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Loving the Progress, but What Now? - Week 21

Monday, September 06, 2010

First of all, here's my weigh-in update from yesterday. (The 10k blog was too important! *lol*)
Weigh-in Day (Yesterday)

Starting Weight: 466.6
SP SW: 416.2
Last Week: 358.4
This Week: 356.2
Loss/Gain: -2.2
SP Total Loss: 60 pounds!
Total Loss: 110.4

Quote of the Day:
“Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

All yesterday, I kept thinking one thing... " what?"

When I started SP on April 18, 2010 I:
* could hardly walk a mile.
* took 45 minutes or so to walk 1 mile around the track.
* used my inStride cycle for 10 minutes when I got home from work a few times a week.
* worked out just 3 days a week, from 15-30 minutes.
* just measured and counted food we were eating regularly.
* switched from white bread to wheat bread.
* used my lunch breaks to walk around the ball park.
* started drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Since then I have progressed to:
* using whole wheat, whole grain bread.
* started cooking fresh meals at home on the weekends for the week.
* discovered at least a dozen new healthy recipes my family enjoys.
* started branching out to cooking without a recipe.
* learned to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables more.
* cut my fat intake to more reasonable levels.
* joined the gym.
* working out 5 days a week.
* using my rest days as active rest days, doing some small exercise.
* started Zumba classes.
* found out I can ride a bike again and gave up the inStride cycle.
* went hiking and loved and hated it, loved more than hated.
* walking 2-3 miles on my slow days, and 5-6 on LWD (long walk days).
* walking a comfortable 20 minute mile.
* walked a 5k race at a little over an 18 minute/mile pace.
* walked a 10k race with my son.
* conquered rock walls and huge hills.
* went from not able to finish 2000m on the rowing machine to finishing in 12.20.
* boxing regularly and now can work the speed bag.
* strength training 3 times a week.
* completing 100 crunches in a session.
* working out for 45-120 minutes in a session.
* completed a 30 second plank (couldn't do a plank at all before).

So, what now? What's next for my big life makeover? I do have plenty of options of things I can try, things I've been interested in...I just have to figure out what I want to tackle next. From the traditional to the strange forms of exercise I can use and challenge myself for the next few weeks. If you have other ideas, lay them on me! I need something to work toward for improvement! These exercise-related NSV keep me going and keep me from focusing on the numbers on the scale! They also keep me from getting bored.

* half-marathon walk training.
* 30-Day Shred.
* try Couch 2 5k again. (Need $$ to buy running shoes.)
* challenge speed on the speed bag.
* improve my boxing techniques and really use boxing as training.
* really tackle the rowing machine and tackle more programs on the machine.
* tackle the elliptical training programs on the machine.
* work toward a comfortable 15 minute/mile pace walking.
* work on the house - super-clean, super-organized, fixed and mended everything.
* take up racquetball.
* train on the free weights for more diverse strength training.
* Yoga! More moves, super flexibility.
* Pilates. I've never done anything like this...*shrug*
* start biking outside. (Need $$ to buy a bike first, though.)

Yesterday I tried C25k again. It went well for the first 10 minutes, my knee felt pretty good the whole time and I didn't die during the first 2 running segments. And then the 3rd running segment came and I pulled something in my left hip (I think it was my hip flexor muscle...I've pulled it before). I did a lot of stretching last night and felt much better this morning. I'm not sure if it's the way I run (my stance) or if I'm just still too big to do this. I might try again next week. Even if I just take it one day a week and keep working W1D1 until I can make it through it fully. I don't care if I have to take it slow as long as I'm seeing progress.

* AB: TIKI challenge has ended (have to post my endplate today and some pics), but we have the WTF (What the Fall?) challenge coming up in a couple weeks.
* Team 300 lbs. Plus: I'm still co-captaining the Biggest Loser End of Summer Challenge. This challenge ends September 14th.
* Self challenge: I'm still working on Battle 2, to get to 355. I'm SO close, and then the final push of Battle 3 will begin, to get under 350.

I'm frustrated and lost right now. *lol* That sounds completely absurd, but it's completely honest. If anyone has suggestions or input, let me know! Until I figure it out, I'm just going to spend the day trying to figure out my next move.

I know I still have some races coming up:
* October 2nd - Barkcamp 5-mile trail challenge. No planned goal for this one and not sure I'll do it. I'm not really all that scared of 5 miles anymore, but I think the trail part could be interesting.
* October 10th - Dayton 5k. This is all about family time. I'll be walking with my mom, step-brother, son, and sister.
* October 16th - Auggies 5k. My challenge to myself is to either run part of this one or improve my race walking pace. I'd like to do it under 50 minutes.

Okay...that's it for today. Just trying to plan my next move. Does anyone else freak out like this after completing something you trained for weeks for? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!! *lol*

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ELISADEL 9/10/2010 10:20AM

    On the topic of buying a bike, you should look to see if there's a bicycle recycling co-op in your city. I'm told that many cities have them.

The way the one in my city works, basically, they have a location where they take in donations of bikes and parts and they also keep a large number of tools (including very specialized bike tools) available. They offer classes to teach people how to repair and maintain bikes, which you can pay for either by paying cash or putting in volunteer time. There's also a program through which you pick out one of the donated bikes that's available, repair it into good working order, do some volunteer time to cover the cost (or optionally pay cash), and then it's yours to keep.

They also (as time permits) have some of their volunteers do things like fix up bikes to either be donated to community organizations (mainly children's bikes) or made available for sale to the public.

By volunteering, I've taken an entire 6 class series on basic bicycle maintenance skills without having to pay any cash for it at all.

Another short term option would be to look into what bike rental opportunities are available in your area. There's a place not too far from me, for example, where I've rented a bike a few times for about $5 an hour. That's obviously not a very economical option if you're going to be riding a lot, but it can be a very good way to get outside occasionally for a change of pace or just get a taste of whether you like riding outside enough for it to be worth pursuing owning a bike yourself.

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    Wow, you can do a plank for 30 seconds? I can't do it at all any more! When I lost 60 lbs in 2006 (from 300 to 240), I managed to get to it around 260 lbs, but I can't do it any more. I stopped exercising and lost all my arm strength and my hips are just so big.. So anyhow.. impressed by that!

I would suggest Yoga for better flexibility and stretching after intense walking/jogging and better core strength and then adding some other core muscle exercises such as Pilates, but Pilates is really tricky.. and there are other core exercises that are not as difficult. And keep up regular walking short and long walks. OMG you walk 5-6 miles some days? 2-3 miles is a SHORT walk? You blow my mind!

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SKYLMT3 9/7/2010 11:28AM

    You sound like me, I want to try everything! In the last year I took up pilates, 30 Day Shred, yoga, and biking. Love them all. Pilates is great for flexibility and core strength. Biking is so much fun. Great to connect with the community and feel FREE! Just like being a kid again!

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RAVENSONG37 9/7/2010 11:22AM

    Yes. I freak out. Usually it's after any obstacle I have overcome (like making it through the wedding weekend without a major binge or freakout...) that I feel lost and unmotivated. My advice is to seek out something new to focus on while also looking at what is it within you that gives you this sense of being lost or dissatisfied. For me, I think it's that I put so much energy and thought into whatever it is I'm gearing up for, that once it's over I feel the let-down. Then I also fear that without that thing, I'll be totally off track and go back to where I was before. Keep thinking and's the best thing you can do for you!

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BOGUSANNIE 9/6/2010 11:30PM

    Look at all those wonderful changes...
It's great that you are able to look past the scale to all the other awesome things that you have gained from your fabulous!

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COLD_GOLD 9/6/2010 8:57PM

    oh my goodness! I LOVE this blog... I love that you have listed all sorts of amazing changes. I totally relate to feeling bored or uninspired, even after achieving success. What about some outdoorsy challenges like a longer hike or something? I dunno. Maybe it`s `cause I really like wilderness, but I find a different sort of satisfaction if I train for a hike or go out biking in the country or something. Maybe that`s something to work towards? BUT... you are doing fantastically!

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_AIYANNA_ 9/6/2010 2:06PM

    "As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery."
C.P. Cavafy

We were taught this poem in high school. The whole poem is about how the journey is much more important than the destination. What we learn along the way, about ourselves and about life is what matters most. It's only natural that you're feeling lost and frustrated. We all get that "now what?" feeling from time to time. Give yourself some time to think about what you would like and enjoy doing next.

I am hoping to start the c25k next week, too. If I see that I can't complete the first day I'll keep doing it until I see that I can.

You should be so proud of all the progress you have made so far. You are a true inspiration and a real motivator for the rest of us.

Thank you xxx

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KITHKINCAID 9/6/2010 12:26PM

    Hey Esther! Amazing job - look how far you've come. I'd say focus on the C25K since you just really want to run so much - BUT, tone it down from jogging during the intervals to speed walking at a 15min/mile pace and work yourself up to that. You can stick with the shoes that you have for walking (as long as they're not worn out). I'm running the C25K program right now and even with running and walking intervals combined I'm only doing 15min/mile, so if you can walk that that's impressive!

Otherwise - I I know you probably don't want to hear this - I would just set it as your goal to just "exist" for a while at your new weight - see how it feels, do what you FEEL like doing for exercise, and something with come to you. I'm not saying to stop losing weight - you won't anyway, but just relax a bit on the challenges. Goals and challenges and teams are wonderful (and necessary for sure sometimes), but ultimately, being able to just live without having to be striving towards anything in particular is also a big goal of this program (for me anyway). Take it or leave it - but it might be an option for you to just ENJOY fall and see what comes up. I'm sure you will amaze yourself - you amaze me :)

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JKJEE10 9/6/2010 11:54AM

    Congrats on your loss so far!! amazing!! I did want to say about the 30 day shred...I actually started it a couple of weeks ago with the goal of making it all 30 days... I got to day 15 and I decided to stop..not because it was hard...although it was lol...But I stopped because one of my goals at this moment is to lose the weight and then focus on building muscle. When I looked the Shred up I noticed that alot of people only lost about 5 lbs during the month. I didn't want to do all of that work to lose only 5 I did notice some differences after the 15 days... I lost 2 in around my waist and a few others in other places...and my bulge went down...BUT... I was teetering around the same number for a few weeks and the scale would just not move. It was not motivating at all because I knew I was working hard but the scale was not moving. And I know there are other ways of changing...but for me I wanted to get rid of some more weight before anything else. So for now I am continuing to exercise...trying to every day but I will restart the shred once I hit onderland. I hope you find something that you love!! I just wanted to give you my input on the Shred!! GL!

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PINKCHEETAH175 9/6/2010 11:38AM

    you are sooo not alone!!! as crazy as it seems as soon as I've finished conquering one seems I have a new one planned instantaneously.....always keeps me moving forward with a challange for sure....You have some amazing options!!! and wow what energy!!!! I am jogging...or wogging my first 5k next weekend...and then what? i am not sure yet...but I am sure I will have it planned by Sunday! LOL....have a great week!! and what great accomplishements you've had thus far! keep up the great work!!


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KRISTEVEN1 9/6/2010 11:30AM

    Congratulations on your 100+ pounds weight loss. That is an incredible achievement. You really impress me with the variety of physical activities that you are involved in. I've shied away from classes, because I'm embarrassed about my size. But now that I've lost a few pounds and am feeling a bit more confident, I will look into some of these classes. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work, you are doing amazing.


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10k?? No Way!!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yesterday Ethan and I were signed up to walk the Charleston Distance Walk's 10k. 6.2 miles with a killer hill in mile 3-4 we had dubbed "The Monster."

We woke up 5 a.m. groggy and freezing! A crisp fall-like morning was upon us. We dressed in the clothes we set aside the night before for the race and grabbed jackets that we could strip when we felt it had warmed up enough. I put moleskin on both of our feet and grabbed everything I thought we would need. Putting my contacts in was the last step before we headed out the door for the nearly hour drive to Charleston (and we were only about 10-15 minutes behind schedule!). I stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and coffee (which I didn't drink much of because I was afraid it would make me want to pee throughout the entire race! *lol*) and then headed south. I kept hoping the sun would come up before our 7:30 a.m. start!

We arrived at West Virginia's gold dome, parked, fed the meter (apparently we didn't need to! GRRR!) and went to pick up our race packets. It was still pitch dark outside, but we were excited to be going into the capitol building, which neither of us had ever been in.

Ethan in front of the big, heavy doors of the capitol building.

After picking up our 2 shirts and hat, as well as our numbers, we headed back to the car to finish prep and drop everything off.

A big glass chandelier in the inside of the dome.

Ethan with his hat, in front of the Governor's office.

I put the body glide stuff on both of us and we put our numbers on and headed to potty once more before the start. I barely made it to the start line and stretched for a minute when the cannon went off to start the race. It still took us a little time to get over the starting line as we were back behind most of the runners of the 5k.

Mile 1:

We joked and laughed our way through the first mile. Turns out my race pace is much faster than Ethan's so I just slowed down a bit while pushing him just enough to keep up. I told him how important it was that we just weren't last and he tried to up his pace a bit. Still, I resigned myself to just finishing, even if my boy needed a little more time to do that than I did.

He was amused by the water stations and thought it was awesome that he could pitch his cup on the ground if he wanted (though they kept up pretty well with trash bins and trash pickers nearby). He was happy to see the mile 1 marker, but was frustrated with his headphones which wouldn't play his music over a whisper.

Mile 2:
i pushed a little bit to keep pace with the people around us, but Ethan suddenly realized he hadn't stretched beforehand. His legs were really starting to feel it! I promised him that once we got to mile marker 2 I would stop and give him the chance to stretch out, and that's just what we did. I tried to let the fact that we were getting passed not affect me...but it did a little. I picked up the pace just after our stop to get back to where we had been before.

Mile 3:
All first 3 miles were streets I had walked on lunch breaks over the past 4 months. They were streets I knew very well and I kept pointing out things to Ethan to keep him distracted. I knew he was starting to feel a bit tired already and I worried he wouldn't be able to finish. And then I reminded him that most people would soon be turning off and giving up, but that we were going to set off in a different direction and challenge The Monster. He loved the idea of a challenge and pushed through.

Miles 4 and 5:
It's hard for me to gauge when and where miles 4 and 5 stopped and started. Once we broke off from the 5k pack there were no mile markers or indications of how far we had gone (strike 1 for the race organizers, in my book! Those mile markers are SO important!!). I know there was one water stop where we actually had to refuse water because we'd been given so much already! My tummy was sloshing and it didn't feel very good. So I politely refused and we headed up The Monster.

The Monster:
461 feet. That's what the race course map's elevation chart told me we would have to tackle. And it was all very UPhill! I had to take just a couple tiny breaks to catch my breath, but suddenly Ethan was catching up and having to set his pace back for me! *lol*

Ethan overlooking the freeway below.

We're still in this!

Break 1 looking back at what we'd already done!

And looking up at how much we still had to do!

We reached the top and found the water station before entering the cemetery...and Ethan found a tree! *lol* He had to pee and there were no bathrooms or port-o-johns available along the 6.2 miles anywhere! He found his tree but I could tell he wasn't feeling too hot. (Apparently it wasn't just a pee...and apparently he chose the wrong leaf AGAIN! He likes to pick ferns to wipe with, and those don't feel so great on the bum! OMG - don't tell him I told you about this! *lol*) Still, we headed into a cemetery with a word of ...encouragement?... from the water station girls. It went something like this! "Just go down there. It's all downhill, until it's uphill again!" WTF? We thought we were done with the hill! (Boy, were we wrong!)

We went downhill for like a second before we found more hills. We guessed we were about at mile 4.

No, those aren't gang signs. He thought we should have a mile marker. *lol*

The cemetery was pretty with the morning sun coming over the hill. I tried to let that distract me from the climb, flat, climb more, flat, climb more, more, more of the trek.

I joked with Ethan that they put the cemetery on this course so that if people just keeled over from the climb, they wouldn't even have to take them anywhere to dispose of the bodies. Just dig a hole! *lol* We tried joking a lot for distraction and most times it actually worked.

Look! We beat it! We reached the top and are FINALLY headed downhill!!

Miles 5 and 6:
Still no mile markers. Most of this was back down The Monster. I jogged a bit to make up some time, but my right ankle was bugging me after all that uphill climbing. Still, I jogged because it was easier than trying to balance a walk downhill. We made it out of the cemetery and I started to realize there were only 2 people behind us. We tried to shake them but we couldn't. And these weren't just any two people. They were wearing jeans and tie-dyed shirts. They looked like they were out for a Sunday morning stroll and thought it would be fun to put a number on and follow a group struggling up the hill. It looked like they were having no trouble at all, and that irked the heck out of me as I struggled! I was reaching that point where I wanted the finish line...and Ethan was faring much worse. At one point down the hill I actually said, "OMG! I'm done." but we kept walking anyhow.

Ethan kept saying, "Mom, we can't turn back now. The only way out of this is forward." and he was right. So we kept going. I jogged when I could and we brought back some laughter and jokes by trying to shake the people behind us...and by chanting "really big cheeseburgers!" *lol* I had promised him on the way up The Monster that when it was all over I would take him to a good restaurant and we would both order huge cheeseburgers to celebrate finishing the race. (Don't get on me about cheeseburgers after a workout. I didn't care then and I don't care now. I've been basically avoiding the things for months but this day called for cheeseburgers and french fries...and the thought of that got us through the next 2.2 miles!)

As we headed down The Monster I pointed out the stadium where the finish line was. "Look! We're SOO close!" so we sped up and made it off the hill and around the corner, with 15 mile runners flanking us on either side, passing us up but cheering on my boy as we passed. The whole race people cheered for my son. Told him he was doing a great job. Told him he was awesome. And that felt better than any praise anyone could have given me! (I actually enjoyed them clapping for him instead of my pity claps I usually get!)

All we had to do now was walk straight and then head around the track to finish. I kept telling Ethan that as he slowed to almost a crawl. He was exhausted and I knew it. Once we got in the stadium I took his hand and pulled him ahead of me. "We've got this, baby. The finish is right around this corner!" Suddenly we were greeted by crowds of people cheering for the 15 mile finishers, who were distracted by my son...and they clapped for him and cheered for him, and suddenly his pace increased and I struggled just to keep up! *lol* (He did it all for the glory!!) I told him to look up and see that the finish line was right there. He was a little disappointed that it said 2:08.something, but I reminded him that we hadn't crossed the start right at second 1 and that we could still finish under 2:10 if we hurried. An we hurried and walked across the finish line together.

"We did it!" I told him...and he was tired, but proud. That was until he saw all of the 15-mile runners receiving a finisher's medal and he realized he wasn't going to get one. No one was there to welcome the walkers. No one seemed to care that we had done this amazing thing. And my wonderful son looked up at me and said, "Mom? Where's my medal?" And my heart broke. We were told to get off the track and while he cooled down in the water sprayer, I tried to reason myself away from that same thought that plagues me -- walking isn't all that amazing at all. Running is much harder. We suck!

But you know what? We deserve respect for what we just did! We deserve clapping and cheers and a finisher's medal. We paid for this race just like those runners did. We finished it. We put in the effort. We nearly tore holes in our feet walking up a 461 foot Monster of a hill. And that's what I plan on telling the race organizers when I call them on Tuesday. Because I want my son to have a medal for what he did. And that's that.

Finally, those really big cheeseburgers I had promised. We each only ate 1/2 of ours, had a couple onion rings and some fries and were stuffed. We headed home proud, but still a little angry (at least I was!).

But medal or no medal. Respect or no respect. This little boy deserves a huge amount of credit for what he did yesterday. While I had trained for this race for weeks and worked my way up to 5-mile walks, this boy used only what endurance he gained through football practices and games to make his way through 6.2 miles, a 461-foot climb up the Monster, a grueling jog back down, and a strong finish.

You guys tell me all the time how amazing I am for what I've done. But I have a secret to tell...I'm just trying to live up to the fire this boy and his brother put in my heart every day. I want them to be proud of their mom, and these races are a way for me to show them that I can put my mind to something and show them that it's possible so they know that they can do it too.

I am only half as amazing as that boy is right there.

In other news: Weigh in today has me down another 2.2 pounds (to 356.2), for a total of 60 lost since April 18th!

EDIT: Official results for Ethan and I:

3091 Esther 29 F Sandyville WV 2:09:01.72
3092 Ethan 8 M Sandyville WV 2:09:01.20

There were two 70+ year olds behind us at 2:12. *lol* Ah-well, we weren't dead last at least.

EDIT 2: The response I got from the race director regarding the lack of finisher medals:
"I am sorry to report that due to money, we did not offer medals to walkers. This is an issue that I will be happy to take up at the next committee meeting on September 27 and I will be sure to mention your son's feelings. I hope other than the lack of finishing medals, you and your son had a great time. It is quite an accomplishment on the part of your 8 year old son."

So, there was enough money for the runners to get medals but not the walkers? Hrm...interesting. AND WRONG!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KIMWEBB40 9/8/2010 1:41AM

    It is an awsome thing to walk/run a race with your kids. My kids have been doing 5ks with me.(although they are 16 and 19). I love that they want to do this with me and it's something we can talk about in years to come. You both deserve a metal. emoticon

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    You both did an amazing job! Congratulations! Thanks for motivating me to move more!

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KARVY09 9/7/2010 3:53PM

    Go Esther and Ethan! You are amazing and don't need a medal to know in your heart how awesome you both are! Though I agree that ponying up for a few extra medals is an insignificant expense... Grr!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    You are both really awesome! Congratulations on a job very well done!


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CDHORBACH 9/7/2010 3:21PM

    I think it is wonderful that you are involving your children in activities such as this. It shows them the importance of exercise. Good job for finishing, wow your son does deserve a medal!

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ATROTTIER 9/7/2010 2:26PM

    You two are the BEST ever!! Your little boy did AMAZING!! You should be so proud to have him at your side and I know you are!! I know it was hard on you both but what an awesome acheivement - you give me such inspiration! emoticon

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BAREFOOT-LISA 9/7/2010 2:24PM

    That's ridiculous! I'd ask exactly where his fees went, if they were short on money! Psh. Regardless, walking IS amazing. Sure, running is harder on the body, but really I don't see the difference! Some people struggle just as much to make it through a mile running OR walking and what you 2 accomplished with that 10k, it just blows my mind and sparks my whole day!

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YOOVIE 9/7/2010 1:55PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERALO 9/7/2010 1:18PM

    No medal? That's wrong on way too many levels! I live ina 3-rd world country and if 22000 walkers can all get a medal at one of the biggest walking events in the southern hemisphere....then the organisers of your race can too. Bummer.

BUT...what an amazing achievement by an 8-yr old. That must make you an equally proud mama. Keep encouraging him to join you, it's a fantastic thing to to do together.

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 9/7/2010 11:37AM

    All I have to say is that I'm super proud of both of you. 10K's are no joke, and with a 461 ft incline right in the middle. It sounds like an amazing experience to share with your son. (not going to lie, I got tears in my eyes).

Oh and cheeseburgers and loaded with protien so I think a great post workout reward!


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SKYLMT3 9/7/2010 11:30AM

    Very cute! I nkow my son is often my "fire" and inspiration. Congrats on all the progress!

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_MSAPRIL17_ 9/7/2010 11:05AM

    What an amazing blog!! Congrats to you and Ethan!!!!! What a great way to spend time with your little guy and from the looks of it he was completely tuckered out after.


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RAVENSONG37 9/7/2010 10:58AM

    Well, if you are only half as amazing as he is...he must be off-the-charts totally freaking awesome. I'm so proud of you both and so happy that you met your challenge. You faced the monster and prevailed. Sorry I thought it was Sunday...I was so wrapped up in wedding stuff...anyhow...GREAT WORK! I love you!

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KAYLAP101 9/7/2010 10:30AM

    wow! brought tears to my eyes! what an amazing little guy!!!
You guys did awesome!!! 10 k is SOO far!!! Congrats on finishing!!!

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  You tell E that I am so, so, SO proud of him and his momma for what they did. Tell him I'm sending him a big ole squeeze and that my hugs are better than any medal because I only give them to rockstars.

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BAYBELIEVER 9/6/2010 9:34PM

    You are right, on one count. What your son did was incredible and he deserves a medal and a hamburger!! But you also are amazing. Training or no training think of where you were just a little while ago and know that it was 6.2 miles, with a huge hill in it, and no idea how far you had gone! I am so encouraged by you and doing a 6.2 mile walk in only 4 months! Amazing!

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MAGPIE17 9/6/2010 6:59PM

    I'm so happy for you and your son! Way to go, both of you!!

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CBAILEYC 9/6/2010 4:44PM

    Well I'm all teary-eyed here, touched and admiring BOTH your determination and success. Well done. Well done indeed!

A standing ovation for your achievements!

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KITHKINCAID 9/6/2010 12:38PM

    Wow girl, just wow. You are the best mom ever. That kid is SO lucky to have you as his mom. You made me cry over here this whole story was just so beautiful. And you BOTH did it. You earned your cheeseburgers. AND your medals. I agree - he should get one - and so should you. You need matching medals to hang on the fireplace - or wherever.

Congratulations on everything. You must be beaming with pride - despite the lack of physical rewards.

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 9/6/2010 11:54AM

    I'm crying right now! Ethan is amazing and you're an amazing mom! Congrats to both of you, not only for your HUGE accomplishment with 6.2 miles but for doing it together!

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RAWKNRUN 9/6/2010 8:59AM

  Awe, could he be any sweeter or cuter? You should be a very proud mama, I hope my dd and I will do races together someday as well (she is only 4). Hugs to you and your medal earning son!

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PELESJEWEL 9/6/2010 1:51AM

    Your kid is amazing! He loves his mom! Great job on the 10k walk! You really are rocking your journey!


ps Love the pics! Especially the cheez burger smile!

Comment edited on: 9/6/2010 1:59:34 AM

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    OMG what an awesome blog - with photo documenting and everything! and about such an amazing day and experience! You both did super amazing incredible jobs! I am upset, too, that they did not have awards for the walkers- COME ON, at LEAST for the KIDS who did it!! But really, I'd want one, too, if I managed to walk it! You are in WAY better shape than I am!

You have some of the same motivation I do.. like you said, - ".I'm just trying to live up to the fire this boy and his brother put in my heart every day. I want them to be proud of their mom, and these races are a way for me to show them that I can put my mind to something and show them that it's possible so they know that they can do it too." Well, I have yet to do a race, but someday I expect I'll do a 5K and someday I'll hike Mt Monadnock, which my 3.5 year old ALREADY wants to hike. It's on my doorstep, practically ( just a few miles away) and the second most climbest mountain in the world! So yeah, we have to, but it won't be easy!!

Back to the point..

You both Rock!!!!

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JEREMY723 9/5/2010 9:56PM

    Thanks for the play-by-play of your event! Sometimes I feel bad that it's very flat around here, right next to Lake Erie. When I see your photos this week of the hill I'm glad it's flat here:)

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_TRIXIE_ 9/5/2010 7:52PM

    My heart just swelled with pride for both of you after reading this! Congrats on the victories!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHICAT63 9/5/2010 7:13PM

    Oh, so an amazing and inspirational blogs to all of us !!! Way to go Esther & Ethan you guys ROCK. Just awesome, I agree your son should get a finishing medal. You conquered and won - way to go.

Report Inappropriate Comment
EMRANA 9/5/2010 7:06PM

  I enjoy reading your blog anyway, but this was the best of your posts I've read yet. I've got happy little tears!

Don't even worry about the race organizers, go buy your own medal and present it to your son. It would probably be a better quality one anyway ~ more worthy of the boy he is. While you're at it, get one for yourself! You deserve one too.

I found your page through Becky73, who is one of my friends, but I am going to add you as a friend as well. Hope you don't mind. You're very inspiring! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. You've got the same determined spirit I do. Congratulations on your latest weight loss goal reached! emoticon

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KAYEREADER 9/5/2010 6:23PM

    Congrats on your pounds lost, but also to your amazing son! That is an awesome experience and an awesome finish!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    awwww this was such a great blog!!!!! thanks for sharing and CONGRATS on the 10k w/ your wonderful son and on losing 60 lbs so far!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MGRIFFITH32 9/5/2010 5:45PM

    Congrats! What a great partner you had. Great job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SEANSAUNT 9/5/2010 5:37PM

    I'm proud of you both, and I don't even know you! 10K is a looooong way! I just did my first last saturday and thought I was going to die! And we only had small hills!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_DASH_ 9/5/2010 5:04PM

    ok i cried reading this.
you did a great thing!

Report Inappropriate Comment
AGCUNNIN 9/5/2010 5:01PM

    What a great thing you did for yourself and your son! Maybe you can print him an "official" looking certificate of achievement. Or even better, he can start getting in shape with Momma and cross the finish line as a runner in the future! Getting a medal could be a huge motivator.


Report Inappropriate Comment
_COSMOPAULATAN_ 9/5/2010 4:41PM

    OK, you are a machine! And amazing! And an amazing mom! And screw the race, go out and buy a medal and send it to your house in an envelope and make up your own freaking award. He's not going to know the difference and it will keep him motivated for the next time.

Love this blog! And your energy. You inspire me!

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REBECCAMA 9/5/2010 3:53PM

  Congratulations!!! I hope you find a way to give him that medal. Maybe print up an award certificate and stick it in the mail or something for him to get in a few days.

WTG to both of you for doing it. emoticon

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_AIYANNA_ 9/5/2010 3:13PM

    Ok, crying like a baby here!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfully inspiring story with us. You and your son must be so proud of yourselves and each other.

I think you're right to be upset with the organisers. Everybody should be given a medal for their participation. Especially the children.

You are a wonderful person and mother and have a beautiful family :)


Report Inappropriate Comment
5KLUKAT 9/5/2010 12:56PM

    What a great blog! I don't have children, but if or when I do, I hope to be the sort of mother who shares these experiences with them, just like you. And I imagine that Ethan is just as proud of you as you are of him! Congrats on all of your achievements this week!

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ERIN1128 9/5/2010 12:46PM

    OMG Esther, this blog totally made me cry...I think it's just amazing that you did this together!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KNOWMOREBBK 9/5/2010 12:39PM

    What a great mom you are... and what a lucky kid Ethan is to have such a supportive Mommy. He is a trooper.

Good luck to then in football today!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KAY-SUPREME 9/5/2010 12:13PM

    This is seriously a great story. I'm super proud of both of you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOOKY-LOU 9/5/2010 11:59AM

    Okay, I am pretty sure EVERY mother out there would cry if they read this one! What a great thing to share with your son! Hope they give you both a both did great!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SASSAGAIN 9/5/2010 11:47AM

    OK, I'm crying! What a great blog and I'm glad that you're going to call the race organizers on Tuesday! What a kid you have there! You and Ethan are two amazing people. I even like the cheeseburgers!! and Ethan zonked out in the car???? makes me all gooshy--momma, you are awesome!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MENACE79 9/5/2010 11:46AM

    Yeah, this blog made me cry too. This is awesome, and I'm book-marking it for when I need motivation. I think you both deserve medals!!

Great, great, great job... let the natural high of what you just accomplished carry you for as long as it can!

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SLIMKATIE 9/5/2010 11:36AM

    Congrats to you both for finishing!! You're right, walkers don't get nearly enough credit! You did great, and should be very proud :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
-SHIMMER-ANN- 9/5/2010 11:33AM

    Dang it, your blog made me misty eyed :P Hehe. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an inspiration!! I loved this part, "Don't get on me about cheeseburgers after a workout. I didn't care then and I don't care now." Bahahahahahaha!! Okay! :)

I agree that he deserves a medal, and you're such a great Momma to fight for one!! I love your pics, what a special are so cool!!!

Great job, both of you :)

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The Good, The Bad, and The Annoying

Friday, September 03, 2010

Yesterday was...interesting.

The bad: I was bored most of the day and wanted to eat nothing but crap.
The good: I ate well anyways and stayed within my calories for the day.
The annoying: The scale says I'm up .8 pounds.

The bad: I was taunted by the hill outside my work.
The good: I didn't have to climb it...yet!
The annoying: I do have to climb it tomorrow.

The bad: I had to wait a half hour for my lunch date to meet me.
The good: I stayed on task at lunch even though I was super hungry.
The annoying: Waiting. I *hate* waiting.

The bad: CATO is out of the jeans I got the other day in a size 26.
The good: I found another pair of size 26 jeans and they fit perfectly!
The annoying: Paying for jeans when I know I have a gift cert SOMEWHERE!

The bad: I got lost on the way to my meeting.
The good: I still made it in time.
The annoying: Having to go to the meeting.

The bad: I had to work really late for the paper and my friend wasn't there.
The good: I was confident in my abilities and my article.
The annoying: The new guy tore my article apart, rewrote the thing, and treated me like trash!

The bad: I was super angry after being treated like crap and didn't work out.
The good: I only ate one thing, and something that fit into my calorie goals.
The annoying: Again, the scale says +.8.

The bad: I'm still very angry about yesterday and anxious about tomorrow.
The good: I'm trying to live for today.
The annoying: It's not really working right now. :(

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KITHKINCAID 9/3/2010 3:04PM

    Ah - nuts to that guy! I'm sorry you were treated poorly. Some people in this world SUCK!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOGUSANNIE 9/3/2010 1:37PM

    be strong!!! emoticon

and yes...1BIGDREAM is right

Report Inappropriate Comment
FLWRCHLD97 9/3/2010 12:10PM

    I like the advice from 1BigDream too. But, I like ninjas emoticon. It's too bad there isn't a ninja emoticon...hee hee.

Focus on the positive, you will succeed tomorrow. You have the drive, desire and will power to do whatever it is you set your mind to - you are living proof of that.

Think of that small gain on the scale as being extra muscle weight from all the successful workouts lately, it's a good gain emoticon.

Good luck tomorrow - I can't wait to hear about how all the worrying about the hill was for nothing :-) because you are gonna kick that hill to the curb! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MEGSFITNESS 9/3/2010 10:40AM

    I like the advice from 1BigDream :D

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Also, couple counter points:

Why are you letting that hill taunt you? EVERY hill looks intimidating if you -let- it. Instead, focus on how awesome you've been doing. How you were the *example* at the gym. You can do it :) it's mind over matter. "If you believe you can or if you believe you can't -- you're right!"

Paying for stuff when I know I have a gift certificate? Sucks. I just did that at bed bath and beyond to the tune of 75 bucks. ugh.

Work out when you're angry :) You'll use up that fight or flight hormone that is causing your body to show that .8 gain. Srsly. Hormones are powerful little buggers.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    That's such an awesome way to look at things. It definitely makes you think at least a little more positively about the negative.

Anyways, don't worry about the scale. If you have been eating at least halfway decent, you did not gain weight and you most certainly didn't gain almost a pound of fat, either.

Tomorrow's a new day :) The guy who tore apart your article needs to be on the receiving end sometime, and maybe he won't be such a jerk.

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1BIGDREAM 9/3/2010 9:34AM

    Hack through Friday like a ferocious warrior!

"Take THAT, New Guy!"

" HIA-YA, Annoying Stuff!"

, you can't catch me, Hill!"

Be a ninja today. And tomorrow. Kill it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_AIYANNA_ 9/3/2010 9:20AM

    I am sorry yesterday didn't go as planned and that it made you feel a little bad but I am so proud that you were able to see the other side of the coin for every "bump in the road" That's the spirit. As for the guy at work, you can tell him to go jump!!! I am sure the scale will tell a very different story tomorrow!!!

Take care xxx

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Unexpected Compliments, Battle Progress, and 10k Fears

Thursday, September 02, 2010

My youngest son Ethan is 8 years old and very much like his mother. He's the kind of kid who will tell you the truth, but tries to put it in the best way possible. For example, don't ever ask my child if your butt looks big in your jeans if you're not ready to hear that those jeans might not be working for you. His reponse would probably be something like, "Yeah, it does, but I like the color!" *lol* I pity any woman that has to marry him someday (maybe he'll learn by then!). Still, he's the kid I take with me to go shopping because he'll tell me if an outfit looks good on me or not and I'll know he means it.

Of course, this can be a little hard to take when the self-esteem isn't too high. This is the same child who, after I tried on several size 28 skirts that actually fit me at LB a couple weeks ago, said, "You can't wear those to work!" When I asked him why not he said, simply, "People will laugh at you." It wasn't until he saw the look of hurt on my face that he said, "Mom, skirts just aren't your thing. Why don't you try on these pants instead?" It's true, my legs aren't great and skirts do not flatter me YET. But still, it stung pretty bad.

This morning I dressed for work and walked out of my bedroom as he was getting some clothes out of the dryer. He turns to me and said, "Wow! You look skinnier!" *rofl* It was the best compliment I could get today because I know he's not trying to please me...he's telling his truth, just like he always does. I smiled and thanked him and then noticed I was walking just a little bit taller.

Too many times we search for compliments during this process, and when they come they're fun to hear...but it's these unexpected compliments from the most unlikely sources that really make the journey all worth it! Today, I look skinnier. It could be the clothes I put on (these pants really are starting to fit me the right way!) today, but for whatever reason, today I feel like I'm 10 pounds lighter than I was yesterday. So far, September, you're doing me good!

I also got another compliment last night from a girl at the gym who remarked on my endurance. I guess my face has become a regular there (told you I was a gym rat!) which is funny considering I've taken more days off from the gym in the past 2 weeks than I have the past 2 months since starting there! The trainer saw me again last night too and said, "Hey! So you come in the evenings too?" *shrug* Maybe she's seen me there during the day on a Friday, the only day time at the gym I get. One of the workers actually thought I had been in there twice yesterday prompting the comment. I told her that while I wished I could do morning workouts, my work schedule doesn't work to allow that. The gym opens at 6:30am and I have to leave my side of town by 7am in order to get to work on time at 8.

Battle 2 Progress:
Battle 2 = 355

Today the scale gave me a 357.0 after days of 358.4 over and over again! (Except for Monday when it went up to 359 because I was so sick.) I have to say, I have been taking a little more time away from the gym lately. First because I was sick, but also because this week it's important for me to rest some. The 10k is Saturday and I'm officially in freak-out mode! *lol*

Yesterday I learned that the race course is all pretty flat for the 5k portion (I think the 5k and 10k may be combined, the 10k'ers just break off after a while), and then mile 3-4 includes a 400+ foot climb pretty straight up to the Spring Hill Cemetary. I look at this hill every day from my work and it scares me to think I would ever have to walk up it...and now I've paid 25 bucks for the honor of doing just that! What have I gotten myself into??

That's the hill. O-M-G!

So, yes...according to the elevation chart, we're pretty flat for the first 3 miles or so, then a little after mile 3 we climb that hill, then it's pretty much flat, and then back down the hill and flat again at the finish. I can do this....I can do this...I can do this...Can I Do This? *FREAKING OUT!!*

The rest of my day includes:
* Lunch with the bestie
* Dinner (sushi) or shopping between jobs
* Sending off a job application
* Council Meeting and reporting
* A chat with my friend at the paper, hopefully about the paper situation
* Working in a workout somewhere! Might have to be 30DS Day 2 at 10pm! EEP!

I made 2 decisions yesterday:

1) I may take back the size 28 jeans I bought. I wore my pants yesterday and they were so big on me. I need to see if I can wear a 26. Even if it's tight, I should have them instead of buying loose 28s! At least I can work my way into the tight pair.

2) December will be my 2 year mark with the part-time paper gig. I like it, but they've hired some interns instead of me in the past 2 years, and I think they may be about to do that again. I don't really want to keep putting in the time if nothing's going to come of it, so I think I'm going to hold out until December, and then if they don't make it a permanent thing, I'm going to let that job go. The money doesn't justify me staying there, and if they aren't going to consider promoting me to FT staff then I need to start focusing my efforts elsewhere. These long 15 hour days just about KILL me and I think 2 years is a good blurb for the resume to apply to other journalistic jobs.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MENACE79 9/3/2010 5:41PM

    That is awesome re: the complement from your son!

I totally relate, because I am the girl who married the painfully honest guy. He never hands out empty compliments, so the moments that I hear "you look pretty today", or "I think I can see a difference!" put me over the moon.

You are braver than me for doing the 10K! You can totally do the hill, but even if you couldn't - so what? You'll do it some other time. You are a gym rat now (how cool is it to hear yourself say that?).

I am jealous of your sushi, and I think you're right about the paper gig... 2 years is plenty to list for experience.

Good luck on everything!

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CHICAT63 9/3/2010 9:26AM

    You can tackle that hill no problem, you have endurance, you can do it. There are methods for going uphill, I am pretty sure you can find an article on Sparks. Great compliment from your son and honest too ! emoticon emoticon

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    aww how sweet that you're (honest!) son gave you such a sweet compliment! I'd have been walking taller, too.

Girl, I'm SO impressed that you're shrinking WHILE working 15 hr days and have a family. That deserves and extra WAY TO GO!!!!!! :)

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CBARRETT10 9/3/2010 12:40AM

  Good luck on your run, you can do it! Great blog, great son!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DIXIEDD 9/2/2010 10:40PM

    You will conquer that hill one step at a time. emoticon

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 9/2/2010 9:55PM

    You are BLOWING through the sizes!!! SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
1BIGDREAM 9/2/2010 9:28PM

    Good luck on your race! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOGUSANNIE 9/2/2010 6:16PM

    Kids are awesome...especially our little boys!!!


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BAREFOOT-LISA 9/2/2010 3:39PM

    All that awesomeness and all I came away with was... mmm, sushi!

But really, I agree on the paper-gig, that's nuts that are looking you over for promotions, I would definitely let it be known that you are considering leaving, because really, you already have your mind made up on leaving if they pass you over again! Psh, they obviously haven't read your wonderful blogs!

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TRISHY12 9/2/2010 3:31PM

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! Hills and all! I live on the side of a MOUNTAIN - so anytime I go out walking, I have to walk UP a hill. When I first started, I didn't think I could ever do such a thing and now I'm trudging up them like nobody's business. For the really big ones, I just look down at the ground just ahead of me and get to walking. If I keep my head up and focus on how far I have to go yet and how big the hill is, it almost seems impossible. Looking at the gound in front of me lets me focus on nothing but putting one foot in front of the other. Before I know it, I'm at the top and realizing it really wasn't so bad (and I've walked up some pretty steep/long hills around here!). You can do anything you set your mind to! I'm rooting for ya!

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MAGPIE17 9/2/2010 3:21PM

    What a great compliment! I think you should hint to the newspaper that you might leave if it doesn't turn into full-time work - maybe that will prompt them to step up? And I think you're going to rock the 10K this weekend!

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KINDER100 9/2/2010 12:43PM

    Thats good about your son. I like when people tells the truth and don't fudge the truth i would like to take him with me .And keep him around because he can keep you for real with yourself.I like him You are very luck to have him.

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BONSTERBONNIE 9/2/2010 12:20PM

    There's no one any more honest than kids.

I'm so glad he spotted the difference. He's a real blessing to you.

Encouraging you to keep blogging. It encourages all of us.


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40PLUSANDFIT 9/2/2010 11:37AM

    Kids can be our BEST friends. You have to love them. Glad you have the honest one there that will keep things in perspective and yet provide you with that 10 pounds lighter compliment Good luck on the run. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MEGSFITNESS 9/2/2010 11:34AM

    Kids are the best people to ask for an honest opinion :D I was working at a daycare center once and a kid asked me why my arms were so hairy! I never knew they were "SO" hairy before haha!

Oi.. I digress.. .

I think you're right on both decisions you made.

How are you liking the 30DS?! I got bored of the "easy" exercises and I was intimidated by the "medium" ones, but I dove right in and gave 'em a shot and I found that I like them :) Sometimes a change of pace is good!

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ERIN1128 9/2/2010 11:08AM

    Love the "genuine" compliment from your son! You're right, it's those surprise ones that are the best. :-)

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Evil Ellipticals, the End of Excuses, and Eligibility

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last night I found myself in a rather tough position. If you'll all remember, in this blog:

I told you about a woman and the PT at my gym walking around (and the compliments I got from the PT). Last night, I spied the same woman watching me from a stationary bike while I was in the Zumba "room." (Or room isn't really a room. It's an open area, a raised wood floor with mirrors across the front, just big enough for exercise classes. Everyone upstairs in the gym can watch everyone in the class, so if you're worried about feeling insecure, get the frigg over it now!)

Now, sometimes I can be completely shy. I don't want people harping on me most days at the gym. I don't want to hear about their grandkids or how they blew their knee out 50 years ago in a high school tennis match. But last night was not one of THOSE nights. Last night it wasn't just ME time. I didn't feel like I had to hide in the world, I felt a PART of the world. I made some sort of connection with everyone in the gym through my mind. "Great work!" I'd think to a girl across the class - and then smile at her, hoping she'd get the message. It was just a different kind of day. (For those of you that have these me days vs. we days, the best way to have a we day is easy -- do not take a book or your mp3 player. Be totally open and free to talk. Make eye contact and smile at other people. Let them know that you're open for conversation. And when you CAN have these days -- HAVE THEM! A workout goes SUPER FAST when you have someone to talk to! Even if all you're talking about is how much the workout sucks! *lol*)

So after Zumba ends, I head right over to the rowing machine. I had missed my session on it Monday so I wanted to make it up if I could. I got everything set and started stretching a bit first (OMG - stretch out your hips, dude! You use them SO much in rowing!) and over walks that girl. (Man, I didn't catch her name! I hate it when I do that...for some reason I think "What's your name?" is too personal a question! *lmao*) She steps on an elliptical machine a few away from me and I try to smile at her, but she either doesn't catch it or ignores it. (Sometimes when you're open - other's aren't! Don't push them!) I think I tossed her a generic comment like, "So you made it back!" and that's where the conversation started.

I'm not going to go through it all, but three things I remember more than anything:
1) She hates the elliptical. (WHAT?! I *love* that thing!)
2) She works for the State, like me, and is signed up with their Weight Management program.
3) She was "inspired by your endurance!"

Yes, she actually said that last one. I gulped and probably blushed. I told her that I couldn't even walk a mile when I started, and that it took me like 40 minutes just to walk 1 mile. I told her that everyone has to start small and work their way up. And I told her that the elliptical burns mondo calories and is a killer workout for the body, and that she should just try to go for 10 minutes, even if it was REALLY slow! And then I worked with her a bit explaining the machine (she had the crossramp on the initial 10 setting and I suggested lowering it to 1 to start out). It took me a minute to realize that she didn't understand that SHE sets the pace on the thing. She was pacing over 100 strides per hour...when I started I think I was around only goal was getting through. "Oh!" she said. "So I'M controlling the workout, not the machine?" Yep. And I told her it was like that with every machine. I told her not to push herself too hard at first. And then I told her that she'll be surprised how fast her endurance will pick up if she just keeps at it.

She handed me a million excuses and I batted down every one. I'd heard them all before anyhow. The best one is that she has a lot going on this month and was hoping it wouldn't start until October. (The program requires you to log 2 days at the gym a week, minimum.) I just kept building her up, telling her it was worth it and that it works. After a while even SHE was working around her excuses. "You know, maybe I'll come in the morning so I can have it done with before I start my day." "Great!" I told her. (I so totally wish I could do that but I have to leave for work a mere 30 minutes after the gym opens so there'd be no time to deposit my stuff, workout, and shower and change before getting to work on time. *sigh*) I hope I get to see her again! (Especially because she left the ellitpical right before I realized I never mentioned SP to her! ERRR!)

As far as the weight management program, I may have mentioned that I attempted to sign up for this in June. No word back on my eligibility, so I gave up and joined the gym on my own. Whatever. Finally last week, I decided that the money I could be saving on the membership was worth me taking the time to check into where I was in the process. I called them again and they apologized for the delay, told me I WAS eligible and emailed me my consent forms immediately. Once their in, I'll be off.

What I know about the program:
I get a dietician, an exercise physiologist (I don't know what that really means), and a session with the personal trainer at the gym. My membership is included with my fees - which for the first month will actually be 7 bucks MORE than my membership costs me (the cost is 45 bucks for the first three months), but if I continue for the next nine months, the cost goes down to 14 bucks! I'm pretty sure they do this to weed out the non-dedicated among the group...we all know what a time and energy committment this is! Overall, the savings for the first year would be $202! Totally worth it! The second year, if I continue (*lol* IF! That's funny!) they pay half of my membership and I pay the other half - saving me $228 the second year. PLUS the added benefits of regular dietician consults, physiologist consults, and the intial PT session.

That first PT session is going to be SOOO different for this PT at my gym! *lol* First of all, I hope she remembers me from the other week! Secondly, I'm not a n00b! I have specific questions for her. I want her to tell me what to do to work around my knee. I want her to give me great strengthening exercises that I don't know about. I want her to tell me what the weight limit is on the stability balls! *lol* (It kills me that I don't know!!) I want her to show me the cable machine, and the MACHO side of the gym (where all the weight lifters go, so I can really utilize everything there. I might even ask her about the racquetball court. I'm putting her through her paces and challenging her to challenge me ...and I only have one session with her to do that!

The only part I'm afraid of?? The dreaded body fat scale! I just know she's going to put me on that thing! *pouts* I know it's best to know, but it's scary, dude! I don't want to be told that more than half of me is excess fat! I'm so afraid the number will be like 95%! On the other hand, maybe this thing will help me figure out what a good final goal weight should be, other than BMI charts, which we all know give a huge range and don't do much to help narrow things down for you.

Guys, quick! Give me more things to ask the PT! *lol* I need the down and dirty stuff...not the "stand on the treadmill and try to walk for 10 minutes working your way up in time before you start your ST routine." Let's play - Stump the Personal Trainer! I'll print out the questions to take with me when I go, too! *LMAO*

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ELISADEL 9/3/2010 4:41PM

    I'm not sure if this will make you happy or sad, but body fat scales typically stop at 50%. It's something about the type of technology used that keeps it from being able to measure very well above that level.

Maybe something worth considering would be to put aside the money that you're saving from the weight management program (once you start actually saving money on it). You could use that money to occasionally buy a session with the PT if you feel like you want some help updating your program as you become more fit. That way you won't be under so much pressure to figure out everything at once.

An exercise physiologist is someone who specializes in how the body responds to exercise, and helps people to build exercise programs and such, so it may be that it will turn out that a lot of what you'll be wanting from the PT will be things your exercise physiologist will be able to provide. If you can see that person first (since you'll have coverage to see him/her repeatedly), it might be good so that you can focus your PT session on whatever the EP doesn't cover.

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_DASH_ 9/2/2010 11:54PM

    i love you! way to go helping that person at the gym! the energy is contagious :D

ask the PT if she ever gets unmotivated and what does she do to change that?

heh heh.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 9/2/2010 10:02PM

    OMG, I want your program. What a stellar deal. You are going to kill this Esther! Seriously, I'm super excited for you!

As far as the PT goes, the most important thing is that you click. Click click clickity click!

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1BIGDREAM 9/2/2010 9:23PM

    I'm so excited for you! The program sounds AWESOME!!!

Good for you for reaching out to other people in the gym. I've always worried so much about what other people might think of me that I now realize I haven't left myself open to others. Oops!

That PT is going to love you!

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BAREFOOT-LISA 9/2/2010 3:53PM

    I think for me, personally, I would be most interested in feedback on my "form" and how I can improve it to prevent injury, since I know nothing about that or weight machines. As well as ST for wanna-be runners, I need to work on my legs so I can run, someday!

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KMCK117 9/1/2010 11:03PM

    CALLIKIAS question to PT: "How do you become a PT? Because I will be taking your job soon..YO!"

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BAYBELIEVER 9/1/2010 9:33PM

    Sounds to me like you might be finding yourself a new/second career! Way to go helping her out! That is fantastic!

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CUATROMOMMY 9/1/2010 9:25PM

    How amazing. I'm so glad you are there to encourage the other woman. So many times we need others and we resist it so much.

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MAGPIE17 9/1/2010 5:04PM

    Congrats on eligibility, and WTG on helping that girl out!

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MNGIRLIE 9/1/2010 4:16PM

    What a fun blog! I totally know what you mean with the me vs we days. Unfortunately I'm a pretty big grump at times and can be pretty antisocial. I might take your advise some day soon and try it without headphones. It's actually kind of a scary proposition, but I need to challenge myself.

Sounds like you're ready to go with the PT questions. What you've come up with so far is great!

A positive side of the body fat scale? You'll have that number to compare to down the road!

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ATROTTIER 9/1/2010 4:07PM

    So true to be open and approachable at the gym!! Look,you did it and you got a rather NICE compliment that boosts your confidence even more! I'm pretty shy at the gym and would rather not draw attention to myself but as I have been on this journey for almost 1 year (tomorrow will be my 1 year!) I like the attention, it is cool to be the fat girl doing stuff that skinny people wouldn't think I could do...hehe

Nice about the program, saving some $$ and getting some perks too!! Not sure what else you should ask the PT, but I love the ones you have already - get HER! make her work for that free session!! LOL

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MEGSFITNESS 9/1/2010 4:07PM

    How about "Are there any sliding scales or coupons for personal training sessions or packages?"

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