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Jack of Spades

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hm....the Jack of Spades,

Saturday night, grocery shopping, got to be to work at 11 am.

Sunday night, got back from my grocery shopping, only I have to clean the oven before I can bake my stuff. Euch!

Sideline......did I do my part to support somone? I don't think so. At work, there are two up and coming people who are trying to become the leaders and they are tring to edge out another long term employee. I hadn't worked the day shift for a while and when I did work there today the climate was different, but I was busy trying to stay in the routine and I had some goof ups this week and I was trying to make a comeback from it. Anyway, I was out of hearing range, when I heard the older employee say in response to one of the wannabe leaders~~the long time employee said a bad word, in fact several, in front of customers. Only the wanabe leader knew what buttons to push. That was my take on it. I didn't have an opening to ask what thee details were of the long term employee, yeah, she should be responsible for herself, yet, being isolated in the work place is no fun. Update, I was wrong, she was really being a pest.

A different kind of reward~~consistency at getting my hair done and waxed~~not in the same places. I have been blessed with lots of hair, enough said. I have had six hair cuts with the same person and she has taken me from permed clown look to a more modern me. And my brows are actualy shapped to my face. It hasn't been a do this and then get this sort of reward.

Ok, cleaned the floor, and put my stuff in a pan on top of the stove. And my celery in a pan in the sink, breaking it apart and cleaning it. And eating it, what a snack!

I had one cup of coffee yesterday and 16 oz of soda today, will be glad to get back to eating healthy tomorrow. I stopped at a chilli place tonight and had a salad and a plate of chilli spaghetti.....I always go there when I'm trying to sort things out.

Remind me to put my remaining potatoes and celery and onions into the crock pot for soup..........It can cook tomorrow.

Rats, I don't like it on a Monday morning when I didn't set the alarm right, rather reset it. Uch!

Tuesday~~uch, my resident manager is wacky, and she does monthy water leak checks. If the owne wasn't on the propertty, I'd be looking for another place. I stay because I like the apartment, and Im' not sure that I can find another that I like as well. Anyway, I called off work to make sure my apartment is clean. I'm angry at myself because I'm reacting to her. She issn't professional. For breakfast~~apple diced, raisins, pecans~~sat down to eat it for a couple of minutes even though I'm surface cleaning, that's it. I like to deep clean, not surface clean. Ok, valuable lesson hre! Guess that falls under "Eating for a purpose".....onward now, rest period over!

I wonder what soy milk tastes like.

My dark chocolate candy bar is a good choice, I'm not abusing it and I'm eating only the squares that I figured for the day. Now, I want to reduce the number of squares by one. To three.

Well, with the temp job, I've been asked to work the next project. I'm glad that I used this project to get my eating into whack. Use to be, that if I packed, it was monotonous and I wasn't able to go the entire week, and this time I have.

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HEALTHY4ME 4/25/2008 8:10AM

    Still doing good - great going!!!! soy milk well I used to use it when dh had it, but can only put it in my cereal. He has now gone to rice milk as he tolerates that better, it too only goes in my cereal. He says both are fine but rice was better.
Hope this new temp position is good too and you are able to keep up the great job with your lunches.

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10 of Spades

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday evening.
I found a park nearby where the temp job is. And I'm not working tonight at the part time thing. So, I walked a 1.8 trail with a gorge and a waterfall nearby. And there was also a Parcourse trail whre there are outside stations to exercise at. Awesome. I went on part of it. And one of the most memorable things was this one where you lie at an angle with your head up, extend the arms overhead and grab onto a silver rod and then bring your legs up as high as you can. Well. right, I need some practice on it. But the most motivating part was the view of the ceiling. Which was outdoors with the tree limbs and mere sprouts of leaves, and the clouds beyond. What a great reward after a busy week!

The lunch packing is going better. I just need to force feed myself a piece of fruit or veggies at the afternoon break. Will eat it after the first bite. But it's yuck until I do, so I head for the vending machine. Will work on this. I also figured out that if my lunch is packed somehow and put into the car, so I don't eat it in the middle of the night, then wake up about 10 minutes early, then I can get to the gym........and SWIM! What more can I say?

--Sunday eveningWell, I got my groceries, just needed frozen veggies, that was pretty much it. Now I need to pack my lunches, I think that I will focus on how many calories are in each day's lunch. And as for the vendingg machine? Well, I got some chocolate bars. I'll put a half or a fourth in for each day. See if that helps me stay away from there.

I'll better plan the meal thing. I had been going so hard for the three weeks, that I let up this weekend and went back to my old habits. but I became more aware of what my thinking is. One thought that I have is~~well, I've been doing well, it won't hurt this time to let up and give myself a break. I thought that each time that I went past my favorite ice cream places.

Tuesday evening~~I worked an extra shift on Sunday because they were short and tonight I called off because my body said, enough.

I also wonder if some of the feeling that I'm having is from a healthy feeling good again that I'm not use to. After a crappy weekend, I began eating better at work. My kitchen is finally stocked with healthy food, that I can buy quickly at the store, and I have the containers that I need for packing my lunches. No easy task, it has taken a long time for me to figure out what to do and how to do it. This week, now, it's getting easier to get the things done in the morning. Only tonight, the no laundry caught up, and I just felt different. Then I wondered later, if my body isn't feeling better and I'm not sure what that feels like. I need to clarify that, in that, I was really sleep deprived, and I wasn't listening to my body. So, tonight when I called in for the part time job, I slept. I'm refreshed, but I still feel different.

I bought 4 hershey's dark chocolate bars and one serving is four little squares. I froze them, and on Monday, I broke off the four squares and I packed them, only I don't know what happened to them. Go figure. I like tore my lunch bag apart. Ok, lol, I conceded, and said, the vending machine won........and I replaced it with one of their candy bars.

Thursday, I had a better feel for eating throughout the day and not eating during the evening. At my breaks, I'm eating my veggies at the first break, eating celery and carrot sticks on the way to work, lunch~~it's chicken and some fruit, and for afternoon break, it's some soup.

Now, I'll try watching my portion control by learning to eat slower and try to eat when I'm hungry. I don't know how others do that when they have to eat on breaks and lunch times only.

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HEALTHY4ME 4/18/2008 9:04AM

    YOu are still doing great, I am so impressed with all the thought you are bringing into your eating. you will conquer the vending machine lol
I agree with that last part about how to do this when you only can eat on breaks ect. I have a supper break anywhere from 5-6:45 as there are two shifts then dont get another break till I sit and do my charting at about 10. So hard cos dont want to eat that late, but then get home and want to eat....
When home for the day, I do not too bad.
But trying to do the intuitive eating but sure isnt as easy as it was the first few days.
Now have a chest cold, something I dont get often but oh well. hope it leaves soon. I worked hard wed and thur outdoors so today a bit of indoor stuff then rest, relax, yoga, ssauna and gear up for Night shift on weekend. YUk.

Comment edited on: 4/18/2008 9:03:23 AM

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9 of Spades, lifestyle changes are hard

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm eating a variety of foods and packing them individually. I don't like most things mixed. The bulk of my lunch packing is in the containers I use.

lol, I'm committed to eating right for myself, and right now that also means a really busy lifestyle. Anyway, I didn't buy cat food, the kind that is best for my cat's. and last night, my siamese was really hungry in the middle of the night. And he meowed untli I woke up.

Over, and over a know how that feels, those middle of the night hunger pangs. Well, I guess I'll keep my promise today and stop quickly and get their brand. My siamese will not eat and get terribly thin, I don't need that. And it's too long to ask him to wait for several days until it suits my schedule. It's th only time that they wake me up, otherwise, they rest besides me or on a blanket somewhere.

I should have walked out the door 4 minutes ago, but I havent' as of yet. I feel like a tire that has been driven hard for a long time. Now I see a destination at the end, and I'm wanting to cave in.

This is the 17th day of working two jobs and I didn't want to pack my lunch today, I wanted to stop by and get some things at the deli.
Then I looked in my cubbard and found some things.
It's hard to make lifestyle changes.

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HEALTHY4ME 4/11/2008 9:33AM

    WOW 17 days so far, you are doing awesome!!! I can imagine how tired you must be. When will you have a day off or some time for you?? I hope all goes well with all this extra you are putting in.
thinking of you Cindy

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8 of Spades--successful meal planning and eating!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yeah!!!! Bravo for me!!!!! This is so great!!!!!

Well, I wish that i knew more about pineapples. I bought one. And I sat it in the middle of my kitchen floor for a couple of days. I didn't want to put it into my refrig, because I would have lost it in there. Tonight I cut half of it into chunks. And now, I need to run errands, so, how long will the thing keep after it's cut open?

Maybe not for long, because it is really good, I've been nibbling on it. And it is really thirst quenching, for sure!

I put it in a plastic container, and chunked it into bitesized pieces and I've taken it in my lunch on two of the three days and it's realy good!

Again, put it in my lunch and I had to do mindless tasks which required me to take facts and then use their judgement as to how to come up with the answers and grade them. There was so many to do, that by the end of the day it became a mindless task. So I came out and on the way home, a straight road with lots of lights for 8 miles, I played the classic music radio and ate celery. More and more of it.....I just chunked on it left and right.

My Saturday work schedule got switched around and I had an opening to swim and I chose to go to the other job and work some hours there. I also had a chance to swim this am, but chose to pack my lunches. I have a variety of foods and I've divided the foods into the days of the week better.

I guess I'm not trusting that exercise will improve my life.....

----I'm tired! But successful. This week I've worked extra hours and have been gone from 8am to 11 pm. And I have packed my lunch and supper each day so far and I have things for my lunch tomorrow. Yes, I've had a couple of milkshakes and a can of pepsi, but the bigger picture is that I've taken a combination of fruits and veggies, and the others at my lunch table are now looking at my lunch to see what the veggie of the day is. NO coffee from that is provided. I've cut way back. WhoHoo!

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HEALTHY4ME 4/4/2008 6:30PM

    YAHOOO! and wow those are very long days, dont let yourself get too beat or this healthy living will be harder! I am very impressed and now since I am working nights 11pm-7am tonight and sat night, i will go get my brocolli, cauliflower, pepper, and carrot and celery cut and ready to take. i am taking enough for the 2 of us. only 2 on shift at night ( small nursing home 30 people)
so great going and good for you. I hope to have this way of life under control sometime!

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7 of spades, putting it all together

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess, I've been putting my foundation in to place for this lifestyle thing from Sparks, and time to get rolling on putting the house up! And see these life style changes in place, and if I can get thinner and be one of the 5% who keep it off.

Dave Ramsey has a radio show about budget control, and his advice to people is eating beans and rice.

Your $30.00 a month is the same as $1.00 a day. So I would start with a bag of rice, uncooked and a bag of beans, dried. And measure out how many days portions would be in that bag. Then I would add a carton of eggs, and figure out how far that would go. Then I would add a bag of apples

That is how I would start! Then I would add a bag of potatoes, cause they go far. Then I would get to Aldi's and buy cans of vegetables.

Big challenge, two jobs this week. Scared and wondering how I'll get exercise done, and if I'll resort to bad foods?

Working two jobs for a while. Taking my food with me, Day 1, packed good, hope this is the beginning of a trend! Tried jumping jacks in the bathroom and it was a chore. Maybe it will get easier.

I got a temporary job, 35 hours a week daytime, so I arranged my hours at the othr place for the evenings. That means I'm up at the same time, and got to be on the clock at 8:30 with breaks and lunch break and then clock out when they say. It's something else. Tonight was the first time that I didn't work the evening hours and I crashed at the computer, and I almost started to cry. So, I got some library books which are overdue of course, and I walked a mile to the library and back. I'm from Northwest Ohio where the Black Swamp was and it was the last place in Ohio to be settled. The skys are often gray there and we had animals in the winter that had to be fed. It was in the days before pole lights and we would walk to the barn simetimes in the darkness and the cold, for sometimes the weather got down to below zero, but our animals needed to be tended to.

There is something very refreshing about going outside in the cold, rain, snow (never refreshing to go out in the ice, for sure). It has always revived my spirit. And sometimes when I get homesick, it is for the clear skies, and the quiet of the country side. Anyway, tired, ready to cry, frustrated at the world, and wondering how I was going to make it with these two jobs even though they blend.......the walk did me well.

Well, clean floors, again, great, it had gotten ahead of me!

Water in the water bottle. walked to work. 44 oz gone in no time

My reply to having $30.00 to spend for a month on eating.
Egg salad sandwich

My own egg boiled.
I use the mayonaise, mustard, pickle relish from the deli in those little packets. One each per egg.


If I could get my stuff around for tomorrow, tonight, I could hit the swimming pool for tomorrow, I've got some things cooking already for my lunch.

Look, I've been taking my food for the day in a giant bag,......a bag lady of sorts, I guess......but it is working.

Cleaning the kitchen, well, getting the dishes done isn't happening, but I am starting to put water in the dishes that I do dirty, so when I do need to clean them it's going a whole lot faster.

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HEALTHY4ME 3/28/2008 2:13PM

    Hugs to you while you get through all these changes and way to go on bringing your lunches with you.
Hope all gets sorted out and you get time for your swimming.

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