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Danger danger Will Robinson..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recently became personally aware of all the self bashing I do..and how that works to sabotage me. "I'm too fat", "I had an unsuccessful day because I ate a cookie", "I'm showing my age", "I feel blah today cuz the scale showed no loss", etc. It made me think back to my original goals..which were not to be a size 2 or look 30 yo again (puhleese..) or wear a bikini by summer. Or ever. Nope..the goals involved eating healthier , increasing fitness, maintaining flexability, controlling my blood pressure and enhancing my health. So..given those goals, I have NOT failed. I may not look as young as i once did, but I look good for my age. I may not ever run a full marathon, but I can walk for miles. I may not have lost the amount of weight society dictates, but I am within my ideal body weight, upper range. My labs are good, my fitness has increased, I eat healthy 95 percent of the time, I don't get sick and my blood pressure is under control. I am a rousing success story! And the one who most needs to remember that daily is me!

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COACHPENNY 2/25/2010 11:32AM

    You are a success in my book, Bridie. I aspire to follow your lead!

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MYREALANA 2/24/2010 11:18AM

    Good for you!

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JACOBSS914 2/21/2010 9:34AM

    Yeah thats the stuff, thank you I think we all fall into this catagory, we all bash ourselves to a certain degree.

emoticon emoticon emoticon and emoticon I needed to see this.

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NWLIFESRC 2/21/2010 9:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Stalled on the wt. loss..

Monday, February 15, 2010

but I believe as long as I continue to eat healthy, exercise, and stay committed eventually it will start down again. I hope..cuz this is frustrating.

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COACHPENNY 2/17/2010 6:48PM

    I well know how you feel. Even though we have changed how we look at food and exercise we still struggle to kepp the pounds at bay. Still, it's worth the effort! There is change happening on the inside and inside our heads as well.

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MYREALANA 2/16/2010 11:24AM

    I just came off a long, frustrating plateau. I was about ready to give up when I got on the scale and saw a 3 lbs loss.

My Slimgenics counselors kept telling me to stay on track and my body would catch up with my hard work - and they were right.

Stay the course. You know you're doing the right thing and the work will pay off eventually.

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STLRZGRRL 2/15/2010 7:29PM


I know.

Whatever MY problem is, I have just decided that it doesn't matter how long I have to fight my body on this... I'm comfortable with the way I am eating... I'm getting the exercise happening like a habit and not an ordeal I have to endure...

and one of these days my body is going to realize that I'm not kidding this time...

My deadline is my DEAD line... I'm not trying to hit a number on a scale by a date on a calendar... I just want to live healthy (and smaller, dammit!) until I can't fog a mirror...

At least we have a place to hang out while we wait it out, right, B!? (Wait out the plateau... not wait to die!!! That did NOT sound right!!!)


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Days grow longer..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

and my energy increases by the day. Getting ready to put our home on the market, relocate to another State, down size from 3 bedrooms and about 3/4 acre to a one bedroom apt, adventure!

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COACHPENNY 2/3/2010 12:05AM

    Sorry about your friends.....very sad.

Where are you moving to Bridie?

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Still trucking on amid changes..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost a friend this week, and immediately turned to food for comfort the day of her funeral. Drug of choice..sigh. The difference is after one day of it I realized what I was doing, and that it was self sabotage, and stopped doing it. Kept the exercise up every morning monday thru friday regardless. On the whole I am not unhappy with the direction things are going. I may not be perfect, but I am more aware, more likely to do quick damage control, more focused on health than formerly. I am also 6 lbs less than three weeks ago.

So much else going on too.. another friend is end stage with breast cancer. This friend a young Mom, vibrant and with life still to live, unlike the beloved elder friend I said goodbye to this week. Our hearts are breaking..

Meanwhile trying to get our house ready for sale and my things sorted for a move. Excited about the move, and a new adventure, but overwhelmed by the task..keep truckin'..keep truckin' on..


reclaiming my fitness ..

Monday, January 18, 2010

For some reason i haven't yet figured out, after longterm and successful maintenance i slacked off this past Sept .Ate in an unhealthy way much too often, and my regular exercise routine became sporadic. I know better for heavensake! So why? Still working on that puzzle. I was "rewarded" for sloughing off by the return of extreme hypertension, weight gain, lethargy, decreased flexibility, and shortness of breath on exertion! I then rapidly went from feeling deprived by having to eat healthy and exercise when other's seemingly didn't have to, to realizing that when I don't do so I am depriving the body that has served me so well over the years of care and nurturing. Further, that if I continue to do that it won't serve me long. I am back in the saddle again, being good to myself..

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COACHPENNY 1/25/2010 2:33PM

    I'm in the same place so...... we just deal with it and keep on moving! emoticon

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MYREALANA 1/19/2010 4:48PM

    Good for you!

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