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thinking about aging..

Sunday, March 06, 2011

while it beats heck out of the alternative, I mislike it, and am trying to come to terms. It was hard enough as a young woman having "miss' convert to "ma'am' in stores. Now it's sometimes (*thankfully still rarely..) 'dear' as I age. Condecending much? Oh yeah..

Was a pretty girl and a pretty woman..slim most of my life despite b irthing five kids, and energetic and agile. I could and did take all that for granted, seldom gave it a thought or bothered to gild the lily. Gravity and middleaged spread were a rude are the silver streaks that multiply daily in my red hair. I never thought of myself as vain, never fussed with my looks much..but I guess I must have been and am, because these changes bother me. I didn't diet, and didn't exercise beyond the requirements of a busy life. I therefore stiffened up, and thickened up with age and as life became less busy, until I could no longer exert myself in comfort or with ease.

I became resentful of the things I could no longer do. I blamed aging, and developed a really unhealthy attitude..stopped doing the things that used to make me happy,adopted an "I can't" philosophy, then felt like i'd been robbed of all the things that mattered! I am not sure what caused the epiphany that revealed the true facts, I just feel blessed that there was one! True facts?: Age didn't rob me of my energy and agility..I gave it away with both hands by not embracing exercise, not pursueing my interests, and by fueling my body improperly. One can still be relatively pain free, agile, energetic, and independent tho simply requuires a greater committment to ones self.

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COACHPENNY 3/6/2011 12:41PM

    "Age didn't rob me of my energy and agility..I gave it away with both hands by not embracing exercise, not pursuing my interests, and by fueling my body improperly."

Wow, that's hitting the proverbial nail on the head, isn't it? Insight to our own personal neglect is painful but, necessary. You stalled your own decline....way to go Bridie.

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BLOOM49 3/6/2011 8:25AM

    Age is just a number as is weight. More important is how you feel and act. How you see yourself is much more important, I think, than the year you were born.

That being said we all have to realize that at some point our bodies may betray us and if we haven't been healthy and fit right along it's going to be a struggle to get there after we start to sag and stiffen!

Healthy and fit is a lifetime commitment.

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6 days straight of exercise..

Saturday, March 05, 2011

and going for seven! the miles I walk have gotten easier..soon I'll need to add to them in order to continue to challenge my body and increase my stamina and abilities. Meanwhile, I am thrilled with how much easier it is to walk those miles, even the uphills..I guess it proves that you can improve your fitness no matter your age or physical conbdition.

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COACHPENNY 3/5/2011 6:33PM

    That's for sure!

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So now our dog is overweight..yikes..

Thursday, March 03, 2011

cuz we all know that a chubby dog is proof positive it's owner isn't getting enough exercise, right? So we have adjusted her diet, adjusted her daily walks to longer brisker routes with more inclines, and hopefully this wll do the trick..for BOTH the dog and me! As a friend said today..when our dog is fat, we know what to do about it.simply .decrease the food, increase the exercise, and voila..thinner dog given time. when it's us? We have long dissertations about feelings, time allotments, scheduled social events that will interfere, our metabolism, etc etc ad nauseaum. Sigh..all that when in truth, most of us would lose wt. if we simply decreased our food and increased our exercise consistently..just as we do for our pets.

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BRIDIE5 3/4/2011 8:54AM

  We should I'm thinking, Choc diva!

Penny, isn't that supposed to be dog-o-paws? LOL..

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COACHPENNY 3/3/2011 5:08PM

    She must be in dog-o-pause.

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CHOCDIVA11 3/3/2011 4:59PM

  isn't that the funniest thing?? Our bulldog is on restriction as well - and we certainly have made changes to our diet as well too , maybe we need to enforce ourselves, like we do our puppies LOL :)

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Finding a life of balance..

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I've long believed that a person needs a balanced life in order to thrive. Time spent working hard,accomplishing, time spent playing hard, loving hard, contemplating, creating, and relaxing.We all have a spiritual side that needs nourishment, even if we follow no religion..the nourishment can come from a quiet walk in the woods or a church service of one's choice, inspiring literature, or music, meditation , prayer or art .Whatever floats our doesn't matter, as long as a bit of our life is given over to it. We all need friends and loved ones..and to nourish those relationships with our attention..and allow those relationships to nourish us a bit in return. We all need to laugh and to play like a child sometimes..but are so afraid of losing our elusive dignity that we avoid it until it becomes a lost art. We need to contemplate our past and realize it's gone,embrace our present and make the most of it, and impliment our dreams for our future. We need to create..whether it's an inviting home, a delicious meal, a wonderful oil landscape, a great hairstyle, a lovely garment, or a guitar solo , finally mastered triumphantly. We need to read, try new things, enjoy the breeze, feel the sun, and rejoice that we're a living and part of theuniverse. I hear you now.."but I don't have time" True, time is our only NON renewable resource. However, we can rearrange time, make time, find time if we are dedicated..and a balanced lover, friend, wife, mother, employee is a better gift to her lover, friend, husband, children, employer than one who spins her wheels. We need to love ourselves, while at the same time realizing that we are not the center of the universe..only a tiny part of the whole..and the more balance the parts have, the stronger the whole, so the tiny partwe occupy in all the vastness deserves our love too. .

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COACHPENNY 3/3/2011 5:07PM

    Time is...........taking time to be connected........thatta girl Bridie!

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Did a two mile hike today..

Monday, February 14, 2011

uphills winded me a lot, but as Dh said..two weeks ago I had to rest half an hour after taking a shower, could not climb the stairs, etc! Feels wonderful to have my health and strngth returning so fast now..

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NORAHNICK 2/21/2011 4:33PM


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BRIDIE5 2/14/2011 8:53PM

  Yes Penny, exactly! And what a beautiful day! Soft air, almost 60, sunny..just beautiful!

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COACHPENNY 2/14/2011 7:40PM

    A Valentine's gift to yourself!

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