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Weekend FAIL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My female co-worker and I flew one state over (to my home state) for work on Friday afternoon. We started out well by eating Subway for lunch before going in to the airport. Our flight was delayed, so I decided to grab a Pepsi. I got disgusted by it halfway through, and threw it away. That was fine. For dinner on Friday night, we met up with a co-worker in my home state for dinner at Olive Garden. This is also fine because I donít like pasta anyway and always get soup and salad. But then my co-worker buddy and I decided to split some alfredo dipping sauce for our breadsticks. Splitting it isnít too bad, but our other co-worker didnít want any.

We stayed at a Doubletree Hotel which is famous for giving chocolate chip cookies to its guests. I loved that idea, of course. I ate 3 of those cookies over the weekend (they are huge) and have a few more in my desk drawer now.

We ate a fairly healthy breakfast on Saturday, though I also had a Coke during the day. I needed caffeine at the time. We had time to leave for lunch and found a McAlisterís Deli close by. I tried the Havarti Chicken Chipotle panini Ė very yummy. I also got a giant iced tea which gave me enough caffeine to get through the rest of the afternoon. (Iím obsessed with iced tea, and I mean OBSESSED.) But for dinner we went back to Olive Garden. This time I wasnít too hungry, so we shared TWO boats of alfredo dipping sauce with breadsticks. Ugh. This cost me around 730 calories. I felt disgusted as soon as we got back to the hotel room. I also had 2 peach Bellinis at Olive Garden. I didnít feel bad about those at the time because I havenít drank in a very long time. But today I found they are approximately 293 calories each. Disgusting. All in all, I had approximately 2900 calories on Saturday.

I had a very healthy breakfast on Sunday, but ended up hungry very soon later. I ate some Cheez-Its (LOVE THEM) and drank a Coke (unfortunately). I drank another Coke later. That got me through until we went to the airport. We grabbed some Mazzioís pizza before getting on the plane. Has anyone else ever been to Mazzioís? Itís not in my new state, so I figured I should have some while I had the chance. They have AMAZING ranch dressing. I know, I know, ranch is bad. But this pizza place is the only place I ever have ranch dressing and I havenít ate there in maybe a year. Unfortunately, this was also extremely high calorie and high fat. I mean, I knew that, but looking up the food today scared me. I had approximately 2200 calories per day on Friday and Sunday. Sparkpeople suggests I should have 1220-1560 calories per day in order to reach my goal weight.

My co-worker and I are both trying to get healthy, so it was a huge FAIL that we messed up so much together. I think the fact that we love a lot of the same foods has something to do with this.

So is there an upside to this weekend FAIL? Yes!

1) I learned how many calories are in a Bellini & will remember this the next time I consider drinking one (or anything similar).

2) My co-worker & I were around fresh popcorn at work all weekend but didnít eat any.

3) My co-worker & I were on our feet for 7 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.

4) I will remember to keep a cooler around for the next event I work at (in 2 weeks) so I can keep bottled water in it.

5) I will find out ahead of time if the hotel has a pool (we found this out on Sunday) so I can bring my swimsuit. You canít eat while swimming, plus you have to see yourself in a swimsuit which makes you not want to eat. Lol.

6) I will NEVER again go for the 2nd boat of alfredo dipping sauce. One is fine because I donít like the idea of giving up any kind of food. I just want to eat less of it.

7) Even though youíve ate fairly healthy most of the day, you can still blow it with your dinner.

Iím not mad at myself for eating these types of foods or drinking these high calorie drinks. Iím mad at myself for having SO MUCH of them. Iíve been doing great with the stopping after one high calorie thing, but just not this weekend.

I did have a great weekend though. I loved traveling, meeting new people, and being able to be on my feet while working for the first time in awhile.

Do any of you have problems with eating right while on work travel? How do you fight the urges to eat whatever you want (because youíre away from home/with a friend Ė my excuses)?

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JACQUIEGARCIA 3/17/2010 12:18AM

    I don't go out of town often, but when I do I really stick with the foods in the restaurant we eat at. I try to make it as healthy as possible. I don't eat food from vending machines or other stands, but I do bring a couple of bottles of water with me on the trip. I also do a lot of walking during the trip with my husband.

My other problem is when I go out of town for student activities. That is definitely a problem. We get stuck eating foods that kids eat that are for sale in the concession stands and now of them are good. I haven't figured out that one yet. I have until the end of April to figure that out. That is when we have regional competition.

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YAMINOKODOMO 3/17/2010 12:14AM

    I dont go on work travel but I do go to PA a lot and whenever I go I know that I will mess up here and there on my calories. I try to drink water or workout in the morning or try not to have fast food while I am out there. But its not like you go away like that very often right? So yea you went over your calories and ate a lot lol but you dont do it often so you are fine. Good idea to check before hand if the hotel has a pool. I am going to AC with my boyfriend next month and so the last time we went we didnt know there was a pool available so this time we are bringing our swimsuits and going to hit the pool! Great way to burn some calories in a fun way!

As long as you know how to moderate your food intake for the next time you have a trip like that I think you will do awesome whenever you have to go travel for week!!

Glad you had a good time tho! Thats always a good thing!

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Morning Work Outs

Monday, March 15, 2010

My workout buddy and I went to the gym in the morning on Tuesday. We decided to do this because we had skipped the gym on Monday night to go to a free movie screening and were planning to do the same thing on Tuesday night.

I managed to hop out of bed fairly quickly at 5:30 a.m. It was completely dark out driving to the gym. But there were plenty of people in the gym. We did a warm-up on the stair machine first and it killed me. I felt so dead. We did back and abs exercises too, which werenít as painful. We did stationary bikes afterward and kept up a constant bitching about being up early. There were no young people in the gym besides the people working there and they were playing oldies music. The type of music played switches all the time at L.A. Fitness and this was by far the worst.

We probably bitched too much, but this work out was terrible. I felt so dead the whole time because I was barely awake and had no energy yet. I never want to work out in the mornings again. I guess Iím just not a morning person. Sometimes I like being out early because it makes me feel like Iím getting things accomplished, but this just felt terrible. I also had no idea whether I should eat anything beforehand Ė after all, I was going straight from bed to gym.

On a good note though, Iíve been sleeping extremely well since then. Iíd had a hard time falling asleep the past week and now Iíve been going right to sleep when I get in bed.

Do any of you work out in the mornings? How do you get past the lack of energy or do you even encounter that issue?

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YAMINOKODOMO 3/16/2010 10:53AM

    Its hard for me to wake up in the morning too but I try and focre myself not to sleep past 7:20. I have the alarm for 6:30 but I always do the "5 more minutes" thing, and then I wake up 45 minutes later... lol but once you start training your body to wake up early every morning you will get used to it and once you wake up and start getting ready to workout, and start working out, you will slowly start "waking up" and feeling more energized.

Its good to eat breakfast a half an hour before working out cause that also helps fuel your body, and I read in one of my spark teams, having a cup of coffee before working out in the morning can help get you up give you energy to workout.

Hope it works out for you!! You can do it!

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I Love Working Out...and Blueberry Pancakes

Friday, March 05, 2010

I am so worn out right now. Trainer buddy killed me today. We did a legs work out that consisted of lunges with a 30 lb bar, wall squats, leg press working out my calves, glute machine, leg extensions, and prone leg curl. The glute machine was worse than the lunges. I start sweating harder when I do it. He has me do 10 regular, then 10 baby ones on each side x 3. I felt like I was going to pass out while doing them.

I usually die during wall squats, but this time I was fine. Well, they werenít easy, but I didnít stand up from it like I usually do. He has me hold it for 60 seconds, and I usually have to stand up for a second occasionally during the hold. Iím proud of myself for that, but annoyed with myself about the glute machine. With the leg extensions, he had me do 10, then hold it up with no weight for 5 seconds, drop it and go right back up for another 5, again, again, again. Then I had to do 10 regular. Ouch. Prone leg curl was the last machine I did, and it was so painful. I could barely lift the thing up during the last set. He had me stretch a lot too. I had to sit down with my legs out and touch my feet, then move my legs to a V and go to each foot, then stretch in the middle. He would push on my back so I could stretch further. It felt sooo good to stretch.

Then he told me to do 30 minutes on the rowing machine. When we walked over to it, I made the mistake of trying to step over another rowing machine. I almost tripped because I could barely lift my legs! I hadnít used the machine in 2 years so he showed me how to do it. I was afraid I would get bored doing it because I had no one to talk to and you canít exactly read on it. He said, ďJust watch the numbers! They change constantly.Ē Ha. Somehow I didnít get too bored. I would try to get a higher calories per hour number. I watched people. At the last 5 minutes of it, I could hear my left knee constantly making a cracking sound Ė like cracking knuckles. I HATE that sound. I went slower for the last 5 minutes and tried not to move that knee as much as I had been. I hope itís fine.

When I changed back into regular clothes, I couldnít even put my jeans on standing up. I had to sit down to pull them on. I told him, and he said, ďThatís what I like to hear!Ē Ha. Love it.

This was the toughest work out Iíve ever had. It was tough and I feel partially dead now, but it was also amazing. I want to be stronger. I want to be fit. I want to have a lot of muscle tone. Itís awesome. I need to work harder on eating right though. Iím already MUCH better than I was in college, but I did eat 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this past week. Yes, they were Thin Mints, and yes, they were delicious. Girl Scout cookie time of year is worse than Christmas for me. Iím all out of them now, thank goodness, but I wonít be able to say no if I run into anymore Girl Scouts.

Luckily, my work out buddy and I are going to check out that Herbalife meal replacement stuff tomorrow after our work out. We are going to try to split a container because we are poor. Lol. I know I will drink it, and Iím sure it will fill me up so much that I wonít be able to eat other things.

I really want to go to IHOP and get a blueberry pancake. Iíve been craving one for two weeks and havenít been able to have one yet. Trainer buddy said I canít have one, but it just sounds so yummy. And I would only eat one! Lol.

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YAMINOKODOMO 3/6/2010 10:32AM

    I LOVE girl scout cookies but there arent really any girl scouts that go around. My ex's father used to bring home tons of boxes because they used to go to his job, they are sooo yummy and addictive!

Awesome job on the workout! Almost sounds like a workout that she be on the Biggest Loser show because that sounds insane! I dont have a lot of lower body strenght so if I was doing what you were doing I would have probably passed out midway lol! Good job though and if you keep up those type of workouts you will definitely see the results you want!

As for the blueberry pancakes, they do sound yummy lol maybe you can set a date so you can go and have and it will be a reward :)

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    Yes the girl scout cookies get you every time. My daughter is a girl scout and we had to order quite a few boxes to help her reach a goal. I'll be freezing some so we don't eat them too fast.

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Dropped Sizes

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iíve been wanting to go to Express (my fave clothing store) for awhile now to try on a smaller pair of pants. I only buy pants from Express Ė I swear by them. I wear the largest size at Express. That has scared me for awhile because I donít want to not be able to buy pants from there anymore. I feel like my butt only looks good in their pants. (Yes, Iím weird.) After I started wearing Express pants, everyone thought I had lost weight. I know exactly how pants fit me at Express, so I knew trying on a smaller size would be a good measurement of my weight loss.

I kept putting off going because I was afraid they wouldnít fit. My regular pants from there have been feeling loose though, so I finally went to Express today. My work out buddy and I went to lunch, then the mall, and then the gym. I have also avoided Express since I moved to Texas because Iíve either been broke, or I wanted to wait to lose weight before buying anything else. I went in and searched for good pants to try on. I grabbed some pinstripe ďEditorĒ pants, long blue shorts, and a super cute military green button-up shirt.

THE SMALLER SIZE FIT!!! I did a fist pump! The shirt was a smaller size than I normally buy there as well. It was freaking awesome. I still didnít like how the pants or shorts looked though. I fit into them easily, but didnít like the style. The shirt looked amazing on me, but I put it back because it was $50. Iím still missing it.

Next, we went into Victoriaís Secret. My bras have felt loose lately. I tried on a fitted shirt a couple of weeks ago and I could see my bra line sticking out. I asked a girl there to measure me. Iím still the same number of inches around, but my cup size dropped from DD to D!! She found a bra for me to try on and it looked amazing. The first word I thought of was ďdaintyĒ when I looked at in the mirror. Itís white with lace. It held my breasts up more than the bra I wore today and covered them without any extra fabric sticking up. I definitely bought it. A good bra is totally worth it.

Trainer buddy wasnít at the gym so I couldnít tell him about dropping sizes. But Iím scheduled to train with him at 5:30 tomorrow. I put my work out buddy through the arms workout he gave me yesterday, and we did 35 minutes of cardio.

Has anyone else dropped any sizes recently?

Iím still working on the collage. I have many words cut out.

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DAWNWS1 3/3/2010 10:50AM

    Isn't it great dropping sizes?? I haven't dropped much in bra sizes (which is a GOOD thing, don't wanna lose the little I've got!), but jean size has gone from a tight 14 to a tight 6 so far. I have a certain kind of jeans I always buy so I do the same thing, I always try on that exact brand/style so I know the size is accurate. Congrats on the new size!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LISSA1976 3/1/2010 11:38PM

    emoticon emoticon
I haven't gone down any size recently, but I know the feeling well. :) 42 to 36 in bras, 16 to 8 in jeans. That is the one thing that really keeps me going--looking for that next size down. Boy oh boy do I want it! You know, you should make that shirt one of your rewards. Work for it, and save up because you know you will get there. ;)

So, congrats on the size, and here's to more to come!
emoticon Cheers!

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ALEXTHEHUNN 3/1/2010 11:47AM

    Congrats! That's terrific!


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PSYCHABOO 2/28/2010 8:24PM

    I'm on the last hole of my belt and my man boobs have gone down!!

Great job! Feels good doesn't it!!

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Good News!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The thing Iíve been hoping for has finally happened Ė I received a promotion! I went to my co-workerís office, closed the door, and jumped up and down. I am sooo happy! I have two new bills coming up in April, so this was definitely needed. I had already decided that the first thing I would be buying would be personal training. I went to the gym after work last night and told my trainer friend about the promotion. I got a high five, and a question of, ďSo are you starting personal training?Ē Heís also hoping to get a promotion, lol.

Personal training is more expensive than I had imagined. The rate sounds reasonable compared to what I found on a quick Google search though. Iím just a cheapskate, and not used to buying something like this. I was also bummed to find out I canít use the trainer I want to use. It turns out my buddy up there isnít technically a trainer. Heís more of a management person. So I get one session a week with a person who is technically a personal trainer, and some free sessions with my buddy.

Trainer buddy gave me a fitness evaluation last night. I wish I had done measurements when I first started all this back in September. My weight wasnít exactly where I wanted it, but he reminded me that I am probably gaining muscle. As far as weight, Iím only 7 pounds down from when I started all of this. My clothes are loose though. Yesterday I put on a dress for work that I had bought at the beginning of December. When I bought it and wore it to a party, it fit comfortably. Yesterday it was VERY loose. Itís sleeveless, and the arm holes were hanging loosely. I had to pull the belt on it very tight also. I was a little cautious about it and asked my co-worker who saw me wear it to the party in December. She was shocked and confirmed my thoughts. She even called another female co-worker into the room.

I felt a lot more confident this week as well. Iím usually fairly self-conscious about my body, but this week was different. I love that feeling. I was in a situation where I would usually feel self-conscious about my body, but I felt sexy. I did feel self-conscious about how I was acting, but thatís a whole other problem. At least I had one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, with the fitness evaluation, I was able to do 25 girl push-ups (LOL). That was shocking. I also did a 3 minute step test, and my heart rate was 120. He told me I need to work more on cardio. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill this morning switching between jogging and walking, per his suggestion. I HATE running. Hopefully I will get better at it. In the fitness evaluation, I also did an upper body strength test. I did 3 reps at 70 lbs. For my lower body strength test, I did 3 reps of 385 lbs. Wow. When I was doing it, he said not to look at the weight. That was definitely a good idea. With that machine Iím used to doing 100 lbs. I love maxing out on an exercise. I remember doing it in HS and loved saying, ďI can lift such and such weight.Ē (I once got to 90 lbs on the bench press!)

My body fat is 28% and my BMI is 24. 24 is normal for my height and weight, though on the higher end of normal. Not so long ago, I was overweight according to the BMI.

I met trainer buddy at the gym this morning for a session. We did arms. I also spent 15 minutes on the stair machine beforehand. The treadmill was after. He told me to walk backwards on the stair machine. I was sure I would end up falling but it wasnít too hard because thereís a mirror right behind the machine. He said it would work my glutes.

I came home, showered, and had a nasty meal replacement shake. It was extremely filling though and had 50g of protein. I hardly ever get enough protein in my diet. That was my last meal replacement shake. I bought 8 individual packets three weeks ago. I will buy more when I get paid again.

After this, Iím going to work on the inspirational collage I talked about in my last blog, and I will post pix of it tomorrow (hopefully!).

Do any of you have personal trainers? What weight do you max out at, and how many push-ups can you do?

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CHRISTINA217 2/27/2010 9:14PM

    Congratulations on the promotion. I don't have a personal trainer so I can't answer that question.


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