one on!) and I hop in the van and start down the driveway. All Hubs says to me? "BTW - you were running." Me: "Hrm?" Him: "You were running!" Me: "Yeah?" Him: "I haven't seen that in like...I don't know the last time I saw that." Me: "Well, I figured I can do it across the tennis court so, why not?" Him: "You were running."

*lol* I've decided to not stress too much over actually running routes and routines. For now, I'll work in some sprints here and there. Sprint from the car to the gym. Sprint from the house to the car. Eventually I'll work my way into longer distances, but for now, being able to sprint (okay, so it's really slow sprinting!) makes me happy.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHELLYC2010 10/5/2010 7:55AM

    You are so amazing! It's nice to know that I'm not alone when I get up set that I was gaining and lossing the same stupid 6 lbs for a month! and it was that 350 mark that I was tring so hard to get under. One week it was 351 then down to 345 and back and forth. This last week I finially busted that 350! I was looking for that second loss after the 345 to say that it was gone. So I'm going to look at it this way it took me 6 weeks of yoyoing to lose 12 lbs. It looks like I didn't see any of the 340's except for those weeks. Hang in there your doing great!

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HARMONYBLUE 10/4/2010 11:50PM

    First off, I would get the leg checked out. Be sure that isn't something non related way. Second, yes losing weight will make you hurt yourself more (Just kidding-I am just clumsy and hurt myself all the time but not I can blame it on being unbalanced due to to the loss LOL) Third, losing slowly will let you ease into the changed but trust the process and you will break thru the 350 barrier. Your story about your clothes getting longer reminded me of a trip to NY when my pants were a little loose but I thought I could get away with wearing them for one more trip before tailoring. Well, even when I put my heels on I realized they had gotten so long they completely drug the ground. It was pouring out, so I had four inches of drenched fabric all day long (good thing the black didn't show water!)

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MEGSFITNESS 10/4/2010 6:05PM

    HA! In yo FAYCE! LOL! You've had 2 members of your family tell you that you're running and you're -still- surprised? That makes me kinda giddy/happy for you in a really cool way. I'd take "you're running" as a compliment rivaling "you're pretty". Totally. My boyfriend called me "sporty" the other day and I blushed and grinned and got those warm fuzzy feelings about him as if he had been praising my beauty =P ha. I think it's because it's more sincere? I think I'm also babbling... moving on!

I get cold too!! I've only lost about 35 pounds so far but I swear I have to pack on that much weight in layers in the winter. Don't even get me started on wind-chill.

Seriously, I had to snuggle up to my Canadian furnace in AUGUST. LOL! I think this year is better than last, though. My body now knows that I don't have extra insulation so it works harder to stay warm. It's alright. You'll get there too :)

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KITHKINCAID 10/4/2010 4:21PM

    I'm experiencing a lot of the same stuff you are right now - and trust me - at over 260 pounds, I also still have A LOT to lose in my opinion before this stuff should become bothersome. But yes - I'm freezing a lot - last night I slept in a full jogging suit with all of my blankets. I also refuse to turn the heat on in my house until November, but that's cause I'm crazy and it never used to bother me until I lost some of my blubber!

The painful leg bone thing MIGHT be a nerve issue that I had. I had to make sure I was stretching out my IT band properly because it was pinching a nerve right where you say you're having pain and it was really hurting. Since I started stretching it properly I haven't had the pain anymore.

Butt bones! What the hell? I liked my padding thankyouverymuch if sitting is really this painful! I get up an awful lot more from my desk than I used to!

And I'm having the same problem breaking through 260 as you are with 350. I chalk it up to the body's natural threshold points - and oddly enough, they seem to line up with the mental thresholds too. Just know that once you DO breakthrough that limit, you'll be done with it forever - and it will be just as hard to go back up as it has been to come down. I remember when I was gaining weight I hung out at 280 for a REALLY long time, but once I broke through it the road from 280 to 290 was speedy - same thing with 290 to 300. And those have been my thresholds going down as well. Took me forever to break 280, but then it was a fairly steady drop to 270, etc. So I'm just at another wall I need to break down. But once it happens, once I get over that wall, I'll never have to do it again. And that's awesome. I have faith that it will be same for you too! You'll be 340 before you know it!

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CHICAT63 10/4/2010 2:16PM

    What a great blog, thank you for sharing your "happenings" based on my own experiences I have always endure being cold, hey even in the summer with the a/c on I have furry thingie blanket. For the longest time too, I thought it was my thyroid all my tests came back normal.

Although, I am not skinny some silly things hurt more even just gently applying pressure on my lower legs (those bones hurt) or the pelvic bones. Just this morning before getting up I noticed how small my belly feels like lying down of course because once I get up it's not as small *lol*.

Sitting on blankets, suggestion here but maybe a better insultated jacket for the games. We are here to cheer you on that ticker to go below 350 !

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ATROTTIER 10/4/2010 2:13PM

    I love the part about seeing an "alien body" and about seeing more of your upper leg - I KNOW RIGHT!! I was tripping over this recently as well - I also thought I never really had upper legs and they just seem so much more longer and it's weird (and cool of course) but that is so funny that you say that too!!!

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XTMONT 10/4/2010 12:46PM

    This whole blog makes me happy! Congratulations on all your success...I frequently look at my body like it's alien (especially the tummy pooch that just doesn't go away).

As for the pants....heels will fix that problem for the most part. Find boots with heels!

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SARAWALKS 10/4/2010 12:28PM

    emoticon I love this blog! You are fantastic and I'm sure you're going to break 350 any time now. Well, maybe there are some physical issues but maybe you'll also just get adjusted to the level of cold...I always feel terribly cold when the weather first changes (it's doing that right now) but then I get adjusted. Same thing when the weather gets hot...
And we all have the things-getting-longer issue -- I've been rolling my waistbands for a bit now too and also taking tucks in the waistbands. I'm waiting a bit to buy new stuff...
here's to sprinting! ROCK ON! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
CALLIKIA 10/4/2010 11:48AM

    *lol* Thanks for the giggle!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAIA2011 10/4/2010 11:46AM

    Be careful with dangerous clothes! When a friend of mine was losing weight her underwear fell off in the grocery store.

True story!


Report Inappropriate Comment
JEREMY723 10/4/2010 11:28AM

    After I lost 50 pounds I bought jeans of a smaller waist and same length. Didn't check the length and they were to long I realized soon after I bought them. Ended up somehow losing 2 inches in length as well.

Sitting on a blanket on bleachers might help, most people do that around here. Metal just sucks the heat right out of you.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAGPIE17 10/4/2010 11:27AM

    That might be part of it Esther, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was something you can fix and not have to deal with as you continue to lose weight?

Report Inappropriate Comment
CALLIKIA 10/4/2010 11:07AM

    Please, not something ELSE wrong with me?! *sigh* And I thought it was just a symptom of losing my blubber. GRRR!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TIGERJANE 10/4/2010 11:04AM

    Love this post! You really put it out there!

As for the cold thing and the painful bones, I agree with ECLECKTIC1 in that it's probably time for a complete physical. Your hormones and all that change around based on weight, and it sounds likely that something is off.

As for your pants, you're probably going to have to start hemming them! I'm only 5'3" so I get all my stuff hemmed all the time anyway, so to me that's just a given, but it looks like you may need to start finding a local tailor or breaking out some needle and thread yourself and getting crafty :)

You're doing a great job, and before you know it you'll be below 300! Then we need a new blog all about the challenges and changes that come with it. I love your writing style!

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LOOKY-LOU 10/4/2010 10:48AM

    You really made me smile this morning!

I think the cold thing will only get worse, but the cause is age...not weight! Try moving around a little when you are at your son's football games and a warm shower or bath before bed!

And sitting on a blanket on bleachers will not only keep you warm, but it is a cushion as well!

I will be watching your ticker....ready to celebrate the 350 milestone!

Have a great week!

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LEAN-N-LEXY 10/4/2010 10:45AM

    Cold intolerance and achy bones makes me wonder if you've got low thyroid going on. How long have you been maintaining with right around this weight? How long have you been eating under 2000 calories?

Check out this list of low thyroid symptoms to see if anything else may be bothering you:

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Weigh-In Day and Admitted Frustrations

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Starting Weight: 466.6
SP SW: 416.2
Last Week: 354.8
Loss/Gain: -4.4
SP Total Loss: 65.8
Total Loss: 116.2

Okay, let me explain why this doesn't make me happy. Two weeks ago I weighed in at 352.2. I was so happy to have gotten there, and I spent the next week being miserable with TOM, but good as far as nutrition and exercise went (save one day when I had too much Chinese food). The bloat from TOM was obvious by sight and feel. I'm now at the end of week 2 of TOM. Yes, week two. And not quite done yet. Thankfully the bloat started to come down early this past week and I was starting to feel more back to normal. This past week I was good. I worked out a lot. I ate within my ranges. I had a successful week. Yes, I had a milkshake yesterday, but I have been burning so many calories this week that Spark had been yelling at me that I'm not eating enough. I eat when I'm hungry. I ate good food most of the time.

So I had expected and hoped and prayed to see 349 today, but both of my scales fought me this morning. They went from 345 to 352. Both of them. They hate me. My boys are losing weight and I don't seem to be as successful ...and I'm trying much harder. I'm trying to let it go. I'm trying. But it's hard. I want so badly to be under 350, and it wasn't asking too much today because I have put the time, effort, and energy into it this week.

Maybe I'm not eating enough. Maybe I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Maybe I should just be happy with losing just under 2 pounds in 2 weeks of being good (really?).

Fitness next week:
* Today - No clue, might just take a rest day. *shrug*
* Monday - 2-3 miles elliptical or treadmill, boxing, tons of ST
* Tuesday - Zumba
* Wednesday - 2-3 miles elliptical or treadmill, rowing, tons of ST
* Thursday - Rest Day
* Friday - 3-4 miles elliptical or treadmill, biking, ST
* Saturday - Maybe another Rest Day *shrug*
* Sunday - 5k walk with the family

I need to focus on the fun I hope to have this weekend. I have to take a rest day Thursday because I usually don't fit in any exercise into my long days - I have 10 hours at my regular job, a city council meeting, and then work at the paper. I don't know what time I'll get home. But then on Friday afternoon, once Logan gets off the bus, I'll be heading up to my Mom's house in Ohio. Hopefully plans don't change too much because RAVENSONG is supposed to be coming down to meet me at my mom's to spend the long weekend.

On Sunday I have the 5k walk with my mom, my step-brother, my sister, my 2 nieces, my oldest son, and Becky (RAVENSONG). I don't have any goals for the race other than to support my mom and make sure she makes through it just fine. I'm hoping I won't have any problems keeping up with everyone, but that's about it.

Other than that, this week's lack of results are making me a little sad. Yesterday I took the boys down and we played racquetball for at least a half hour. Then later that day the whole family went up to the park again and we played tennis for about an hour (though I didn't play the entire time). I also did the grocery shopping even though I was super, super tired.

*sigh* Off to get ready for Ethan's football game where I'll try not to eat any bad foods just out of spite. I'll try to make up a few meals for this week later today. I still haven't managed to clean out my van, which is a MUST. Have to get to that tonight!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AGUAWOMEN 10/4/2010 7:49AM

    Your doing well so far. Its coming off, and you are exercising. I can understand how frustrating it is not to see the scale move on down. I myself have only lost 9 pounds in 3 months. I haven't lost anything in three weeks. But I continue to remind myself of what I have lost, "Better of then on"Good luck you are doing well. emoticon

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HEATHER_TEACHAH 10/4/2010 6:37AM

    you've come SOOO far!!! I *know* how disheartening it can be when you work really hard and see no results, but just know that EVERY step in the right direction is a healthful one. Have you considered that maybe you're not losing so much because you're building muscle? I've also heard that muscles fill with water when they've been used a lot, so thats another thought.

Just try not to let this bring you down. You inspire me with your optimism, humor, and success. Trust me, this is just a tiny little bump in the road. I know your next weigh in will be better.


Report Inappropriate Comment
CBARRETT10 10/4/2010 1:20AM

  Don't get discouraged! You're doing a great job! Let's continue the journey! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BAYBELIEVER 10/3/2010 10:12PM

    Hang in there. You have done incredibly well and can't give it all up now! Yes, frustration is okay, we all get that, but you need to remember how far you have come, how much differfent and better you look and feel. The fact that you can even play racquetball and tennis is evidence enough! So, keep doing what you have been doing and give your body a chance to do whatever catching up it is doing! Hey, if this was easy, everybody would do it! And you are a fighter and can do this! Have a great week and be ready for next weekend! Sounds wonderful!

Report Inappropriate Comment
XTMONT 10/3/2010 6:10PM

    Hang in there!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAIA2011 10/3/2010 1:51PM

    I logged and exercised for two months earlier this year and gained 16 pounds in those same two months. Actually 25 pound gain if you count the nine pounds I had been able to lose on SP. (I have an ongoing war with medications!) My point is that I feel your pain. There is nothing to do except keep on keeping on. That's good advice but I usually sink into a mindless eating depression myself. You are doing such a great job! Please don't let frustration get in the way of your continuing success!


Report Inappropriate Comment
ANELAKANOA 10/3/2010 1:18PM

  It is easy to become frustrated because we all have certain goals we want to achieve. I think you are doing excellent! You have come so far already and are such an inspiration to all of us. I think your workout schedule is AWESOME! Please rub off some of your exercise vibes my way. lol I'm actually going to have a milkshake today too because I deserve it. Every now and then a little treat is okay:) Have a great week!


Report Inappropriate Comment
NACHOSMAMA 10/3/2010 12:47PM

    Don't get discouraged! Keep working at it and make sure you eat enough so your body has enough fuel. You can do it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SWEETNSKINNY 10/3/2010 12:05PM

    I bet next week you are going to love what you see on the scale! dont let this week get you down. You are doing an amazing job!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
EMRANA 10/3/2010 12:03PM

  Wow, you have my sympathy for a two week TOM!! emoticon

As someone else already said, I also bloat significantly for ovulation and TOM. I just don't weigh during those times. I weigh in for my SP ticker right after my ovulation and TOM water spills out. I don't have set days for my weigh ins. I just know my body and know when my weight is going to have extra water, so I don't let that frustrate me. Twice a month is enough for me to update my ticker. I know I'm sticking with my program. Just keep with it, and stay one-pointed toward the goal.

I'm just now finally breaking a month long plateau (my second since starting SP, oh YAY!) so I'm with you with the frustrations. We'll get there! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MONKEYSNUFFER 10/3/2010 11:52AM

    Hang in there, it will get better. You've been making GREAT progress so far!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ATREAT4ME 10/3/2010 11:39AM

    I share in this frustration and I'm convinced that for me it is driven my Female Hormones! I tend to gain weight both when I ovulate and when TOM arrives. My gains have been 3 and 4 lbs. at a time. The other two weeks a month, I'm losing as expected. But the frustration does set in and it is so hard to get past it sometimes.

In self-defense I came up with a weigh-in procedures because I cannot be on an emotional rollercoaster that's driven by a weekly weigh-in. For me, this is going to be a long journey and a frank, realistic perspective will help me stay the course. It's kind of silly, super obvious, but I'm hoping it'll work for me. I blogged about it here:

And while our journeys are unique, I do share in this frustration with you. You have done such amazing work and you've come so far. I am confident that some rest, some fun, and some refocusing will get you the rest of the way. You can do this! You have done this!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_COSMOPAULATAN_ 10/3/2010 11:31AM

    Damn girl... two scales? I can't even deal with one. You know, as well as I do, that this is a temporary setback. Next week? You have GOT IT! But, by the way, 4.4 pounds is amazing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOKY-LOU 10/3/2010 11:28AM

    Don't let the number on the scale get you are amazing and doing great!!!

Sometimes it just takes a week or two for the scale to catch up!

Do not eat bad food to spite the isn't about the's about you!

So exhale....stick your tongue out at the scale if you have to emoticon

You will get there! emoticon

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WW_KAREN 10/3/2010 11:05AM

    Don't get discouraged. Have you measured inches? Maybe you are gaining muscle. As much as you are working out, maybe you do need to eat more. I have found, as crazy as it sounds that if I stick closer to the higher end of SP recommended calorie range that I lost more weight than eating less calories. But you still did lose a good bit of weight this week. You are doing much better than I am at pounds lost weekly. My problem is I can't seem to commit to ST and cardio. I will get past that though. You are doing great!!!

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Having a Ball!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Yesterday will go on record as one of the best Fridays I've had in a while.

Hubs and and I woke up, ate some breakfast and then headed out for our busy day. First stop? The muffler shop. I know, you're all SO jealous, right? *lol* 84 bucks later and with a new muffler on the front part of my van, we were off again, this time to Wal-Mart. We picked up 2 tennis rackets and a bag of balls before heading up to the park.

My sexy man with his new tennis racket.

Hubs says I trash talk too much on the court. *lol* I was just having fun, kidding around a bit, sure, and rejoicing when I actually did something right. It was fun! A LOT of fun! And I can't wait to do it again!

I've learned that my short hair can be a PITA when the wind is blowing really hard and you're trying to concentrate on where the ball is.

We played for almost an hour and, I was right, most of our time was spent chasing missed balls. *lol* But I did hit one. Actually, I hit a lot more than one! My backhand sucks mostly, but I think a lot of people have that problem. By the end of the hour, though, most of my serves were landing in and we had worked our way up to a serve-return-return. Three, that's the most we could do. *lol* Then either one or the both of us would totally screw it up. So my goal for next time is to get to a four. Serve - return - return - return. I also think it might be fun to play with my friend AM who actually knows how to play tennis! *lol*

After tennis, Hubs and I headed to lunch at a local Italian and steak joint. We were hoping they would have lunch prices, since their regular dinner prices are quite high. Nope. No lunch prices or sizes. *sigh* While Hubs really enjoyed his corned beef and kraut sandwich, I had a ground sirloin patty with steamed veggies and a baked potato. It was good, but not good enough to spend the money again at that place! (Plus, the service kinda sucked.) Next time we'll pick someplace different, I'm sure.

Once the boys got home I was off for another adventure. A couple days ago Logan had asked me how much I paid for a month membership to the gym. The next day he came to me and said, "Mom, can you take me to the gym with you?" When I asked him why he said, "Because I have exactly 38 dollars and I want to sign up for the gym." I admit I was a little worried, but when I asked him why he said, "Because I want to get rid of this" and pointed to his gut...but then started talking about racquetball. AH! So that's the REAL reason.

So I took him with me to the gym to see what their rules were for 11 year olds. He was so cute! He brought a pencil box with all his change and the money he had saved from his birthday. Turns out it was only 10 bucks more a month to add him to my account. They prorated it for this month and he paid 4.80 for his membership and got a little card and everything.

Now before I get the criticism that I shouldn't encourage "working out" for my 11 year old (who isn't at all fat), I have to say something. I thought to myself for a minute that the gym is not a place to play. It's serious business getting in shape. And then I thought, wouldn't it be great if it WAS fun? Wouldn't it be great to think of the gym as a place to play? Wouldn't it be nice to not be so serious about it? Wouldn't this all be much more fun to do if as kids we'd been taught that getting into shape is a cool, fun thing? So while I did set the rule that he couldn't go in the weightlifting/free weight area and to not do anything without me around showing him how first (so he doesn't hurt himself), I didn't set any rules and didn't make it seem serious.

We biked for 20 minutes, did crunches, pushups and then he tried the elliptical, the cable machine, the stairstepper and the treadmill. Then we played racquetball, which was a TON of fun.

What I learned yesterday is that it's actually FUN to get in shape sometimes! Tennis, racquetball, sharing the gym experience with my son - it was all a ton of fun! I hope that I can incorporate more fun things into my fitness because it really makes me feel lighter on my feet.

Today is the day when I have a ton to do and don't want to do any of it right now. *lol*

To-Do List:
* Grocery Shopping
* Clean and detail the van
* C25k attempt
* Football with the little man
* Possible racquetball or tennis match with the kiddos
* A little batch cooking for the week
* A TON of laundry

Should be an interesting day! The MCL has been going well. I had a little bigger dinner last night because I was hungry after so much exercise, but I was still under my goals. And today the scale is being so stingy! I want that 349 so bad! Today? 350.0! GRRR! *lol* Still, it's finally moving in the right direction again, which makes me very happy!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Make sure to have some FUN this weekend!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KITHKINCAID 10/4/2010 1:14PM

    I don't think it's bad at all that you took him to the gym! Especially when it was his idea! Your boys obviously love you VERY much and are excited about what you're doing, so why not involve them? I love that you had so much fun over the weekend!!! What a great thing to do :)

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ABETTERCHERYL 10/4/2010 10:57AM

    I don't know, I think it's great that you had your son at the gym. I think encouraging a healthy attitude towards fitness is a very good thing. You get bonus points for that!

Report Inappropriate Comment
READINESSISALL 10/3/2010 10:36AM

  I know people sometimes criticize when parents bring their children to the gym, but I completely agree with you that this is nothing but a GREAT experience for your son!!! You are helping to foster such an important aspect of life! What a great experience for him to develop a life-long appreciation for health and fitness! He's obviously seen the transformation that mom has made, and you've done a great job of showing him not only the physical benefits of health and fitness, but joy it can bring. I think the boundaries you set are perfect--he is lucky to have such a great role model. Keep up the great work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MEGSFITNESS 10/2/2010 8:03PM

    I think it's great that he wanted to join the gym with you :) You're obviously leading by example. Getting into shape HAS to be fun (for me) or I'd never do it.

Report Inappropriate Comment
EUPHRATES 10/2/2010 2:58PM

    The fact that your son sees you doing this, so it must be cool and he wants to do it too?

Report Inappropriate Comment
MNGIRLIE 10/2/2010 1:26PM

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing! I don't think you should get any criticism about your son and the gym. I recently joined the Y and there are a LOT of kids using the equipment during the days and nights. I think it's great that you're a positive influence on him. You're doing great.

As for the tennis I'm glad to hear you liked it!! My fiance played tennis when he was younger and had always asked me to play with him. Just a couple months ago I went and got myself a cheap racket and a bag of balls. We love to go to the tennis courts and just goof around. I'm completely terrible, but it's so fun it barely seems like exercise. Normally we just serve back and forth to each other because I'm terrible at returning. Practice makes close to perfect though.

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CHICAT63 10/2/2010 12:59PM

    Great example for your sons, my girls know how to train, to eat right & make sure they drink plenty of water a day. You had a great workout with your son and hubby WTG !!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOKY-LOU 10/2/2010 12:51PM

    This journey can only be better if shared with the ones you love!

I agree, no weights for an eleven year old, but the gym is a great place for him to hang out!!! There is a lot he can do!

Have a wonderful weekend, hope your arms aren't too sore after two raquet sports in one day!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_COSMOPAULATAN_ 10/2/2010 12:10PM

    Actually, I think EDUCATING children on what is healthy and what isn't should create no criticism. It's better than not encouraging anything... and I, for one, wish my parents had been good examples. I think you are amazing, and what you are doing IS being an example to your son.

Awesome and standing ovation.

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MAIA2011 10/2/2010 11:40AM

    You had such a good day! I think it is so fun that your gym allows youngsters. A lot of them don't. Good luck with your to-dos. I have to do the same thing except I am not together enough to do batch cooking. Costco here I come!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DOWNTOWNJEN 10/2/2010 10:58AM

    You ROCK, my friend! Awesome blog post and awesome attitude. You're and inspiration - keep it up.

Don't worry - those lbs will be flyin' off soon!


Report Inappropriate Comment
SARAWALKS 10/2/2010 10:56AM

    emoticon Fantastic blog! You look wonderful and so does your hubs! I am so impressed that after only a few hours you were doing so well. I am a true tennis klutz.
Our YMCA here has lots of stuff for the kids so they do get the idea that the gym is a fun place to go! It has a climbing wall as well as lots of activities for them. sounds to me like you did just the right thing for Logan. He's such a cutie! emoticon

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September Recap - October Goals

Friday, October 01, 2010

Weight Calculations:

Weight September 1st: 358.4
Weight Goal for October 1st: 349.9
Actual Weight October 1st: 351.2
Actual Weight Lost in September: -7.2

Body Measurements
(Sept 1st - Oct 1st = Difference)

Waist: 49.25 - 48 = -1.25 inches!
Hips: 62 - 59 = -3 inches!
Neck: 15 - 15 = no change
Thigh: 26 - 25.25 = -0.75 inches!
Calf: 21.5 - 21 = -0.5 inches!
Upper Arm: 15.5 - 15 = -0.5 inches!

Total inches lost in September: - 6 inches!

Goal Update

In September these were my goals were very vague. That didn't work out so great for me as I seemed to lose a little bit of focus. I'm going to work on making more definite goals for October so I can really focus my efforts on reaching my goals.

emoticon October Goals:

emoticon Weight Goal: 343.2 (-8)
emoticon Eat balanced meals. Eat proteins with every carb.
emoticon Drink 8/10 glasses of water per day.
emoticon Stay between 1600-1800 calories every day, no more than 2000.
emoticon Do something fun and active with Hubs every Friday.
emoticon Crunches: 1000
emoticon Push-ups: 400
emoticon Plank: Work up to 45 second plank.
emoticon Play football with the little man every Saturday (except next).
emoticon Work toward a 15 min/mile walking. Work on running.
emoticon ST: 13 sessions
emoticon At least 6 boxing sessions.
emoticon At least 6 rowing sessions.
emoticon 1500 total fitness minutes.

Upcoming Events and Challenges:

* WTF will run through October to keep me challenged.
* BL challenge on Team 300 lbs. Plus will run through too.
* 10/10/10 Challenge ends in 10 days. EEP!

* October 3 - Home game v. Warren
* October 8-11 - Weekend in Ohio with Mom and Becky
* October 10 - Dayton Corridor Classic 5k with the family
* October 16 - Auggie's 5k (I want a PR for this one!)
* October 14 - CRD in Ohio (work)
* October 17 - Away game v. Godbey
* October 24 - Playoffs game
* October 26 - FH in Morgantown (work)
* October 28? - Trick-or-Treat
* October 31 - Semi-finals, Halloween

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BTINTERNET 10/2/2010 1:40AM

    Awesome goals and awesome successes in September!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FLWRCHLD97 10/2/2010 1:12AM

    Hope your October is AWESOME, you can do it, you'll rock these goals (and then some!)

Woo Hoo!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_COSMOPAULATAN_ 10/1/2010 10:05PM

    Damn girl, your stats are AMAZING!!! So proud of you!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANEWKIRBIE 10/1/2010 4:26PM

    congratulations on your 6 inch loss, way to go!!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Those are doable. Good luck.

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOGUSANNIE 10/1/2010 1:26PM

    Way to LOSE IT!!!! great goals for October...good luck!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BELLALUCIA 10/1/2010 12:56PM

    Hey Esther, haven't forgotten about you! Good goals and good job in September. I began my journey on 9/5 and while I've had my moments, I've held on for a 19lbs loss!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHICAT63 10/1/2010 12:40PM

    You are going to be rocking this October - Wooohoo on your 7.2 and 6 inch lost ! Keep it up, have fun with the Planks.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAIA2011 10/1/2010 12:22PM

    You have more energy than I have ever dreamed of! You do all this and you have a family, too? I whine about making my husband his lunch in the morning. Today I was too lazy to cut a tomato so he just had turkey, lettuce and mayo for his sandwich.

You totally rocked September and you have great goals for October, too!


Report Inappropriate Comment

    "Plank: Work up to 45 second plank" -- you are a machine! 6 inches? That's incredible! Wishing you loads of success in October!

Report Inappropriate Comment
XTMONT 10/1/2010 11:49AM

    Great job in September!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ATROTTIER 10/1/2010 11:22AM

    What an amazing September!!! Great JOB! I love all your specific goals, I'm gonna take some of those! :) Happy Friday!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOKY-LOU 10/1/2010 10:44AM

    7.2 AMAZE me girl!!

Have a wonderful day, and Happy October!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KARVY09 10/1/2010 10:40AM

    October is going to be awesome for you! I can feel it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HARMONYBLUE 10/1/2010 9:46AM

    You go, girl! I don't think I could make it 45 second in Plank. Maybe I should make that an October goal too LOL

Report Inappropriate Comment
RUNTRILAUGH 10/1/2010 9:36AM

    Awesome job in September, and you will ROCK October!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAGPIE17 10/1/2010 9:35AM

    WTG on your weight and inches lost in September! I like your goals for October; I wrote down mine for October and they're pretty specific too. This is our month, Esther, let's own it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DOWNTOWNJEN 10/1/2010 8:59AM

    You're making great progress! (and you happen to be an inspiration too!)

Jen emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DOWNTOWNJEN 10/1/2010 8:57AM

    You're making great progress! (and you happen to be an inspiration too!)

Jen emoticon

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