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Big surprise!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I've been working really hard at my karate lately. I am getting to where I am more flexible then I was a few months back, plus I do see a change in my sleep pattern. I have lost a total of 8lbs now and 5 inches in legs and arms. I have lots of great support from my family. My 13 yr old grandson attends with me 2x a week and more when he doesn't have school work. But last night I got the best surprise old all.....the master instructor handed my husband a karate uniform and invited him to be part of the school.

what an you have to understand the hubby is 61, works 40hrs a week plus as Trauma X-Ray tech and since the school opened he has been laying down hardwood floors, tile work and trim. I have been doing the painting. Well, the worked a deal so grandson and I could have 4yrs of lessons with belt promotions and weapons. Last night to invite my hubby in and not cost was blessing.

We work very well together and the master has been impressed with what my hubby accomplishes all the time. My hubby and grandson are my biggest supporters. Now the 3 of us will really rock this world.

You have no idea how happy I am to have my hubby doing this with me. Just 5 1/2yrs ago he was on an operating having his chest cracked open and and having a 5 way heart bypass. He has come back now to this point and I know all 3 of us will really do well. The competition level is high, but just to have the extra support and help means the world to me.

What can I say, I am blessed, happy, thankful and just down right proud...I know now that the rest of the 40lbs I have to lose will come off and I will be doing the full s!plits and full stretching soon.

Well, off to finish my computer work for morning and then get lunch ready so hubby can go to work and I will practice before class tonight...iI'll return again to let you know our progress...hugs to all!

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HORSEY177 1/14/2013 6:42PM

    Howdy Bee...I have read with interest about the tile work and the Karate and it is just so awesome! It does my heart good to read of other women who have the ability to do work with tile (I did my kitchen counter tops and back walls while my husband was out on the road) It also brought to mind of when I decided to take Tai Kuan Do with my sons instead of just dropping them off for their classes while I went shopping. It was soooo great, which I am sure you are discovering. We would go to the classes together and then practice what we learned at the house (where the boys usually ganged up on me and the game was 'Beat The Crap Out Of Mom While Giggling Along With Her'! ) The discipline and structure your kids will get from the Karate instruction and 'code of truth and honesty' along with the valuable time you all will get to spend together will help to form them into wonderful adults. I applaud you and your husband for making sure you are part of this activity in their lives!!! emoticon

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Finally making headway!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I started Karate back in Oct. Nothing seem to be happening, then this last week before vacation I was down 10lbs and 5 inches!!!!

I am almost 60 yrs old and the instructor let me start back at karate at green belt where I left off 30yrs ago. I can't jump high or stretch out real far, but with practice I am stretching further then I have in ages and if I can keep my balance, I can kick....lost balance off jump kick the other night and fell on kness (OUCH) yes it hurt...but just buised and not broken and able to walk just fine.

I am going to be my black belt one of these days. I love this because I don't have to exercise alone and my grandson helps me alot. He will be promoted to Green belt this week, we will be on same ground and he is getting to be a great little instructor.

I just never thought I would get this chance again, but I am loving it and will stay with it for as long as I can. Never say you can't do matter what age. You can if you really want it bad enough. I have my down times, but those are few and far between.

Go for your dreams and you will succeed...hugs for now!!!!

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SPARKLEMAMMY 12/18/2012 7:08AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COXBETH 12/17/2012 3:03AM

    I love finding a way to enjoy fitness rather than suffer though it! Doing something as a family also sounds just brilliant. :)

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Making little changes

Friday, May 04, 2012

Change can be good. I am going to make little changes in my life and in my one team. They know who they are and I hope they are excited. If not now they will be.

Change can also be bad if you don't do things right. I am looking at a new exercise routine, but feel that I don't want to start it until this coming Monday as I like to start fresh. My weekends are for relaxing and recharging. Today is date lunch with hubby and time to enjoy seeing him without others bugging us.

Today is also Friday...end of a weird, hard week. At least I know now there is still some family around that will be nice to me and talk. Not sure about some others yet, time will tell. It is their lose not mine if they chose to believe lies told to them because some people were greedy.

Life is good and we all have our flaws, but if we did not, and we were perfect, well, we sure would not be here on earth.

I hope you all have a great day, weekend and treat others the way you want to be treated, and remember anything you say, will come back on keep it nice!!!!!,!!


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ASHAIXIM 6/14/2012 4:04PM


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SLIMCHANCE5 5/4/2012 11:05AM

    Hi Bee
If you are like me - change can be exciting, as long as its my choice to make the changes! LOL!! I recently made some dietary changes, and Im not sure if that is the reason I have been feeling so great lately - and have lots of energy!
As for the problems with your family- I feel that if you have family members that arent talking to you because of lies they listened to, then they dont really know YOU do they? I dont think I would be concerned with how they feel!
MY niece just posted a beautiful comment on facebook that says it so well-

"What is love? Its not controll, resentment, judgment or anger so why is it that those are the feelings we tend to show our loved ones all in the "name of love"

Isnt that beautiful! But then, she is such a sweet, beautiful and wise woman!

I too wish you have a great day, weekend and life...

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Still around and looking for a walking partner

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm still here. After 6 years of being here, I need to find another walking partner. I live in NW Austin, Texas about one minute from Lakeline Mall. I would like to find someone to walk with me at least 4 days a week either morning or early evening at the mall. I have very bad allergies and the outside just does not work well for me..even with allergy meds.

I feel good about me, but I need to trim off some of this belly fat. I am starting a new workout plan next week that I just got out of my Prevention Mag. It is simple enough, but hard enough that I can do this. I don't like to start in middle of week, so I am walking on the treadmill daily until MOnday..then the new workout...

I hope that someone will be nice and partner up with me. I like to walk, I just an no good at exercise by myself. I spend lots of my time alone, so exercise is not one time that I want to..

Please, come be my partner. If you are interested, mail here or go to my sparkpage to see my other email address...I will be watching...I don't bite, haresse, embrass, or anything else. I just am human and need some help.

As for the rest of my life, well, after 40yrs of marriage, I am still looking forward to 40yrs more and have most everything I need. I am happy with marriage and most of my life. Working on a few areas behind the senses and only others can make the changes that need to happen there. I have made the first step forward...

I love my kids and my grandson...Love to travel and can't for our next trip...hugs and love to anyone and all out there reading this today...

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GAL7288 5/3/2012 4:01PM

    I really hope you find someone to work out with, I wish I lived closer, and if i did i would definitely be your partner. Don't get discouraged you will find something that works for you and you will see the results you have been looking for.

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Still working my way back to something normal and smaller ME!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I hate to exercise!!!!! Plain and simple. I don't find it fun, relaxing or anything. I find it to be a big chore every time I decided to get on treadmill and walk or just sit on the balance ball. I was never in PE in school as a teen as I have an undeveloped disc in my lower back and never had to work exercise into my life style. I was always 99 pounds until I hit 40 or there there abouts.

I never have had to watch my weight or count calories or not eat anything...I could eat a whole large pizza at 16 and never gain an ounce. I could to things and just be skinny. Now, life after 40 has hit.

After I hit 40 weight came on and it seems like overnight. People who use to know me, say I look good and that the weight is not bad on me. I look back at pictures and I was sick looking. I am eating healthy now. Smaller portions and several meals during the day, but have to watch the carbs...the weight just piles on with carbs...bread, rice, I try to stay way from them maybe once or twice a week. Still not losing, but have found out VIT D is low and need to get cholestrol back down some. I don't have heart troubles, I am not diabetic, I do not have thyroid problems. I guess I am just down right lazy.

But if I am lazy then lots of other people are sure lazier. I clean house daily (3000 sq ft) I do laundry, make meals for hubby and I, take care of grandson when we have him home, and take care of two dogs. I have stopped playing all but 3 games in facebook and only go there once or twice a day for an hour....then I try to stay active just walking around the house. Of course here in TExas we are running 100+ F and it is hard to stay cool walking around all day. I like warm but this heat is jusd down right hot!!! Don't send me snow either!!!

Anyway, just blowing off steam and making excuses. I am me, I am a wife married 40yrs, have 2 grown kids, one grandson, almost 60yrs old, and I do like me...may not like my weight, or some of my habits...but I like how do I get around liking exercise!!!!

OH, and by the way, I weigh174lbs, 5ft 2inches and I'm 57....according to things I read I should weigh about 120lbs and I am morbily obese also.!!!!! Get a life....I need to drop some pounds, but I am not morbidly obese. !!!! 400lbs and 4ft morbidly obese....

So, if someone in NW Austin wants to walk the mall at Lakeline with me daily, let me know....that would be a great start, but I'm not walking alone!!!!! Need to pushing!!!!

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KEKEIKO 7/2/2011 8:46PM

    I think for women the hormones get out of wack as we get older and it's hard to drop weight. I'd like to know who comes up with these charts to say who's obese. Size 14 is obese but I think that is the average American woman size is 12/14. Not everyone can be a stick figure. Wishing your success on your journey. Hugs, Keke

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