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Foolproof weight loss

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Get the flu!

Yep, for the low, low price of getting influenza you can lose weight without any effort at all.

So, Friday I was feeling like rubbish. Saturday I wasn't well, but powered on. Sunday I was so sick I couldn't even get out of bed. Fever, chills, sweats, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, nausea... If if was a flu symptom, I had it. My husband dragged me to the after hours doctor on Sunday evening because he was so worried about me. All the doctor could do for me was write me a note for the week off work and give me some pills for the nausea. I've been in bed since.

I'm feeling a lot better than I was, but no where near 100%. I'll probably be back to 100% in another week -10 days. The flu REALLY takes it out of you. The exhaustion sucks. I got really bored yesterday so I folded some washing. Then I had to lay down! I've also lost my appetite, big time. I didn't really eat for 3 days, and now I do get hungry but nothing sounds good, and I can only eat about half of my normal serving before feeling sick.

So, silver lining is that I've lost around 2 kilos in a week. See, fool proof. As long as you like being sick. Personally, I think there are easier ways to lose weight!

It goes without saying that the workouts are on hold. I went to the gym last Monday, and was too tired to go on the Thursday. Now I know why! Old me would've still been working out! Crazyness. I'm doing nothing but resting for AT LEAST another week. Then I'm moving to a new gym that is right by my new house and only a few minutes from work. I'm excited to get back to the gym so I'm checking out what classes I might want to try. But like I said, I'm in no hurry. At least another week off, probably closer to a week and a half. I'll re-evaluate next weekend.

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LIVEDAILY 7/13/2014 4:55AM

    emoticon Hot tea to soothe you.

emoticon Rest

emoticon Some reading material

Hope you are feeling better soon!!

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JSTETSER 7/5/2014 6:30AM

    Aww. Please take care of yourself, and get well soon Bubble!

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ROSINVN 7/3/2014 3:17AM

    I agree with you there are much easier ways of loosing weight than the flu, glad to hear you are giving yourself time to recover properly.

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SLIMMERKIWI 7/3/2014 2:57AM

    Touch wood, no cold or flu for over a year.

I hope that you are soon over yours, but remember, don't go rushing back in when you are - baby steps!

Kris xxx

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UKNOWITNOW 7/2/2014 7:00PM

  Glad you are feeling better.

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My excuse for missing too many workouts in 2 weeks!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

We bought a house!

It all happened so quick and the past fortnight has been a blur of mortgage brokers, lawyers, vendors, builders (for the pre purchase report)... all of whom we met after work and by the time we were finished with them we were starving and the gym was nearly closed. I managed to get to the gym a couple of times, and we tried to make our weekends with my step son as active as possible, but the workout have been lacking.

Back on track this week (I try to go 3 times a week now, and keep active the other days). We went unconditional yesterday and don't move in until August, so I can have my evenings back!

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LIVEDAILY 6/21/2014 1:41PM

Congratulations!! That is so awesome!! May you make many happy memories in your new home!

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CARLA-216 6/21/2014 10:08AM


I hope you'll share pics of the house once you're moved in and settled.

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PATSYB7 6/21/2014 7:58AM


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SLIMMERKIWI 6/21/2014 3:12AM

    What an exciting time, even if it IS stressful.

You want MHO? Well, you are going to get in, anyway - LOL!

This is only a couple weeks (with a few more thrown in over time) of the rest of your life. It is MORE than understandable that you have taken a side step for a wee while. I will accept the teacher's 'excuse note' emoticon

Kris xxx

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My injury

Friday, June 06, 2014

So after my class last week I was really gung ho and wanting to get back into my routine. Until the next morning when I woke up and I couldn't move my right arm. It got worse through the day and I think I pulled my pec and or bicep in my right arm. That put me out for a week! I couldn't move my arm at all without pain for nearly a week. I went back to the class on Tuesday (it was feeling better) but did things at my own pace so I wouldn't re injure myself. The pace is pretty quick and I think that is how I hurt myself in the first place, by going too fast! That is what put me off weights classes in the first place; The pace isn't controlled by me and that makes injury more likely.

I'm also bored with my routine so my routine isn't really there. I'm going to classes if I feel like it, walk if I feel like it, etc. Yesterday I went on a school trip and I climbed up a huge hill with my class so that was my workout for the day. It's nice not having any stress, but also easier to skip my workouts since I don't have a routine anymore. I'm going to try and fix that in the coming weeks by working out what I actually love to do, and sticking with that. It'll probably be a bit of weights, a bit of classes, maybe a bit of running again. Who knows!? Watch this space!

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LIVEDAILY 6/6/2014 9:50PM

    emoticon Good thinking! If you do what YOU like to do, chances are it will become a regular thing that you look forward to, rather than something you "have" to do. The Phys Ed teacher was absent today, and rather than take my class back upstairs, I let them out onto the playground for a bit of unstructured play, and instead of just sitting and watching them, I started to walk around the playground. Pretty soon, I had a few children who were asking me what I was doing and walking with me. Walking! I said. Why? they asked. Because I like to walk was my answer. A wise child said Walking is good for you isn't it? I said oh yes it is. I got an unscheduled walk and talk in with part of my class today, some fresh air, and it was fun!

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CARLA-216 6/6/2014 9:12AM

    I'm sure you'll get back to a routine!

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PATSYB7 6/6/2014 6:21AM

    Live and learn, right? I have so been there, done that! I like to start things off gung ho and very often that leads to injury.

You have a great plan--go for it!


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SLIMMERKIWI 6/6/2014 5:44AM

    Well now, MRS BUBBLE, there is something to be said for not going at things like a bull at a gate :-)

Hopefully you will find things that you DO love (I am sure that you will) but remember .... baby steps, as in 'walk before you can run' sort of thing.

It sounds like your alternative work-out was quite a change.


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GHOSTFLAMES 6/6/2014 5:07AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RAPUNZEL53 6/6/2014 4:22AM

  Good Luck!

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A new class

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I've known for weeks that I need to add something to my workout routine, but nothing has appealed. I decided that I just had to try something, anything, to get me going. There is a class on Tuesday nights called 'Active'. The vague description didn't put me off so I went along to try it out.

First, I had to get a step. Ick. I clearly wouldn't be using it for decline push ups but I decided to stop being a weights snob and do as I was told as get one. Then I had to get hand weights - 5 kilo ones. Yep. They were so light! I got 7kg ones too, since I thought I'd need something heavier.

The class started with 20 minutes of cardio. Step ups and knee things and butt kick things and jump things. Interesting, slightly challenging, but nothing outrageous. I did the advanced modifications and went faster than I was told to. I was really surprised that I hadn't lost much cardio fitness and that I found it fairly easy. I promise I was pushing myself! I will put the step up higher next time for more of a challenge.

Then there was 20 minutes of weights. The deadlifts were easy (I usually do 50kg and my dumbbells only added up to 15), but some of the other moves were challenging! I was surprised! There were a few moves that I don't usually do, and the ones I did were done more times than usual. It definitely burned by the end! I had trouble with the core moves (my back hurts when doing anything laying on the floor) and the tricep push ups on the step (my wrists hurt at that angle) but I'm sure I could modify the moves next time.

The class finished with 20 minutes of balancing and stretching. I don't include any balance work in my routine, and I'm a brief stretcher, so this part of the class was surprisingly enjoyable, and very beneficial.

All in all I didn't hate the class but I didn't love it either. It was a nice change, and I'll go back next week. I wasn't in love with the class, but I can see how it would benefit and complement the weights that I'm doing.

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LIVEDAILY 5/27/2014 8:59PM

    It sounds like it just may be the thing to add to your routine for a while!

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PATSYB7 5/27/2014 5:41AM

    Sounds like a well balanced workout!

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MARINEMAMA 5/27/2014 5:29AM


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GHOSTFLAMES 5/27/2014 5:17AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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more wedding photos

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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SONGOFJOY57 6/11/2014 4:16PM

    Congratulations! emoticon

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REGILIEH 5/21/2014 12:56AM

    BEAUTIFUL and very sweet!

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LIVEDAILY 5/20/2014 7:37PM

    You had a beautiful wedding!! Gorgeous photos!! You were a beautiful bride, and you both look so happy!!

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ADARKARA 5/20/2014 10:25AM

    You are so beautiful!

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PICKIE98 5/20/2014 6:35AM

    Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PATSYB7 5/20/2014 6:17AM

    Gorgeous! Glad you had a great day! Thanks for sharing!

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JANUT57 5/20/2014 5:38AM

  Beautiful! emoticon

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ROX525 5/20/2014 5:27AM

    Beautiful bride. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing.

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SLIMMERKIWI 5/20/2014 5:06AM

    GORGEOUS photos!!! You look absolutely radiant emoticon

Big Hugs,
Kris xxxx

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