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Friday, November 28, 2014

Once a year, DH and I choose to do a junk food day. This year we picked Thanksgiving as we will be with friends for Christmas. We had some of our favorites. However, I felt gross last night. My body was sluggish and not its normal self. Today I am make to whole foods, which are minimally processed and healthy for me. I am feeling so much better. Yesterday as I went to pick up some OTC meds I have to take, I was hungry, almost overly so. Given it was cheat day I asked myself if I wanted a candy bar. My body's almost immediate response was NO!. I saw the apples and they looked amazing. I ended up with an apple for my walk home from the store. My taste buds are changing. My desire for processed overly sweet foods is leaving.

Also today was the day to increase to the next level in strength training. I went from 10 reps to 12 reps per set. I found it pretty easy the first time through (I do it circuit style). I also expected a bit more soreness, but thanks to the green tea it is only in my core which is not surprising as I added 10 sec hold for the plank and side plank. I will have a fruit bar tonight as my dessert to celebrate. (which I would have anyway)



Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!. This is the one holiday I truly enjoy. Why you might ask? Because the holiday has little commerical attachment. Yes, store are open ( i worked retail for 8 years including at Walmart when it was the only store open in town.) But today and this weekend I am choosing to stop, hit the pause button on life and be thankful.
I have gifts and blessings overflowing. I have an amazing husband who loves me for who I am not simply on my looks, who supports me in making good choices, and loves me when I don't. I have a beautiful home with a garden in back. I have friends throughout the globe whom I love dearly. I have clothes on my back. I have food in my fridge, heck, I have a fridge and stove/oven to prepare food.
My point with all of this is it can be easy to focus on gaining more. Our culture says unless you have the latest and greatest you have no value. I fight that idea. I say you have value because you are here. Most of us have been blessed with so much. It is on this weekend of "Shopping" I challenge you to remember that.

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RADOOGA 11/27/2014 2:08PM

    I really liked this blog. We don't have Thanksgiving Day here in the UK obviously, but I do like the idea of pausing, just to think about all that we do have, and truly appreciating it.

I hope you have a lovely weekend x

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GEORGE815 11/27/2014 2:00PM

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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dealing with desire

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I really had to talk myself into going for my bike ride today. The weather was good, it was late enough traffic wouldn't be crazy, but I just didn't want to go. I had a million reasons why. But really I wanted to be lazy. Finally I told myself 10 minutes. I only had a 20 minute ride on the training plan anyway so 10 minutes meant I would be fine later this week for my harder ride. Once I put on my gear, and started riding, I was grateful I did. Sun was out, traffic was unusually light. tackled some hills since I was only still planning to do 10 minutes, but once I hit 10 minutes I wanted to keep going. I ended up doing my full 20 minute ride. Felt good afterward. I need to remind myself that I will never regret doing the workout, but will be sad if I chose not it.


starting week 4

Monday, November 24, 2014

I have been making healthy choices for about 4 weeks. I have noticed some big changes that have nothing to do with weight or body size

1) less pain in my joints and less swelling overall in my joints
2) sleeping longer and better
3) having more energy
4) not wanting to just stay at my desk, but rather looking for ways to get outside
5) feeling yucky when I eat processed foods

Yay for small changes!

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MSPEACHYJONES 11/24/2014 3:47PM

    Those are some awesome changes! Those are the best sort of changes when your body is waking up and you start to realise all your healthiness is really paying off! GREAT JOB!! emoticon

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new day

Sunday, November 23, 2014

On friday night DH and I found out the his grandfather passed away. It is really a huge blessing but still hard. His gradfather had severe alzheimers. Last month we were able to go back to TX and say good bye, and by grace of God, had moments of clarity with him. Last night DH wanted pizza (his comfort food) I said ok, but then I over ate. While I am not beating myself up about, I feel gross today. I have been eating fresh organic food for about the last month and my digestion is asking what is going on. This has made me realize how much what I eat really affects how I feel and sleep. Grateful to be able to afford good high quality food that I enjoy eating and the skills to make it in to a variety of dishes

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ROBBIEY 11/23/2014 12:07PM


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