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kid calls me fat

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So..at work today a 5 yr old asked why am i so fat...not once but several times. Was i hurt, a little. But it reminded me to get back on track.

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BARCLE 7/26/2012 7:49PM

    Hmm, I'd also be asking the kid, if he continues, why he's so rude!

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PIGLETSMALL 7/26/2012 4:34PM

    Hmmm. those little angels are just the ticket to knock us back into shape. I wish you all the best for losing another lb this week, and when you do, you can thank that little boy! :-)

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small, smaller and smallest steps do count

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I have been learning I need to take small steps and celebrate victories no matter how small.
I recently haven't felt like eating, not sure why, but just don't feel like eating that much. Previously I would have freaked out but now I am learning to listen to my body. I just wasn't that hungry. I have been enjoying food til satisfied, not stuffed which is an entirely new feeling for me.

exercise hasn't taken a regular routine, or so i thought until I looked up some stuff. Cleaning horse stalls does count as exercise. So I have been doing something and I now recognize it. Planting the garden also counts, so that is another small step. Previously my all or none personality would not count those small things; I used to think if I wasn't in a formal setting or all decked out with a workout dvd that it didn't count..but now I realize the small steps do count emoticon

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MJ7DM33 6/25/2012 10:03PM

  Yes they really do! Keep up the good work!!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gotta learn how to set small goals. I am such an all or none type of girl. Gotta realize its ok to make a mistake and to keep going

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LESSOFPMCD 6/22/2012 12:58PM

    Small steps are what help you along the road to meet your goals. You need to put the small goals in place so you have destinations to reach along the way.

You have to celebrate the small successess along the road - losing 5 lbs, down a dress size etc. Something to work towards and something to pat yourself on the back for acheiving.

It reminds you that you can do this and you will do this.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gotta figure out how to reduce it. I have been stressed for 14 years. I suffered a tragic loss and I havent been the same..


another year fat

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So...another beginning with me being fat.i gotta stop this...its gotta stop now...it will stop now.
I think being fat is why i don't have a full time job....sucks but i think its true

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H-DOG-8 1/3/2012 9:09PM

    Hey there! I don't know you, but your blog title popped up in the box beside my team discussion page. It sounded like a bleak start to the year 2012 and I don't want you feeling that way!

Every day you've tried to lose weight is one more day you're never given up on yourself!! Think of it that way. You WILL succeed. Think of 2012 as the Year of Buckeye Diva!! (you'll have to share with me, though, as it's also going to be the Year of H-Dog! haha!)

I'm not saying you need to start the year with a bunch of resolutions and stuff that no one ever sticks to. In fact, I'm not saying you "NEED TO" anything (just where do I get off, right?)! I just wanted to maybe send some encouragement your way and tell you that you're going to do it. Figure out what you need to do to make the changes you'd like to see.

I don't know your eating habits, but I'm a member of living binge free team and I truly feel like it's changing my life. I'm 50+ days binge free and cannot believe it. It took many fails to reach this streak, but each fail makes you pick yourself back up again. Also, you may like the 4 day win idea that one member has had a lot of success with (I'm trying it myself now).

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