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I ate 2 mars bars

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emotional eating. The boyfriend annoyed me over something silly, so I ate the 2 mars bars that I got for us for a treat tonight. Now I feel sick. Ick.

In other news I'm freaked out by how soon my assignments are due. 1 in 3 days, 1 in a week and a half, then a week with none and they all keep rolling from there! 1 assignment is kinda fun, but expensive, and the rest are just boring. Argh, not in the mood.

The usual happy Bubble should return tomorrow

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LEXIE63 9/10/2010 11:03AM

    I guess I'm lucky in that if I get upset I can't eat, though that does have its own issues to deal with.

Sorry your fella and the treat made you feel icky.

Hope you are feeling better now.
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Flowers to cheer you up. :-)

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ENDURETHERAIN 9/10/2010 6:55AM

    I had to eat a late lunch yesterday, so I was really hungry during my usual lunchtime... so I had a Snickers. :(

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PETAL65 9/10/2010 3:11AM

    No man is worth chocolate! HA HA HA!
Just forget about it, done and over with -
I used to eat too when hubby was annoying me...
Now, I let it make me so angry I grab my coat and go for a walk...kill two birds with one stone! (really three)
1) Hubby has time to think of a good way to say sorry
2) I get exercise
3) I get over being annoyed
Try it!

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ADAMISRAEL2007 9/10/2010 3:03AM

    HI Bubble:

As a guy, Ill be the first to admit, we can be STUPID.

Tomorrow is another day. Wake up, exercise early. Look at the beauty around you. breath deep. OK, you are ready to work hard and continue your journey to health and happiness.


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ALY123GO 9/10/2010 2:22AM

    I know the feeling. Keep your chin up Miss Bubble! Guys can be so freakin' stupid sometimes! Don't let him derail your plans.

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NAIROBIQUEEN 9/10/2010 2:19AM

    :) I am sending you a smile!! Boyfriends can be stupid.
Mine didnt call me yesterday knowing that I am sick!!!! Grrrrr, I yelled at him, luckily they dont have mars bars in korea...but damnitt my coworkers just came in with cookies!

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Running - W3 D2

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Guess what?!

I went for my run today

Guess what else?!

I had no calf pain!

Guess what else?!

It was pouring down with rain and I didn't call the boyfriend to pick me up, I ran anyway! It was actually nice and refreshing!

I really focused on my form and it helped soooo much with my running. Apart from my asthma (seriously body, could I have an ailment free day?) I felt good and strong! Everytime I felt my calf muscles tightening up I made sure I was landing mid foot and was leaning from the ankles and the pain stopped! I'm very, very happy!

My intervals were interupted by a pulled thigh muscle. I stopped, stretched, felt OK and kept going. Finished my interval, but the muscle was a bit niggly so I walked for about 5 minutes (good timing, huge hill) and then tried running again once I got to the flat again. Felt fine, did my last interval and went home.

So now I'm laxin out for a minute before I have to shower and get ready for work. Argh, the best thing about being sick is not having to go to work! Better get back into it!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NOTMILK 9/10/2010 6:31AM

    Way to go!!!!

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BEANPOD77 9/9/2010 10:29PM

    emoticon emoticon Awesome job! Glad to hear you are making headway on figuring out how to get relief for your calf muscles...
I was away out of town for 3 days this week ( I am part of an incident response team so I had to go to a simulation exercise)..I managed to do 5K on the treadmill,..but am finding I am getting a niggling issue in the hip area of my right leg...One of my running friends thinks its my IT band, which is a tough one to treat and heal..(Just as I set my goal in run in my first organized race Sept. 19...)
Anway..sorry to sound whiny ..this is about YOU...Great accomplishment..Be sure to stretch carefully ( and fully ) when you are done...and use ice on anything that hurts..10min on...10 min off..It makes a huge difference and could make a difference to avoiding an longer term issue emoticon
Keep on going!! Talk to ya later this week!

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LEXIE63 9/9/2010 4:28PM

    I'm really pleased that you have figured out the problem with your running. I would imagine that you will soon get used to the correct form for you, and not have to pay so much attention to it. :-) I understand the ailment thing too. One day without one of my ailments giving me niggles would be great! :-)

I love walking in the rain. The only thing I don't like is if it runs down my neck *squirm* LOL

Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KELZIEROSE 9/9/2010 5:15AM

    w00p w00p sounds great doll :D well done!!

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MAGGIENCALI 9/9/2010 12:38AM

    That makes two of us. Although I'm not quite ready to get back to road running. I jumped on the treadmill for the first time in 2 1/2 mos. and it felt great. I'm going to let my body recover from it's shock and just do a little kickboxing tomorrow (Thursday). Feels good to be able to give it your all. :)

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Pain free!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I went for a super speedy walk around the block, I shaved 5 minutes off my usual time! I did a couple of test runs (30 seconds to a minute), focusing on my form. I leaned forward a little from the ankles and I focused on landing mid foot. I had zero pain! And when i watched my form while walking I was walking faster and had no pain! I think my form must have been the problem but I won't know for sure until I have done my run tomorrow.

Pearl and Mavis enjoyed their stroll. I also put some new old songs onto my ipod so I had something new to listen to.

Good walk, me happy!

I didn't do the 30 day shred though. I think I'll start that this week, since I'm already pushing myself through a cold and I don't want to push too hard! Next week for sure though!

Still need to do my assignment, go food shopping and have dinner with my bestie!

Have a great day Sparkies!

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KELZIEROSE 9/9/2010 5:17AM

    Music makes exercise so much better! I really get into what I'm doing, and if a quick song comes on, I push myself harder.

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BLONDEVIKI 9/8/2010 3:39PM

    Hey! Pain free is good news - I hope it stays that way for you :)

My friend did the 30 day shred and really rates it - let us know how you find it!

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AMLYST 9/8/2010 9:15AM

    Hey BubbleJ1, Let me know what you think of the 30-Day Shred. I just ordered it on Amazon. I actually bought it for my husband in hopes that he'll get up a little earlier in the morning and do it before he hops in the shower. But I'm pretty sure I'll definitely be trying it out myself. I've heards lots of great things about it

I can't wait to here what you think!

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LEXIE63 9/8/2010 6:06AM

    Pain free is always a good thing. I hope your run tomorrow (well, today now) is also pain free!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALICALI 9/7/2010 11:28PM

    You sound so happy! Good job! What music did you add to your ipod? Hey, tomorrow's already Wednesday! emoticon

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Walk for 30 minutes

30 day shred level 1

Start maths assignment, do at least part B!

Dinner with bestie, no alcohol and make good choices!

Right kids, lets go!

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MAGGIENCALI 9/9/2010 11:14AM

    You forgot "play well with others" . Sounds like a great plan! :)

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BUBBLEJ1 9/9/2010 7:06AM

    Everything but the 3o day shred. Leave that for when I'm feeling a bit better!

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KELZIEROSE 9/9/2010 5:14AM

    Did we achieve all goals??

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SUNRISE14 9/7/2010 7:20AM

    I take this plan 1 day at a time!

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Running - W3 D1 - Maybe I'm not meant to be a runner?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The first interval went fine and I felt great. I did a few light stretchses in with my walk. The second interval sucked and I really had to push through to make it 3 minutes. My calves were so tight, and it was so painful. I walked for a few minutes and stretched, which hurt but made my calves feel better. Interval 3 was very tough but I did it. By interval 4 I was running 1 minute, walking and stretching then doing another minute, walking and stetching then doing my last minute. I was in so much pain and I really don't think this is normal.

I'm trying not to get discouraged but I can't help but think that maybe I'm not supposed to be a runner. I can't stop and stretch every 3 minutes in a 5K, thats not practical, but at this stage that is the only way I'm getting though my runs. I have no idea what to do or who to ask about this. I have posted a message on the fitness board so hopefully someone has some answers for me!


EDIT: After some googling and a chat with the wise Papamikie I have come to the conclusion that my form is wrong. I have made a few notes and I am going to try and correct my form. I need to be landing midfoot, I think I have been landing too close to the toes. I also need to lean forward a little. The horse rider in me wants to be straight as an arrow, but I need to be straight with a lean. OK people I can do this!

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JESSSPARK 9/7/2010 11:10AM

    Make sure you are wearing decent shoes, and make sure you are running slow enough. If you have a heart rate monitor wear it- if it's getting much above the 160s you are probably overdoing it (I try to keep to the 160s unless I am in an actual race or making an attempt at "race pace" during a practice). Heart times vary by age though, I'm 37. I hope correcting your form helps. It might not hurt to get a professional to evaluate your form, they can probably do that at a running show specialty shop (where you can also get better shoes if you need to or if not just buy some fancy socks so they get something out of the deal).

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CAROBEAR1 9/7/2010 8:39AM

    I did week 3 for a LOOONNNNNNNGGGG time....I kept doing it ...I quit the C25K and then I started again at week 3.....again and again....I listened to the advice (of fellow sparkers) to SLOW down and now I'm in the middle of week 5...I also signed up for a 5K fun run/walk to motivate me to finish...
I decided by slowing down my I can build speed later but wanted to be running (jogging) longer so that I can go out and do 5Ks or runs around the neighbourhood....

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SLIMMERKIWI 9/7/2010 8:37AM

    Are you doing warm-up exercises before embarking on your runs? Are you doing warm-DOWN exercises at the end?
Perhaps you are doing too much too soon - you are better to go for a couple weeks or more of brisk walks and picking up time and distance gradually that way before doing the running thing. THEN when you do the running thing, sit at the same lenth of time for a few days BEFORE increasing. ALSO you are best off to have a day off between the runs i.e. run every other day, initially - give your body a chance to repair itself because you are obviously not fit enough for an every day run AND when a person is like that they are more inclined to miniscule little muscle tears etc.

Another thing you need to do - ensure that you have good fitting, supportive shoes - NOT the cheap Warehouse type of thing! They take the impact far better, and remember, when you come down on your feet, there is an awful lot of sudden jolting/jarring impact on your joints!

(I used to run 9 miles (15 k's) per night, when I was not much younger than you, and had to start off very, very slowly so know from experience. I had been a VERY fit person, too, involved with competetive sports (hockey and athletics) for a LOT of years leading up to then - also know the damage that can be done from a First Responder point of view (with St John covering Sports Events for a lot of years)


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SUZIB123 9/7/2010 7:07AM

    Hi I was on wk7--day 2 and I hurt my back. Can't finish nut-in honey if you don't start! I'm getting better and I will return. Slow down but don't give up. emoticon

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ERZSEBETVWV 9/7/2010 5:20AM

    Another cause of tight muscles and cramps can be low potassium. Make sure you are getting enough of that and other electrolytes!

Good luck! emoticon

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45ANDFIT1 9/7/2010 4:10AM

    Week 3 on C25K is hard for lots of people. Just slow down a bit and if you need to repeat week 3. Getting through the mental part of running is part of the training so don't give up this early in the game, just adjust to your fitness level. emoticon

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BROKEN_ANGEL08 9/7/2010 2:59AM

    emoticon Your body is just adjusting to a different activity level. I completed the C25K, quit running, now I'm back at it again. I'm on week 3 as well. I told myself that it would only get easier, and it did. It is tough in the beginning, but your body will get used to running. If you need to repeat a week so be it as long as you finish. I look forward to a future blog celebrating your first 5K!

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NEVERMIND2010 9/7/2010 2:33AM

    Maybe you should slow down? And you might want to plan on doing Week 3 for more than a week.

(I'm one to talk - just re-started on Week 2, and it HURT after 2 weeks off. I was SLOOOOOW, but I did it.)

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