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Set points

Thursday, April 10, 2014

When I started the continuation of this journey this most recent time (about 5 weeks ago), I had already gotten the refined sugar beasties out of my system in preparation. I tackled that issue back in November or December of last year (not at all sure when it was, because I just decided one day and then did it).

Anyway, not having to deal with sugar and its side-effect of warping my perception of food and making me want food all the time, and especially sugar- and calorie-rich foods, made it a lot easier to embark on the next building block: tracking. Almost 5 weeks ago, I started tracking in earnest again, drinking my water diligently and getting my REST daily. As soon as I started doing this, the weight started to drop off again. REAL weight - not the kind where you starve yourself for a week and think "I lost 10 pounds! Isn't that amazing?!" because really, it's not. And as soon as you start eating normal again, the weight comes right back like a suitcase you'd just set down for a little while.

Well, during round 1 of my Spark journey, I lost at a consistent rate of approximately 10 lbs per month. At the rate I was losing weight (which was a healthy 2 lbs per week), I thought, "maybe I'm on track to do this again!" What I'd forgotten about, and what I've been reminded of during the past week and a half, are those pesky things (that really aren't very pesky) called "set points."

As I lost weight before, even though I was doing the same sorts of things day in and day out, every so often my body would hit a plateau of sorts. I don't think of these plateaus as being the stall-out kind. I think of them, rather, as being these "set points." They are weights that, for whatever reason, my body seems to have predetermined it is going to take a pause at, regroup, and then, when it realizes I'm not going to quit doing what I've been doing - namely eat healthy but at a low enough caloric intake that it will need to expend some of its fat stores to keep me going, it continues getting rid of the excess poundage.

But, like I said, I'd forgotten all about these set points until early this week. I've been HUNGRY and have been doing what I need to do in order to keep the calorie-burning fire inside me stoked, but this is when it feels like I should see pounds literally falling off my body. Instead? My weight is sticking. Up a pound one day and down one a couple days later. But no steady progress downwards.

What is REALLY crazy is that I remember EXACTLY when I was at the weight I'm at now when I made the journey the first time around on Spark. This particular set point seems to be exactly where it was last time. I don't remember them all (right now anyway), but I think I'm going to check when I hit the next one to see if they all are the same. That would be weird. Not totally surprising, I guess, but weird nonetheless!

FYI, it was the beginning of April 2007 and I had my appendicitis attack and had to have an appendectomy. Right before my daughter's birthday. That's when I was at this weight the last time (heading downwards). Coincidentally, it was even the SAME TIME OF THE YEAR! Bizarre!!!

Remember that, mom?

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BECLEVER 4/10/2014 10:51PM

    How could I forget it?! You gave us a real scare with that one!
You don't scare me so much anymore and I am so happy you're sharing your remarkable journey, hence I'm remarking! Hugs

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KALISWALKER 4/10/2014 7:36PM

    Great you are already nutrition tracking and drinking water. I am sure you are on your way!

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3 more to Goal 1

Saturday, March 29, 2014

3 more pounds and I'll have reached my first mini-goal....
I'll be back in ONE-DERLAND!!!!

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BECLEVER 3/29/2014 2:25PM

    And all along you have been ONEderful!

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Review of past history

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ah, the beauty of tracking! I was just able to go back on the weight tracker and do a rough analysis of my past history. What I learned was interesting and may help me when I get back down to my goal weight.

When I first started SP back in Nov. '06, I steadily lost weight to the tune of 10 lbs. per month (average). Once I hit my goal weight (the mid to high 140s), I kept the weight off without issue for almost 2 years. At that point, for whatever reason(s), I began to put weight back on AT A CONSISTENT RATE of approximately 10 lbs. per year.

I plan to do a more in-depth analysis on calories, exercise, stressors, timing and other factors, to see if I can determine a cause-and-effect pattern that would allow me to be proactive WHEN I reach my goal weight again. I obviously learned important things that have stuck with me since I began this journey in November of 2006. Never before have I reached and maintained my goal weight. Never before have I been able to keep such a large portion of my weight off. Never before (that I can recall, anyway) have I gotten back to "this" place (self-empowerment and "food for fuel") until after gaining all my weight back and then some. I don't recall any time since joining SP, when I wasn't making conscious choices about some aspect of my health and relationship with my body and its maintenance. This is a HUGE victory for me.

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    Understanding the prob;lem is 90% of the solution

emoticon Rejoice and Be Glad

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Looking back

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm going back to my roots, so to speak, in order to build on my momentum. I'm halfway through Week 2, down 7 lbs already, and feeling more empowered every day. This is feeling more and more like the journey I started back in late 2006 and even the FEELING of "repeating" that journey is adding to my momentum. I know I can do this because I did it back then! I have NOT given up all my good habits, and I did NOT gain back all my weight (and then some) as I have a million other times. A lot of what I learned back then has stayed with me - I just hit a tough patch and gained some weight.

Today, I decided that I'd like to start at the beginning of my blogging history here on Spark and see what happened the first time around. I thought this one was good so I'm reposting via cut-and-paste:

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 -

Okay, one of the articles I read today was about "10%". Did anyone else read it? I thought it was extremely valid and, as a result of reading it, I've decided to reevaluate my strategy. I'm not going to be doing a darn thing different EXCEPT I've changed the goal weight on my ticker (at the bottom of my SparkPage and on my message board signature). Instead of using my long-range goal, which is a LONG way off, I decided to focus on a shorter-term goal, my Christmas Challenge. I have to reach that one before I can even begin to reach my long-range goal anyway, right??!

I like the way the new ticker looks. It looks ACHIEVEABLE. It looks POSSIBLE. It looks like something I will be easily able to accomplish unlike my previously posted goal that looked like the "pipe dream" mentioned in the article. I still have challenges and goals I'd like to meet as soon as I've met this one. But what's the point in putting the cart in front of the horse!? I want to be successful and I want to FEEL like I'm being successful.

231, here I come!!!!!!!

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MOMOFTEENS1966 3/20/2014 6:49PM

  Good strategy! Focus on the achievable, keep it real, keep working it. Best of luck!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

...stay on track...

...and not get distracted...

...from my GOALS!!!!


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