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I love coach nicole, but.....

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I am soooo bored of her workout videos!

Don't get me wrong, they have been lifesavers to me for a long time and I credit them largely with my weight loss to date...especially the cardio kickboxing video. And I find Coach Nicole to be a down-to-earth, nice person in them and not annoying or ridiculous like some workout video hosts.

But as I said, I am bored with them.

This poses a BIG PROBLEM for me.

I LOVE to run. In college, when I had a few pounds to lose, I followed a light running routine and loved it.

Problem is, I am currently living in mexico in a neighbourhood without a park and the roads are not really safe for running. I am heart broken. Also, I am a SAHM to a wonderful 16 month old boy, and have no opportunity to join a gym for access to treadmills.

So I guess I am just feeling kinda bummed. I really like looking forward to workouts and this is just dragging me down. I am kinda worried that this will affect my good eating habits.

I really need to find something else (indoors) to do.

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SKIRNIR 3/8/2011 10:34PM

    I used to switch on my ipod with my headphones and do a track in the house, walking. Now I have been doing stair climbing. A step to do some stepping on can be a good workout.

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    Dance, dance, dance. Your baby will love it too.

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VEDDIE78 3/8/2011 3:15PM

    You could try some workout dvd's. During the winter that is what I use since it's cold, snowy and dark out when I get out of work. I like her videos too but I get bored easily when it comes to workouts, so I have a few differnt dvd's that I mix up.

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feeling like an afterthought on mom's day :(

Sunday, May 09, 2010

This is my very first mother's day!

My wonderful son is 6 moths old. I am a SAHM and I work very hard at it.

I was very much looking forward to today...but I have spent much of the day crying.

It all started yesterday with a tiff with my husband (about how difficult this program is and how well I am doing and how I need him to support me and not accidentally sabotage my efforts). Nothing HUGE, just residual tension and umpleasantness this morning.

Then, we went out for lunch (but not in honor of mom day...we always go out for lunch at the same place on sundays).

Then he stops the car on the way home at a grocery store, tells me to stay in the car, and comes back 20 minutes later with flowers...and a CHOCOLATE BAR! I was so hurt.

First, by the fact that it was just an afterthought on the way home to pull over for flowers while I waited in the car, and second, how could he buy me a chocolate bar???? he is not the type to sabotage me on purpose...so what then, he just doesn't give a sh*t?

Now, if you knew my husband, you'd understand why this is such a big deal. He is NEVER a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda guy, he plans EVERYTHING, always mulls over every detail and pays such close attention...it just seems that none of said attention is ever pointed at me.

We live a pleasant day-to-day life, which is more than some can say I know, and he is kind and polite with me, and can be loving, but for the most part (especially on any kind of holiday), I feel like an afterthought.

And that hurts.

And no....I did not eat the chocolate bar.

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CHOCOANNIE 5/9/2010 7:13PM

    New motherhood is soooooo hard, and you obviously deserve to be recognized for it. Try to remember though that it's the first time your hubby has had to think about it, and cut him a little slack....especially if things are basically good otherwise. Try to remember that this is a holiday created by Hallmark, so don't invest too much energy in it. When your kids are a little older, they will do little things that will touch your heart--I promise. Now, having said all of that, i love the tackey tie idea!

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MRSFARRA 5/9/2010 6:58PM

    Take a deep breath. I bet you both are sleep deprived. My hubby never is much for birthday or mother's day or chistmas. When I have birth to our son 5 years ago. The only thing I was told was not to turn him into a sissy no thank you or good job or anything. We have older kids who make the day special so that is something you can look forward to. take a picture of the flowers to remember and joke about later. Take a small bite of the chocoalte each day and savor that you are a mom now and have a special holiday then for father's day get him a really tacky tie.

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oh oroweat oh oroweat, how lovely are your sandwich thins

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I have just recently discovered oroweat 100% whole wheat sandwich thins and they make my life complete!

Not only are they useful for turkey burgers and regular sandwiches, they have become my staple lunch too...and egg mcmuffin-ish.

I microwave one egg and one egg white in a little bowl and place it on a toasted sandwich thin with one slice of lean turkey breast deli meat and sometimes a bit of skim cheese. Top it off with a bit of ketchup and you're set!

So if you have not tried them yet....TRY THEM!


Cue rocky's eye of the tiger song!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


last week stank! I hardly worked out and didn't eat quite as well as usual. Life got me down last week.

Here is what I discovered:

IT'S OK!!!

I got my head right and have been kicking serious butt this week. Eating well, doing my cardio and strength training and LOVING IT.

So, all you people who hit a wall and fall down...here is the trick : GET BACK UP!

Keep Sparkin' :)

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KMKILROY 5/5/2010 6:17PM

    Excellent advice. We ALL need a break once in awhile - so long as we stay with it in the long term. Well done!

Comment edited on: 5/5/2010 6:22:45 PM

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    LOL! That's the very first song on my "walking" playlist. I dare anyone to try and eat a brownie while listening to Eye of the Tiger! Thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna go hit it right now!

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fudged up yesterday...mmm...fudge

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So my exercise has been non existant for the past 3 days, and eating went so-so on Sunday and so bad yesterday (curse you little caesar's).

But this morning, I woke up feeling a new strength and determination. I am moving back to my home province in two months and I AM going to be in onederland! (currently 211).

Cross your fingers for me!

Keep Sparkin'

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JLD111106 4/20/2010 9:12AM

    Today is a new day, that's why yesterday is the past! Something like that, isn't that the saying? LOL! I had a bad day Sunday too and I made Brownies last night like a crazy person! Hope you can start today as a new day and forget yesterday, oh and Sunday! LOL! emoticon

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SKUNKY4 4/20/2010 9:11AM

    Enjoyed your blog! Gonna have to read your other ones. You made me laugh. Your title is something we do all the time here. If anything we say has a food in it we always go mmmm. (that's why I had to read this)! Thanks for sharing and keep on keeping on! emoticon

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