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It's all in the perspective

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So...I'm going in for surgery tomorrow (Open Ventral Hernia Repair, for the curious). I've worked through the fear and anxiety over the pain and recovery, and I'm focusing on some interesting things.
How am I going to get my Sparkpoints while in hospital? How much extra belly fat can I talk my surgeon into removing, and is that "cheating"? emoticon
How soon before I can go back to my cardio, and how long before I can feel safe about starting strength-training? I'm really anxious to start the last one, as I feel it's the puzzle piece missing from my current regime.
So, I'm in this weird place feeling a little anxious, but mostly hopeful about what this change will mean to my ever-improving health. All things considered, not a bad perspective!

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DR1939 11/14/2012 11:52AM

    No, taking belly fat is not cheating, it's helping. Here's to all going well.

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MIDROAD 11/13/2012 7:22PM

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a strong healthy post op!

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My Success Story:

Monday, September 03, 2012

What's that you say? How can she be writing about her success when she's
only 25+ pounds into her 150 pound goal? The fact that I am typing this
here on SP is a mark of my success. If I waited until I hit that 150 pound
mark to celebrate, I would have quit before I started. So every day I
celebrate my success...even on the crap days. If I stumble on my path
(what? I should say "no" to duck confit hash???), I acknowledge it, but
revel in the fact that I am still walking in the right direction.
I feast on the pounds and inches lost, I savor the fact that I can actually put clothes into the “too large” pile, and I positively relish the sweaty sense of accomplishment that follows each workout.
My success story is that I finally realized what I want for myself, and that I am actually capable of giving it to myself. So a big WHOOHOO for me, and everyone else here who takes the tiniest (or largest) step in the right direction!

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NVRDWN88 10/11/2012 8:13AM

    GREAT job......I quit smoking over 5 yrs ago and I still keep counting the days so you count every pound every ounce and keep telling us about it ...if I would not of counted day one of smoke free I woulda never made it to day 3 or year three...cant wait to read your blog about 150 pounds....take your time and do it right and dont give won't....friending you to follow progress

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JOANOFARCTIC 9/4/2012 8:34PM

    You've got the right idea! Keep it up :) emoticon

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MICHELELYNN777 9/4/2012 7:17PM

    Love your attitude! You are so right!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TISTEN23 9/4/2012 5:52PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MYOWNHERO 9/4/2012 5:40PM

    Woo hoo! I'm doing a celebration dance for you! 25 pounds is HUGE achievement!

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TOTHEFUTURE1 9/4/2012 10:35AM

    Woohoo from me too

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KSCHRAUT 9/4/2012 8:22AM

    Awesome way to tackle this weight loss challenge! Every day is DEFINITELY a success on this journey. Good for you!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHEERFULLADY 9/3/2012 4:34PM

  woo hoo! Now it's only 125 to go! Continue with the fantastic work. You will get there for sure! emoticon

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TIZSLIM 9/3/2012 4:25PM

  Absolutely! emoticon

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What I've learned about myself

Thursday, August 16, 2012

At 46 I didn't think that there were really any great personal revelations left for me.
At 47, I can't believe how ignorant I was about my own self just a few months ago.
I firmly believed that I ate massive amounts of unhealthy foods to the point of purging, because I just *really* loved food. No really. That was the only reason. Sure, sure - "other" people eat because they're sad/lonely/unwell, but me, I'm fine, just really into gourmet on a zen level.


What was I afraid of? Why couldn't I admit that there was more to my obesity than just an overactive palate? Maybe it was the fear of being labeled as mentally ill, maybe it was wanting to be the only obese and special snowflake who ate because food was just so darned yummy. I just don't have the answers as to why I did what I did, or why on earth I rationalized it the way I did. Freud was very into the "why" of it all, but for me that would mean dwelling on and in the past. I would so much rather dance in the present.

In the here and now, I've lost 25 pounds by utilizing every tool at my disposal - Sparkpeople, family and friends, as well as an insightful therapist who specializes in (gasp!) eating disorders. It turns out that by opening my eyes and realizing that I am ill, that healthy people don't eat themselves to death just because grilled chevre sammies are delish, that I have a fighting chance of beating this. More than a fighting chance.

At 47 I am learning how to start over. I am learning to be aware of myself, and right now that means tracking everything that goes into my body, and every bit of exercise I do. I was knocked out last week by a colon infection and I found myself MISSING EXERCISE. Absolutely unheard of in my existence, as I was previously high priestess of the sloth people. I may be only at the beginning of my journey towards health, but I'm not worried - I'm headed in the right direction, and I am in excellent company!

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KOFFEENUT 8/16/2012 6:27PM

    Good for you! We're never "too old" to learn something new, even if it IS about ourselves. I figure we're all on a healthy lifestyle journey. Know there are lots of us right alongside you, cheering you on!

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TRICIAE2 8/16/2012 12:22PM

    Awesome! I LOVE self revelations!

And I know what you mean about actually MISSING EXERCISE! I am finding that I, a person who NEVER liked running, am actually enjoying my running program!

Keep it up!


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