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Chopping my mile/min instead of sweets

Monday, March 02, 2009

Three days into the optimum lose weight and get into a healthier lifestyle plan has come. For a few months now I have been trying to lose weight by exercise and eating healthy however my last pounds are very stubborn. Last Friday I decided that they are not going to win this time, I am taking a very active approach to beat these little pounds and get back into the shape I was while in college. Yes, I lost weight in college and was in my perfect size/health: it is my goal once again! This weekend, the time that we usually take to relax I found myself having a good time making more space in our lifestyle to get healthier with more exercise. It is still winter here so getting out to the gym is the hardest thing right now for us. We were able to get through the snow though and get to the gym. We were proud of ourselves.

emoticonI found that I am getting better at running once again. I started with a 16min/mile and now am down to 12min/mile. Unfortunately I had to take a .10/mile walk in between running but that is much better than when I started a few weeks ago on the treadmill again. I am so proud of myself for earning this small accomplishment.

emoticonWe eat healthy already (more than most extremely fit people), now we just have to exercise more and eat less healthy snacks. Yes, healthy snacks are just as bad as unhealthy ones. It adds calories and can slow one down. I am working on the "drink a cup" instead of "eat a calorie" plan.


The Beginning

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've stated that this is the beginning since I have been hiding from my weight gain for the last four years. Although many studies state that many women gain weight while in college, I graduated from college weighing in 50 pounds lighter. College was a time to truly find out who I am as a person and reach out towards reaching my goals. It was a time of experimentation and a time of competition against others living around me. I learned to lose weight but it was not the most healthy way. Exercise became an addiction and I was trying to exercise a few hours a day in the gym while eating less than 500 calories a day. This is not the method anyone should choose... So, after finding myself once again at a weight I do not appreciate (working from home and getting married were two major factors in weight gain) I am starting over towards a new beginning. This time around I want to eat healthier and lose weight more naturally. I tend to make a lifestyle change instead of trying to just fit in with the other around me. I am encouraging myself this time and look towards appreciating myself again. emoticon


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