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Weekly Measurement Update

Monday, January 23, 2012

Isn't it grande that we are still here and it's the end of January? emoticon Yesterday my husband and I took to an outdoor mall and noticed that all the stores had discount sales on exercise goods. Unfortunately Dick's Sporting Goods didn't have running clothes on sale (darn!) but Barnes and Nobles did have a whole section of weight loss/diet books on sale right in the front of the store. If one didn't pay attention, one would literally run right into the table that showcased all the sale items (it was just that close to the front).

I'm still going strong in finding the right exercise/food plan that works for me in my current level of "finding me". Of the late I have fallen into the running plan. I'm planning on setting up a date to achieve my second half marathon. I'm not sure I'm just ready for the dedication it takes to run a marathon. By the end of fall maybe but for now my eyes are stuck on a half a marathon again. I run at least 3-5 times a week and take the weekends off from serious workouts. On non-running days I try to get in some yoga, weight lifting, walking and exercise ball workouts. I'm up to 6 miles for my longest run days.

Eating has been much easier for me. I try to fit in as many vegetables and fruits as humanly possible. It's hard to get a lot of variety into my diet seeing that it is winter but I'm making due. My favorite foods right now are Jazz apples (sweet like candy) and Artisan lettuce. Both of these we purchase in bulk from Sam's Club for a reasonable price. I try to eat at least one lettuce salad a day with a piece of vegan protein (like a chicken-free patty or TVP). Yum! As far as snacking, I'm sticking to tea and popcorn. It seems to be working just great!

I feel wonderful and I can tell that my stomach is not as bloated and I am starting to see more definition each week on my stomach. For my measurements (whatever they are worth):
thigh .5 down
chest: same
upper arm: same
weight: 1.4 down
waist: same
hips: 1 up
neck: 1 down
waist to hip ratio .02 down
body fat %: .17 down

I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year! Let's find the dragon in all of us!

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NATPLUMMER 1/23/2012 11:23AM


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Pizza a Vegetable

Friday, January 20, 2012

This is probably an old video but I just found it today. So cute. Congress declared pizza a vegetable a few months back thanks to the sodium drenched (usually) tomato sauce. Watch the cute video here:

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JSPEED4 1/20/2012 10:04AM

    The sodium is the problem, and they need to realize that it's a lot of bread on the plate, too!

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NATPLUMMER 1/20/2012 9:17AM


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It Can Only Get Better...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been one of those weeks that I question if the world has shifted slightly and the planets are not aligned correctly. I've always wanted to learn more about astrology and Chinese horoscopes but never had the full attention span to actually study it. emoticon So, this is all I can say about the last two days of my trials with working out and writing blog entries.

So, Tuesday afternoon it was more than gorgeous out for a January day. It's mid-winter here so we are supposed to have a few feet of snow by this time of year. It's very irregular to have 57F/14C and a full, cloudless sky of sunshine. At lunchtime I took the furry baby out for a nice 1.25 mile walk and she was having the time of her life!

Then the husband came home an hour early so we could go outside for a nice warm workout. His knee is still healing so he was on his bike and I was running alongside him. Even though his pain, he still comes out with me to exercise - can I say "Best Husband Award" winner! We got about a mile away from our house and the sunshine dulled and was covered by these gloomy black clouds. We contemplated what we should do but thankfully we turned around for home. I was disappointed that I didn't get my long run in today but ran faster than normal just for more of a burn. I jumped in the shower and all of a sudden the lights started a disco show in the bathroom. A big bang and then we were out of electricity for the next 4-5 hours! It was interesting just enough to finish my shower in the dark and then make a candlelight dinner. Yes cooking by the light of a candle - thankfully we have a gas stove so with the strike of a match we had a working stove. It was a fun adventure and boy are we glad we turned around when we did!

Later we found out that the winds (that we exercised in) got up to around 60 MPH! I did notice the wind was incredibly fighting me - I thought I was just lighter due to the loss of a few pounds. Lol

Then Wednesday night I gave up going outside for a run. It was around 18F/-8C outside, so not going out in that temperature! Plus, my stomach was a little upset so an inside workout would be perfect. When I got to the gym, nothing was working again so I had to get someone to flip the fuse box switch to get the tv's and treadmills working. It's a small gym in our gated community so when they got a few new pieces of equipment they didn't make adjustments for the extra needed power. It's free with our community fees so what can I say... Then I turned on the heat since it was turned off and 55F/13C - grrrr... Then the darn thing persistently ran hot heat for the entire time I was there - pushing it out right on to me. Again, bad design. I stuck to my schedule and ran 6 miles - I felt great running the first 5 but the last 1 was more challenging because I was so hot due to the heater. When I stopped, my stomach was cramping up and I could barely move after I got my cool-down walk completed. I did some yoga to loosen things up while my husband finished up his biking before going home.

When I got home my stomach was so sore. It was all I could do to take a shower sitting down and then get dinner prepped. The darling hubby took over the last few steps as I laid under a heated blanket. I couldn't move or eat for about three hours after my run. This happens a few times when I run more than normal but running 6 miles is normal to me now so I'm guessing the heat really did it in for me. The cramps were so strong my husband kept asking if I wanted to go see a doctor. Poor guy was so worried.

This morning, I'm feeling much better and thankfully no more cramps as of yet. The last two days have been very trivial but thankfully I'm keeping positive and making sure I don't stop now just because a few things have gotten in the way.


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2WHEELEDSHARON 1/19/2012 1:57PM

    What a guy! And what a cute puppy.
Boo cramps and heat! I'm glad you're not letting it stop you. Keep up the great work:)

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NATPLUMMER 1/19/2012 10:23AM

    Yes, the husband is definitely a keeper :-)
Glad you're tummy is feeling better today.

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LINDZW11 1/19/2012 10:10AM

    emoticon You can do it!!

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Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness Smoothie

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breakfast options really just confuse me, all recipes seem to contain the same items and never really veer from the originals. Why is this? When I lived in Asia, I grew to love having leftovers for breakfast but here in the states itís a bit different. Right now Iím trying to get back into smoothies. Itís one of those seasonal things that I canít get involved with until at least spring. Maybe itís due to the available fresh fruit and vegetables or the abundance of sunshine, not really sure the reason why I donít crave them during the winter months.

This morning I went ahead and tried the Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness. Iíve had other smoothies from this brand but this is the first time of this mixture. My personal favorite while on travel is the Green Monster Ė yum! I also like the traditional carrot juice too. Today I wanted something different though so I went for a personal favorite, the one with blueberries.

It was a bit of a shocker though when I tried the Blue Goodness smoothie. The other mixtures are sweet but not overpowering. My first sip was a knock me down, call me a medic surprise. I let my guard down with reading the nutritional chart on the back of the bottle before making my purchase. So, let me tell you, I was more than surprised to find out there is 28grams of sugar per serving~ thatís just half a bottle! Sugar is a carbohydrate and on a 2000 calorie diet a person needs 300grams of carbs. Just for a drink, thatís a lot of carbs taken away from your daily goal. Yikes!

I ended up only drinking ĺ serving because I just couldnít have any more sweetness in the morning. The sweet toothed monster in my life will have to drink the rest of it Ė heíll probably love it tomorrow morning.

Have you had this before? What do you think?

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ACTIVEGODDESS 1/26/2012 2:11PM

    I love Bolthouse smoothies. I think of them as more of a meal replacement at times. My goals include cutting grain and dairy out of my diet so the impact on the carbs I take in would not be as great.

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2WHEELEDSHARON 1/17/2012 10:19PM

    I'm trying to make my own smoothies because it sizzles my griddle when I end up having that much sugar when I'm trying to get my control freak on. Sure I've had the stuff and it's good, but it's TOO good.
What's your take on the green monster? I'm so curious but I'm afraid it would be too much like sucking grass.

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NATPLUMMER 1/17/2012 11:52AM

    I only crave warm things for breakfast in the fall and winter (and it doesn't even get that cold in California).

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PETESKI24 1/17/2012 9:59AM

    I've had it before, but I find that leftovers work better.

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1/11/12 Day in Review

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today I woke up to so much sinus pressure that I couldn't sleep. I actually woke up an hour early, very grouchy that I could not sleep any longer. So, what every normal person does I'm sure I took some sinus medicine (1/2 over-the-counter tablet) and made my husband breakfast. Nothing like a vegan stir-fry to get him awake in the morning. I guess it wasn't all that bad getting up so early, at least I got him out of bed on time and out the door with a smile on-time. Then I drank a cup of peppermint coffee while I did some work. An hour later I was falling asleep at my computer so I took off work to take an hour nap. That's kinda how my day went...

emoticon Around 1PM I was finally able to stand upright and walk around. So, I took the furry baby on our daily 1.25 mile walk for about 25 minutes. She was thrilled. Medicine takes me far away from reality so I'm not sure how we made it the entire way without getting hit by a bus or anything but we ended up safely back at home. The DH and I were hoping to run outside but it started to rain around 3PM and hasn't stopped yet. At least it's rain though!

emoticon I didn't do that bad with food today. I did eat a little chocolate chip cookie and some popcorn in the day but I'm going to blame that on the medicine too. That's okay right? Still, even after dinner, I'm short by about 200 calories so I have to find something else to eat before bed. I'll make it though I'm sure.

Breakfast: Another boring oatmeal day with peppermint coffee. + 1/2 grapefruit

Snack: popcorn + homemade chocolate chip cookie (glad I made them small)

Lunch: Homemade tofu, cabbage, celery soup with vegan chickenless broth.

Snack: Cuppa + 1 bite of DH's banana

Dinner: Hummus, whole wheat pita, pickled turnip, and two bites of this canned filled cabbage thing from Turkey. (It had a cute container so we wanted to try it.) Sorry people of Turkey, it wasn't my favorite. Oh! and 1/4 cup freekeh, yum! We went shopping at our local Indian and Arabic store as you can tell tonight.

Snack: Undecided

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2WHEELEDSHARON 1/13/2012 7:23AM

    I'm drooling.
Hope the sinuses clear up.
Ok I gotta go find peppermint coffee.

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NATPLUMMER 1/11/2012 7:03PM

Good thing you didn't get run over.

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