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DAY 26 - No More Indulgence Days...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ok, so Im into week 4 and I'm 12lbs down with which I can't complain but I seem to be on a bit of a rollercoaster with my weightloss.
My plan when I first started was to eat healthily, stop snacking unnecessarily and to treat myself once a week. So during the week, things go fab but I seem to have my one day of indulgence (not overeating - just maybe some takeout on a saturday) and I seem to gain all weight back that I've lost during the week. How is this even possible. Grrrr.
So I've had to rethink a few things and my day of indulgence has now been narrowed down to one a month :(
It's gonna be tougher staying motivated but it's gotta be done.
So this week, I weigh the same as last week after gaining and then losing again.
Off to the movies tomorrow with friends and that should be tough. Can't usually resist a hot dog and some chocolate so will have to have dinner right before I leave so that I'm not tempted.
I am finding it a lot easier to say no though. Previously, on most of my manyyy diets, as soon as my partner suggested a chinese, I'd cave. But it's getting easier.
I am not going to be the fat girl in Greece this year!
I have however, eaten my body weight in fruit and if I have to look at another strawberry, I think I'll be sick lol.
Oh well, just need to stay strong!

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    You are so very right! I call them "cheat meals"...I've given them up for 31 days cause they have stumped and reversed my weight loss so much that I was getting frustrated. Let's keep our eye on the prize!

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    you are right to limit your indulgences...it puts you back at starting block and then tend to get longer in length at time progress.

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EVILKLOWN 5/6/2010 5:31AM

    I know how you feel ... work hard all week and then back to square one with just one "indulgence." I learned the same thing as you ... more like once a month for those.

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BOOTYLISCIOUS3 5/6/2010 5:23AM

    you can do it...seems you are doing well already keep it up:)

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DAY 23 - Why is he sooo insensitive?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Grrrrr. Okay so a messed up weekend but today I've been back on track. After gaining four pounds over saturday and sunday I've somehow managed to crawl back over from the dark side and give myself a much needed slap.
Even when my insensitive scrote of a boyfriend decided he was having a dominos pizza for dinner, complete with side orders and dessert.
The fact that he felt the need to confront me with it in the bedroom, wafting it under my nose as if to lure me away from my calorie free domain, really got me thinking as to what a complete tosser he is.
I just don't get it? He addresses the fact that I am overweight (not in a bad way, unless we're in an argument and then thereafter he is EXTREMELY apologetic - tosser) and I think secretly, he misses the days we first met when I had the flat tum, round bum and killer legs. Now I feel more like Shamu and my confidence is peeling off like old paint.
Where is the support?! This has been a constant issue over the past week or so. Why, when you know I'm dieting do you insist on asking me every evening if I'd like to get takeout for dinner? I am consistent in telling you 'No!, I'm dieting.' But you just don't get it! And then you make a point of showing off your lovely pizza, deliberately I could tell by the sniggering!
The bad thing about my partner is that he has the waist of a barbie doll and is like a bottomless pitt. It is almost physically painful to live with someone who can eat what they want, when they want and not gain a pound! Grrrr!
I think that living together has warped my opinion of what a regular meal is. Things I'd usually eat one of, I see myself now doubling up as if it's the norm. But it isn't. It's the norm for him maybe but my portions have grew quite tremendously over the last three years and I'm jut starting to notice it.
I don't know what to do. I can't ban him from eating takeout. I have to have self control and I can't banish myself from being around these foods because it's just not a realistic environment. But getting him to wisen up is going to be a much tougher job.
Sorry for the rant. Just had to let off some steam! Man that feels better. Now I can go to bed satisfied that I wont choke him in his sleep. But just incase...I hope they have internet in prison...haha!

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MRE1956 5/4/2010 9:07AM

    I agree with KFAMILYCREW.....is the stress to your lifestyle worth hanging on to this "relationship"?

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CONFUSEDBIRD 5/3/2010 7:36PM

    I had a boyfriend yrs ago that would bring up my weight during fights, never again. It only got worse with time too. You are a beautiful girl and theres tons of other guys out there that would treat you better. My husband met me when I was smaller and I gained 80 lbs while I was with him, probably cuz i ate his bottomless pit diet and he remained 160 and i go up to 282 lol But seriously a good guy wont taunt u with food. I ask my husband not to eat certain things infront of me. I ask him to hide food from sometimes and he does. You deserve a guy that wont taunt u with what your working so hard to manage.

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KFAMILYCREW 5/3/2010 5:16PM

  It sounds like you have been with him for quite some time. He does not sounds like he is being very kind to you at all. Can you see you having a life long relationship with him? If not, you really ought to stop wasting your life with him. There are plenty of men who will love you and treat you with kindness.

If you want to stick with him, you better have a long chat with him. It is true you cannot ban him from foods. Keep cooking and eating healthful foods and take a bite of his take-out once in awhile if it is a favorite.

My husband is quite thin and can eat quite a bit of food. He used to eat a lot of food, that was mainly junk. He eats very healthy now with ocassionally grabbing a burger or a breakfast sandwich.

You deserve better and keep on trying.

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DAY 23 - WTF?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Ok so after two weeks of mind blowing concentration, I decided it was time for an indulgence day...
Well, one indulgence day turned into two. And two indulgence days turned into 4lbs!! 4lbs!! I mean WTF!? Ok, so I no I was bad but 4lbs? I didn't eat that much!! I thought the point was to eat what you want but in moderation.
So now that I'm back on track, it looks like I'm back to strictness. Goodbye ALL sugary/fatty/carby food. Until September!
Think I'm going to start struggling to motivate myself soon :o(

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EVILKLOWN 5/3/2010 6:06AM

    Yep, this has happened to me on more than one occasion. Although it's mostly water, it takes another longgggg week to get back to where I was. I think I've learned to knock it off.

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SPIFFYCAT 5/3/2010 5:02AM

    Unless you ate 14,000 cals over your maintenence cals. your gain is mostly water, so don't panic ..

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MZPUNKBETTIE 5/3/2010 4:59AM

    Trust me, I have been there. I have one day of indulgence and the next day boom.....the scale is not so nice. So instead of giving myself one day of indulgence, I allow myself one item of no more than 400 calories totally guilt free once every other week. It curbs my cravings and doesn't break my scale.

I know it can be frustrating but just keep on going! Don't give up!


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DAY 18 - Back into the one hundreds!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woo Hoo! Hard work is paying off!

Checked the scales today and although I'm just barely there, Im 199.8lb. Such a relief not to see the 200 and something mark!

I've been losing weight rapidly and I know that it's much harder to keep it off long-term that way but I can't help but feel great about it! I have a holiday booked for Sep 9th and I'm desperate to get back to 150lb.

If I have to work harder to keep it off once I'm home then I'm ready to take the challenge!

Have only been dieting for 17 days now and I've lost 10lb. I'm not starving myself, I'm just making healthier choices and controlling my portions. Strangely, I'm only ever hungry about 8pm onwards and that I can handle :o)
I haven't even been to the gym.

I know that my weightloss will slow down eventually so I'm going to savour these first few weeks! I have 19 weeks to shift the rest and I think that works out at at approx 2.5lb a week which I don't think is unmanagable. So I'm gonna stick to my guns and hopefully carry on as so :o)

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EVILKLOWN 4/28/2010 5:48AM

    Nice job. The nutrition tracker works wonders.

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ALYFITN 4/28/2010 5:44AM

    emoticon emoticon Congratulations!! Keep it going!

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DAY 15 - Are you a comfort eater?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've always assumed I was. But I've had a good think about it and it turns out...I just love food!
Cookie dough ice cream, fudge sundaes, chinese chicken curry, fried chicken, you name it. I love it :o)

This week, instead of counting calories, I'm going to focus my attention on speeding up my metabolism.

So I'm going to be drinking green tea (Yuck) and trying to eat something small every two hours. I've heard many a time that eating after 6pm is the worst as you don't get a chance to work it off. Well, I am going to defy this rule and eat up until an hour or so until bedtime.

I've done quite a lot of research on other ways to speed it up so I'l keep you all posted :o)


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