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Fun exercise

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We had a lot of fun last night and did some exercising! A local water park had an adults only night in their outdoor area with a pool and wave pool (and drinks).

We were active in the wave pool for about 90 minutes and had so much fun! With all the swimming and jumping it was very good workout. And so much fun!

If they do it again this summer, we are going ot go again and invite some friends. I love finding fun ways to get exercise - do you have any ways that we should try?

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JERZRN 8/11/2013 12:05PM

Sounds like fun!

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MYUTMOST4HIM 8/11/2013 12:04PM

    My DH and I LOVE hiking

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Weight issues in a YA book - jsut angry

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I haven't posted a blog in a really long time, but I feel like I have to. I just finished a YA book about body issues that centers around a teenager who is overweight. It isn't out yet, but I was reading reviews on goodreads and it seems like everyone else sees it as being body positive.

I can't disagree more. As a adult it made me feel terrible about myself. The starting weight isn't that much higher than mine and in two months she loses over 20 pounds. Even when I follow my calories and exercise plan perfectly, I can't do that. I really couldn't do it as a teenager!

Let me just bring that one point up again - they give a starting weight. Everyone has a different body shape and size. One number does not fit all at all people. I think it should have just said how much she wanted to lose to be healthy. The number is mentioned once, but I remember it. Others who read it will remember it and judge themselves and others by that number.

Every single compliment she gets from people (other than the one shining star in this book) is about her weight. Let's ignore that she is kind and helps other people. Let's make everyone only notice how she looks. That isn't how it actually works.

I hate being the blog to post the first negative review of a book, but this time, I have to. Maybe I don't get it. Maybe this will be inspiring to teenagers. The main character is wonderful and I want the best for her. I just feel like there are some dangerous messages in it and so many things that will discourage rather than encourage.

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IGSBETH 5/16/2013 11:37AM

    You have some great comments. Maybe you should write your own book!

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ANGEL32192 5/16/2013 10:58AM

  I have to agree with you! I really don't see how, by only focusing on her weight, this type of book will fully benefit a teenage girl. Being healthy isn't just about weight! It angers me how so much focus is put on being skinny instead of being healthy! Thanks for this review. As the Mother of a teenage girl and a young adult girl I want them to learn to be healthy and feel beautiful whatever their healthy weight may be. :-)

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Small victories

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things have been going okay. Not going to the gym as much as I want to, but when either Jason and I are sick, it is harder. Trying to go for more walks and do more strength stuff though!

I was doing well with eating until the weekend...but in the past two days I have gotten within my calorie goal! It may not seem like much, but both times I managed to fit in something sweet (I have such a sweet tooth!). Finding healthier alternatives of my favorites sure makes this easier!

I am eating so many more fruits and veggies - which is great! I love green beans and Jason doesn't so I will buy us separate with dinner ones. Did that on Sunday and had the rest of the green beans with my lunches Mon and Tues! It worked really well. I also no longer HATE cooked spinach. I still prefer it raw, but by liking it enough, I can add another veggie to a lot of meals and Jason will be happy!

They all small victories, but they are victories!

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POOKASLUAGH 3/20/2012 8:09PM

    Any victories are good! Jason and I have to work around each other's veggie preferences, plus the boys', so it's a bit difficult but we manage. The more you do it, the better y'all will be at it. :)

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Doing okay!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

So I haven't posted in a while, but that is okay. Things are good. We left the gym because it was too far and we weren't going, but we joined one that is only eight minutes away.

We went for the first time today and it was actually great! I did 20 minutes on an elliptical like machine. I actually like it more than the elliptical because there is more free motion which is easier on my hip! Then I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine. I was nervous because I haven't done any arm cardio in several months, but I could do it! I went slow, but I could make ten minutes!

We have been cooking a lot more lately, which not only is healthier at home, but it gives me healthy leftovers for lunch at work. I only go out once every two weeks unless a friend makes plans for lunch, so that is great.

I work two minutes from a Chipotle AND a Moe's and I haven't been all year! That is a big deal because I love my burritos. They are my favorite! I was going once a month, but I am going to try for once every three months. So i will go one time this month. I have learned that completely depriving myself makes me want it more.

I weighed myself today and I am at 166. I want to be down to 150 by mid-June. I think i can do it!

I am trying to get support from my husband and wish I had more friends that were trying to do the same thing!

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CAITIE0424 3/4/2012 8:43PM

    Thanks! After we left the last gym, I wanted to try to see how I did on my own. I actually did pretty well - no real exercise but I still lost 3 pounds just by changing my diet. One pound a month doesn't seem like much...but I am happy!

Thanks for your support Amanda!

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POOKASLUAGH 3/4/2012 8:18PM

    You can get there Caitie! I'm glad to hear that even though you haven't been here often, you're still going. :)

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Restarting Again

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I kind of gave up for a little while because I felt like I was working hard with no results. But I am back because I miss having the energy I felt when healthier and since I now have a job (YAY!) I need all the energy I can get when at home.

Last week, I put what I was eating into sparkpeople, and for the most part I only need to cut out 100-200 calories a day to be within my range. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables lately, which make me feel better and I want to continue with that.

Basically, we need to stop going out. My parents were here this weekend, so it was a special weekend, but we went out for 3 meals in 3 days. Too much. Then I went out last night (but went to Panera and ate less than 500 calories) AND we are going out tonight with husband's parents (planning on soup and salad). Oy.

So this weekend will be cooking, cooking, cooking! I am trying to find some great crock-pot recipes. They are so yummy and make a lot of leftovers...always helpful to have some variety for lunch during the week!

On the fitness front, we are trying to transfer our current gym membership to another couple. Our gym is 20 minutes away. I picked it because it had a pool. When I wasn't working in the city, it worked well even though it was far. ..but now that I get home at 6:30 at the earliest, not so much. We have a gym 5 minutes from home, so once we transfer our membership, we will join the new one. Then the plan is 4 times a week.

Hoping that this new inspiration will stick. I kind of want to join Weight Watchers because I know a lot of people that have had success and it, like Sparkpeople, is about changing lifestyle. I just don't know if it would be worth it!

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POOKASLUAGH 10/26/2011 3:12PM

    It sounds like you have a good handle on it, and maybe the newer versions of the program don't restrict your calories as severely as the older versions I was on did! Good luck either way you do it. :)

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CAITIE0424 10/26/2011 3:02PM

    Thanks Amanda! I am really trying to see all sides and your comment is very helpful.

My mom has done it a couple times and this time is her third. She is what actually got me interested. She isn't on her third time through because she has gained the weight back, it is because she stopped when she was ill and is just getting back into it.

I kind of think it, like most diets/plans should be combined with what your body is telling you (which my mom def does). She was here this weekend and we figured out my points, turns out it was 100 calories less than the middle of my spark range.

I don't know, maybe I will just combine some aspects of WW and Spark - I do like the "floating" points and think that realizing that going over every so often is okay, especially for a special event, is important, especially for me. I tend to fall off once in a month and give up.

The one aspect I will do for sure is that if I am slightly over calories, but a lot of it was fresh fruits and veggies, I am not going to be mad at myself for it. We will see how it goes!

Thanks for being so supportive!

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POOKASLUAGH 10/26/2011 2:13PM

    First off, I'm glad you're back!!

Second, cutting the eating out has probably been the biggest factor in my success so far, so I definitely think you're onto something there.

Third, I personally advise against weight watchers. They claim to advocate a lifestyle change, but they are a business and they get their money from people trying to lose weight. Their plan works, but your weight rebounds afterwards most of the time. This is because they have you cut your calories to extreme levels. When I was on weight watchers, I was trying ot go from 150 lbs to 125 lbs. My calorie level, if I equaled out the points, was between 900 and 1150 calories a day. You got to add some calories for exercise, but only 50 calories for every 100 calories burned, so if I burned 400 calories a day (the max they accepted at the time), my calorie range moved to 1100-1350. I lost the weight quickly, but afterwards when I went to maintenance level calories (around 1500-1600 at the time), I gained all the weight back and more. Ever since then, every time I've tried to do weight watchers, my system has gone out of wack and I've started gaining weight. I'm pretty sure the reason I'm so sensitive to starvation mode now is that first time on weight watchers a full decade ago.

It's not just me. I've met a lot of people who have had very similar experiences after losing weight on WW. My mother in law was on it at the same time as me and she also lost a lot, gained it all back when she went to maintenance, and hasn't been able to lose ever again since. My mom has several cousins with the same experience. I think in a way it's like weight loss surgery. It's too extreme, and messes with the way your metabolism works. Losing weight with Spark (or other programs that don't cut your calories too far) is healthier for your body in the long run.

That's just my opinion and of course I'm not saying that's what happens to everyone. I know people who have been successful on WW too. I just thought I'd give you that caution, just in case. :)

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