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Bikini bottoms

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterday I told you all about my water walking experience. I had fun and this morning I am sore, so I know I worked something! What I neglected to mention is that yesterday I went to the pools in bikini bottoms and a tankini top with no board shorts.

This is the first time I have done this since I was 8 years old (yeah body image issues started early). I really didn't have a choice since my boadies don't fit me and the ones that might are still at my in laws. So I swam in a public pool in my bikini bottoms. And I felt great! No one was looking at me or judging me. No one was pointing and staring and shielding their eyes. I was just a girl, at the pools in bikini bottoms.

Just a note for anyone that doesn't know, board shorts or boardies are shorts made out of a material safe for swimming (doesn't apsorb water). They are popular here.

Right, on to today.

Today I have W4 D1 planned. I'm a little scared, but I think I can do it! After that I will hopefully do the 30DS. Then I need to get on with my assignment. University is getting boring and I'm at the point where I just don't wanna do it anymore. 2 more months and I get the summer off!

Eating today will hopefully be good. I had cereal for breakfast, but it wasn't very filling so I think I'll have another small breakfast soon. Lunch will be whatever is in the freezer...I have corn, so at least I'll have a veggie! I'll probably make my own chicken nuggets (chicken breast cut into bit sized pieces coated in WW flour and chicken salt then baked). Dinner will be another freezer meal. Bring on payday!

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CARLA-216 9/20/2010 10:55AM

    How cool that you wore those bikini bottoms and felt okay with it! Like has been said before me, that's a big mental hurdle to overcome. Great job!

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ENDURETHERAIN 9/20/2010 9:08AM

    That's awesome!!! Yay for you! That's a big mental hurdle to overcome and you cleared it!!!

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CAROLJEAN64 9/19/2010 7:18PM

    Yea! Bikini bottoms. emoticon

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Water walking

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today I went water walking. And I liked it! It was easy on my legs but I still felt like I was getting a workout. The going around in circles bit was boring, but I had my friends there for company and before we knew it 45 minutes had passed! I wanted to do an hour, so we solidered on for another 15 minutes then relaxed in the spa. And there was no sweating involved. Sometimes I like to sweat, but most of the time I don't, so no sweating was a big plus! And, bonus, according to Sparkpeople I burned 650 calories! I can live with that!

I have a weekly date with my friends to go water walking, so I will be doing it every Sunday. We are going to motivate each other to go and I am going to buy a 10 trip pass for further motivation.

I have eaten pretty well today too. I had breakfast for the first time in 2 weeks. I did have chocolate though, but I still think I'll be within my calories. I didn't meet my fruit and veggie goal though :( We have zero dollars until Wednesday so we are living off what we have and we don't have fruit and veg. I may have some tinned fruit, maybe I'll have to bust some of that out.

Here's to a sparktastic week!

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ENDURETHERAIN 9/20/2010 9:10AM

    I know what you mean about just eating what you have til payday... I only get paid once a month, so it's a stretch sometimes! Water walking sounds like fun!

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LEXIE63 9/19/2010 4:15PM

    Sounds interesting. I had to go look it up to see what you are doing. :-)
I hear you on the food thing. We are struggling this week. I am beyond broke! We are stripping the freezer bare, under the pretence of needing to defrost it, but the truth is I have no spare cash for anything this week, so anything in the dim recesses of the beastie is fair game, regardless of how healthy it is. Dratted bills! *growl*
Never mind. This too shall pass! :-)
Lex xxx

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CARLA-216 9/19/2010 8:33AM

    That sounds fun and a good workout! So glad you enjoyed it and are committed to going ten more times! Yeah!

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Back on the wagon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Right, I will have a good week, even if it kills me! I can do anything for a week, right? A week is a good goal, short and sweet, and hopefully if I do one week I will do another and another.

Tomorrow I am going water walking (I had to cancel last week) with a friend. I am really looking forward to it, but not looking forward to getting into a swimsuit. And I have to shave my legs. So I'm looking forward to the activity but not the prep.

The plans, Stan:


Sunday - Water walking for 1 hour
Monday - W4 D1 + 30 day shred, level one (30DS only if feeling good after my run)
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - W4 D2
Thursday - 30 day shred, level one
Friday - Rest
Saturday - W4 D3


Track every second day and stay within ranges
Drink 2 pump bottles of water a day
Eat 3 pieces of fruit a day
Eat 1 serving of veggies a day

You'll notice that I am moving on to week 4. I will modify if needed, but I think moving on will be good for my mind. I have yet to complete week 3 after 2 attempts and I think it is mind related rather then body. I will move on to week 4 and if I'm still doing well in a couple of weeks I'll sign up for the 5k. I'm motivated to get my rewards for the next couple of weeks (new running clothes and a massage!) so I really, really want to finish them.

Wish me luck guys, this week will be good!

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LEXIE63 9/18/2010 5:43PM

    emoticon You know you can! :-)
Cheering you on!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NAMERICANZ 9/18/2010 4:23PM

    Good luck!

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CARLA-216 9/18/2010 8:29AM

    Good luck this week! Keep your mind to what you want to accomplish and don't let anything stop you this week. You can do it!

Also, thanks for the comment that week 3 for you may be mind related. You sparked a light bulb moment for me --- maybe me not progressing beyond a certain mileage for my runs may in fact be mental instead of physical.

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NOTMILK 9/18/2010 8:03AM

    I started Week 4 last night and made it through! WHEW! I was so PROUD when I hit the end of the 2nd 5 minute run!

Howeverm I need to start mapping my week a bit more clearly like you are - that will make me more accountable to myself. I have a tendancy to decide "on the fly" whether I am going to work out tonight or not - BAD PLAN!

Thanks for the reminder that planning is KEY! emoticon

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BUBBLEJ1 9/18/2010 7:49AM

    I'm going to a pool. Still too cold here for open water emoticon I have read that it is a good workout and not as easy as it looks! I will report back tomorrow!

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MBSHAZZER 9/18/2010 7:46AM

    Water walking is fantastic exercise!! Are you walking in a pool or in open water?

I agree with you on the running - it's mostly mental. Good luck with your progress - if your mind can conceive it, your body can achieve it!

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Introducing my baby

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Burgles.

He is 18 months old.

And as you can see from the photos, he is soooooooo cute.

He was a stray that was hanging around our house. He would come into our house in the middle of the night and steal our cats food (he burgled us, so his name is Burgles. Don't ask, the boyfriend named him!) A couple of days ago he turned up during the day and came right up to us and started smooching.

Oh, he stole our hearts right there and then. We decided that if he came back the next day we would think about keeping him. He came back! We took him to the vet to be checked out, checked for a microchip and to be, ahem, de-boyed. Because he is over a year old and still hadn't been fixed, in addition to being thin, the vet said he more then likely didn't have a home. Because he is friendly he probably did have a home at some point but the owners probably abandoned him.

The vet said that he usually doesn't recommend adopting tom cats that are this old because they are usually very vicious, but this cat is soooo friendly and smoochy that he didn't think I would have a problem and would calm down further after being de-boyed. The vet surgeon and the receptionist fell in love with him. I went to pick him up and they were gushing about how lovely he was and how lucky he was to be rehomed.

So far my other cats are keeping their distance, and my baby, Pixie, is not happy at all, mainly because Burgles has decided that he likes sleeping on my bed, and that is her domain. Hopefully they will all be one big happy cat family soon!

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TRACYZABELLE 9/20/2010 4:20AM

    Congrats on the new furchild!! MY female is giving our new baby hell as well-- my male must think it is his baby as he is teaching him and bathes him.

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LEXIE63 9/18/2010 5:46PM

    I had an exactly the same cat. This one could be his brother! Burgles, meet Boysie! :-)
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CARLA-216 9/18/2010 8:37AM

    Aww, you haz a basement kitty! He's very handsome, but aren't all black cats?
I have a black cat, but unfortunately he is not a very nice cat, but we keep him anyway. It's our duty...he adopted us when he was a wee kitten.

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MBSHAZZER 9/18/2010 7:48AM

    So cute!!! Enjoy him! My tenants just moved out and left a black kitty behind. It was indoor / outdoor before and now it's totally outdoor. It breaks my heart - the house is still vacant, and everytime I go over there to do work, the cat is jumping in my lap and rubbing up against my legs. I wish I could take it home but it WILL NOT get in the carrier - I have the scratches to prove it!

Good on you for rescuing this little cutie! He's a lucky guy!

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BARCLE 9/18/2010 4:15AM

    Soooo cute!!! I love black cats emoticon

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BEANPOD77 9/17/2010 11:06PM

    He's a handsome fellow...Love the name..I am sure you will have one big happy family before too many days..Give him a scratch under the chin for me!! G'night!

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ANGELBELIEVER 9/17/2010 9:09PM

    How sweet. Glad he chose you. we have a little girl around here I'm trying to find a home for. There are 3 of us that are feeding here at the moment. She loves people and rolls upside down to have her belly rubbed. She too belonged somewhere at some time but stays around the neighborhood. She sometimes sleeps in our neighbor's outside laundry room as they leave the door open for her. She's gray and white and I suspect a Persian as she has long fur and a bushy tail. Green eyes.

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MILLISMA 9/17/2010 8:47PM

    What a handsome guy! Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm sure things will probably work out...it just takes a little time.

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    Burgles is beautiful. My first cat wandered into our home and into our lives nearly 40 years ago. We have a dog now, but I'll never forget my first cat.

Much happiness to the entire family...

Grace and peace,

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Friday, September 17, 2010

OK, I still haven't exercised. I SHOULD do the shred. Outside was not an option yesterday as the whole of New Zealand has a storm warning. Today is windy but I should be able to get my run in. I will be going on to Week 4 next week, even though I haven't done a whole week 3 yet. I think I need to push myself a little or I won't move on. If it is too hard I'll do week 3 again.

On that note, I don't think I'll sign up for the 5k just yet. I'm supposed to be on week 5 next week, so I don't know if I'll be ready for it. I'm bummed but its my own fault for not sticking to my running plan. If I feel like I'll make it then I'll sign up later.

Last night I was snacky but not hungry. I wanted chocolate soooooooo badly. But I didn't have it. I grilled a few prawns from my freezer seasoned with a little salt and pepper and ground chillies and snacked on them instead. The calories were far less, and I didn't have to leave the house in the storm to get junk food. Good me, pat on the back.

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CARLA-216 9/18/2010 8:38AM

    Great job avoiding chocolate and having prawns instead. You got a good protein boost that way as well!

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WOTABOUTTHIS 9/17/2010 11:28PM

    Yep, you DO deserve a pat on the back! Every single time you choose a healthy alternative makes you stronger. Can't blame you for staying inside - the weather is atrocious. I often find if I go early (around daylight) the rotten weather doesn't settle in till later. Didn't work this morning though, I got soaked. Good luck with the 5 km.

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BUGSMOM211 9/17/2010 6:28PM


I love your snack! Creative..I probably would have went for emoticon emoticon

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BEANPOD77 9/17/2010 6:14PM

    Good for you...Hmmm spicy prawns ( shrimp as we call them on this side of the planet ;-)...Love 'em...
Don't be too hard on yourself with your running plan..At least you are moving..It takes a long time to train your body and breathing..Doing it all in a straight 9 weeks is pretty agressive..
Hope you dont blow away..

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