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I need motivation

Friday, February 01, 2008

Just got back from a week trip in Hawaii.

Talk about an amazing trip!! I could go on and on about how beautiful it is, how relaxing, how fun, etc etc etc.

That week I was extremely happy that I put all the work into my weight loss.

I felt comfortable in a bikini, felt great in shorts..and never have felt so acceptable of my body. It showed not only to look at me but in my attitude as well.

Here's the issue, while there I ate...and ate...and ate some more. I said when I got home I would go back to eating healthy and drop the last 10 pounds and anything extra I gained on the trip.

Been home almost a week and can't get back to eating right. I start out the mornings right and then it just gets lost fromthere.

On top of that I'm going back to my old wrong way of thinking, since I blew today I'll blow it big and start tomorrow.

I know all the reason I should be eating right. I want to always feel as good as I felt in Hawaii...but can't seem to get it together.

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CRAZYCANDICE30 2/2/2008 2:53PM

    Keep your chin up!!! You've come so far! so, eat what you want for aweek and then get back on track in a big way- even if ou have to get the mind set the you are kind of "starting over"
you can do it!

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Beware the fun size candy bar....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

There is nothing fun about the fun size candy bar!!

I believe everything in moderation and that goes for chocolate. I always have 100-200 calories a day. It helps my sweet tooth and helps me to believe I'm not depriving myself.

Well.... the fun size candy bars are anywhere from 80-100 calories. They are cheaper then most other 100 calorie snacks.. They taste good. What would be wrong with buying some... well, the fact that I can't stop at 1 would be what is wrong.

I find myself thinking about the next one before I'm even done with the current one. It's terrible.

I made Phil take what was left to work with him today.

I buy these Dark chocolate sticks, those I can stop at 1...but not fun size candy bars.

No fun, no fun, no fun.

Hopefully it's not going to have a huge impact on my weight this week. I've been hovering around 145 for over a month. I can't seem to get these last 10 pounds off. The holidays have something to do with it I'm sure.

Worse case, I maintain until they are over and loose 10 pounds by Valentines...worse case!

Have a great Thursday!!


What is wrong with me??

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I can't quit eating... Yesterday I devoured those little chocolate donettes. I'm not even sure how many I had, but I would grab one...then go back and get another...then another and so on and so forth.

This is crazy!! Where is my fight to loose weight.

Man the last 10 pounds truly is the hardest. I'm getting comfortable with where I am. People are telling me I look great...but I'm not done yet. I want to be 135... I have to get over this!

I know the time of year isn't helping either. I'm still trying to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight...

I have a Christmas party on the 15th, 16th and 24th...Plus there's Christmas day.

I can do this...I can do this....

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D_M_MOM 12/5/2007 1:02PM

    Well first there is nothing wrong with you! ;-) I have so been there and done that. You just have to put a stop to it and pick healthier choices. I've learned that I really just can't keep stuff like that around and I have to stay away from the office kitchen! LOL

You can do it!!! Have fun at your parties and keep moderation in mind.

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ARITHBK 12/5/2007 11:49AM

    You can do it! Just keep trying.

The only way I can avoid unthinking munching on food I shouldn't eat is to keep it out of my apartment... Maybe you could make up some healthier snacks in portion -sized ziplocs and stick them on top of/next to the junk food in the house?

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