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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pinterest is addictive.

So funny. Finding this funny may make me a bad person. I'm OK with that.

I have lost 9 of these. That is something to be proud of.

This is what I have to remember as I shuffle along on my runs!

I am hoping habit will help as I get busier and busier. I will never be too busy to give myself 30 minutes to go to the gym!

Very, very true! Something to rememeber as my weight loss slows and I have to look at how far I have come rather than how far I have to go!

Remember this when I fall off the wagon a little!

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MI-ELLKAYBEE 2/12/2012 12:19AM


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LINMHEATH 2/4/2012 10:26AM

    lol love it, thanks for posting

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TWINSMOMMY607 2/4/2012 9:30AM

    Awesome pictures!

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MRS.PRINCIPAL 2/4/2012 8:09AM

    These are great!

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ROX525 2/4/2012 5:46AM

    Great .. Thank you.

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WOW why did I blog last night...

Friday, February 03, 2012

I was so tired last night that I honestly don't remember writing that blog. Seriously.

In other news...I'm still tired. The boyfriend went out to a BBQ/drinking last night. I called just as I was going to bed to see if he needed a ride home. He said no, he would sleep over. At 3AM he called, drunk as hell, and said that he needed picking up and I had to pick him up because he picked me up at 3am once (3 years ago, and it was prearranged, and he hadn't started a job that week). So I got a couple of hours of good sleep and then pretty much dozed all night because I couldn't get back to sleep once we got back home. Good times. I may fall asleep on the massage table this afternoon. Or go back to sleep now. Can't decide.

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PHEBESS 2/4/2012 9:06AM

    You are a good girlfriend!

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ILOVEROSES 2/3/2012 7:09PM

    I hope you DO fall asleep on the massage table. Enjoy it. You need that sleep, thanks to your inconsiderate boyfiend. emoticon
Ania from Australia emoticon

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I'm so tired and my body hurts

Friday, February 03, 2012

Song - Body Hurts - Bubblej1 - Sung in the car

The title says it all. I am tired and my body hurts.

Gym today. Strength and 30min cardio.

Weighed today. 83.2 = 100g down = 4.1kg total lost

Massage tomorrow. I am gonna sleep in, get a massage and relax. Bliss

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CARLA-216 2/3/2012 9:30AM

    Congrats on finishing your first week of teaching!
Enjoy the sleeping in and the massage, too. Sounds nice!

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CIVIAV 2/3/2012 8:38AM

    Enjoy that massage. I went out and bought a massage roller the other day mostly for my legs. Oh my it hurts so good!

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MENHALLS 2/3/2012 7:38AM

    You need a massage Miss! Hope your teaching job is everything you hoped it would be and then more.

Don't be afraid to get some extra pampering, I don't know any teacher who doesn't need it!!

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HEAT7918 2/3/2012 6:29AM

    My body hurts too... I so need a massage!!


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MRS.PRINCIPAL 2/3/2012 5:57AM

    Enjoy your massage and your weekend!

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Ain't it good to be alive?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Song - Only to be - Six60

Teacher only day was today. Talk about overwhelmed! I have the most supportive group of teachers who are all more than happy for answer all of my silly little questions, but it was still a lot to take in. A few lovely ladies gave me a pep talk and sent me home around 4, which was needed. There were only 2 down points of the day. The first was that the lino was cleaned on the weekend, and my lovely planned and set out furniture was dumped in the middle of the room and I had to set up all over again. Argh. Also, my tutor teacher is bossy and redecorated a wall in my room. I hate it. I loved everything else in my room except that wall. She meant well but I just felt bulldozed. Ah well, I think she was just enthusiastic.

This afternoon I was wiped. I decided to go out for a little walk instead of going to the gym. I ended up running. I had a 5 minute warm up, 20 minutes walk/run (over 12 minutes running!) and 5 minutes cool down. Happy with that! I wanted to get in a working routine from day one, so that it will (hopefully!) be automatic later on.

Right, wish me luck for tomorrow. I'm gonna need it!

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CIVIAV 2/1/2012 1:20PM

    You go girl!

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CARLA-216 2/1/2012 10:31AM

    Hoping you're having a great day today! You'll do fine!

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TWINSMOMMY607 2/1/2012 7:43AM

    Good luck, you are going to be awesome!

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LINMHEATH 2/1/2012 6:56AM

    Aside from the furniture and overzealous tutor, sounds like a good day :) Good luck with tomorrow! You'll be great ;)

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January Results

Monday, January 30, 2012

I went into January with no expections and no goals except to eat better and exercise more. As a rule I didn't track calories. Twice this month I plugged my calories into spark on random days and both days I was 'in range', so I figured that I was just automatically eating the right amount. Due to calorie counting on and off for years I know the calories in just about everything, so I think I keep a rough mental track automatically. I also didn't enter exercise calories, opting instead to just quick track my fitness. As long as I was moving at least 3 times a week I was happy!


Weight lost - 4kg (8.8lb)

Exercise minutes - 888 minutes

Days exercised - 20/31

Average workout time - 44.4 minutes (I could have round up but I like number patterns. So there)

Days I ate chocolate - 31/31

So, February is next. Again, I have no expectations and no plan. Just eating better and exercising at least 3 times per week!

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TWINSMOMMY607 2/3/2012 7:42AM

    WOOHOO!! You go girl!!

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CARLA-216 1/31/2012 11:58AM

    GREAT job! Keep doing what you're doing because it's obviously working for you!

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MRS.PRINCIPAL 1/31/2012 5:53AM

    That's a great month! Way to start off the year with such great numbers, I know your motivation will keep you going!

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CIVIAV 1/30/2012 11:44PM


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DAISEYTWO 1/30/2012 11:34PM

    That's great. Keep up the good work!

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SHERYE 1/30/2012 11:33PM

    Congrats on an awesome January, sounds to me like you have the right ideas and are motivated enough to see them thru.

herye emoticon

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