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Holy #@!$, two events in one weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I know I haven't been very active on here. I have been tracking my fitness, because I do have a goal-the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Vegas this Decemeber. I've already registered & reserved the hotel & flight, so I will do it regardless-it's just a matter of how ready I am. I'm fortunate that I have a good friend who has been in my shoes before-overweight, out of shape, and wanting to change. She's helpful, motivational, & frustrating! She's doing what she can to get me out of my comfort zone & have me do things I wouldn't unless she pushed me to. Like this past weekend.

I've been jogging 3-4 days a week for about 2 months now, & cross-training at least one day a week as well. I've never ran more than 4 miles at a crack-until this past Saturday. Milwaukee has a great annual even called Al's Run, which is a fund raiser for the Children's Hospital of Milwaukee. You can choose to walk instead, as it is a family-friendly event, but we signed up for the 8K run. My goal was to finish, that's all. I thought, anything I go thru in trying to get my butt thru nearly 5 miles of jogging, is a piece of cake compared to what these kids & their families go thru on a daily basis. I'm proud to say I only walked once up a short hill, and finished with a time of 1:09:10, which is an average 13:55 a mile. I finished 2858 out of 2912, 1314 out of 1347 women-and 121 out of 123 for my age group. And you know what? My friends, along with strangers, greeted me with cheers at the finish line & it was awesome!

But we weren't done, oh no. The next day-very early in the morning (for me)-was a duathlon. I was assigned the running portions, which meant I would start the race for my team with a 2 mile run, hand off the timing chip to my partner who would bike for 21 miles, and then I would finish up with another 2 mile run. My legs felt tired the second I took off, and I watched as runner after runner passed me by, people who started several waves after me. I actually apologized to my friend who was waiting with her bike in the transition area-even though we weren't doing this for time, I still felt bad about my slow time. She of course told me to not worry as she took off on her bike. Then I watched as other runners came in & got on their bikes, people who weren't part of a relay team, but were competing as individuals. People 10, 20, possibly 30 years older than me. And the most inspiring? A woman who looked to be about 50 pounds heavier than me-she appeared to be in last place as she was the last bike to go from the transition area. But, with her coach?/trainer?/friend? by her side, she was doing it!!

So my teammate came back from her 21 miles on the bike, & I took off on the last leg, the same 2 mile route as before. I felt more comfortable this time, and once again heard the cheers of friends & strangers as I crossed the finish line. It wasn't until I was home later that day & looked online for our results that I knew how I/we did. Our total time was 2:23:43, & we finished 33 out of the 34 teams that registered. But you know what? My total run time was 52:37 which is an average 13:09 per mile! And I was faster the first 2, when I thought I was the weakest!

I never knew how cool it felt to have someone waiting & cheering for you at the finish line until now.
I can't wait until the time comes where I can be at the finish line waiting for a friend or two to cross, so I can give someone else that great feeling.


Time to dig out the next size, yee-haw!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm getting psyched. I've lost about 17 pounds, about 5 inches around my waist & another 3-4 around my hips. I'm pear-shaped, and lately my size 20 pants & size 18 tops were getting tight-especially the pants! And now, my 20's are loose-time to dig out my 18's!! Plus, some 14/16 tops that I was busting out of last year now fit comfortably. Unfortunately due to going up & down over the last 5-10 years I have had to purchase a few different sizes of clothes. But, it's actually nice now so I don't have to spend any money until I get below the 18's & 14's.

I'm worried about what things will be like in a few weeks. My friend convinced me to join a weight loss contest at her gym, & the 12 week run is over on April 12. I will still have a way to go, and I don't want to lose the momentum. I started it thinking, I can do anything for 12 weeks, if it sucks, well, it's only 12 weeks! I know my friend will continue supporting me, & I'll keep tracking here on Spark, and continue with my exercise-I want to complete the C25K finally & run a 5K. But my worry is when I no longer have someone to weigh me every week, writing down my number for everyone to see-will I decide the lack of accountability will make it easier to slack off? I am my own biggest obstacle. I want to get rid of those size 18's & 20's for good!


Yep, can't go it alone

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy cow, it's been almost a year since I last wrote here. I started a 12-week Biggest Loser style contest this week at a local gym. I will not be training as part of a team-I am one of the "Independents" to sign up as the gym is too inconvenient for me to make it there more than once or twice a week. But one of my best friends is also taking part in it, and man, does it make a HUGE difference when you have someone there in the trenches with you! I always thought my weight loss was very personal & something I needed to do on my own-well, it's quite obvious that hasn't worked for me. As someone who abhors aking for help, I finally realized this is in area where I do need support & encouragement. I'll still be working out by myself the majority of the time, but now everyone I see on a daily basis-family, co-workers, some friends-know what I am doing and will hopefully be supportive. And having SparkPeople to add to the mix, I am more hopeful than I have been in years!


Catch-22 (yes, an excuse)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About 10 years ago, I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon for my severe back pain. (Twice, internists told me it was just muscle strain, and to stretch better & take Alleve.) Turns out I had one fully & one partially herniated disc(s) in my lower back. Anyone who has this knows what kind of pain I'm talking about. Luckily, I responded well to physical therapy & surgery was not needed. It is something I have to deal with my whole life, and should be exercising to strengthen my core muscles. Well, now I have an interesting Catch-22 situation-I have gained weight around my middle & all but stopped exercising. And now that I am trying to get back into the exercise routine, guess what? My back hurts! Constantly!

Not looking for pity, I brought this on myself. I just need to suck it up, do my stretches & core exercises, & eat better to lose weight. The only way to stop the pain is to exercise, but the exercise I do brings on the pain. I know it'll be temporary, but I've been using the pain as an excuse to not go to the gym, so I'm calling myself out right now. I'm going to start the Couch-to-5K plan again on Monday-I started it a few years ago & liked it, along with weight training. The treadmills at the gym are "cushioned," so it's better than running outside on concrete, and I'll alternate days with other cardio. SO here it is, I need to be made accountable-how sad I can't just do it to get rid of the pain! Oh well, whatever works!


Oops, I did it again!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yep, all that big talk last week about starting over & while I did well with the food, I only made it to the gym once. I figured out a couple of things-one, that my weight insulates me, and I don't mean like the warmth I need for our cold Wisconsin winters. I've been single now for almost 3 years, & have no interest in meeting anyone as long I have no confidence in myself physically. So the weight keeps me from getting out there & meeting men-I've had a couple of friends try to set me up & I adamantly refused. Lose weight, get healthy, get some confidence=putting myself out there again, which terrifies me. I'm no different than anyone else who's had their heart broken, but does drowning myself in cookies & chocolates really benefit my life? Maybe for that moment-but I know I am sabotaging myself.

The other thing I learned is I HATE keeping a food journal. Doesn't matter how-when I did WW & counted points, on my own in an actual journal, on here with the handy-dandy tools. I just HATE it. I last about 4 days till I'm sick of it & rebel by eating whatever I want & not recording it. So I'm going to do something else. This is a free site with loads of wonderful tools & there is no guilt for paying for something & not using it. So I won't record my food, but rather do what I try to do anyway, & that's eat healthier foods & better portions. I am still interested in recording my exercise, cuz that's one area I really am trying to improve on. I'll also record my weight once a week & measurements every other week.

What can I say? I'm a stubborn Taurus who doesn't like being told what to do, even if I'm the one doing the tellin'! I do wonder how many other people feel the same way about either topic, especially the food journal thing. I know it's important at first as a way to see exactly how much you actually eat, and then to give you an idea on how much you should be eating. But man, if someone told me the only way I can lose weight is by recording every thing I eat for the rest of my life...well, I'd stay heavy. Maybe.


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