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500 Calories

Saturday, December 01, 2012

So I woke up this morning knowing I had to get my workout out of the way early. We are going to a tree lighting thing (what do you call that...celebration??) tonight. We are going to go play and do some crafts in the late morning early afternoon. It was going to be a busy day.

So I went to go run (finally!!). I ran 2 miles with a high intensity style training before my leg was hurting too much that I had to stop. Darn it...I really wanted to get in at least 45 minutes of cardio before I was done....and then I spotted it. The elliptical. Why don't I try and see if I can utilize that without my leg hurting. I could!! I did another 20 minutes on the elliptical with minimal pain to my leg. It felt great. The most awesome thing about the workout today? That it clocked 500 calories burned (between both machines)!! 500 calories...why that's like an entire meal!! Now, I am fully aware that you take this number with a grain of salt, but I still think it's pretty awesome. Am I going to go and splurge on a higher calorie meal? Heck no!! I had my cheat day yesterday. I am still going to maintain my 1200-1400 calorie diet. I am going to go run around and enjoy this fabulous 80 degree day in December. I am going to have a smile on my face all day, because once again I am back on track. :)

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BRITGRL79 12/1/2012 4:05PM

    Hahaha...yes, 80 degrees is nice!! We just moved to the Florida area, and I don't regret it one bit!! The weather here is fantastic. People always say we are going to miss the snow for Christmas, but I don't think that will set in for a few years. Going from Michigan to this....I'll take it. Although I hear that Michigan is 50 degrees today as well. ;)

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MOMMY2MADILYN 12/1/2012 1:42PM

    Good for you for getting back on track! Your workout sounds like it was GREAT!!

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GLAM0R0US 12/1/2012 11:58AM

    Sorry to hear about the pain in your leg, but also glad to hear that you found an exercise that mitigates the pain. The elliptical machine is always my go to when my knee hurts from running.
Dang, 80 degrees in Dec? And I thought 50 degrees was nice, haha.

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Life Just Gets In The Way

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am a lucky girl in many ways. I have a loving boyfriend, we have 3 loving beautiful girls, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table. Life is good. I am also very lucky in the fact that I have a good job. Well, I actually currently have two jobs. I am a business professional. I work in IT. I am currently about to become the IT Director for our company. However, before I took this position I was working at a different company. When I gave my notice they asked (begged) if I wouldn't mind still doing some work for them. Just a few hours a day....every day. Yes, including the weekends. I have an unfortunate habit of thinking that I can do anything. That no task is too big. So I agreed. So not only do I work a 40+ hour job at my regular job, I also manage to squeeze in about 15 hours for this other company. Again, this is NOT a complaint. In the economic times that we are in, I am fortunate to have ANY job, let alone 2.

That being said, work tends to get in the way of my weight loss goal. Yesterday, I thought, was going to be no exception. I found out that I have a technical proposal, for a bid we are quoting, that needs to be written up and complete by Friday. I also found out that I have documentation that needs to be completed for the "side" job that also needs to be completed by Friday. *Sigh* I knew that this meant I needed to work last night. Like....a lot of work. This (in my head) meant that my plan to work out was not going to happen. So when Jason asked if he could work out first yesterday, as there was a class he wanted to go to, I didn't mind. Again, in my head, I was already thinking that I wasn't going to work out.

When I got home I fed the girls, who then asked if after dinner they could have a treat and watch Brave. Now my kids are ACTIVE girls. They aren't the kind of girls that are going to sit and play tea party, or sit for any amount of time. So normally my nights are spent trying to exert as much energy as possible out of them so that by 8:30-9:00pm they will go to sleep. When they ask to sit and watch a movie it means that they are tired. Wooooooooo!! That was all I could think in my head. If they watch a movie, it means that I can sneak in a quick video and actually get my workout done!! Heck Yeah you can have a treat and watch a movie!! So after dinner I sat them down on the couch, gave them some whoppers as a treat, put on Brave and went to do my Jillian Michaels' video.

What I take from yesterday, is that I need to remember that taking 20-30 even 40-60 minutes for myself isn't going to hurt my kids. My girls KNOW that mummy loves them so very much. They KNOW that I try to do as much for them and with them as I possibly can. However, not taking the time for myself CAN hurt me. I need the time to do what's right for me, so that I don't resent not having that time. Yes, as our girls are still young (7, 5 and 2 1/2), they still need a lot of supervision. However, that doesn't mean that I can't let them fend for themselves for half an hour. I need to remind myself of this constantly.

So I was able to get my workout in. I got some quality time after with my girls. Jason got to go to his class. I was still able to do work. I am able to do it all and it felt great!