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Sunday, July 17, 2011

If I had to give myself a grade for today it would be a B-. I got up later than I wanted to, but I did have breakfast before I left. At work my workmate decided we would have a bit of a celebration and brought in chocolate pastries for morning tea. I could have said no (well I did say no, but this woman is my work mum and when she told me Sunday was a silly day to start a diet anyways all I could say was 'yes mum'), but I decided to just have one. I still had my salad for lunch and my cruskits for my afternoon tea, so while it wasn't perfect it was still better than usual.

Dinner is steak, egg and chips. I'll have a small piece of steak, and the chips are oven fries, so they aren't too bad. I only eat the whites of the egg (hate yolks unless they are scrambled). I will probably throw a salad on my plate too.

So instead of allowing myself the excuse of 'I'm too busy to make lunches!' I have prepared about 3-4 days worth of salad in advance. Just washed and chopped everything and put it in a big container in the fridge. All I have to do the night before is grab a portion, cut my chicken and feta and I'm good to go!

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AMLYST 7/18/2011 1:00PM

    One thing I love to do for my lunches during the week (I can only do it about two weeks in a row otherwise I'll get sick of it). Sunday morning I put 4 or 5 frozen chicken breasts in a crockpot (we just buy a big bag of frozen skinless chicken breasts), along with a jar of salsa. I cook it on low for 8 or so hours. Then I divide it up into 3-oz portions. WA LA! Add a salada or veggie, and there's my lunch for a week!

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CARLA-216 7/17/2011 3:19PM

    Not bad at all!
Smart girl to get a big salad made up for the week!

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KWRIGHT26 7/17/2011 2:04PM

    I did not realize that tea was a custom in New Zealand. I learn a lot about NZ when I read your blogs. I love it!

On the Eat Clean Diet, I'm only supposed to eat one yolk maximum for every five or six whites I eat. I've found I like them better that way.

I have to disagree with your work mum. Any day you're willing to diet is a good day to start a diet.

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FUSCHIA6 7/17/2011 2:21AM

    Sometimes I feel blindsided by the crap food at work too. Even the dietitian brings in ooey, gooey chocolate marshmallow squares ( they were the best.)
As for the lunches, I was quite shocked at how much money it saved me to pack my own. Now if I could only find a way to skip the $6.25 per day of parking. Seriously, planning my food is about 90% of the battle for me. Best of luck to you.

emoticon emoticon

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Week One (for the millionth time)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

OK, an accountability thingy of sorts. Here is the plan for tomorrow:

- Get up at 8am so I have time to eat breakfast before work!
- Breakfast - 1 slice of grain toast with 2T of PB (I like my PB, so I track accordingly). This should keep me full until lunch because of the protien, fat and carbs
- Lunch - Salad with baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, roasted chickpeas and smoked chicken with sweet chilli and lime dressing, 1 mini pita with 1T of hummus
- Snack - 2 lite cruskits with hummus.
- Dinner - Whatever my mama cooks, but if it is bad I will just have a small portion and another salad
- Dessert - Mini chocolate bar. Just the one!!!

No working out tomorrow, one step at a time and the first step will be my eating. I will work out on Monday though!

Wish me luck! Or drop by my page and kick my butt.

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AMLYST 7/18/2011 12:55PM

    Way to have a plan! If I don't plan out my meals for the following day, I'm doomed. In fact, I pretty much track my daily meals on SP in the morning. This makes me stick to my eating plan because it's already tracked!

Way to go!

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CARLA-216 7/16/2011 8:14AM

    That lunch salad sounds good!

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ANAJAK 7/16/2011 7:55AM

    You can do it!!! It is a great plan Bubbles!!

I'm a bit jelly that 1 piece of toast with PB keeps you full till lunch though - my stomach would be busy eating itself by 10am hahahaha... ohhh I want breakfast NOW (it's 11.45pm does it count as tomorrow when it gets to 12??)

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TURTLERAE55 7/16/2011 2:31AM


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KIWINURSE 7/16/2011 2:24AM

    I will be checking in on you to see the day pans out! Sounds like a great plan :)

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I've signed up!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I just signed up for the Rookie 5K Your Way here on Spark. Time to get back into running! I have a 5K in November and a 6K in December, so I want to get back into running shape!

Back to the Gym on Monday, trying to get back into a good workout routine. 6 months until bikini season!!!!

Going to go shopping this afternoon and get some healthy food. I have vowed to stop buying my lunch out, so I am going to take this opportunity to start making myself nice, healthy lunches for uni and work.

Lets get remotivated. My 1 week off turned into 4 because of illness, mine and Russell's, my holiday and my work roster requiring me to work every hour that the gym was open! Its time to get back on that wagon.

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CARLA-216 7/16/2011 8:06AM

    Great planning!

I did that same running program earlier this year to ease me back to 3 mile runs after not running more than a mile at a time about twice a week over the previous few months.

Packing a lunch (and actually eating it...I used to be bad to not want what I packed and then go out) is key to me staying on track.

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EMAC79 7/16/2011 12:53AM

    Yay! I ran my first 5k last September and loved it! I can't wait to run again!!

Good luck with the training!

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Why Russell was in hospital

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 and a half years ago Russell had a kidney transplant. He was diagnosed with kidney failure when he was 11, and his health was managed by his doctors until a suitable match could be found. His kidney doner was his mother. He luckily never had to have dyalisis because they were able to perform the transplant before his kidneys completely failed. He now has 3 kidneys because they don't take the other ones out, they just put the new one around the front, just above his pelvis. If he is having a skinny day it pokes out. I stopped noticing it years ago, but sometimes it will be really visable and I will give it a poke and say hello.

Because of the transplant Russell is on anti rejection medications, which means he is immunosuppressed and he gets sick very easily. Usually the sickness can be managed at home, but sometimes his body just can't fight a virus or infection on its own. This is what happened yesterday.

Russell woke up with really low blood pressure, which made him lightheaded. He promptly threw up and groaned at me that he wanted to go to the hospital. We got there and went straight to the ward, which annoyed the nurses, but I didn't care. Last time we went to the ER he left with chicken pox, so I just took him straight to the ward. Better safe than sorry, and when we got home we found out that there had been cases of the measles reported at the hospital. Once he was admitted they took a tonne of bloods and swabs and gave him IV fluids, and antivirals once they worked out that it was a virus. Then he just slept for 2 days. I was able to bring him home this afternoon.

This used to happen fairly often but it hasn't happened for a while. So I was completely unprepared. I ate breakfast at the hospital, and pickings were slim. Then I went to the funeral (Russ was sleeping anyways) and the options there weren't fantastic either. Dinner was from the cafe again and I emotionally ate 2 cupcakes.

So, long story short, he is fine and will be OK. He has the rest of the week off work, and then it is holidays, so he will have a long time to rest. Lucky him, I spent my 2 days off in a hospital running around after him. Ah well, nothing to be done.

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CARLA-216 7/13/2011 9:17AM

    So glad Russell is okay now. I imagine it is a bit stressful when he becomes sick. You're a good gal to take care of him so well...I hope he appreciates you. :)

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LOVESLIFE48 7/13/2011 9:05AM

    So glad to hear he is ok!! Hugs to you and your family! emoticon

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WENDYSPARKS 7/13/2011 7:39AM

    Glad he is ok. Praying for him. Scary ordeal.


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MRS.PRINCIPAL 7/13/2011 6:14AM

    Hope he does better. Sounds like a scary ordeal for the time, glad the doctors figured it all out quickly.

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Whew, busy week + what to wear to a funeral?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Work has been full on, and when I haven't been working I have been with my friend, so I haven't been on here much.

Thanks for the comments on my status about the passing of my best friends grandad. He was 91 and went peacefully in his sleep, but it was still a shock. My best friend was raised by her grandparents, so emotionally she has lost a father. The funeral is tomorrow, and I am going. My second funeral ever, and my first in 10 years. It is open casket as well, and I am not sure how I'm going to handle that. Luckily it is being held on my day off so I can be there for my friend.

Like I said, work has been full on. Stepped off the plane and into full time employment. I'm on a part time contract. Good times.

I got back on the healthy eating wagon today. Yep, it was time, and it felt good. Exercise on Wednesday (I won't have time tomorrow. Visiting my grandad and then the funeral).

Went to the dentist tonight. I have 11 cavities and it is going to cost $2200 to fix. Russell has 5 and it will be $800. I can kiss my USA and CA holiday goodbye, since that money was going to be spent on our airfare. My wonderful mother said her and my dad might be able to help out, since she knows we don't have that kind of money lying around. Moral: Go to the denist, and don't leave it 6 years!

Mum and Russell are both sick. I think I should put myself in a plastic bubble so I don't catch it. I don't have time to get sick!

And lastly, I have a serious request. Can someone tell me what on earth I wear to a funeral. Last time I went to one I was 12 and my mum told me what to wear, so I seriously have no idea. I don't want to be disrespectful or anything. Black? Black pants and a nice top? A dress (bearing in mind I would have to shave my legs, which is something I'm not keen for)? Something I'm not thinking of? HELP!

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PUFFPASTRY 7/13/2011 1:43AM

    Oh my gosh, that's a lot of stress. So sorry that you came back from relaxation to be socked with the absolute OPPOSITE of relaxation. 12 fillings!!!! Holy carp!! Do you brush your teeth with sugar every morning, woman? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Anyway, I hope the dental drama gets worked out somehow -- I have a tooth that has to get a crown, and I've put it off for well over a year now because I don't have the $800 it's going to cost. I just sort of send it good energy and hope it doesn't crack any further.

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CARLA-216 7/11/2011 3:16PM

    So sorry about your friend's grandad.
Also sorry for the expense of the dentist. Grrr!

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SONYALATRECE 7/11/2011 10:42AM

    You & your best friend have my sympathy. Try to continue to workout as much as possible to keep stress away. With a new job & high dentist bill as well, you have so much going on.

A black pants set or dress is appropriate for the funeral.
(I heard red is inappropriate- not sure why though)

Make payment arrangments with your dentist. As long as your credit is up to par, you should be okay.

You have my blessings!

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SLIMMERKIWI 7/11/2011 7:46AM

    Wear whatever you feel comfortable in to the funeral, so long as it is clean and respectable.

Some dentists allow you to pay them off. When my son was 16 he had to have some major work done - a hole drilled into his upper jaw and a tooth dragged along and replanted in a new hole, and then braces. For 2 years he had frequent ongoing visits to adjust the braces and check on the tooth. It cost over $3,000 all up (14 years ago) and hubby and I were (and still are) on the bones of our arse. The Dentist was MORE than happy for us to pay it off, and he didn't charge any interest either. It took us 3 years, and NEVER ONCE did he put a "PLEASE PAY" on the account. I made a huge 12" square carrot cake with cream cheese icing as a thank you when I made our final payment!

Kris xx

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QUADCMOM 7/11/2011 7:36AM

    You have a lot going on. For funerals I wear a black pantsuit. As for the dentist. A few years ago I had to have a lot of work done. My dentist worked with me over a span of a year. She made a plan to fix the worst things first then a few weeks later fixed some more and so on. That way I wasn't out a large amount of money all at once. Now I go for my checkup every six months like I am supposed to.

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MRS.PRINCIPAL 7/11/2011 7:18AM

    Sorry for your friend's loss. A nice pair of black pants and dressy top is fine for a funeral. (at least here in the states.)

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