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Cardio, balance, flexibility and that thing I always forget about.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I know there are 4 types of fitness.

Cardio Ė check! I like all kinds of cardio. They make me feel great!

Flexibility Ė Nature didnít give me much naturally, but Iím working on it. I always stretch each day and Yoga helps too.

Balance Ė Not bad for an old lady.

Then thereís that other thing - the one I never find time for Ė the thing I ignore as much as possible. STRENGTH TRAINING! or ST Ė especially upper body stuff - UGH!

The closest I get is an aerobics class that incorporates weights, but they changed the times to a schedule that doesn't work for me.

Iím aware of the benefits and the necessity of doing this, but I just donít like it. Many Christmasí ago my daughter gave me a complete set of dumbbells, from 4 lb to 15 lbs. She had great hopes for me obviously. Hah! Iíve started and stopped many times.

Now Iíve placed them prominently right in front of the TV. The current plan is to pick them up during commercials. This is week 2 and Iím up to 5 whole minutes 3 times a week (5, 6 and 8 lbs).

Maybe that aerobics class will switch their times back again. Sigh!

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WATERMELLEN 10/3/2012 8:42PM

    Maybe if you develop some serious arms/shoulders with your weights, you'll be able to freak 'em out at work: muscles AND sneakers!!

Gotta admit . . . love to flaunt the sleeveless and flex a bit . . . . can't say I LIKE ST but I do like the results (and I'm no body builder).

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MJZHERE 10/2/2012 11:37AM

  I believe something is always better than nothing. Mine were sitting right in front of the tv and nothing was happening to them - they sit there quite efficiently. For me at least, doing very little with them was quite a lot (for upper body). Maybe it is all where you start from. Give yourself kiddos for dusting them off, putting them in a good spot, and picking them up! You're on the way.

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BREWMASTERBILL 10/2/2012 10:26AM

    I learned the hard way that ST is the worst thing to neglect. ST has the unique ability to increase all 4 fitness types when done properly and consistently.

What you're currently doing with them probably isn't doing much though. You might want to investigate effective strength training routines.
.asp might be a starting point.

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SUZYMOBILE 10/2/2012 10:04AM

    Good for you! I kept mine in front of the TV for quite a while, because that's where I do my evening pilates routine and throw in some upper-body ST every other day. I have the same problem with ST, though, and am now committed to adding some lower body every other day. It isn't much, but hey, it's better than none.

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My frame size went from small to medium to largeÖyeah, sure.

Monday, October 01, 2012

I defy the norm. It was my positive body image that caused me to ignore the added pounds.

Before BMI we had height & weight charts on the doctorís wall. At 5í6Ē the range was 117-154. In high school I was at the lower end and always assumed I had a ďsmall frame.Ē Gradually I decided that was wrong and by retirement I was content with my ďlarge frame.Ē

During each of 3 pregnancies in my 20s, I gained exactly 25 lbs. Back in the day that was the upper limit. If you were on a pace to gain more than that, the doctors and nurses would actually yell at you. Of course we also drank coffee, ate chocolate, alcohol was OK in moderation and so was smoking, although my book did advise women to cut down. Fortunately, I never smoked and when I realized the amount of calories in alcohol, I quit that too. I didnít want to push that weight limit. I lost all my baby weight within 6-8 weeks of giving birth.

Then life happened and the pounds gradually piled on. In my 30s I decided I had a medium frame. The only negative comment I remember was at a family gathering when my aunt remarked to my mother, ďooh, Eileen got FAT!Ē Looking around the room, I responded, ďCompared to WHOM?Ē See, no body image problem here.

Fast forward 2 more decades and my now LARGE frame was edging into the officially overweight category. Finally, I was beginning to express concern. However, American society had been gaining weight at a faster pace then I was and I was told not to worry because I could ďcarry it.Ē .

Finally I decided I didnít want to carry it anymore. While skipping dessert made sense, most of the popular diets sounded wrong to me. I didnít have any dieting history, but I sure knew that I couldnít stick to any of them.

I had always been active so my only option was to analyze and change my eating habits. Fortunately, my running forum had a ďhealthy eatingĒ group and although it took nearly one year to lose 20+ lbs, here I am approaching my 3 year anniversary of maintenance (132-135). No, Iím not trying to get back into the 120s. Maybe itís that lifetime habit of being content with not being perfect, but Iím OK right where I am. However, I intend to keep tracking and paying attention. I donít want those extra pounds to sneak up on me again.

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KANOE10 10/2/2012 7:17AM

    That is wonderful that you are approaching your third year of maintenance!!!!! I went through that whole large frame issue. My husband told me I need more meat on me as I had a large frame. I choose to remain at my healthy weight.

You have done a great job of keeping those twenty pounds off for 3 years. That is very inspirational.

Keep tracking..keep paying attention. Great advice.

emoticon emoticon

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MAHGRET 10/1/2012 9:42AM

    Thank you for sharing. I think it is good that you kept a positive self image, I don't feel like we should have to hate ourselves to wake up and decide to get healthier.

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SUZYMOBILE 10/1/2012 9:29AM

    Yeah, I've noticed the frame size calculations changing over the years, or maybe it's me! I used to think I had a small frame, even given my height of 5'71/2". But now they tell you to measure it according to whether your thumb and pointer finger can touch when encircling the bony part of your dominant wrist. Mine can't, so I think that makes me large. I don't much care. I'd rather be 120 or lower, but can't seem to get there lately.

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SHADOWROSE45 10/1/2012 7:45AM

    I'm okay with not perfect, too. I'm only 5'2", but when I get to 135, I will be content.

I am small framed, but I dispute weight everywhere, so never look quite as heavymasmImam.

Good for you for the three years staying where you want. Isn't it within healthy range at your height?

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Never on Sunday

Sunday, September 30, 2012

That was a 1960s movie and popular song. Itís also fits my exercise plan.

No, itís not a religious thing. I just take one day a week to give my body a complete rest and Sunday seems to fit in well.

Itís not that I donít move at all, although I must admit to several hours on the couch during football season, but my fitness tracker is empty. I may take a stroll with DH or take a leisurely canoe ride together. We live on a lake. Considering our pace and the time spent being still and observing wildlife, both on land and in the marsh, itís not about the calorie burn.

Itís time taken to recharge - body, mind, soul and spirit.
Wishing everyone a good day, regardless of how you choose to spend it.

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MJZHERE 9/30/2012 9:53AM

  Alright so you've got this one and it is only a dream for us - living on a lake. Also my dh might want to know how he can find the one who is sitting there watching the game with him - cuz it ain't me. But the recharging - pretty much Sunday for me unless we've been on the road so much recharging that I need to catch up at home. Thank you for the support on my last few blogs - really appreciated right now.

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GHOSTFLAMES 9/30/2012 7:47AM


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MOMMYFAITHE 9/30/2012 7:37AM

  Tuesday and Saturday for me. It lets my muscles rest....and gets me ready to hit the gym hard once again!

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RIDLEYRIDER 9/30/2012 7:31AM

  We all need a day of rest, don't we?

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KANOE10 9/30/2012 7:22AM

    Hope you have a good day with your husband. It is nice to relax and enjoy the day. How lucky you live on a lake.


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SUNNYRUTH 9/30/2012 7:19AM

    I think it's a great idea to take a break, for both the body and the mind!

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Calorie range frustration, the calculation

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I was happy as a clam with SP, content with my maintance and results until last night when suddenly my calorie range needs dropped by 125 calories per day.

What happened? I didnít change my weight, although 2 weeks ago when I got active on SP I did record the 3 lb drop that I neglected to do for over 2 years.
Until yesterday the range for my 135 lb, 5í6Ē self was 1507 Ė 1800 something. I really like the ability to keep track of nutrients.

All of a sudden the range became 1380 to 1730??

I had been aiming for 1500-1650 per day and burning 300 through fitness. Although I could still continue doing that that and stay in my new range, I donít like looking at that 1380 at all!

Using SPís own calculator, my BMR is 1241 and 1489 needed for basic sedentary living without any fitness activities at all.

So, I spent this morning fiddling with goals to see what happens. When I entered that I wanted to lose 3 lbs by Nov 25th, the bottom range actually dipped to 1200. Really? To become a 132 person? Thatís hardly a twig! Maybe that's with no exercise?

Finally I got it to 1460 Ė 1810. Thatís with no weight loss desired and 1500 calories burned per week through fitness activities.
Close enough. Iíll keep that.

One realization: At the peak of my frustration this morning I almost ate one of DHís snack cakes (the honey buns). But I resisted and I thank SP for my new found awareness of emotional eating.

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KANOE10 9/30/2012 7:25AM

    I do not track calories, but carbs..but had the same experience. I was nicely maintaining a 3 pound up and down..Then I increased my ST weights and upped the level on the elliptical. All of sudden I gained 2 pounds which did not come down.
I have been eating the same.

So I understand your frustration. Hope your new range works out for you.

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 9/29/2012 8:13PM

    I never have trusted their calculations because my medications are not taken into account.

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SUZYMOBILE 9/29/2012 12:44PM

    It's frustrating not to be able to believe or trust the calculations you're given. If you've been maintaining at 1500-1650 and burning 300 through fitness, just keep on doing what works for you. You can purposely set that range in your Nutrition Tracker, and it will populate the main page as well.

At this point, I pay no attention to odd numbers that appear on the main page (because they make no sense to me)--only those that I've gotten to match the numbers I've entered in my Nutrition Tracker, which I believe.

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Be careful out there

Friday, September 28, 2012

We donít want to live our lives in fear, but a few precautions may prevent us from being the lead story on the local news.

When out running or walking, itís easy to get lost in the moment especially when listening to music. Several very popular SP threads involve favorite workout tunes and these are not confined to indoor sessions. I regularly see women with headphones oblivious to the world around them.

This is personal for me since my daughter, then a college freshman, was out running one Sunday morning when a guy jumped out of a parked car and grabbed her from behind. She fought him off and ran to the nearby 7-11 where she found a police car. They cruised around, found the guy and he was taken into custody. What if he had chosen a weaker or slower victim?

So, please be aware of your surroundings and be careful out there.

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    Excellent point!

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WILLOWBROOK5 9/28/2012 11:31AM

    Thank goodness your daughter is ok and they caught the guy! I always walk with only one ear bud in (and a dog who would be worthless but a perp doesn't know that). This is an important reminder for people. Thanks!

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SUZYMOBILE 9/28/2012 9:02AM

    I hate earbuds anyway, and I've started carrying my cell phone, not only to catch pretty pictures but also to phone home if I have to.

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WELLNESSME09 9/28/2012 7:59AM

    Your absolutely right, I fear every time I go for my walks. I never carry a purse with me and my cell phone is never in anyone's view.

This world is no longer the safe place it used to be ! emoticon

Thanks for sharing this with us...hope everyone takes this advice and stays safe. emoticon emoticon

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TXTOAD9970 9/28/2012 7:59AM

    Thank God your daughter was OK. I walk the dog around my fairly dark neighborhood at 5:30 each morning. Hardly anybody's out so I am super vigilant. What a great reminder for all of us. Thanks and keep sparkin'!

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AJB121299 9/28/2012 7:55AM

    very true, thankfully when my wife goes out early in the morning walking, she does not have any headphones in her ears and she is very aware of what is going on.

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