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Korean Pancake Recipe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here is something that I have been wanting to try for a long time... well, the veg recipe. It is very colorful but unfortunately had very little taste. I think next time I will try some herbs, onions, and maybe a few other things. I thought I would post it though for those of you that like bland food compared to fire in your mouth food. We served this with homemade kimchee but you can have it plain too if you want.

Korean pancakes: bin dae duk (not traditionally a breakfast food)
Serves 4 adults= 196 calories per person
2 cups mung beans (called “peeled split mung beans")
6 tbsp rice
2 zucchini
1 red bell pepper
3 spring onions
1 yellow onion
Handful of sesame leaves (shiso) (or cilantro)

1. Combine mung beans and rice. Mix with fingers.
2. Next, add enough cold water to cover the beans and rice.
3. Let this sit for about four hours.
4. Use your best knife or mandolin to shred zucchini into thin strips.
5. Right after shredding the zucchini, sprinkle a flat teaspoon of sea salt on the zucchini and give it a good toss. You want to let this sit for a good hour or so to draw moisture out of the zucchini. I know this seems like a lot of salt, but you're going to lose a lot of it a bit later, and any salt that remains on the zucchini will help season the pancakes.
6. Next, finely chop your red bell pepper. Remove the white flesh and seeds. (Chunks)
7. Now slice up the sesame leaves or cilantro.
8. Slice the green onions diagonally for a nice fit with the pancakes.
9. Once the mung beans and rice have finished soaking, strain and transfer the beans and rice to a strong blender. Add 1 and 3/4 cups of fresh room temperature water to the beans and rice, along with a teaspoon of sea salt. Blend until you have a nice batter. Should look like thick pancake batter.
10. Now give the yellow onion a rough chop, add it to the batter, and give it another good blend until smooth.
11. Now transfer batter to a large bowl, much larger than what will comfortably hold the batter, as you'll be adding a small mountain of vegetables.
12. Rinse salt from zucchini. Place in batter. Add rest of veggies and shiso.
13. Gently fold everything together with your most trusted wooden spoon.
14. Once you're ready to make bin dae duk that really should be eaten hot off the pan, heat a little olive or coconut oil over medium heat, then add generous pancake-size dollops of the batter to the pan.
15. Serve hot with kim chee.
Note: You can enjoy hot bin dae duk pancakes on their own, or if you'd like a dipping sauce, combine 2 parts soy sauce with 1 part sesame oil and 1/2 a part vinegar - be sure to whisk well with a fork or chopsticks before dipping.

Recipe from Dr. Kim - you can find him on the internet.

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LETIHANA 2/24/2010 4:39PM

    Oh YUM! Nothing makes me happier than some good Korean home cooking! And it's so much healthier than Western food, don't you think? Kimchi has almost no calories (I think), and it also helps fight off those winter colds. Have you checked out She really helped to inspire my cooking! Thank you for the recipe here!

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ELISA322 2/24/2010 3:29PM

    Seeing these brings back memories. I haven't had these pancakes in such a long time.

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Green Pea and Chickpea Soup Recipe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love green peas! So this was right up my alley!!! Fantastic taste and even the husbster loved it! He wanted it for a lunch even at work! That's high compliment from him!

Here's my dinner: The soup along with some steamed broccoli! Yummy!!!

The simple bento I made my hubster upon his request. He had grilled pork, steamed broccoli and the yummy green soup!

Green Pea and Chickpea Soup
Serves 4 adults = 220 calories per serving
1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
2 cups frozen or fresh shelled green peas
1 yellow onion, roughly chopped
2 ribs celery, roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
Sea salt and pepper
2.5 cups chicken broth (or veggie broth)
Handful chopped fresh parsley or cilantro (optional for garnish)
Extra-virgin olive oil

1. In a large soup pot, cook onion, garlic, and celery with a couple of tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil over low to medium heat. Cook for about 5 minutes, or until vegetables are soft. Stir occasionally.
2. Add chickpeas, peas, and broth, and bring to a boil over medium to medium-high heat.
3. Reduce heat, cover, and let simmer for about 15 minutes, or until chickpeas and peas are tender.
4. Use a hand-held blender to partially blend ingredients in the pot. If you prefer smooth soups, blend everything until well homogenized. If you like texture to your soups, just blend for about 5-10 seconds, which should allow some of the peas and chickpeas to remain intact. If you don't have a hand-held blender, blend small portions in a regular blender or food processor; then transfer back to the pot.
5. Season with sea salt and pepper.
6. If you have fresh chopped parsley or cilantro on hand, sprinkle a tablespoon over each bowl before serving.

Got this recipe from Dr. Kim online for free.

Note: This would be great for St. Patty's Day! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PATINOH 2/24/2010 3:00PM

  I also like green peas & think this looks like a great veggie recipe for me...& easy to add grilled meat for the hub.I eat meat,but at times, the veggie dishes are good & way lower fat. Thanks for sharing this.PL

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Vegan Cheese w/ Meal Photos

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something that I have not been able to kick off my food list is cheese. In fact, it is the main reason why I can not keep to a vegan diet 100% of the time. During the summer months I can manage eating raw vegan but for some reason in the winter months, I need something that is different since fresh organic fruits and veggies just aren't available in large variance. I have tried vegan cheese once before but never really fell in love with the flavor. Since my first experience I have stayed away for a while now. But, I came across a "gourmet" vegan cheese in Whole Foods Market and decided "why not?" So in the basket it went and I was on my way. I first tried the cheese alone, tasted similar to tomatoes which probably isn't that far off since this is a vegan cheese which does not include and processed chemicals. I do not suggest eating it alone... at least it wasn't my favorite.

Then I tried it on just some plain pasta. I could have made a recipe from the cheese making it into a creamy substance however I am looking for some easier recipes that only take a few ingredients for my busier days during the week. Thankfully I found out that melting the cheese over the pasta was wonderful and very simple. Now, it wasn't as creamy as say blue box varieties but it was tasty nonetheless. Hint though: you have to melt the cheese in the microwave or it will not bubble. This was about 150 calories - 1/4 dry pasta used.

Since the plain mac n cheese was a success - I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I have tried this a few times since and am happy with it each time. Again, it doesn't taste 100% like a cheese sandwich but it can be easily compared to a grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato on it. Here I made a lunch out of a whole wheat pita with vegan cheese and fresh basil leaves on top. Along side is a Japanese snack food which is made from squid. I'm addicted to this low-calorie snack food that actually does have some health benefits from it thankfully. It was a success! I have grilled the sandwich with spraying some 0 calorie oil on the pita and just warming it up in the toaster oven. Both are wonderful! One pita sandwich is around 150 calories.

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BREW99 2/25/2010 8:37AM

    Nope, it's 100% vegan. It can be purchased at whole foods.

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AJAMARIE 2/24/2010 2:51PM

    Does the cheese have any casein in it? What is the brand name?

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Mojo Energy Bar

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Energy bars can really add up one's grocery bill; hence when I find one that I really enjoy I wish to share with everyone else. This is a new one that I found in our stores a while back however am just getting to try it. At first I was a little worried if the thin energy bar would be enough for a good snack between meals to keep me going throughout the morning. Thankfully I found it had a little bit of everything that ranged from chocolate chips, seeds to pretzels! I loved the mojo bar and would suggest it to others!


Healthy Alternative

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ever since the first day of my relationship with my husband, we both understand that we had a difference of opinions when it came to food. My husband was a meat and potato kind of guy while I was a vegetarian for about 15 years - more than half of my life! So, we knew it was something that we would have to learn to compromise throughout our entire lifetime together. That's okay though, it makes it more fun sometimes... Here is our breakfast comparison that I thought was really interesting.

This is my husband's meal that I prepared for him. Homemade biscuits (yeah, about 250 calories a serving!); honey; two eggs and of course pork sausage (lean but he didn't know).

My healthier breakfast.. not my usual one but it was still a healthier option than above. Two egg whites; vegan cheese; a homemade whole wheat English muffin and my staple - vegemite. I had "cheese" and was still less than half of my husband's entire meal! Entire meal was less calories than one serving of biscuits from my husband's meal.

Amazing what we learn from living a healthier lifestyle! emoticon

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TDOBBS74 2/24/2010 2:35PM


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