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Day # 7 Some conclusions

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I have realized in the space of 7 days, just how important accountability is to me. I was down and out this weekend with a stomach flu, that had me lying low till Tuesday. However my guilt over the fact that I would not be able to exercise had me panicking. I ended up doing abs and some core exercises. I guess little steps and a strong guilt conscience works for me!

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KOFFEENUT 8/8/2013 4:00PM

    If you are exercising after the stomach flu you're burlier than I am! It usually takes me a WEEK to feel up to doing anything physical after a bout with the flu. Take care!

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Friday - Day #2

Friday, August 02, 2013

The morning did not start out as planned- I turned off my alarm and instead of exercising ended up watching my Netflix video - Strike # 1

I have given myself till tonight to finish 30 minutes of exercise.

I did make a miniscule start in eating healthy- dropped bread from 3 servings to 2. It's a very big deal to me. Filled up the empty space left by the missing slice with carrots and actually felt good!

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LITTLEST-CORGI 8/3/2013 5:43AM

    emoticon emoticon

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KOFFEENUT 8/2/2013 9:58PM

    Yeah, morning exercise has never worked for me. I need at LEAST one cup of coffee before I can do it, even when it's something I love!

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MTAL203 8/2/2013 11:30AM

  Good Job - it's all the small steps that add up to big results! Just keep going.

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Back after 4 years?!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

I can't in good conscience say that I fell off the wagon for a short time. I will be honest and say that I pretty much jumped off the wagon and headed in the opposite direction from healthy. Some of it had to do with huge personal issues but for the greater part it was me and I alone.

I lost a cherished family member to lymphoma. It was doubly hard because I just got into survivorship. My husband dealt with the loss by working out , I dealt with it by eating my way through anything and everything. So he lost weight and I gained it.

Our marriage went through a very rough patch- my response create a checklist of things that needed to be done and EAT.

I did join a gym but after a brilliant start I just fell by the wayside- work being the most convenient excuse. Bah! Humbug I say.

Last night I was looking at the clothes in my closet and was amazed at how huge the pants, the shirts were- when did the cutely plump Bubble become this ginormous monster? Who was this huge woman occupying my slim body? Who was this woman who kept lying to herself by making excuses for not getting out and about? That woman unfortunately is me and I am at the point where I disgust myself.

I realized some hard truths about myself last night while looking in the mirror

1. I am a born shammer- I will start with all good intentions, but should I fall off; if there is no one to push me back on, I will not make the effort to climb back on. The good part is once I am on I tend to stay on- the mildly OCD side of me I guess.

2. Absolutely no sense of portion control.

3. While I will track things like finances with a diligence worthy of a bloodhound or the IRS, I cannot seem to extend the courtesy to myself by tracking what I eat and drink and how much.

4. I seem to have fallen off a lot of things - my garden, my house, cooking, crafts, keeping up with friends- all to the same excuse no time!

Here I am 4 years down the line and 40 pounds heavier, seeking to do the same things but this time for myself and me alone.

I started by setting my alarm clock for 4:45 am with the intention of working out at the gym for an hour. Ended up doing about 20 minutes of yoga at home. Some of you will think I am a loser but I feel happy that where I would have earlier just gotten up and read a book, I got up and did make some kind of effort.

The weight that I have entered is an approximation. When I get home today I need to weigh and measure myself and update those as well. I think weekly weigh-ins would work better for someone like me.

I also have to maintain what I eat in a food diary. Which I shall maintain at SP as well.

Wish me luck AGAIN and please pray with me that this time I am able to find the right balance and will not let life's events lead me astray.

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KOFFEENUT 8/1/2013 4:01PM

    I completely identify with your blog - there have been times on this healthy lifestyle journey I've wandered off the road ENTIRELY. The IMPORTANT thing is that we find our way back and continue to head in the right direction. It sounds like that's EXACTLY what you're doing. Know there are lots of us right alongside you, cheering you on!

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TKRYSTINA 8/1/2013 12:17PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHY_42 8/1/2013 11:40AM

    emoticon emoticon

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What a day

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It all began with a mad rush to print some KFC coupons on Oprah's website- what is it with folks and free food? Everyone at work behaved like this would be their very last meal on terra firma- I ofcourse have the misfortune to be the native geek - so I was flooded with questions as to why the website was busy and why we couldn't just do something about it- Lord, I am glad its done. The good part's the fact that I walked 10000 steps without realizing I had done so - yay!!

PS- For those interested - the coupons are for grilled KFC chicken and can only be printed till midnight tonight!


Operation Earthworm Rescue

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

As y'all would have figured from my constant griping - we have been innudated with lots of water and consequently lots of those iggly-wiggly creatures called earthworms. Now I need you to understand that I am not a huge fan of these iggly-wiggly beings but there is something rather noble and stoic in the way they make their way on the roads only to be squelched by a passing car or an unwary foot ( not mine!)

On my walk early this morning I decided to save a couple of these guys- to say they make it hard would be an understatement- it took me almost 10 mins to get one fat chap off the path and into some mulch and would you believe it when I came back around - he was making his way back to the path in a very determined fashion. Sigh ... here I go again!

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QUEENLATIFA 7/22/2009 9:01AM

    Just read this blog and got a good laugh out of it. I read it to my husband and he came back with the following:
Tell her she should put the worm in a can of moss, walk to the nearest stream, put him on a hook and catch herself a fish for supper. That way she will get some relaxation time, a good healthy supper and the worm will have fullfilled his purpose in life.
I guess that is one way to look at it eh? Hope you have some dry days now that summer is in full swing. *S*

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SPARK_CAT 5/6/2009 6:06PM

    LOL, I thought I was the only person who did this! Not sure why, I guess I think they are good for the soil. Is funny, though when you are walking and stop to put one on the grass and someone is watching wondering what in the world you are doing as you try to flip the thing in the right direction. emoticon

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