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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I upped my weights for 2 of my moves today, from 4kg-5kg dumbells, and the lat pulldown from 30kg -36kg. This is the weight I am focusing on right now, not the number on the silly scale which has bounced around the same kilo for 10 days now. Stoopid scale, what do you know?

This is true. I have lost 5.6kg, so while I may not be at the 20kg lost mark yet I am waaaay closer now than I was 10 weeks ago.

Related to the one above. I have made progress, and although it may have slowed for now I will meet my goal!

This is true. And I believe it when I haven't lost for a week and people compliment me on how I look. The scale isn't everything!

Word. I drink so much water it attracts comments at work from my students and co-workers.

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CARLA-216 3/13/2012 11:45AM

    Great job on increasing the weight! You're making really awesome progress, and good on you for realizing the scale ain't all that!

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ROJAKHAN 3/11/2012 12:10PM


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BOB240 3/11/2012 1:09AM

    liking this....

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BE_FREE 3/11/2012 12:07AM

    Awesome job! Love the pics!

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The occasional treat...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

...has become less occasional and more regular. And I am noticing a difference, both on the scale and in myself. So it has to stop. No, I won't be cutting out anything, as I know that cutting things out leads to binging, but I will be cutting back. This is me commiting to cut back on the chocolate and ice cream and cake that is slowly becoming a regular part of my diet. Now that I have exercise under control it is time to look at my eating habits and see what can be done. And I know what to do; Less chocolate and more fruit and veg!

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    great job!

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MAPLECANDY3 3/10/2012 5:25PM

    Its so easy to get in the habit of eating too many sweets. Great job on catching yourself :)

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Mrs Potatohead

Friday, March 09, 2012

At this stage in my journey I feel like Mrs Potatohead. For real.

My jeans are loose around the thighs! YAY. My tops are loose in the sleeves. YAY! The middle part? Not so much. A little difference, but not much. Yet. So I currently look and feel like Mrs Potatohead without the super cute hat.

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CIVIAV 3/10/2012 10:11AM

    mid stage progress and the earrings help as well as the hat!

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TWINSMOMMY607 3/10/2012 8:28AM

    You should totally get yourself that hat :o)

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    That's exactly how I am too! Wish my waist would get with the program lol Keep up the hard work and you'll get the results you want!

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The Great Weight Experiment pt 2

Friday, March 09, 2012

So I woke up this morning and decided to continue the experiment. I did weights yesterday AND was down 900g on the scale this morning. Whats up with that?!

Right, in other news...

I am getting a massage in 2 and a half hours. And I can't wait. This woman is a magician and I always leave feeling relaxed and like I am floating on a cloud. I was lucky that she was running a deal and I got this massage for $40 instead of the regular $90! Who could pass that up?

Still feeling stuffy and sick. I slept for 12 hours last night...So yeah I think I am still sick. Go away cold, I am done with you now!

My only other plans for the weekend is a fun session of planning for next week. Who wants to be in my class next week? We are sprouting popcorn and then the week after we will plant it (apparently it grows!) and making popcorn. I am focusing on giving the kids experiences that they can talk about and write about to improve their oral and written language. I hope it works, and if not we would have had fun!

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CARLA-216 3/13/2012 11:57AM

    Further proof that the scale doesn't know jack!

I hope your massage was just what you needed, and that your cold is GONE for good real soon.

Your class sounds fun. I want to know if the popcorn sprouts and if you're able to grow it...and harvest it later.

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MRS.PRINCIPAL 3/9/2012 6:41PM

    Enjoy the massage! Have a great weekend!

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ANAJAK 3/9/2012 6:13PM

    I wana be in your class :)

Maybe I sneezed on your page and gave you back your cold/virus/sickblah!!

I really wana go swimming today but just don't think it is a good idea - think maybe I will burn some calories cleaning instead!! Does that count??

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The Great Weight Experiment

Thursday, March 08, 2012

For the past 7 days I have been conducting a little experiment.




Weigh myself at the same time every morning for 7 days. Record the results, as well as the exercise done the day before, in my diary. Note changes and trends. I always weighed before my shower, after my bathroom time and in my birthday suit.


I will weigh more after strength training, less after cardio and even less after a rest day.


Sat - 81.7kg (Previous days exercise: Rest)
Sun - 82.2kg (Previous days exercise: Weights)
Mon - 82.0kg (Previous days exercise: Rest)
Tue - 81.6kg (Previous days exercise: Boxing)
Wed - 82.1kg (Previous days exercise: Weights)
Thu - 82.5kg (Previous days exercise: Boxing. Bad nights sleep)
Fri - 82.6kg (Previous days exercise: Rest)


I was correct in assuming I would weigh more after weights. I see this as a good thing and a sign that I worked hard. But the rest of it? All over the show!


A scale is one tool to track weight loss. We all know this. We all know we fluctuate. So why do we beat ourselves up over a Ďgainí when we have been doing everything right? According to my weigh ins, I Ďgainedí 900g (2lb) in two days. That would require an increased calorie intake of 7000 calories over 2 days! That is 7 big Mac combos, in addition to my 1500 calories a day. Yeah, I didnít gain 900g. It is not possible! The only reasonable explanation is that I am having fluctuations, probably to do with water weight, exercise and the fact that I am still not very well!


I didnít include a previous days calorie intake, since I donít count them. There was no binging and I should have been in range or close to it all week.

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CARLA-216 3/13/2012 11:50AM

    That's a great experiment. Others should read and pay attention to your experiment so that they stop obsessing with the scale.

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YIWEN39 3/9/2012 7:29PM

    Very interesting! I never realised weight could fluctuate THAT much!!! Thanks for sharing ;-) It does put things in perspective!

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ANAJAK 3/8/2012 1:42PM

    Thanks for you very scientific experiment!! I have tried this in the past but never got to the analysis!! It makes me feel better!

Ps. How did I catch your cold? Are viruses 'computer'borne now??

I am gonna try to walk today - not too far but so I don't lose my streak!! xxxxx

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