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going nowhere......

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Staying active--doing something most days, still doing stairs at work. Hubby got me an exercise program for the kinect--it kicked my butt!! He said he hadnt seen me that out of breath in a long time!! Eating ok--probably not the best I could but definitely not out of control.....and yet I see no change. I guess its my turn for a long plateau........Feeling like a hamster on a running wheel.........going nowhere fast..........but i am sticking to it! I will get those last 30 pounds someday!

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MOMFAN 7/9/2011 12:13AM

    You can do it! Keep the focus and you will see results!

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CASCADE21 7/8/2011 12:11PM

    Keep it up... you can do it!!!

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PJGOOD123 7/8/2011 10:40AM

    I think variety is the key. Go back to the beginning and track, track, track, measure, measure, measure. You'll probably kick start everything again. I'm trying to do that myself and I'm single. It is tough when I get busy and don't remember to drink my water or eat enough. emoticon

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SWEETZMIX 7/8/2011 8:56AM

Keep at it! And with the new workout your hubby got you, you can use it to switch it up. Play around with your exercises, what your eating, how many calories, the amount of water you drink and ect. to help bust you through that plateau.

Good luck!

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QUILTINANDI1 7/7/2011 3:19PM

  I was on a plateau for over a year, kept gaining and losing the same ten pounds. I stuck with it, changed up my eating and exercise, and have finally broken through. Keep going, you CAN DO IT!! emoticon

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birthday party

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Going to have the family over to celebrate my birthday--should be fun --but going to be lots of food to avoid. Hoping I have willpower to make the best choices!

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MOMFAN 7/4/2011 12:20AM


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CXNLITTLE 7/3/2011 11:17AM

    You can do it! Have a great time!

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still climbing those stairs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have continued to take the stairs---will that third flight ever get easier? The quads burn from the third to the 6th--thats the most I can do at one time...but I am sticking to it! I do have to confess I have been in the elevator a couple times but it is when I have to carry equipment up or down. This is an improvement from before when I would only do the stairs if it was one flight. I will take the success &keep moving forward! emoticon

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CXNLITTLE 6/23/2011 3:26PM

    Great job! One stair at a time emoticon

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MOMFAN 6/23/2011 1:20PM

    You climb girl, just keep climbing! You got this!

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TERP_TERP 6/23/2011 10:55AM

    emoticon I think they do get easier with time!

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SWEETZMIX 6/23/2011 7:51AM


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oh the trouble with sugar!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Its been frustrating-------after my surgery(had a bout a foot of my colon removed...) I was able to return to eating pretty normal-- but for the past 3-4 weeks I have suddenly started having difficulty digesting some of my food. As it turns out it seems to be the sugars---which is not terrible, but I seem to have some problems with anything that breaks down into any sugar-------creating the most unbearable gas I have ever experienced---and it doesnt smell pleasant either ( ok...TMI). I am finding I can have absoolutely nothing with sugar, have to be careful about natural sugars in fruit as well--I can eat them but have to spead it out over the day, breads can be a problem, beans,pasta & vegetables too........its crazy! So the good out of this --is it naturally makes me want to avoid the bad stuff --but I have to be careful about some of the healthy stuff too. I am learning.... but it has taken some reinforcement. I have always allowed myself a little treat now & then--but its not so good anymore. The instant gratification is soon overshadowed by the terrible belly ache!
I have continued my journey on the stairs--the last 2 days I have not enterred the elevator at all! that feels good. I am in the journey to succeed--and I am sticking to it no matter what!

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GENELDABELDA 6/11/2011 4:24PM

    Sorry to hear about the pain....I have been there and it seems like there is no relief in site. Don't get discouraged...just keep keeping on! You can do it! emoticon

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MOMFAN 6/11/2011 2:58PM


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MISSY0356 6/11/2011 10:51AM

    sorry to hear about your surgery, interesting that your body is letting you know just how bad sugar is!! If we all listened more carefully to our bodies we would all be much better off. Great that you are taking the stairs you are well on your way to a very successful journey to healthiness!!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I have decided to make a commitment to the stairs. I have been doing them more often at work--past 2 weeks bypassing the elevators and taking the stairs. Flight of stairs at work is 26 steps---and wow--its getting easier!
what i have noticed so far......
*not as winded today when going up 2 flights--yeah!!
*starting to see some quad definition---now I know that is from the stairs!!
*I am getting exercise built into my day!! yeah!!
*I feel good about bypassing the elevator

what I am looking forward to....
*the day I can do all 11 flights 286 stairs all at once & not be short of breath (well maybe just a little bit winded...) and not feel the burn in my quads.
* beating the elevator up all those stairs........hmm not sure that will really happen--but hey I can hope for it!

Feels good!

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MOMFAN 6/1/2011 2:43PM


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CXNLITTLE 6/1/2011 10:51AM

    Just keep working at it and you will make it! Great job at your progress!

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I.M.MAGIC 6/1/2011 9:38AM

    I used to beat the elevator up three stories every day--ah, those were the days! LOL

I don't know if I'll ever be able to do that again--just walking is enough of a challenge right now! LOL But I love the attitude!

You keep working at it, hope is a wonderful thing!

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