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1st trip up to our little cabin this year. (April 20140)

Monday, April 14, 2014

On our way up, we decided to stop at this Nat`l Monument.....Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle National Monument quickly became a destination for America's first car-bound tourists. In 1933, a 45-50 room, pueblo ruin was excavated, uncovering a wealth of artifacts and greatly enhanced our understanding of the Sinagua people who inhabited this riparian "oasis" along Beaver Creek for over 400 years.

The fee to get in was only $5 each but David has an access card that allows him to get up to 4 people in "free" into any Nat`l Park. I was surprised that this also included Nat`l Monuments. That saved us $15

This is not the best picture of our "little hide away" but it is most recent. We are so blessed to have a place to go and relax. It has no electricity nor running water but has all the other comforts. We have had and will still have many wonderful memories up there with family

I try to get as many pictures as I can of me and my husband while I still can.

Here we are eating lunch at our favorite restaurant, Pine Country. I call it "Pie Country" as it has the best pies. We usually get a slice while in town on each trip but this day, I chose to have a treat at Dairy Queen instead. I know the pie will be waiting for me on my next trip.

A nice lady in the next booth asked us if we wanted a picture of all 3 of us. I jumped at the offer. This is my 12 year old grson who got to go up with us. He is such a blessing and such a sweet boy (proud grandma) we are planning on many trips up this coming summer with him and his older brother. They always thank us for having the cabin. They have such wonderful memories. The cabin placed on 2 acres of land will stay in the questions about that. We are happy the family wants it that way.

Here is a blog that I wrote last year. It will give you a good idea of our little cabin. There have been a few changes since then and I will blog more another time.

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MARILYNROBERT 4/16/2014 4:12PM

    I love the pictures. My grandparents had a cabin at Lake Whitney and I got to go there until it was sold (after their deaths), when I was 13. I loved that place so much and it was partly because of the memories of my grandparents there.

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KARUNK 4/14/2014 7:48PM

    You are certainly blessed with family, memories and a legacy, Callie. Great photos of your cabin ----Not so sure about your background on your home page - Where did you find that!

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CLOWN54 4/14/2014 9:57AM

    great to see you so happy and doing well. I was kind of worried about you after I read your post. Happy Easter to you and your family

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WHYNOTJ1 4/14/2014 7:41AM

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend! Hooray for making wonderful memories with your grandson.

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MYTURNNOW2013 4/14/2014 7:00AM

    Great photos! You are right, get as many photos as you can, while you can. He looks so happy!

Grandson looks like a doll!

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I am choosing happiness

Monday, March 03, 2014

I will give you a little back ground on myself. I am a caregiver to my husband who has Dementia. It is a terrible disease of which I am learning just how ugly it can be. Not because of my husband because he is still in the early stages but just by trying to read and learn about it as I go along.

I am not having a lot of difficult days. Most days are very nice but I know I can choose my attitude. I can wake up thinking, " Oh, what will I face today " with a very apprehensive attitude before the day begins. OR I can wake up and say " I will meet all challenges today" with a smile. I have that choice.

Now, some days , I do "fake it til I make it". But isn`t that what controls our attitude? It is a personal decision to make a negative situation into a positive situation.

I don`t have friends that are negative. I learned years ago, that this type of friend brings clouds around me. I don`t need that. I want to feel uplifted.

I try to be someone who is upbeat and positive. I want someone to feel that when they are around me ...they are happy to be around me and want to be around me. I want them to have a good memory of when we visited.

Have you ever been around someone who complains about everything? It isn`t pleasant , is it? Think about that the next time you want to complain .

My new mantra is "Today, I choose happiness."....each and every day.

emoticon for stopping by. emoticon to you for a happy day

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GRANJERRY1 3/4/2014 7:47PM

    Callie that's a beautifully written blog and perfectly echoes my sentiments….expect the unexpected but still choose to be happy!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TWIDDLYDE 3/4/2014 8:46AM

    Sweet picture!!! I love it.

Fantastic blog also and a great reminder for all of us. I know it is very draining to be around someone who is always down.

I also know that there are many who really struggle with depression and to just tell them to look up and choose to be happy does not work well for them. The challenge for me is to be able to minister to them in a way that is helpful and honoring to God and yet keep a joyous countenance.

I agree .... let the SON shine in!

Blessings to you Callie. I love your attitude and your bright cheery smile!

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MARILYNROBERT 3/3/2014 11:25PM

    emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MYTURNNOW2013 3/3/2014 2:32PM

    Callie you are definitely positive and upbeat! That is a great picture of you and your husband!

I just answered your SparkMail and forgot to answer your last question. No, we were never blessed with children, but we do have 22 niece/nephews, 13 great niece/nephes and now 2 great great nieces. I will be alive long enough to have a triple great someday!

Like you, I am learning more about dementia and alzheimers daily and count myself as blessed to be able to learn ahead of time and be prepared for it.

emoticon emoticon

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BAMAJAM 3/3/2014 12:13PM

  The journey of life is never a perfectly straight road--- so your attitude, Callie, is the only one that makes sense! I want to be around happy, positive people, ---not the kind who are grouches. I grew up in a negative home where the environment was miserable. This memory remains my lesson for cheerfulness... (smile)
Callie, the picture of you and your husband is truly beautiful... Bless you both!

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STEVEN_D 3/3/2014 8:48AM

    Choosing to be upbeat and happy has been a personal goal of mine and I thank you for re-reminding me this morning. As I head off for work, I am going to open myself up to the possibilities this day will bring to me.Thank you.

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WDIPIM 3/3/2014 8:09AM

  bless you

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TWINKIEQUEEN 3/3/2014 8:03AM

    what a wonderful blog! thank you for sharing...we need more positive people in the world

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WHYNOTJ1 3/3/2014 8:03AM

    Yay for choosing happiness. You have some big challenges ahead, so who needs negativity!

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7 things to NOT buy at the Dollar store

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This info is from an article on my web page.

1. Electric cords and other electric devices

If you're looking to bring a fire hazard into your house, you should definitely buy cords and other electric devices from dollar stores. If you would rather not reduce your home to embers, we suggest you steer clear.

That may be a bit overly dramatic, but dollar stores don't have a great track record of quality control when it comes to cords and electronics. All the way back in 1999, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned about faulty power strips, extension cords and surge protectors being sold at discount stores. Made in China, the products failed to meet established U.S. safety standards.

However, the problem appears to persist, with recalls for extension cords, holiday mini-lights and portable heaters all occurring in recent years.

2. Toys

Dollar store toys could be a safety hazard, and some have been recalled for posing a choking risk. But the bigger issue here is dollar store toys are, quite simply, junk.

It's not that the toys have so-so quality. No, we're talking so cheap they'll break if you look at them wrong. The wheels will fall off, the batteries won't work, or your 3-year-old will snap it in two before you've even hit the parking lot. Then, you'll be left with a broken toy, an upset child and a lesson in never buying toys at the dollar store again.

Your experience may differ but unless you're looking for cheap party favors that don't pose a hazard, we say you're better off paying a little more and not dealing with the tears and frustration.

3. Shampoo and beauty products

Opinions seem to be mixed on dollar store shampoo and beauty products, but they get a thumbs down from us. Not because of any safety concern but because they often don't provide great value.

Lipstick © Stockbyte/PictureQuestDollar stores may sell brand-name products, and there has been some healthy discussion on the Internet about whether what you get at the discount store is the same as what is sold elsewhere. The comments against dollar store shampoos range from them being watered down to being the result of diversion, which can mean you are buying outdated or expired products.

However, leaving that aside, we find that many dollar stores stock itty-bitty bottles compared with what you get in other stores. So you may not be paying a lot, but you're not getting a lot either. A better value might be to combine coupons and deals at drugstores where shampoo, conditioner and other beauty products are practically being given away.

4. Kitchen knives

Quality concerns also get kitchen knives placed on the do-not-buy list.

Dollar stores knives can be flimsy and dull. Both are bad when you're trying to cut your food and not your finger. We hear the knives sold at dollar stores overseas aren't much better either.

5. Paper products

You're welcome to try dollar store toilet paper, but we don't recommend it. Often having fewer fibers than other brands, using no-name paper can make for a less than ideal situation.

As for the brand-name toilet paper, tissues and paper towels at dollar stores, you may find the same problem we discovered with shampoo. Small sizes and fewer sheets mean the dollar store price isn't much of a bargain. Try hitting your warehouse club or otherwise buying in bulk to get the best quality for the lowest per-unit price.

6. Canned and boxed foods

Most dollar stores carry a selection of canned, boxed and bagged foods that may include many brand names. Some stores may even have a full grocery section complete with meat and produce.

While the dollar pricing may seem like a bargain, you could find many of these items on sale at your grocery store for less. In particular, grocery supercenters like Walmart seem to win on the price war for canned and boxed foods.

To learn more, you can read one Tampa Bay Times writer's experience living on dollar store food, and Rachael Ray offers some dollar store food buying tips on her website as well.

7. Batteries

Finally, we come to batteries. In a pinch, dollar store batteries will work just fine, but don't expect them to run like the brand names.

Rhett Allain, an associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, put Dollar General batteries to the test against Duracell and Energizer ones. He discovered the dollar store batteries contain significantly less energy and see their voltage drop off quickly. Apparently, a major difference between the brands is the fact that Dollar General batteries are not alkaline and likely zinc chloride instead.

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MYTURNNOW2013 2/21/2014 9:46AM

    Thanksf or the tips! I would add light bulbs! They never seem to last as long from the dollar store. I bought CFL bulbs there that lasted less than a month.

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BARBFROMAZ 1/31/2014 11:09PM

    Oh, I see now, ... 7 items to NOT buy and 15 items TO buy, at the Dollar Store. Happy shopping, y'lall!

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MARILYNROBERT 1/31/2014 10:46PM

    Robert is not allowed to buy cheap toilet paper! emoticon emoticon

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BARBFROMAZ 1/31/2014 12:34PM

    "15 things you can buy at the Dollar Store" listed 7, what are the other 8?

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BARBFROMAZ 1/31/2014 12:33PM

    Wait, love the dollar stores, so what DO you buy there? BTW, Really like your new background picture, kudos!


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DIANE7786 1/30/2014 10:40PM

    Don't buy toothpaste at a Dollar Store! I bought a tube of Crest. As I was opening the box I noticed a list of cities in another part of the world. It seemed odd so I called the number on the box. The phone rep said that the box I bought shouldn't be sold in the US. Manufacturers in different countries use different formulas. The one bought had harsher cleaning ingredients than those sold in the US. She sent me a package with coupons for Crest products and a postage paid box for me to return the toothpaste and receipt.

Comment edited on: 1/30/2014 10:40:58 PM

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FENWAYGIRL18 1/30/2014 10:33PM

    I love the dollar store hahaha but I do agree a lot of the things you listed shouldn't be bought at the dollar store

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15 things you can buy at the dollar store.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This was on my web page and I thought it was interesting . I shop at the dollar stores all the time and save tons of money. Never have tested the pregnancy tests but according to this article.....they are accurate.

1. Greeting cards

There is no reason to spend $4 to $5 or more on a greeting card when dollar stores typically have a wide selection available for a buck or less. You might not get textured paper or fancy extras like ribbon, but the heartfelt message you write will be the same regardless of how expensive the card looks.

2. Party supplies

By some estimates, you can save up to 70 percent by using party supplies from a dollar store. Get plastic tablecloths, paper plates and cups, streamers and favors from the dollar store and save a bundle. Don’t forget to look for Mylar/foil balloons too. These are an absolute bargain and can easily sell for five times as much elsewhere.

3. Gift bags, boxes and wrapping paper

While you’re getting your party supplies, look for gift bags and wrapping paper too. You could end up paying two or three times more for gift bags and boxes at other stores. In addition, wrapping paper can be a steal. You might not get the same thickness of expensive paper, but for something that’s going to end up in the trash, why pay more?

4. Seasonal décor

From extra ornaments for your Christmas tree to a scarecrow to stake in your front yard for the fall, dollar stores can have a surprisingly robust selection of seasonal décor. Pick up some bargain-priced items to decorate your house for less. But stay away from holiday lights, which have a poor track record of safety at discount stores.

5. Reading glasses

As we age, we often lose elasticity in our eyes and that makes it more difficult to focus on close objects. In many cases, a simple pair of reading glasses is all you need, and the reading glasses at dollar stores are as good as those found in other stores. However, if you have trouble seeing at a distance, it may be time to schedule an eye exam and see about getting a prescription pair.

6. Hair accessories

From elastic bands to bobby pins to headbands, you can find hair accessories at a fraction of the price at dollar stores. Combs and brushes can be a bargain too.

7. Pregnancy tests

Grocery store pregnancy tests will set you back $10 to $15, but you can find them at some dollar stores for only a buck. You might be wondering whether a $1 pregnancy test is going to be accurate. That’s a good question and, according to this news report, the answer is yes.

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8. Vases and decorative bowls

Don’t bother with other stores for vases and decorative bowls. The dollar store probably carries a number of styles at a price that can’t be beat. You can use vases to skip the florist and make your own, much cheaper arrangements. Or spruce up decorative glass bowls to make inexpensive gifts for family or friends.

9. Mugs and glasses

Like vases and bowls, mugs and glasses are also a good buy at dollar stores. The quality is comparable to what you might get at Walmart or other mass merchandisers. As a bonus, you can typically buy only the items you need rather than being forced to purchase a set.

10. Dishware

Dollar stores also often have a nice selection of open stock dishware. This isn’t going to be top-of-the-line quality, but they’re perfectly serviceable pieces. For those with little kids, dollar store dishes can be just what you need to get you through that phase of life when something seems to get broken in the kitchen on a weekly basis.

11. Storage containers

Plastic storage containers also get a thumbs up when it comes to great dollar store buys. In the grocery store, you can easily pay up to $5 for disposable containers. Get them for a buck at the dollar store instead. You can also find some great deals on storage bags, but be wary of off-brands that may not seal correctly.

12. Picture frames

If you’re crafty, dollar store picture frames are an excellent buy. With a little paint or other decoration, bargain frames can look as nice on your walls as their more expensive counterparts. However, quality can vary widely. Check the joints to make sure they are secure and look for stray glue that may be difficult to remove.

13. Bagged or boxed candy

Checkout lane candy will likely be just as cheap, if not cheaper, at the grocery store, but movie theater-style boxed candy and bagged candy can be a bargain at the dollar store. Next Halloween, head there for your treats rather than paying supermarket prices.

14. Socks

Much of the clothing you find at dollar stores is of an inferior quality and not worth the money. One exception may be socks. Dollar store socks can be as good as department store varieties if you buy the right type. Look for ones made with acrylic or spandex for a comfy fit.

15. Washcloths and dish towels

Finally, the price of washcloths and dish towels at the dollar store can’t be beat. You need to be careful with some towels that won’t be absorbent enough to dry dishes. However, even those work great as cleaning rags.

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MYTURNNOW2013 2/21/2014 9:48AM

    LOL in my case they should just call it the $20 store! The ones near us have greeting cards 2 for $1 that are very good quality.

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MARILYNROBERT 1/31/2014 10:45PM

    Robert has about 10 pairs of reading glass from the dollar store. He also owns expensive prescription glasses but for at home, he likes to use his dollar glasses. He buys the sillies glasses, zebra strips, purple polka dots, etc. He's very serious but is very silly with is dollar glasses. emoticon

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GRANJERRY1 1/31/2014 7:26AM

    Hmmmm so Callie you are a shop-a-holic…. just like me….. I used to love to go out shopping when I felt better. I haven't gone out shopping for almost 4 months now….must ask one of the children to take me,(rather wheel me) may be Anitha, when she gets a bit free.

I believe retail therapy is a great mood uplifter….

Your Momma

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FUN in the SNOW (pics)

Friday, January 10, 2014

On Tuesday of this past week...I mentioned to David about taking a fast trip up to see the snow. Spend the night in a hotel for just one night. The weather was perfect and I knew the roads would be clear.

Within 3 hours we were on our way. We had made hotel reservations at DAYS INN . For a king size bed including breakfast was $60.70..what a deal! I knew that if we ate breakfast out it would have cost us at least $20 with tax and tip and no drink.

We stayed on the 2nd floor

This is from our hotel room. Plenty of snow to play in if we chose to.

Me in my hat and scarf that daughter knitted for me.

My ice, from my drink, had melted and refroze over night in my car sitting in my console. The night got down to the 20`s but was 50 in the day.

We were surprised and happy to find this snow man already built beside the road. I put my hat and scarf on him...David added sunglasses.

Hey!!! who took my sunglasses? (says snowman)

There was a snow play area close by...but it was only open Friday- Monday and today was Wed.

This is the hill we would have sled down. I was disappointed but it only makes sence to be closed during the week.

The town water reservoir was frozen but we still didn`t chance walking on it.

David did not crack this, it was already cracked. We threw rocks on it and we couldn`t crack it, anywhere.

KAIBAB Lake...3 miles from our cabin.
A popular camp ground...very well maintained. We camped here many years ago before we decided to buy property. This area and the town of Williams (7 miles away) was our deciding factor.

David decided he would throw a snowball at me. If I had not have would have hit me.

We stopped by our cabin. I expected to see more snow. David is looking at some tracks there were in the snow. Looked like a print from a snow shoe. Our neighbor checks on the place for us when we are not there.

All was fine except for about 12 cans of soda that had froze and burst. I expected this.

Here is a beautiful view of San Francisco Peaks. It is the highest peak in Arizona. It is about 30 miles east of our cabin.This is where others come to ski. As of 2 years ago...they started making their own snow (ino from ranger station). It is a popular place called "SNOW BOWL" I regret not learning how to ski. (It`s all about the know. LOL)

On the way home...we went through a town called Flagstaff and went to the information center. It is also the train station for Amtrack.

I am so happy that we went. The weather was perfect, no car problems, and a cheap hotel w/breakfast.

Can`t get any better that that. emoticon

P. S. Sorry about the black edges in my pictures. My camera is going out...need a new one

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DENALYN1 1/20/2014 6:21PM

    Loved your story and photos Carrie. Looks like you two had a wonderful time.


Comment edited on: 1/20/2014 6:22:24 PM

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GRANJERRY1 1/11/2014 8:12PM

    Dearest Callie,

Loved the blog and enjoyed every picture. You truly are blessed that you decided to make the most of the moment rather than fret about the weather.
Can also see that David too enjoyed the trip…. So happy for both of you.
Loved the picture of the Snowman and your Man…. it was 'awesome'
You cabin looks so cute and inviting, an ideal summer getaway…..

My prayers for the two of you is that may the Lord always keep both of you happy and in his care and may you'll have many many more years of enjoyable togetherness….
Hugs, prayers & blessings
Your Momma Mani

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MARILYNROBERT 1/10/2014 12:53PM

    Thank you for the cute donkey wallpaper! He looks so hug-able!

I had fun going on your trip with you, via pictures. You looked so cute in your hat and scarf and then I laughed when you put it on the snowman. It was such a good idea for you to go on the trip. emoticon

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PATRICIA441 1/10/2014 11:54AM

  It is always good to get away! That sounded like a great bargain too! We have been to Flagstaff. My DH brother lives in Arizona . If we ever visit him again we will definitely make plans to see you! We cannot stay with them because they both are heavy smokers and I cannot be in their house because of it with my asthma and COPD.

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GRAMMIEOFTWO 1/10/2014 10:40AM

  Thanks for sharing. It looks like you both had a great time.

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