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A stressful evening

Sunday, January 23, 2011

So last night I had a stressful evening and consequently, didnt make very healthy choices. I couldnt go to the gym cuz they close early and there just wasnt time when I finally got a car to use. Dinner wasnt exactly healthy either - sausage gravy and biscuits. Hadnt had them in a long time and I drenched it in honey :o( Altho after tracking every single bite (even the expresso I had from Starbux while shopping) I was still in my calories range! I was thrilled to see that!!!! Now, I know personally that I wasnt completely in range cuz Mom made fudge the other day and its still lingering around the house. (Its from scratch so I have no way to count calories) I told myself 1 piece a day and it worked for like 2 days til last night - I just went crazy. I weighed myself this mornin, terrified of what damage had been done but to my surprise, none! Maybe a few ounces - I dont count those, just the whole number.

So today is a new day and I have new motivation! No slip ups today - just healthy choices!!! Let's keep Sparkin, friends!!


Need advice on measurements

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So the only measurements I take are my waist and hips, then calculate my waist-to-hips ratio being that it is an important number to know. Here is my problem - I feel like Im losing and gaining the same half inch off my hips. Maybe Im measuring wrong - Im not so sure. The waist is easy - abt an inch above ur belly button. But my hips is what gets me. I have a belly and I think maybe Im measuring different places each time. Also, when I get bloated due to TOM or anything really, it always effects my belly (lower abdomen). I know they say 'biggest part' but like I will take a measurement and compare it to the last. It will be like an inch less/more and when I retake the measurement its off a half inch or more. I do it the same time of day (early morning), same clothes (bra and panties, measuring tape on skin), and in bright light. I just cant figure out if Im doing something wrong or if I truely am just losing the same half inch/inch.

Im eating within my calories and exercising also. As for exercise, Im only doing cardio right now. I wanna get into the habit of this first and THEN add strength training. Ive tried getting into both in the same time frame (like weekly) but it ended up being too much at once. Im doing great at being consistent with my cardio - 2 outta 3 weeks so far Ive completed my planned 3 sessions a week.

Any advice or maybe something Im not considering???


A good deal, for ur waistline AND wallet

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So I was grocery shopping the other day and saw the Lean Cuisine meals. Usually when the family gets frozen pizza for dinner I get my own Lean Cuisine pizza - filling and major portion control :o))) Go me!!! So I saw on the box that there is a 2011 Red Carpet Collection lunch bag give away.

Heres the low-dwn : if u buy 20 Lean Cuisine meals (excluding Market Creations line), u can go online and enter the code from each one into their website (after setting up an account of course). Then u place the order for one of the 4 bags (ave retail value at $15) and delivery 8 to 12 weeks. These codes have to be inputted and bag ordered online by midnight March 31, 2011.

I did the math and it comes out to 2 to 3 meals a week. Here in FL they are running a lil under $2 each. I love their food and its a great portion for lunch. Add a small salad to one of their pizzas and Mmmm a great meal!

Just thought Id pass on the awesome deal I found! Cant wait to get mine, even tho Im a SAHM and dont take my lunch to work :o)

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NEVERORNOW 1/16/2011 6:23PM

    Thanks for the info! I eat a LOT of Lean Cuisine and love it, so I'll be checking this out. emoticon

Karen emoticon

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Dontcha hate it when . . .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

u cant find what u r lookin for!!??? BOTH of my kids are napping and so I wanted to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime event :o) and use a workout video. My Biggest Loser one, to be exact. Well I havent used it in MONTHS so I dunno where its at :o( Last place I put it is on the entertainment center - makes sense right?! Well its not there!!! There are 7 ppl living here - 4 of which are children - so it can be anywhere! I spent a whole hr looking for it and GAVE UP! Kids are still asleep so Im gonna work on some school work. Just needed to vent! Hopefully I can hit the gym tonight - they close at 7pm and wont have a car til 4pm, and thats if its working ok. We will see!!!!

Abnormal Psychology txtbook - here I come!!!


Much Happier Counting

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So today will start my 4th day back at counting calories and I love seeing the scale changing :o) Ive lost the 2 lbs Ive been yo-yoing with and even a few ozs just this last day. I usually dont keep track of the oz part. My scale does the 237.4 thing and I just take the whole number - no rounding up and down. The way I see it is, most dr offices dont have the digital plus ur in clothes when u weigh so not minding the ozs is a good thing for me :o) Well this morning I noticed there was no ozs! Yes, I weigh every morning. Im not overly obsessive abt it as in it makes up my mood for the day, but I need it as a guage to whether what I have been doing the past few days is working or not. I try to do it first thing in the morning before coffee in just bra and panties, but sometimes I dont remember til after half my coffee is gone. I dont bother then cuz I know the extra fluid will prob set it off. But anyways - yesterday I was 236.X and this morning exactly 236! I was surprised cuz I was twds the top of my calories range and had a higher than usual cal dinner last night. It was so good, and I balanced it with a side salad so I wasnt too worried abt it. This mornings weigh-in just confirmed what I did was ok :o)

So Ive noticed the last few days Ive been back at counting calories Ive been happier. Not sure if its cuz of the sense of control (yes, I have control issues!) or if its the feedback I get every evening. I love seeing that I made all the right choices and was in the range for the day! I dont really pre-plan during the day. I just THINK, make myself consciously aware, of what Im gonna make for the meal/snack and play the 'how do I satisfy my hunger/fuel my body for the least amt of calories?' game :o) Maybe it is cuz I see it as a game - I love math and am ALL abt numbers so yeah :o))))

Hope all is well with my Spark Friends!! Keep Sparkin and we can do this!!!


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