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Changing my Ways

Monday, March 03, 2014

Hello Everyone! I know its been a while, and it will probably be a while after this until I get a routine under my belt.

And update on my life recently: I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby boy! This is exciting to me because I have had infertility issue for a long time. It took me and my husband 7 years to conceive (although part of that time we hadn't been trying, but also not preventing).

I got my First Big Positive in August, but lost the baby at 9 weeks, then immidiately got pregnant again and am doing great! I just love feeling him kick, because its the greatest feeling in the world as a person who only wanted one thing in life, and thats to be a mother!

As of weight loss, I managed to get down to 162lbs, from 181lbs which was my lowest in almost 3 years. Then getting pregnant with this one, I am slowing working my way back up, although I know that's part of the process. HOWEVER, I know because I lost the weight before, I can do it again. It may be hard, but its also achievable! It works if you put your mind to it!

I have decided that once the baby arrives, I would like to try Weight Watchers, as that's the only one I haven't tried, (and just want the experience with it) and incorporate SparkPeople, because lets face it... You guys are the reason I can do this! I love the family that I have grown to know and love, as well as the vast amount of information right at my fingertips. Such motivation is not only helpful, but for me, its needed! Thank you!

Next is my career. Although currently I am still in a pharmacy, I plan to become a personal trainer. :) This excites me because I love the idea of helping others gain health through exercise, which a lot of us greatly lack. So I am currently in an bachelor of exercise science program at my University getting as much knowledge as possible! I love love love it!

Finally, I have entered what I would call the "FiloFax" world. Although I wasn't sure how it would work for me, I purchase a cheaper version of a FiloFax planner, (I got a DayRunner from Staples) because I didn't want to spend the money if I wasn't going to use it. However, this year I decided I really needed to get organized. Especially with the baby coming! So the past 2 days, I have put together and designed the way I want a planner to work for me, and so far I am LOVING it! Its really helping me full my motivation to get everything done. Once I really decide how well its going to go, I plan to upgrade to the real deal, and fork over the money. But it will be a while. :)

Well Lady's and Gentlemen,
Until Next Time!

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NANCYPAT1 3/4/2014 8:30AM

    CONGRATULATIONS on the baby - plenty of time to lose the weight once he is in your life and as long as you are eating healthy and taking care of both YOU and that little boy, you will find it will all come off just fine. Be blessed and count your blessings every day - there is no greater JOY or challenge than having a new life entrusted to your care.

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The end of the week!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Although I have some stuff to do tomorrow, Im happy its the weekend!

Had yet another fabulous run today of a full mile, and cut off 2 minutes from my time :D

Tomorrow's events: Marching band performance at 8am (Yuck!), work from 9-2, gym time where I plan to run and lift, and then home for homework and chili :D Finally its cold enough that its chili time which means Noms! Now I just need to make sure I dont over eat lol.

Well, till tomorrow Spark Family!

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PRINCESS_SOFI 11/2/2013 7:21PM


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A very proud moment!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So I dont know if you watch The Biggest Loser, but I do. Its very inspiration to me, for 2 reasons. One is the contestants who lose countless amounts of weight over a 3 month period and re-discover themselves. Two is the trainers. Day in and day out they work with people who fight, poke, cry, puke, and fight the system.

What makes me so intrigued by these trainers is that they make sure the contestants KNOW that they are capable of such things that they never thought possible. Both with the mental aspect of "loving yourself", as well as its all mind over matter... Simple as that.

Here is my proud moment:

3 days ago I stepped foot in my gym after a little over 3 months. I had had problems with a new medicine that made the gym not a great place to discover the side effects, then found out I was pregnant, then suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks. Needless to say, my mind and body have been stretched to its very limits of coping with situations and believing that I am wonderful (I did not take the miscarriage well, as my husband and I had been trying for over 3 years with no success).

Finally after realizing that there was nothing else to do, and my body going through what it did was not an excuse that I couldnt get on that treadmill, I decided that without a doubt I was going to my gym... Finally.

Went in, did my warm up by walking and starting to run (at a very slow 4.2mph). Let me clarify, I can not run for more than a couple minutes. I'm terrible at running, and frankly, I HATE IT! There is no other way to state this fact of life. Well... When I started running I started to think about what a biggest loser trainer would say. "Mind over matter". Its not like your legs are going to fall off, and you're not going to die from running those extra 7, 8, or even 11 minutes from your normal 2. So just keep going... and going... and going. Before I knew it, I had ran a mile. My legs felt like Jello, and it was sweating more than I think I ever had... but I did it.

Fast forward to next day: Went the rails and trails. Long story short... not going to kill me, so I did it again. Another mile....

Fast forward to today: Went to the my local college practice football field on campus and ran laps. 5 to be exact, in the tall grass that was extremely painful in terms of resistance. Ran more than a mile! I have ran a mile or more 3 times this week! Without stopping!

I dont think I have ever been so proud of myself ever. I will use this method of "mind over matter" when I eventually become a personal trainer which is a goal of mine!

Although very sore, So very proud of myself, which is an amazing feeling to have... :D

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PMCLAUGHLIN2 11/1/2013 2:28PM

  That's awesome! I use the biggest loser for the same motivation but you are doing better than me with the running. A mile is a great accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. emoticon

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HARRINGTON5 10/30/2013 10:30AM

    Congratulations! I love the Biggest Loser and it always inspires me to get going with my exercise. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage, especially after trying for so long, but you have the right attitude. You are moving on and that is important. You are making great strides in your running and have shown yourself that you can do it. I too thought about being a personal trainer, but decided I didn't want to have to worry about the insurance. I live in a retirement community and it was necessary to be fully covered. I did become a certified running coach and I enjoyed that until I wore out the cartilage in my knee. Now I have to be content with power walking and a very slow jog. Good luck to you. Keep up the good work.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Insanity, Cancer, and overall Progress

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A little bit of everything, so in other words, I just wanted to talk a bit :)

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BITZY95 9/3/2013 9:35AM

    U R a ledgend!! U really make me smile and u surely know how to find the best out of everything!! KEEP IT UP!! loove the vlogs!! :)

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NANCYPAT1 5/6/2013 5:32PM

    Thanks for this blog - it was really inspirational.

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STR458 5/6/2013 9:25AM

    emoticon Keep up the good work! I'm discovering ways to doll up vegetables too!

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ADAMSMOB 5/6/2013 8:35AM


You're doing the insanity workout with all of the things you have to endure? emoticon I salute you!!!!! And you should be proud of yourself! You are a real inspiration to me emoticon. Congrats on the 8lb weight loss as well. emoticon emoticon Cancer is a very hard topic for me because I lost my niece, aunt and a very good friend to this disease. I will make sure to include you in my prayer.

God Bless

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kinda a long video, but Im still proud! So feel free to watch to make me smile :D

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AZUREBREEZES 5/1/2013 1:20AM

  I was deeply touched by your heartfelt expression of your Vlog. I was moved by your story. You are so eloquent and expressive. Such a nice combination. Keep up the great work. Make sure to stop by the Spark Vloggers Spark Team to help us come up with a challenge for the coming week.

Wenona Morning Star Gardner
Leader of the Spark Vloggers Spark Team

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LADYSMITHC 4/28/2013 12:48PM

    I'm going to look for your tomato bisque soup recipe on SP! I love a good tomato soup especially one WITHOUT Natural Flavorings! HAHA
I can't have the flour but I can sub out some rice flour or something like that!
I had vegan sour cream the other day at a restaurant. It was fabulous. I think I'll look to buy some of that sour cream to top the soup with emoticon
I made it to the end of the video!
ta dah!
Continued success to YOU!

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STR458 4/28/2013 8:41AM

    emoticon you are a cutie! emoticon thanks for vlogging
(I'm smiling now)

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PEGLEGN64 4/28/2013 1:04AM

    Hi Butterflyer246, I have been taking the Garcinia Cambogia also. I do feel it curbs my appetite. On the days I take it. I know I should everyday. I just started it this month. Im going to try it a few months and see if it helped to loose faster than the last few months without it. There is a gal on U -Tube who has showed her vlogs on there every week or so. She has been loosing with it. She shares her struggles like the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your Vlog. I watch them all to the end. I don't want to miss out on anything. They keep me motivated.
emoticon emoticon

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ETERNAL_FLAME 4/27/2013 7:53PM

    It's so nice to see someone excited by their progress! Thanks for sharing :) Best of luck with the rest of your journey :) E_F x

emoticon emoticon

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JAMBABY0 4/27/2013 6:10PM

    Awesome, thanks for sharing and you should be proud!

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