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Day 14: 21 Day Vegan Kickstart Challenge

Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally Friday! I have been waiting for this day, well, for a whole week! Kidding, I do love Friday but with it comes a lot of cleaning and preparing for the weekend. I love to get everything finished before Friday (work wise) and then I clean the house from top to bottom before the DH comes home. It is perfect because I get to run around cleaning things, the house feels fresh when the DH comes home and then we get time to ourselves. Perfect! Unfortunately I was a little lazy with tracking everything in my calorie count book. haha And everything on here - sorry if I missed messaging any of you on Friday - I was running around like a crazy woman carrying a dusting rag in one hand and a vacuum attached to the other one. Had tons of energy though - not sure if it was due to the nice weather or the healthy food...

Zucchini Scramble and Homefries was on the menu today. I love all the recipes that the Challenge brings with it, but for us since we go grocery shopping on a different day of the week than the challenge started, I have to make the largest breakfast on a Friday. Yes, I could have just moved the menu around a little but what fun would that be? We enjoyed the scramble however the homefries were a little too much for us. We would make the scramble again but with normal homefries or just some sort of grain bread. My plate had two pieces of sprouted 7 grain bread (no homefries because I don't care for potatoes) and the DH had a homemade vegan english muffin.

Lunch: Since I was running around and too busy to care about making something for lunch- I went back to one of my old habits. I cut up some fruit and placed it in a bowl and ate that for lunch. Yes, this is healthy and vegan however I would prefer to have something with a few less sugar grams and also something that will stick longer... but, that is what I did... Forgot to take a photo...

When I was running around the house cleaning I whipped up the Challenges' Cornmeal Muffins. They seriously have like three ingredients! Amazingly easy to make and aren't that bad. I'm not much for cornmeal muffins (cornbread) because it tends to be slightly dry. If I were to make these muffins again I would add some corn to have some more moisture. They were good, just not to my taste-buds... After we returned from a little retail therapy and taking the Pooch for a much needed walk, we came home and I made the Almost Instant Black Bean Chili. It was a good recipe but again, my taste-buds were asking for something more. I'm a hot spice kind of girl though so this has nothing to deal with the recipe. It was super fast also!

All in all, we were successful for day 14. I am amazed at how much I am learning about food from eating vegan right now. We went to a few specialty stores for chocolate and other gifts to send to my friend in Australia and was amazed that I didn't really want to eat anything. I did crave some of those yummy marshmallow candies though - I think I have to invest in some vegan versions next week. haha

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CFMOSS 3/22/2010 9:04AM

    What a great journey - sorry i haven't followed along extremely closely as i have barely had a chance to log on let alone follow anything. Anyway you are doing great and having a wonderful taste/learning adventure even with things that aren't to your taste preference. Healthy journeying to you.

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SUGIRL06 3/22/2010 9:01AM

    That black bean recipe looks right up my alley! But Rob definitely wouldn't eat it (onions!) Everything looks yummy as usual!

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Sore buns...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

wow! Major milestone in bicycling today! The DH decided that it was high and time we got out our bikes again and do a "real" bicycle test of our abilities. So, we set a point in a few cities over to our city and we started out. Just our two bikes, two Vegan muffins, a bottle of water, and of course a insulated bottle of hot tea. I'm glad that we really pushed ourselves and really we don't feel that tired... the only problem are my buns! My booty has never been pushed so hard to its' limits! Can a person that bikes for almost 3 hours bruise their booty?


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SUGIRL06 3/21/2010 9:29PM

    LoL my first day back to biking every year always kills my butt and then I'm fine the rest of the year. Feel better soon!

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Day 13: 21 Day Vegan Kickstart Challenge

Friday, March 19, 2010

Today was a much different day than normal. We had to change the plans for the challenge a little swapping two days because we needed to go out tonight instead of last night. We went to go see a pre-screening of the Hubble Telescope IMAX movie!!! Short but amazing photos! So, if you are following along with the challenge and wondering what I did - I changed the days a little but still following along with the rules and all the recipes.

Breakfast: Supposed to be Fruited Breakfast Quinoa however we could not find the apricots that it was supposed to have so we couldn't make it. Seriously, where do you purchase apricots this time of the year? Husband said he was in the mood for something sweet. So, I made him some vegan cocoa waffles along with a nice strawberry smoothie to go. Seriously, I'm not sure where he packs it away?!?! haha Love him nonetheless. For me, I wasn't that hungry (to tell the truth I've been slightly constipated - ick!). So I had two slices of sprouted 7 grain bread, a little Earth Balance Vegan Butter/vegemite, 1 banana, a small can of reduced sodium V8 juice and of course (since I'm still breathing) 2 cups of coffee. I didn't take a photo since I'm sure all of you have seen these things before...

Lunch: Again, very boring lunch since we had some leftovers around the kitchen. I was feeling a bit rushed today since we were going out and I had a million things to get done before I could go. So, I had a baked tofu sandwich which takes about one minute to make. Yummy! The challenge called for Baked sweet potato with leftover Farmhouse Salad but I didn't have any time to make a potato and the hubster finished off the salad already. haha

(Boy do I use that mug too much - haha the paint is coming off... hmmm time for a new tea/coffee mug...)

Dinner: Boy! This was a change of pace for me because we were trying to make it a free date night out. We had free IMAX tickets (as mentioned above) from my hubsters' work - a pre-screening. Then we had a gift card from Christmas still that we hadn't used. It was or Dardin Restaurants which includes Bahama Breeze (which we don't have in our state), Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse. When I went to check the website, I was shocked to see that NOTHING was vegetarian or vegan! With so many health conscience people I figured there would be at least one thing on each menu - but nope. Then I read a few responses from Olive Garden from a few questions asking what was vegetarian/vegan on their menu. (There were a few different websites with this information, so I'm not going to post them all. You can search for it. I'm paraphrasing and combining the information and not taking any one person's words.) The not-so-king response was basically nothing since we can't figure out how to make pasta without milk and eggs so just go somewhere else. We chose to go to Longhorn Steakhouse - after all, they were honest on their website and menu stating that they do not have any vegan/vegetarian items. They didn't try to hide the fact by stating that some things might be okay - plus the husband could have something of meat if he wanted. He did of course and ordered a steak - which actually he didn't really care for at all. He said that he felt terrible afterward and asked if we could prolong the vegan diet for another week. haha Score! I ordered a plain Mixed Green Side Dish ($3.99). I asked for just the vegetables and nothing else - aka no dressing, cheese or croutons. But, unfortunately the waiter didn't really listen and brought out my salad with all the things that I asked not to have. At least he didn't drown my salad with dressing like they did my husbands'. haha So, I kindly apologized (even though they should have been doing it) and sent it back and asked for just the veggies. I think they were mad at me for asking for what I ordered since they brought it back and the salad and been probably tossed on the table and cheese picked out. haha It wasn't the best looking when it came back out. Oh, well, at least I got the white lettuce salad.

(Note: I had not touched the salad before taking this photo - this is how it came out the second time.)

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PAPRINIKA 3/19/2010 4:24PM


I am so in love with Tofu I can eat it plain. :X

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SHAKER_MAKER 3/19/2010 2:41PM

    omg.. what a good idea, im so taking pictures of everything i eat, i have such a habit of not controlling myself, im gonna track eerything and take pictures of it..

thanks for the inspiration!

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SUGIRL06 3/19/2010 12:37PM

    Ugh! I hate it when the waiter or kitchen messes up and they get mad at you. I mean, I've worked at a restaurant before and its not hard to write 86 cheese and highlight it (which is what we did). Some servers are just not good at their jobs:) Anyway! Glad your hubby is liking this vegan thing. Have a good weekend!

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Day 12: 21 Day Vegan Kickstart Challenge

Friday, March 19, 2010

Whew! I am behind on these blog postings.... sorry everyone that has been waiting to see the photos and hear about the experience. So, finally, here are the results from the St. Patty's Day while on the 21 Day Vegan Challenge. Everything went really well on St. Patty's Day. I got up like normal (slightly earlier thanks to just having so much energy) and went downstairs to get breakfast started for the fun green day. I started getting the green food dye ready (to my dismay) though it was dried up! Thankfully I just could add some water and it was liquid again. Guess that goes to show that I don't use it very often. I'm thinking the dye wasn't vegan however I'm not too picky about it... I wasn't about to purchase a vegan one if I already had something in the household. Plus, it was only a drop or two so I guess it won't hurt anything...

Today I tried to incorporate as much green as possible into our food = it puts a whole new meaning to "green" on this holiday.

Breakfast: Today the challenge was supposed to be a smoothie but as you recall from last week just one smoothie was not enough for breakfast for the two of us. So, I made a traditional Irish side item called "Fadge" which is basically a potato pancake. I make the Fadge with the two drop of green food coloring so that it was themed. In addition I make the Mango Delight Smoothie from the challenge along with a few handfuls of kale and spinach. Perfect!!!

Lunch: Since my husband had to go to work, I just sent him off with a lovely selection of green veggies and some leftovers. Usually I make him a wonderful green bento but I've been a little busy lately and was lazy to make one. Sorry hubby! I had another portion of vegan mac 'n cheese... yummy!!

Dinner: Unseasonal weather has been upon us so we are trying to take advantage of the sunshine as much as possible - today was no different! We decided that it was wonderful outdoors if we just had a sweater on and sat in the sunshine for a picnic. Love picnics! So, I make vegan calcannon (recipe from
. It is a more traditional Irish dish - so I am told. It was extremely tasty. In fact, my husband loved it so much he ate two servings - which included the serving that was supposed to be for his lunch the next day! haha Along with calcannon, I made vegan sushi - terrific! Recipe was from :
ml?recipe_id=254. My nori (seaweed) is dried in the sun and was brought over by my Japanese sister. It's 100% natural and sun-dried so it has a slight purple tint to it - unlike the stuff here in America. But, we just imagined it was green.

Note: The calcannon does look a little gross because I used red potatoes and not enough I think. It is supposed to look like potatoes however I'm not a big potato fan so I added less. In addition, the recipe did call for Yukon White Potatoes but we only use red in our household because the red holds more nutrition. So, this would look better if I had followed recipe 100% - but what fun would that be? It tasted amazing though!


Recall: Products Containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As I'm still in shock about the pregnant woman from the last blog... I found there has been a major recall of many different foods! Since I don't watch the news in my area (too depressing and I end up yelling at the television), I am just catching wind of this new information. Not sure if it is well known but this is the first I have heard about this newest recall with many different food products, including some from Trader Joe's!

Thank goodness I don't have anything in my household but I thought I would share with the rest of you just to make sure that you can get rid of it just in case. Crazy how these things keep happening to processed foods. Raw vegans I think have the better idea...

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PAPRINIKA 3/18/2010 12:50PM

    The down side of instant stuff. :/

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LAURAKOHORST 3/18/2010 11:45AM

    emoticon nasty , thank you for sharing.

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    Wow, I have stuff from trader joes, but fortunately I am too obsessive to buy many pre-packaged prepared foods. I like to make my stuff the hard way so I have more control, heh heh. Who knows whats really in that stuff! Besides I like to make it taste the way I want it to! Thanks for the info though, I went to the site, I have been to the recall area before, but not recently!
God bless ya-

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