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...and then she ate hummus

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hi all. So the inspection went well. It was mainly a store/manager inspection, so I just had to behave myself. The acting regional manager loved me, so thats good.

Essential supermarket shopping after work. As much as I didn't wanna move. Healthy choices were made. I got some garlic pita breads and dukkah hummus for my snacks and emoticon for my dessert. YAY for yummy healthy food.

As for exercise...No. No freakin way. I am so tired. I'm working so hard because I am the only one bringing in money at the moment. As in 10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. And I don't even get any benefits from my hard work. My wages barely cover rent, food and petrol, let alone bills. I don't get to spend any of the money I earn on myself. I wish my good for nothing boyfriend had applied for jobs in November when there were jobs to be had. Ah. Enough complaining, its not gonna change anything.

And on that note...night!

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MRE1956 1/6/2011 7:11AM

    Hmmm....with your stressful life, you may want to rethink having that "good for nothing boyfriend" around......just sayin'......

Isn't hummus great stuff, though? Yummmmm.....


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CARLA-216 1/6/2011 6:53AM

    You made great choices at the supermarket after a long day at work! Eating healthy will take you far along the journey.

I'm glad the inspection went well. If the regional manager didn't love you, I'd think something was crazy wrong with that person!


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BEANPOD77 1/6/2011 6:37AM

    Hang in there kiddo! Glad the inspection went well. How could they not love you ? ;-p
Those are some serious hours of work!..Don't beat yourself up about exercise..All those hours count too! You made great choices at the grocery store. That's a key part too, so if that's the one area you CAN control at this time, that's a real positive..One step at a time my friend...Here for you!! emoticon

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Working hard

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hi guys. Checkin in after a long day at work, and I have another long day tomorrow. We have an inspection tomorrow so I have to go in early and then be the perfect employee for the day. Its a pretty relaxed store, so tomorrow will be a bit of a change.

Eating is going pretty well. Breakfast sucked due to lack of planning on my part, but that didn't make me spiral and have a bad day. I had sushi for lunch, soup for dinner and a gazillion fresh cherries for dessert.

I am being a better planner aheader tonight. I have fat free banana muffins baking in the oven so I can grab one for my breakfast tomorrow. That and a smoothie sounds like a nice breakfast. Leftover soup and a nashi pear for lunch and another muffin for my morning tea.

Exercise is non exsistant. Yesterday I think I had a bit of sunstroke and I ended up spending most of the day on the couch and then I napped for 4 hours. Today I worked and once I got home I was just too tired to move. I will try for a walk tomorrow after dinner. I am getting my eating under control, and as we know it is one step at a time, so I'm not gonna push myself too much in the first week or 2. I do have a 10K in a few weeks though, so I should really start training....

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CARLA-216 1/5/2011 10:55AM

    Hope you're feeling better today from the heat. Good luck on the inspection. I'm sure your store will do fine!

Working hard, huh? For me, for a few days more, it's hardly working instead of working hard. Then the clients begin bringing in their books and paperwork so that we can do their tax returns and other fun things that have to be done after the end of the year. Oh joy!

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BEANPOD77 1/5/2011 5:51AM

    Hmmmmm. banana muffins..yummy..
Hope you feel better soon and good luck on the inspection..You will rock it!!

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So it was hot as hell today...

Monday, January 03, 2011

...and I didn't go on my hike. What I did do was eat a giant strawberry ice cream (made with real strawberries) and swim in my in laws pool. And drove around in my convertable. And despite applying sunscreen no less than 3 times I still got hella burnt. Gonna hurt tomorrow!! I also ate my weight in fresh cherries and had a BBQ dinner with my parents, including sausages, chicken satay kebabs, prawns and calamari. I had a good day. We might hike tomorrow, depending on the weather.

Hope everyone else had a good day!

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CARLA-216 1/3/2011 11:04AM

    I've been known to 'just say no' to outdoor activities when it's too hot....well unless there was a pool involved!

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AMLYST 1/3/2011 9:40AM

    Hey Lady!

I would DEFINITELY take advantage of swimming in a pool. That is a great workout . . . and easy on the joints!

Can't wait to hear more from you!

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MITECU 1/3/2011 5:50AM

    Swimming is a good alternative to hiking on a hot day!

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Since I've been gone...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm back people, and fatter than ever. Ick. Been working hard, eating and sleeping. Lather, rinse, repeat. I have been swimming the past 2 days in a row, and we are going hiking tomorrow. Yay for new years and new starts.

My absent 3 weeks in photos, mainly my birthday and new years.

So, in summary:
I've been working a lot
I've been eating a lot
I'm very ready to get into a routine
I got a haircut, and straightners for xmas
I turned 22 and feel old
I got a purdy ring as an xmas pressie for myself with my fun staff discount
I lost my watch at the beach tonight and I am very grateful for my fun staff discount that will allow me to replace it for a fraction of the cost
I have missed you all!

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MAGGIE805 1/2/2011 8:22PM

    Yay! Welcome back! Missed you and love the pics. :)

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AMLYST 1/2/2011 7:57PM

    Sometimes a nice break is all that is needed to get back on track! I've been off and off for the last couple of months. It's great to see you back! Lets do this together!

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BUBBLEJ1 1/2/2011 3:46PM

    I may be young still, but I feel very old. I can't see my life past 30, its kinda a brick wall for me, so maybe thats why I feel old? That and I'm not a normal 20 something....I can't remember the last time I got drunk or anything like that.

Carla (hey girl!!!!) the pearly necklace was a gift from my BFF, the one my BF gave me is in the other photos but it is pretty tiny!

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DISP715 1/2/2011 9:57AM

    Thanks for clarifying the stick thing! Sounds delish!!! Oh, to be young again! Sweetheart, your whole life is ahead of you. Make the most of it and learn from an "old lady", don't sweat the small stuff. I spent 30 years obsessing over weight, hide myself from life, spent countless thousands of dollars on fads. Believe me when I tell you that you are beautiful and that we are NOT defined by our weight, but, by the substance of our being. So, live life and love yourself. Everything else will fall into place. I promise!! HUGS!

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CARLA-216 1/2/2011 8:48AM

    So good to see you and that sunshiney smile!

Sounds like a great time you're having. Love all the pics... The necklace, is that your b'day gift from the boyfriend? So pretty! Boo to losing your watch but hurray for fun employee discounts, eh?


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LEXIE63 1/2/2011 8:31AM

    Well, if you are going to take some time off Sparking, you might as well make the most of it. I bet that potato on a stick was beyond scrumptious! LOL
Old? at 22? Sheesh! *grin*
Here's to new resolve for the new year!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PUFFPASTRY 1/2/2011 6:45AM

    I was going to ask what was on the stick too! LOL! You are not fatter than ever, sweetie -- you are adorable as always! And YOUNG! Ohhhh, to be 22 again... sigh.

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KENP22 1/2/2011 5:23AM

  welcome back. can i ask what is on the stick he is eating?

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BUBBLEJ1 1/2/2011 4:34AM

    Its sliced potato spirals, deep fried and coated in garlic butter flavouring. Hence the fatter than ever. Was DAMN tasty though!

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DISP715 1/2/2011 4:26AM

    Well, welcome back! What the heck is on that stick??

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I am still alive!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi all!

I'm still here, just. I've been so busy with work and life that the internet has taken a bit of a backseat! Still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is hard. I work next to a Bakers Delight. Nuff said. And after spending 9 hours on my feet the last thing I want to do is go for a walk or a run in the evenings. I'm going to try and get up earlier to get my workout in before work, me thinks.

I've been trying to make the most of my days off. Like today, I had a friend over and instead of driving to lunch, we walked. Took us about 25 minutes each way but it was a beautiful day so we didn't mind, and we walked back along the beach with our feet in the water. Monday is my next day off and we are going for a hike which will be lots of fun. Oh, and for lunch I had a open chicken sandwich. Lots of salad and only one piece of bread. Delish.

I have worked out a way to stop myself eating all my baking...Coworkers! I love to bake and I generally just want one muffin or biscuit or whatever I make, but I end up eating all of them so they don't go to waste. Now I just take the leftovers in to work to my workmates. Baking out of the house and I'll never get fired! Score!

In other news, I got my birthday present from my boyfriend today! My birthday is Tuesday, but he wanted to give it to me today because if I didn't like it then I would have just ruined my Friday, not my birthday. Sweet, but not needed because it was something I picked out (working in a jewellery store has its perks! I pointed it out to a coworker and she sold it to him). I'm not allowed to wear it until my birthday though. It is a white gold heart pendant with a little emerald and a little diamond set in it. So cute, I love it. I love emeralds!

Ummmm....yeah thas pretty much my life. I will try and set aside some time for sparking soon! I miss you guys!

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MAGGIE805 12/10/2010 8:43PM

    I miss you too! Bakers Delight is evil. Lol. Life gets hectic like that sometimes and you sound like you're maintaining. Awesome. How's the running going. I have about a week and a half before my 5k. Little nervous. Stay cool and keep running. :)

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