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1/10/12 Day in Review

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank goodness for sunshine! I'm an old for it tropical weather girl, although I live in the Northern states of America right now. How did this ever happen? emoticon Deal with one has been given and be thankful, that's what I am today. Positive thoughts = Positive Events in Ones Life

emoticon Right before lunch, the furry baby and I had a scheduled date to take a 1.25 mile walk in the sunshine. Actually she thought I had planned the event around 10AM and was slightly tiffed that I wasn't bundling up for the walk. But, she got over it when we finally adventured out in the sunshine. Sun rays just make everything bad go away.

emoticon Tonight the darling man came home early so that we could run outside. Actually his knee is still hurting him so he wasn't able to run. But I got my thinking cap working again and had him come for a ride alongside me. It was perfect! True he wasn't going fast but it was a way for him to get a little workout, enjoy the sunshine, and get some fresh air. It was perfect! We took our normal route and amazingly I felt great, so I went the whole distance running. That meant 6.27 miles in about an hour. I was averaging around 10:45/mile. Not bad in my opinion. It was my first 6 miler in 2012 and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

emoticon On to the food:
Breakfast was boring again: oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, half a grapefruit and some peppermint coffee.

Snack: Banana and cuppa. emoticon

Lunch: Leftover Bento + apple

Snack: Luna Chocolate Peppermint Protein Bar (vegan) & butterscotch candy

Dinner: Homemade spaghetti with a serving of Nasoya Tofu & 3/4 Whole Wheat Pita.

Snack: To be determined. I'm making vegan chocolate chip cookies right now but I'm thinking more along the lines of popcorn instead for a healthier snack. The cookies are for the husband and his colleagues tomorrow at work. emoticon

How was your day?

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2WHEELEDSHARON 1/10/2012 7:47PM

    That's an awesome run! Peppermint coffee!? I need to check that action.
You rocked today, super job!

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NATPLUMMER 1/10/2012 7:40PM

    Great run, tasty food, time with the furry can't ask for more than that.

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Measurement Update

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's the first almost full week of exercise plan 2012 into full effect. Today I did my measurements again so that I can keep track of what's going on. My weight has been jumping up and down 3 pounds. So the measurements are just for today, always changing though.

1.6 pounds down
Waist 1 inch down
Hips 1 inch down
Neck: same
Thigh: .5 inch down
Upper arm: .5 inch down
Waist to hip ratio: .04 down
Body fat%: .55 down
Chest: 1 inch down

I happy that things are going down, so I'll stick with what I'm doing for another week. It's always good to switch things up if nothing is happening because the body gets into the swing and doesn't make a loss.

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VALRAEZENA 1/10/2012 7:18PM

  congratulations and keep the power going.

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JILLSMYTH 1/10/2012 10:43AM

  emoticon Keep up the good work!

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NATPLUMMER 1/10/2012 9:18AM

    Yay for things going down!! You're not really expecting a change in your neck, are you?

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Monday Meals in Photos

Monday, January 09, 2012

Hello Everyone! Hopefully this week has started out wonderfully for you and that you are capturing many wonderful memories this week. It has been a gorgeous Monday full of sunshine and chirping birds outside my office window. There is nothing like listening to nature as I work writing away. emoticon

emoticon I was inspired by the sunshine seeping through our windows today and couldn't help but enjoy a little piece of the day. So, I took the furry baby out for a walk in a small neighborhood in our city. At first she was probably thinking about calling PETA for animal cruelty from owners that take them from their warm puppy beds to the outdoors. But, she got used to the weather and then absolutely fell in love with the sunshine. By the end we were both wagging our tails (if I had one that is). We walked about 1.25 miles in total and man was it needed. Then this evening when the husband got home we went for a 4 mile run that turned into a 2 mile run. His knee is hurting him for some reason so we ended up cutting the run short and walking back 2 miles instead. Either way we got a good workout.

emoticon Earlier in the day I took to my new beloved exercise ball. Do you have one? I love mine!!! It came with a large sheet of workouts to do engaging all parts of the body. I did just about all of them today and oh boy was I hurting! Haha I am healed now but I had to minimize the reps per workout each. emoticon Next time will be better though.

emoticonFor Food:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with raw sugar, cinnamon and coffee.

Snack: Apple.

Lunch: Artisan Lettuce with homemade vegan pepperoni bites, sliced tomato and a little hummus sprinkled with flaxseed. Part of a jazz apple.

Snack: Popcorn - yum!!! It's Crimson Jewel (red) popcorn - so much fun!

Dinner: Brown rice mixed with hijiki, roasted red beets, carrots and onions, a little cubed tofu, and finally a nice helping of steamed cabbage, collard leaves, beet greens, garlic and a few capers. So much food but really tasty!

Snack: Undecided just yet but I have about 200-300 calories left to go today.

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ARTJAC 1/9/2012 11:26PM


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NATPLUMMER 1/9/2012 7:53PM


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Start of Week: January 9th

Monday, January 09, 2012

As you have noticed, I don't really like to turn on my laptop on the weekends. It's my one fight for a relaxing weekend. I know if I turn it on, I will most likely start looking at something that deals with work and I get hooked. So most of the time you will not see me on the weekends, I hope you don't think I've gone on a run and never come back. I'm still here.

This weekend was amazing! The weather was unlike any other January I remember. We have unseasonably warm weather and I will never complain about that. Usually we have a few feet of snow but in 2012, nope that's not the case. Hooray! That only meant one thing, the furry baby got her dream come true and has been enjoying 2-3 mile walks in the afternoons. She loves it! She may be less than 10 pounds but the girl has some unknown strength and power when it comes to walking. So, that's what we did. The husband, furry baby and I went on a walk on Friday and Saturday for workouts. It wasn't what I had hoped for as in running, but it was a great workout and really uplifting to see the sunshine. On Sunday the husband wanted to get to the art museum so we spent three hours walking/standing looking at amazing art pieces. Boy were we tired after, our feet were killing us. I guess for me it was because I wore heals instead of my normal everyday wear of running shoes at the gym. emoticon

As far as food, I am ashamed I found a bag of Holiday Skittles. emoticon I ate them like candy, oh wait that's what they are... I'm saddened that I haven't worked completely through my urge to finish of something in our cabinets - I have an issue with overeating. I'm working on it though and it probably could have been much worse. I went through the kitchen this weekend looking for candy and other junk food to send off with the husband to work. That way, I won't have the temptations in the household for me to eat. That's my little trick, no junk food in the house so that I won't eat it. If we want a little something, we go out and grab an individual sized something and eat it right then. Unfortunately this bag was from our holiday trips to the family hometown.

Other than overeating the entire weekend (boy was I hungry all the time), I am happy that we got a little workout in and felt the wonderful sunshine. emoticon

Here are some motivational things I love today:

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TOTHEFUTURE1 1/9/2012 7:21PM

    Like you I am finishing all the left over stuff and trying to share it. So just how does it get into the cupboard during the rest of the year? I live alone!

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NATPLUMMER 1/9/2012 11:55AM

    Walking is great exercise.
Now you're making me want Skittles.

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Friday 1/6 Ramblings

Friday, January 06, 2012

So today is finally Friday - the first week of the new year! Hooray!!!! I can't wait to spend some much needed alone time walking with the husband and furry baby tonight. It's gorgeous - above 50 degrees in winter is almost unheard of in our area. Thank you very much Mother Nature! After moving to a cold region, I dream about once again living in a warm place - or at least under a nice warm heat lamp. Anyways, I am so thrilled about today.

I decided that it was time for me to get to the coffee house (why not right?). I work from a home office all the time and although I love my furry babies, they do not hold a conversation as say a human. Most of the time that is a good thing but sometimes it is nice to have human activity around me and conversations. I never want to become a hermit. ^_^ It was a perfect idea for the day. Not only is it a good work environment but the sunshine is coming in the windows and really giving me encouragement to get outside today. Perfect motivation right before the weekend.

Unfortunately I haven't been good about taking photos of my meals because they have been rather boring. For breakfast I had a Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie and a Jazz Apple. Then I had my favorite part, coffee!!! *happy dance* For lunch I met up with the husband and had a packed lunch of Boca Spicy Chickenless Patty on a bed of Artisan Lettuce and a little tomato. Then we also got (shame on us) a small/medium french fry and some onion rings. The onion rings were terrible so we didn't really eat them. They used to be the husband's favorite but not anymore. The french fries are an addiction of mine that I will never stop eating. Yum! They were just okay but I'm afraid I can't eat them often because they are so high in fat content. Moderation is key.

Dinner: I have no idea yet... hmmm

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TOTHEFUTURE1 1/8/2012 9:49PM

    Enjoyed your blog Thanks Sending hugs and skinny vibes

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NATPLUMMER 1/6/2012 2:43PM

    Sounds like a nice day so far. emoticon

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