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Walking Across the US

Thursday, August 08, 2013

So in mid July after meeting with my two doctors (internist/family doctor and endocrinologist/thyroid) and seeing how the scale had moved since my last doctor appointments, I knew I needed to make a change. You know how you go through all the excuses of why you are gaining weight instead of losing? I wonder how often the doctors get to hear all of those each day. As a friend posted earlier today, it comes down to one main thing: calories in vs. calories out. My family doctor said this to me as he asked me about my activity level and fitness. What? It's not enough to just make sure I'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day and not drinking soda?

Apparently not. I was replacing the sugary sodas I'd given up with other sweets. Time to make a change. emoticon

I've had a lot of success in the past with the Couch to 5K program, but with school starting again soon I knew it would be difficult to do this. Instead, I've opted to walk on my treadmill for about 40 minutes per day. I watch Netflix on my iPad as I walk and I don't really even notice time passing until my program ends. However, I wanted more motivation.

I started looking for an app that would virtually track my walking progress from the treadmill to "walking across America." In my search, I found a website that does just that: I enter in my goal for how many miles I want to walk/run/cycle each week, then I enter in my daily progress. It shows my progress on a transcontinental map and there are actually photos of the places I visit as I walk. How cool is that?!?

I can choose virtual partners to "race" against who have similar goals/ages/home states, etc. I'm not too far into Virginia yet, but I'm so excited about seeing my progress on that map each day. It's very motivational for me.

Today I was searching through SparkPeople and discovered that there is a SparkTeam for this program! Woohoo! emoticon

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KSNANA2 8/8/2013 11:16PM

    So glad you found this group too. I think they are awesome to help keep me motivated. Welcome!

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ECOAGE 8/8/2013 10:49AM

    I'm glad you found our group! Post your progress. Be seeing you on the road!

Gail (aka ecoage)

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10 reasons I love running!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I completed the C25k program this past fall for the first time and ran my first 5k in October. I had never run before, ever. Around Christmas time this year, I got tonsillitis and then a stomach virus...and I stopped running. Today, with warmer weather and a sunny sky, I slipped on my running shoes and joined the SparkTeam 5k Your Way. It wasn't easy. My muscles forgot how to work. My lung capacity isn't what it used to be. But I ran! After my run, I remember why I like running so much, and I thought I'd share it with you all.

10. Alone time with just my iPod. My favorite songs. :)
9. The wind on my face and the crunch of gravel under my feet.
8. Being able to say to coworkers, "I ran this morning/afternoon" and seeing their puzzled expressions...knowing they think I am crazy for running, but also knowing they are a little bit jealous. emoticon
7. Watching my kids wave to me from the window and pushing a little bit harder. emoticon
6. Knowing that I'm doing something that's good for my body. emoticon
5. The natural high I get from running that gives me more energy than Red Bull. emoticon
4. Cute running clothes. emoticon
3. My competitive edge...I try to improve my time or distance with each run.
2. The way my face gets pink and glows after I run. It makes me feel healthy and alive. emoticon
1. The smoothie I make to reward myself after I run. I only reward myself with smoothies for running, so it's a special treat. I LOVE MY SMOOTHIE!!! emoticon

What motivates you to run? Do you reward yourself with a special treat?

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PUFFPASTRY 2/28/2011 12:48AM

    Wow -- I hope that'll be me someday! I had to put my Couch To 5K dreams on the back burner for a while, until these muscle pain issues resolve for me, and I don't know how long that'll take (so far it's been over a month). But someday, I hope to be someone who's able to walk AND run! emoticon emoticon

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LCORTEZ7 2/27/2011 11:12PM

    I love your reasons! Thank you so much for sharing them. I also finished C25K in the fall and ran my first and only 5K in October. What a blast that was. Once winter came I stopped running and have wanted to get back into it. While reading your blog I sure can relate to the majority of your reasons and it brought a huge smile to my face emoticon awe, sweet memories.....I need to hit the track again. emoticon

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CADYANN1 2/27/2011 8:32PM

    Oooh Joan...those gym skirts are hawt! I want one too!

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JOAN_HEO 2/27/2011 5:45PM

    What a great blog!!!!! I love it!!

My reward at this point is a long hot feels sooo good! My ultimate reward will be one of these...

It's my carrot for running faster and longer and for when I'm closer to goal weight. I'm psyched!

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Making Christmas

Thursday, November 11, 2010

That song from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" is going through my head. Today is my daughter's birthday (she's 9! Ack, my baby is growing up!), and it's Veteran's Day. Our traditional "decorate the house for Christmas" day. Now, I know some of you are probably covering your mouths in horror and protesting that it's not even THANKSGIVING, for heaven's sake! However, my husband is a retail manager and travels quite a lot during what he calls "fourth quarter" and what I call "the Christmas season." If I'm to have any help at all with decorating and preparation, we do it on Veteran's Day.

I'm very prompt about taking all the decorations down before I go back to school in early January, so putting everything up this early gives us a chance to enjoy Christmas.

I'm an Army Brat, and for my entire life (until mid-high school) I lived far, far away from relatives. Many times I was overseas. I don't regret or resent this, because I'm really happy with the experiences I had.

Since my dad retired, we moved close to a lot of relatives. I have a huge extended family. When I was in high school, my grandfather set aside a large part of land that he owned and established a Christmas tree farm. My parents also have an attached Christmas tree farm.

This tree farm season is really a year-round thing. We plant the trees in spring, trim them in the summer, and sell them in late fall. It takes all of us, all the kids, grandkids, make it a success. It draws the whole family together. This season will be our first season without my grandfather. He passed away from colon cancer last fall.

People have already come to pick and mark the trees they want. On Thanksgiving Day, we'll be out there assisting people in cutting their trees, net baling them, and fastening them to their cars with twine. You'd be amazed at how many people go on Thanksgiving Day to get their Christmas tree.

My joy in this season is great. My extended family, which I never really knew when growing up, gets together every weekend to work together selling trees. We share food and warm drinks. The older kids cut trees, the smaller kids haul them, and the smallest ones pass out candy canes to visitors. We stand around talking and laughing while staying warm by a firepit. When our small helpers need a break, we take them inside and do crafts with them. From oldest to youngest, everyone has a role to play.

I know for some people it's hard to see Christmas encroaching already, with Thanksgiving still about two weeks away. But from the time I see that first candy cane in the stores on October 31st, my heart leaps. Take some time this season to enjoy and be thankful for all that you have. Spend time with your family. Make traditions. Today, I'll be "making Christmas" with my family. Whether you "make Christmas" in early November, or on Christmas Eve (we get a horse-drawn wagon every year on Christmas Eve to pick up a tree)...or even if you don't celebrate Christmas...make your season special.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TAMATOS 11/11/2010 7:30PM

    How strange! Now I'm in the mood to watch a movie that features an extremely thin Raggedy Ann doll and an obsessed skeleton! "And they caaaallllll him Santa CLAWS!"

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READNKNIT 11/11/2010 4:09PM

    This sounds like a wonderful tradition! You're so lucky to have this! So are your kids!! Have a "merry" Veterans Day!

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Bloodwork Results

Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, they finally came.

Cholesterol, total: 200 emoticon
Glucose, Serum: 86 emoticon
HDL Cholesterol: 68 emoticon
LDL cholesterol calc: 105 emoticon
T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 2.9 emoticon
Triglycerides: 135 emoticon
VLDL Cholesterol Cal : 27 emoticon

Last year my triglycerides were 308 so I am really celebrating this "victory." My total cholesterol this year was higher, and I'm now officially in the "high" range on their scale for that. My LDL, which has been borderline in the past, is now also "high."

What I can't figure is...why?? I started running three days a week, after living a sedentary lifestyle. I eat tons of fruits and veggies now and drink a lot of water. I eat fish, and oatmeal, and all sorts of things that are cholesterol-lowering foods. I'm a little stumped as to what I'm doing wrong. Going gluten free seems to have really helped with my triglycerides problem though. Happy about that. :)

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SIORANTH 10/30/2010 5:37AM

    Awesome job on that HDL and the triglycerides!

I know drastically watching/cutting saturated fat specifically did crazy things to my LDL (it went from 186 to 44 by doing that and 10 mg of Crestor, in like 9 months). Doesn't matter what else I eat as long as I keep that saturated fat number under like 15 a day on a general basis.

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MZZCHIEF 10/29/2010 3:54PM

    Cady hey!

Great news! So nice to hear that the changes you made in diet and exercise have paid off.

Re: giving up the gluten... sometimes it takes as long as two years for the gut to heal. And that's if you don't have any "slip ups", food with hidden gluten or just falling off the wagon temporarily.

So just look at your cholesterol numbers as a work in progress... they are heading in the right direction.

Don't know you well enuf to know if you take fish oil, but that will raise your HDL, which is a good thing. HDL is like a hollow ball that scoops up cholesterol that's been deposited in the arteries and takes it back to the liver to be reprocessed into bile salts or VLDL where it can be used by cells all over the body. Additionally, it helps lower triglycerides.

Either fish or Krill oil do the trick. I do both. I like Carlson's finest lemon flavor fish oil, put it on my salad and broccoli which increases the absorption of the oil soluable vitamins in the veggies... vits A, K, E. You do need to store this in rhe fridge.

Have a fun day and mischievous Halloween weekend!
: )

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READNKNIT 10/29/2010 11:33AM

    Genetics has a lot to do with cholesterol. There's only so much you can do to fight family history. You might be doing everything right. Dont' beat yourself up.

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MACMOM57 10/29/2010 9:34AM

    You will figure it out. You have changed some of them maybe it takes a little longer for the others. Good luck.

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