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One Year of the Spark!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary with SP!! What possessed me to start my healthier lifestyle during the holiday season? I don't know...but I'm glad I did!

Over the past year, I've gone from 236 pounds to 159. My waist has gone from 37 inches to 27, my hips from 45 to 37, and my bust from a 38DDD to a 34C. I've gone from a tight size 18 to a comfortable size 6, sometimes a size 4.

Even better - I've gone from barely being able to walk a flight of stairs and having to wear an ankle brace, to running a half-marathon and trashing the brace entirely. I no longer require 10 hours of sleep per night, and I have more energy throughout the day. I can do pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups without "cheating".

But the best changes aren't the physical ones. The changes I made renewed my self-confidence and self-esteem. I was able to shed several negative influences and aspects of my life, and create the life I want because I believe I deserve nothing less. I am a better parent, partner, and friend because I have a positive outlook on life and believe I can inspire others to achieve great things, just as I have done.

I'm not done yet. I still have other goals, and I love the SP community. I've met all kinds of friends here. I still track my food - the single biggest factor in my success (a close second is drinking plenty of water). I am training for the LA Marathon on March 2, 2008. And if my page inspires one person to stick with the program, I'll consider myself blessed.

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MAMAJAHMAI 12/7/2007 12:35AM

    Awesome story! you look really great! Much continued success, keep on sparking! It's always motivating to see what heart, determination and hard work can produce.... congrats once again and Merry Xmas

cheers :)


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_BECA_ 12/6/2007 7:36PM

    You look amazing! your story is very inspiring I just wanted to say thanks for sharing it.

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Time to get back on track!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Okay, so my sucky eating habits have persisted. I'm now a night grazer. I NEVER was before, even though I know it's a problem for others. All of a sudden, I can't seem to get enough to eat at night, even though I'm probably not hungry.

I've gained a couple pounds - not the end of the world, but enough that I need to get back on track before more damage is done! So I'm renewing my efforts to track all my food, make healthy choices, and exhibit some portion control. I can do this! I take some small comfort that even my WORST days recently haven't been anywhere close to what I used to eat on a daily basis, calorie-wise. I'll take that small victory and build on it!

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GIRLONTOP 11/27/2007 10:34PM

    Fellow night-grazer here. Though the term "grazer" is too forgiving. It's something I haven't even come close to overcoming, especially since my usual bedtime is around 2-3am. It's always a struggle to force myself to not get up and go to the kitchen.

Your small victory is SO right on for me too. I've only been at this for a month and I've had a few days already where I ate way over my calorie range, but I just kept reminding myself that, hey, I used to eat like that every single day---sometimes in a single meal. That's not a small victory at all! You should be super proud of yourself for breaking that habit; it's not easy.

- Diana

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Santa Clarita Half-Marathon!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My running and healthy eating habits have been entirely non-existent the past couple weeks. I can't explain the eating...but I've been having trouble with my legs and foot. I keep waking up with cramps in my legs...not good when you're trying to run in the mornings, and the residual soreness would last all day. I'm also having trouble with a couple toes on my right foot, some localized burning/numbness. Yuck. It was almost enough to make me skip the half today, the event I've trained for over the past 3.5 months. But I had already signed up and paid, so I decided to at least go out and walk the course, if nothing else.

I have a fierce competitive streak, and once the gun sounded and people took off running, I wasn't going to just WALK. Besides, it was cold, and walking wasn't going to do much to warm me up. I started the race running, at a very slow pace. The first mile took me 11:30, an incredibly slow time for me. I struggled for the first three miles, and didn't think I'd run the whole course...I just wanted to make sure I was ahead of the 15-minute pace (because they started opening up the roads), and then I could walk, right?

Of course not. By mile 4, I was feeling better. Not great, but I was hitting my stride despite my foot, and my legs were doing okay. So I kept running. I covered miles 5-7 at a 9 min/mile pace, I was feeling good! But by mile 10, I was starting to feel a little out of shape. It was getting warmer, and I was getting sunburned despite the sunscreen I religiously apply before running. Still, I had made it to the double digits...and I was still running! No way I can quit now. And I didn't...but I was dragging, it took almost 12 minutes to cover the last mile. Still, I finished, and finished strong. The pictures at the finish line should turn out well. My gun time was 2:15:37, my chip time will be a little faster because I started way in the back of the pack.

Aside from a monster blister on one foot, I don't feel too bad. Running doesn't make my foot feel any worse than it does when I'm sitting. Even better, completing today's race has given me new motivation to get back to the healthy eating and regular exercise - because the Pasadena half is in 4 weeks, and I'd love to break 2:00!

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RHALES199 11/4/2007 6:23PM

    Awesome Job at the race today!!!

don't worry about the things in the past. Today is a new day, and a great time to start over!

Here's to the next race--- and you finishing it in under 2 hours!!

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Put a fork in my marriage, it's done!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Done, as in finished and over! I went to court yesterday and the judge granted the divorce. My ex didn't show, and he wasn't expected to. After court I went and changed my phone number, so I don't have to put up with his calls and text messages anymore (which violate the restraining order). I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, even I underestimated the drain the marriage has had on me. Now on to bigger and better getting back on track with eating healthy. Everybody wanted to take me out to eat yesterday, it was horrible and I ate way too much! I feel kinda sick from it today, so there's no chance that today will be a repeat of yesterday.

Yay! Let the waiting period begin. I'm happy to have my life back.


Will somebody explain to me...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why is it the California has a waiting period for divorces? I don't get the premise for this waiting period. My hearing is tomorrow, and the divorce will likely be granted at that time. But it won't be final until 6 months after the date I filed, or February 10th of next year. I don't like being in limbo like that, and I think it's pointless! Maybe it's just because it spans the holiday season, but I really feel like it's keeping me from moving on with my life.

If anything, there should be a waiting period for the marriage. Think of all the hassle that could save down the road.

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GOTARHEELS98 10/15/2007 8:47PM

  i'm not 100% sure, but here in NC, I think the waiting period is a year. I know I didn't wait that long to get married, seems like a long time to wait to get divorced. One of the girls I used to work with filed and she had to wait 12 months before it was final. Seems to me like you've got the right idea, it's backwards. Should have to wait to get married too:)

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SLCOLMAN 10/15/2007 7:12PM

    That is odd. Sorry that you will be in limbo so long!

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