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Eating Like a Pig...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Eating like a pig has never tasted so good! The last two weeks I have been working hard on getting enough calories in my diet. I am what you call a "subtract-or dieter", which is basically a person that has the tendency to stop eating when on a diet to lose weight. In the past years I lost weight by simply reducing how much I eat daily and then exercise like crazy. Yes, I know the health problems that can arise with this issue but seeing that my metabolism is very slow, it has been the only thing that has worked out for me. Finally I am eating more healthy options and eating more throughout the day. I have found some wonderful recipes that allow me to eat an entire meal well under 300 calories (and it doesn't just include broth). For instance the other day for lunch I had:

*1.5 cups of spinach with 1 tbsp dried sweetened cranberries
*2 flatbread wheat thin crackers (60 calories total!!)
*1 entire can tuna (only 100 Calories unlike what sp site states) w/ .5 tbsp Japanese mayo

This entire meal was well under 300 calories and filled me up! I did eat a snack in a few hours but not out of need but for boosting my metabolism. I have to eat even when I am not hungry because my body doesn't feel hungry ever when I eat healthy natural, organic foods. Strange, I know...

So, to anyone that is looking for a subtraction diet, I highly suggest eating more! Yes more is better when it comes to healthy foods for a healthy body! I am losing about a pound a week now that I am eating more - a great accomplishment. Now I just have to work on meeting my daily calorie count of 1200 (I have a problem of being under lately, even though I'm eating like a pig).

oink oink emoticon

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3CATSLEP 12/5/2009 4:32PM

    Yes - I would also like to be a Lean Mean Oinking Machine!!! emoticon

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KARVY09 12/4/2009 10:13AM

    You should make some onigiri... a nice healthy way to up your calories and get a good mix of carb/protein.

But you probably already know that!

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/4/2009 10:09AM

    LOL glad you've discovered the healthy food that is MORE! :)

Now get to 1200 girl!!!! *hugs*

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GOALIEGRANDMA3 12/4/2009 10:08AM

    not what I expected from the title :)

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Irritable Syndrome is gone, thank goodness! Weather is a strong indicator of my health and attitude. It is amazing how the sunshine can change things - hopefully it will come back sometime this winter! Last night I was hit with a small head cold due to the change in temperatures so I am trying to keep liquids medicating my body today to fight a cold from really forming. In my household we are usually clear of any sickness, I give it thanks to our healthy lifestyles! We have always been that way though, thank the good Lord! Exercise at the gym was a help too - nothing like sweating out the bad and in with the good. I have to admit as I was running 5K that I was getting slightly dizzy though but at least I finished without any problems. Don't worry though, I always exercise with the hubbster so nothing will happen if I feel too dizzy. emoticon

This morning I woke up and found out that I had lost another pound so I was thrilled. It was a blessing from God telling me to keep with it and try to stay positive in my opinion. It's very hard for me to lose even one pound, metabolism is extremely slow, so this accomplishment is a true blessing to lose it after Thanksgiving week!


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LINDA6105 12/3/2009 11:39PM

    emoticon on that lost pound

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LAURAKOHORST 12/3/2009 11:31AM

    emoticon glad to hear that you are feeling better

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ENOUGHALREADY10 12/3/2009 9:12AM

bye bye pound hello new day closer to your goal!

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Irritable Syndrome

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Irritable Syndrome is something that I coined a while back... it's when I feel lacking in energy and feel irritable towards everything. I am blaming the weather and my low sugar right now (and anything else that I can). Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather and rightfully so since the weather dropped about twenty degrees overnight and does not look like it's able to pick itself up either anytime soon. It is amazing at how our attitudes are directed by Mother Nature.

In my attempt to pick myself up I'm planning on sweating out the bad while trying out Jillian Michael's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD and running if it doesn't rain too much outdoors. Maybe that will help...

emoticon emoticon = emoticon

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LAURAKOHORST 12/2/2009 11:44AM

    I pray that you'll soon be over the "Irritable Syndrome" soon. Exercise and a positive attitude will help. Get your endorphins working and you'll be better in no time. Hope your day ends beautifully. emoticon

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MAINEACK 12/2/2009 11:35AM

    Exercise is VERY helpful in getting your mood back on track. Try making a list of those things you are grateful for too. That always seems to help me. Hang in there, just remember that the sun IS behind those clouds.

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Just Ten Days!!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Even though I am far from counting my age in years, I am thrilled to countdown until my husband and my birthday! Ten more days and now I am in the process of trying to figure out how to make a delicious cake but with very little calories. A birthday without a cake is not a birthday in my opinion - at least since we have the same birthday we can have the ability to say it is just once a year! Here are some samples of ideas for our birthday cake this year - it's my year to get a birthday cake that I want.. haha Who cares if I have to make it myself... (Yes, I am addicted to Hello Kitty and I only wish I could say it is an addiction from living in Japan but unfortunately it started well before my years there...) We will of course use natural sugar substitute like agave nectar but.... Suggestions on how to make it healthy and few calories?

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3CATSLEP 12/1/2009 10:39PM

    Did you make those? They are so adoreable!!! I've done the soda cake and it's a definite winner!! emoticon

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KARVY09 12/1/2009 12:34PM

    How adorable! I split a piece of cake with my husband for my birthday yesterday and it was delicious AND I was full afterwards!

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    Use applesauce instead of shortening or butter. I love those pictures. Have lots of people over - you get a small cake and make sure everyone else gets big pieces so it is all gone.

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MYBULLDOGS 12/1/2009 8:57AM

    the cakes are beautiful. just eat a small piece and freeze the rest.

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IMAFATAZZ2 12/1/2009 8:55AM

  did you know that you can bake a cake using a diet soda???

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Turkey Trot Update

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanks to everyone for thinking about me on Thanksgiving Day and those weeks up until my first 5K race. It was a stressful three weeks of learning how to run and then actually running my first ever race! Even through the tough times, it was a fun experience and I am thinking towards the next one in the future, maybe.

Thanksgiving Day: We woke up to a very dark day when everyone but my husband and I were awake before even the country roosters. It was rainy and visibility was less than preferred. Yes, it was the perfect North American winter morning that one should normally stay in bed and sleep until at least the sunshine peeks through the clouds. But at last, the two of us grudgingly drug ourselves out from under the covers of our now warm bed to get dressed and eat a small breakfast. My husband, the more experienced cross country racer, decided on a nice selection of two pieces of toast with peanut butter and half a Cliff Builders' Bar. Me, along with my nerves, choose half a lemon Luna Bar which was the perfect sweet but savor taste for my pre-run tastebuds.

After about 40 minutes in the car, we finally arrived to the destination of the race and found that only about ten cars were there. We later found out that many people, although they are speeders at heart, are not usually on-time for the race. Around 500 people showed up (200 more than they had expected from results last year). Seeing that about 300 of these people were late we had to wait an extra thirty minutes to start the race which left all of us standing outdoors in 30F/-1.11C!!! It wasn't the best weather for a standing waiting for the beginning of a race but hey, at least it was only sprinkling at this time.

Finally the race was to begin and we found out that everyone was to start at the same time in a large mosh-pit style run. Image 500 people in a small area trying to run toward the same direction within orange cones that was really setup for 200 less people... Unlike my previous assumptions, the race did not begin with a shotgun but I was soon to find out why many people like the sound to be able to start... Since this was a smaller race the organizers decided it would be amusing to just scream out "3,2,1 GO!" Yes that would be without a microphone or anything so that people could actually hear the start of the race. So, let's just say we were asking if the race had started or not... After we finally saw the front of the crowd moving, we finally got to move also and start running. There was a time lag though since many people were unsure in front of us too. I learned that we did not want to be in the back of the crowd because it was very difficult to pass people, especially slow people that I later found out from my husband, had intended to move around so that people could not pass them. I never knew that people actually moved right in front of other people so that they could not pass - I'm competitive but I guess not in that sense. In addition, there were children in the race that kept trying to run really fast for about 30 seconds and then stop right in front of us. We still are not sure where the parents were of these children but it was a hard to get used to almost falling of a child that has just run in front of us and then stopped completely. It's all a new learning experience for me to say in the least.

Haha If the start of the race were not bad enough, we also found out that there were to be no tracking chips (we kind of figured since it was a smaller race). So, there was one (yes, I know, ONE?!) person with a time watch for all 500 people running that day. The time watch was started at the beginning of the race when we were still scratching our heads and looking for clues to see if the race had started. It was a very strange experience but at least we finished. So, the one person tracking our run said that I finished around 33:19:16 in total. Strangely enough my husband and I finished at the same time and he was tracked slower than me. haha So, we have learned that if we do this charity run next year we are going to take our watch and track our own time because we are not confident in our times at all. We conversed afterward and think that with the speed that we were going, we probably finished around 30-31 minutes in total.

Even though we are still really unsure of our completion time we are really proud of our accomplishment from this last month. It was really nice to get up in the morning on Thanksgiving and get started on exercise and actually run in a race before eating all those calories. Even though I am thankful I do not have to run up that muddy large hill again (twice in the official race) I am thankful to have run in our first race together and make a difference in the charity we were supporting.

emoticon+ emoticon= emoticon

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/1/2009 5:36PM

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The waiting can be annoying.... Here's to many more! :D :D

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DIGISCRAPPY 12/1/2009 1:19PM

    We all started our Turkey Trot in the huge "mosh pit," as you described it, too. (Love that... I confess... I'm a bit of a metalhead.) We had about 1500 runners, so being in the back (to keep adrenaline at bay), it took quite a while just to get to the starting line. And then... the runners in front of me stopped when they crossed the finish line... forcing me to slow down, then go around them. Ugh! And then we had a totally unscientific method for determining official finish times - so all the finish times got screwed up. For 1500 people! Plus the kids that stopped to tie their shoe right in other runners' paths... some narrow portions of the course that made it nearly impossible to pass slower runners... a few huge puddles that I had no choice but to run through.

Yeah, I feel your pain on the competitiveness and less-than-optimal race conditions.

But, at least it counts as running experience, if nothing else!

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KARVY09 12/1/2009 12:31PM

    Hey, you still had a great time, even if it wasn't entirely accurate. I definitely recommend that next time you do a big race like the Race for the Cure with the timers and all professionally run. My Trot was about the same as yours. We started late and I didn't realize we'd started until everyone in front of me was off!


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    Congrats. You did well - each race is an experience unto itself. I would say you did awesome. Don't think I would of been willing to wait for 30 minutes for the rest of the racers to show up. I think the most we have waited was about 5 minutes....

You did awesome!!!

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