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gettin my RUN back!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

PHEW!! well the last week has been quite wonderful to say the least! i've been paying VERY close attention to serving sizes and nutrition facts on foods i eat. i've noticed that steadily i've REALLY been cutting out the bad foods and balancing my meals between the right kinds of carbs, enough protien, and pleanty of veggies and fruits, while still getting fats in my diet... but the right kinds of fats! i feel soooo good about that.

i also have ramped up my my cardio work outs. my roommate's stuff FINALLY arrived on monday this week. he'd been dealing with TSA from his stay in england. he was one of those lucky travelers that got stuck around christmas in england because of all the ice and snow! luckily he made it back the day before christmas so he got to spend time with his family. buuut he was told that he probably would never see his luggage again. well thank goodness they found it and his parents sent it to him. HE HAS HIS RUNNING SHOES!! sooo the three of us (boyfriend included) have finally started going to the cardio theater at PSU. everyday. 30 minutes of intense cardio. OH I LOVE IT!! nothing beats the feeling after a good cardio workout. especially when you've had a SUPER stressful day at work.

so yay... healthy diet and good steady workouts. i have to say... i'm feeling pretty good.


running buddy? perhaps?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

so yesterday went very well for me other than the fact that i was absolutely exhausted after about 11 am. stuck to the plan, worked out for a half hour which was almost too much for me to handle after being so tired. made some pizza for dinner... i think i'm gonna put the recipe on here so everyone can try it. its sooo yummy and really so much healthier than something from a restaurant. i have 2 slices for lunch today. can't wait!

jake rearranged the room and flipped the mattress... so i slept like a baby. it was wonderful. i'm telling you i was so tired i literally threw a temper tantrum last night right before bed cuz i just couldn't control my emotions anymore. i felt terrible but jake was awesome thru it lol.

our friend dan is moving in with us today. i'm so excited! he spent last semester in england and now he's back! i'm so excited because he's a runner. an avid runner. and i'm really hoping he'll help me out with getting back to my old running self. even if all he does is run with me 2 times a week just to start, it'll be great. i'm so excited to see him!


real snow?!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

so yesterday had its ups and downs. jake and i went skiing for about an hour and a half. half the trails were closed and being worked on... new snow being blown/falling from the sky. it was beautiful. conditions were decent. not amazing but pretty good. there was ice below the snow and it kinda made skiing a lil dicey, nothing i couldn't handle though. decided to head home after an hour and a half cuz it was slow and cold. but still had fun while we were there!

slipped up for my first time. didn't drink enough water and didn't eat enough food! sometimes i just get so caught up in skiing i forget to eat. sometimes... actually most of the time haha. needless to say i feel pretty drained today. didn't sleep well last night. dreamt we won the megamillions... we didn't haha. darn! we could really use the money, too. oh well... guess i'll just stick with my job... like every other hard working american. sometimes it stinks growing up! not too bad... but when all those bills are due and you don't have enough money to pay for everything.... blah blah blah. i won't bore you with my money problems cuz i know everyone has them. just stay positive!!!

so anyway... back on track today. OH i lost 3 pounds! yaaay!!

ok... that's it. later taters!


New Years day... and the day following....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wow. went skiing for the first time this season yesterday. what a feeling! it was amazing. i'm used to tiny hills in PA. went to a tiny hill up here... which was more than twice the size of my old home mountain... which was the tallest vert. drop in PA. what a day! at my old mountain the two longest trails from top to bottom were a green circle and a blue square. i skied the longest black diamond i've ever skied yesterday. my legs were BURNING! it felt amazing. it was really warm out too... like spring skiing only on the 1st of the year. siiiigh how i love skiing.

got home with jake and pretty much passed out on the couch after dinner. there's nothing better than the sleep you get after a good day of hard physical activity. love it!

today.. jake's back at the mountain working. i'm currently sitting at my desk at the bank. gotta love sunday hours. i think i've had 4 customers all day. oh well.

making some soup for dinner... tomato and hamburger soup. got the recipe off here. sounds delicious. we shall seee!! we tried creamy chicken pasta toss last night (another recipe off here). it was sooo good. i added a little parmesan cheese to it as well as some spicy spices (like hot pepper flakes.... i can't remember the name of the blend... but so good) i really recommend it for anyone who likes mac and cheese.

so yeah.... after a long day of skiing yesterday... i'm just gonna go home, make dinner, and relax tonight. can't wait!!

hope everyone's new years day was just as fulfilling and satisfying!! emoticon

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RD03875 1/2/2011 4:37PM

    Sounds like a really wonderful skiing day!

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New Years Eve

Friday, December 31, 2010

Well this is the first post of hopefully many. I found Spark two days ago while reading an article on about weight loss. I thought to myself "caitlin you should check this out. if it looks legit you should try it." well here i am! this website is AMAZING! its similar to the weightwatchers site, but free, and i just feel like there's more here than on that site. weightwatchers has worked for me in the past. so lets see how this goes!

i'm not much of a dieter. i love food. i'll be the first to admit it. i unwind after a long day of work by coming home and cooking a wonderful dinner for my boyfriend and i. so its tough for me to do a diet like jenny craig where i have to eat bland food that just doesn't excite me. with this i can eat what i want (to a point) and still feel good about myself. now i don't neccessarily have a problem with weight, but my boyfriend and i moved to NH at the end of summer this year and we don't really know many people yet, so we got in the habit of coming home from work and sitting down to watch a movie or play video games to pass the time. thus... weight was gained. when it was warmer we went on a few walks a week through our adorable new town. but as you might've guessed, it gets cold up here in the north country pretty early. i love the cold, i'm a skier, but when its in the 20's after work and i'm stressed out it was tough to get the motivation to go for a walk. well, ski season is here and i have a season pass so i'll be doing that at least twice a week. in the summer i'm VERY active. we go on hikes almost every day and just love being outdoors. so getting back on track with fitness shouldn't be too tough.

the tough part will be food. i watch julie & julia and wish i was either one. i want to go to culinary school. i love cooking. so my challange for this new year will be to learn how to make yummy food while cutting calories and fat. an exciting prospect if you ask me. we'll see how it goes.

anyhoo... on to this evening. i'll be working till 5 today (LOVE how i can blog at work right now) then i'm heading to gunstock to get my season pass. after that i'm heading home to work out while my wonderful boyfriend makes me dinner (he cooks once in a blue moon. awesome cook, but he knows how i love to cook so he stays away from the kitchen unless he's cleaning it lol). then we'll hang out and watch the ball drop. tomorrow... SKIING!!! can't wait.

anyhoo... happy new year everyone. i hope your evenings will be wonderful!

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GRAMMYEAC 12/31/2010 1:06PM

    Hi Caitlin,

As Suzy says, check out some of the recipes here in SparkPeople Recipes. Many are tried and true recipes; many more are healthier variations of those wonderful recipes we all grew up with. I'm sure you'll find some that are a lot of fun to prepare (and eat!). You might also check out some of the "Hungry Girl" cookbooks -- some great recipes and a real emphasis on healthy cooking in many of them.

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SUZYMOBILE 12/31/2010 11:01AM

    Good for you, starting right out with a New Year's Eve blog! Writing down and sharing reflections like that is a first big step toward reaching your goals.

Since Bill, my bf, started working two jobs, the cooking job has fallen to me, and I'm finding that I like it! If you already love to cook, you'll find a lot of inspiration in SparkRecipes. I just browse around until I find something that sounds good and try it out. I made my first Indian food that way and touched base with a Muslim woman in India! If you want to get really SERIOUS about healthy cooking, there's an official Spark Healthy Cooking Challenge that a few folks on the NH team joined. Check it out at Community/SparkTeams/Challenge Central/The Healthy Cooking Challenge.


emoticon emoticon

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TIMETOSHINE2011 12/31/2010 9:35AM

    Welcome! This website is great and the motivation is excellent!!

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DAWNWINS 12/31/2010 9:28AM

    Welcome, you will love it here!

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