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World's Unhealthiest Diets throughout History

Monday, August 02, 2010

Amazing what people try just to lose weight.... Just goes to show that it has always been a problem...

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2BEHEALTHYAGAIN 8/2/2010 11:44PM

    There were sure some crazy "diets" in that article. I remember when I was younger one of the news anchors at a local tv station went on a crazy popcorn diet and ended up dying. A lot of the fad diets lead to malnutrition but people just don't think of it if they are losing weight!

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    My wife had a cousin who was probably anorexic before they had a word for it. She went on a diet consisting exclusively of grapefruit and coffee. She successfully lost a whole lot of weight. Unfortunately, she also got her body so messed up she wasted away to nothing and died. In all things, intelligence.

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Getting into Exercise again...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of the hardest things for me is to get back into the exercise everyday. Since we moved for my husband's work, I have been torn into the work-at-home type for the time being before I find the perfect job in my area. Unfortunately this means that I stay at home and work about 12 hour days, it's nice to get the pay but really creates havoc when I have to get out and about again. I can definitely tell why some people create phobias about getting out the front door after being indoors. No, I don't have a phobia but I am lazier around the evening hours after a full day at work. It's something that I have to get over and just make myself do those workouts. Thankfully it's still summer and hopefully the weather encourages me to get out there and have some fun. I'm currently looking for some fun things to do for exercise... Any suggestions? We already run, walk, bike, lift weights and sometimes do boxing, yoga and Pilates.

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MAGNOLIA416 7/30/2010 10:39AM

    If you have enough floorspace maybe you can do exercise DVDs? Look for some at your public library.

I'd love to work from home at least one day a week! Cuts down on commuting time, plus no co-workers interrupting me and can eat at home. Enjoy it while you can!

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SUGIRL06 7/29/2010 7:27PM

    Rob and I play a lot of tennis together! It is an awesome fun time and we don't even realize its exercise! Oh, and we are terrible! Which means a lot of running after the ball. LoL!

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RIVERUN 7/29/2010 5:03PM

    You can do it, one day at a time, one pound at a time.

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Real Story of Tofu...

Monday, July 26, 2010

A while back I remember reading a few blog entries here about soybeans being bad for the body. Although I find joy in soy, I read some comments about confusion with how much is good for the body. Some of the comments I remembered was misinformation that has been lurking around the blogsphere for a while (aka, men can grow moobs, tofu increasing cancer and so on.). Of course, this information is just not true - look at Asia and see the results of years of research on the topic. Today I got a wonderful short article that help describe the situation in an easy to understand article that I thought everyone might want to read if wondering what is going on...

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SUGIRL06 7/26/2010 11:26AM

    Thanks for the info! I have heard that too much soy can do some of those things too but I think its like... a LOT of soy. More than most people eat. But isn't everything in high levels bad for you? Thanks for the article!!!

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LISSIE88 7/26/2010 10:29AM

    I love Christina Pirello!!! Her recipes taste soooo good.

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HORNEAR 7/26/2010 10:28AM

    I find joy in soy as well. Nice pics.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

So, I've been missing lately, some of you may have noticed. Not only has the weather gotten nicer which steers me outdoors but I needed to rethink my goals. In college I had a problem with letting my diet life take over for my real life, so I wanted to make sure that this new lifestyle I am trying life by fits. I tend to let the diet take over when I should be more in control. So, I took some time off to get myself out of a "diet depression" and regroup my goals and think about my future to keep things rolling and lose the rest of the weight. It is more emotional than physical.

As an update, my husband and I are still being good vegans. We absolutely love being vegan - it's a challenge sometimes when we go out to eat but that doesn't stop us from going out and enjoying ourselves. We are also running, although not everyday because it is seriously too hot out. Plus, our townhouse community gym (it's our only gym we go to) has had the AC unit broken and also the two treadmills. Not uncommon but a little annoying seeing that we want to workout but the gym is overly heated and outdoors can be dangerous with the heat advisories. So, sometimes we just take it easy and go for strolls at night when it gets cooler - which our pooch doesn't mind one bit! In addition to that, I'm walking at least ten minutes each morning to get my blood flowing before breakfast - it seems to wake me up more and I tend to not want to eat as much food this way. Unfortunately, just as before I have not lost any weight but at least now I'm in a better mental state to attack my trouble with losing the last pounds. I'm eager to start fighting harder than ever to get my life in order and work off those pounds.

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MAGNOLIA416 7/24/2010 10:04AM

    Welcome back! Keeping up with SP is a lot of work sometimes, and getting into dieting can definitely take over your mental state ... so I totally understand, I come and go too! You're here now and you're doing great!

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CFMOSS 7/23/2010 2:10PM

    Understand the need for a break in order to regroup - best to do the break on your terms instead of just letting it happen and you disappear. Moderation actually is a good thing even in dieting. Good journeying to you.

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SUGIRL06 7/23/2010 1:58PM

    Sometimes you just need a break! Even though I missed you dearly. I am glad you were able to take back control. Sometimes weight loss just gets too much and can become overwhelming. I agree about the weather thing too. Its too nice to be inside! Although with the heat, sometimes I'm running for the AC. LoL. I am glad to hear you are doing well! Welcome back!!!!

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Dirty Dozen Revisited by CNN

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

If you are worried about pesticides on your foods, as everyone should be, here is the latest information on the "Dirty Dozen". It's always good to be reminded of the pesticide fruits and vegetables to help make wise choices in the grocery stores.

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SUGIRL06 6/2/2010 10:34AM

    I just printed up a list of the dirty dozen and the clean 15 and laminated it! LoL. Now I keep it in my purse for shoppign trips

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