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Bod Pod Results

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Well, I was able to squeeze into the Bod Pod today (have to make an appt at Keesler)...and although I wasn't wearing a sports bra like I was supposed to (wearing regular one)... I was still excited with the results:
35.1% Body Fat (54.9lbs)
64.9% Lean Muscle (101.5lbs)

This is huge for me.

When I first did it in June of 2010:
171.4lbs, 41.8% (71.6lbs) Fat, 58.2% (99.8lbs) Muscle

In April of 2011:
155.1 lbs, 36.5% (56.6lbs) Fat, 63.5% (98.5lbs) Muscle

I think perhaps why I seem like I lost weight since my tracker, is because I always weight myself, after I work out with my clothes on at the gym (usually around 6:45pm)...this was in undies and bra...around 1030am...

I'm happy. Not where I want to be, but definitely in the right track! :)

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HEALTHYSLIM2 9/4/2011 4:46AM

    Bod Pod sounds cool.
Conratulations on the positive analysis!

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CINDYTW 9/2/2011 12:10AM

  Glad things are going in your favor!

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CONRADBURK 9/1/2011 3:50PM

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. I love those encouragements. I didn't know what a Bod Pod was,so I googled it and watched a U-tube video about it:
It is so cool! Thanks for your blog. I love learning things I didn't know! I am adding you as a SparkFriend. You can add me back.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Little Steps...Little Choices

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have a hard time being faithful with my time (Like now, I should be studying/sleeping instead of this--but I wanted to share a quick note)....

The gym has this thing if you attend 25 classes you get a prize, 50 classes a prize..well I thought I was all G to get 50 classes and this neat bag thing...until in Sep they removed my "Core" class which is taught 3xs a week...reducing my 7 classes/week load to 4/wk. Meaning, to make my 50 by Sep 27th, I need to attend classes during lunch, three times a week. Two would be yoga, one FX45 (intense class...) We'll see. I get 1.5hrs for lunch, but sadly it ends at noon, and all the classes at lunch are I'd have to dig out early to change into uniform...and even earlier during the intense workout class to shower... We'll see how it works out. I might have to sweet talk the gym guy... I have 27 classes now, but I haven't redeemed by 25class prize, because I don't want a silly water bottle or towel...I want the dang bag! (Perfect to carry my crap to workout classes).

So... to start being faithful with time, I realized today, I should probably do my Ct5K workout during lunch....since after class it would only be hotter, and since Wed is Zumba, then Bible Study night...time would be limited. So I did. Today was: 1/2mi jog, 1/4mi walk, 3/4mi jog, 1/4mi walk, 1/2mi jog. It was hot out (black flag conditions), and my times per lap were a little slower than normal...but I'm glad I did it. Totally worth it. Usually at lunch I mess around on SP, FB, or something, and usually crash to take a 20min nap...

Just a thought, sometimes planning out your day really does help accomplish goals.

And today, after class, I was 158lbs. Exciting. Gotta make sure I don't gain it all back when I go to Fayetteville this weekend... but hoping next week brings me down to 155. That'll be awesome.

Hugs and loves. God Bless!

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CINDYTW 9/2/2011 12:06AM

  Sounds like a great plan! I never can make the goals set by the gym or my work...somehow I rebel against them. Good luck!

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BRENDARK 9/1/2011 6:14AM

    Thanks ladies! I appreciate the encouragement and positivity :)

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DIVA-TO-BE 8/31/2011 11:30PM

    Are you an Arkansas girl??? It was dang hot today, but we will have fall weather soon-can't wait! I'm amazed you did that walk/jog outside! Yikes! emoticon

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ALPINESALLIE 8/31/2011 10:27PM

    You go girl! Even reading all of this made me totally energized! That is awesome about the gym - I would totally sweet talk the guy cause finding a good gym bag is hard to do! And you're working hard! Just cause they cut your stinkin' class doesn't mean you should suffer and loose that gym bag!
I also applaude you for power naps on lunch breaks - I totally have tried that a few times since I also get a long lunch, but they are rough! I always wake up dazed and confused. =) But if they give you the energy you need - go for it! Congrats on being under 160 too! That is great! Hopefully I'll catch up to you soon! Keep it up lady! I'm so proud! You are amazing!

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Buckle down

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well ladies and gents, I am less than one month away from being back home in Hawaii, for two weeks.

Needless to say, that means it's time to get cracking on this whole fitness dealio...which after this weekend, I definitely need to get back on track. Saturday we drove 4hrs to go to an all day concert event and didn't get home until 2am (= bad eating, no workout). Sunday was pooped and moved rooms to be in a quieter one (= barely got the Ct5K workout done). Monday was a Shane & Shane concert in Greenwell Springs, LA (2hr drive) (=bad eating, no workout). Plus, when I went Sunday to get my weekly cinnamon roll, they were out! So I went Monday and ate it at lunch, along with an amazing chicken, spinach, apple, blue cheese and vinaigrette salad. Plus, Mon night went to bed around 1130pm (Remember, class starts at 6am!)

Then today, in the spirit of eating crappy... I was like, "Man, I really want Taco Bell." It just happens sometimes you know, so I went for it. The XXL Chicken stuffed burritos. All 800 calories of it. And why stop there, might as well enjoy a delicious Reese's PB Ice Cream Cup (250 cal). Aah. Needless to say, I am a couple hundred calories over today. BUT I did make it to the Circuit 30/Cycle 30 class, as well as Core. So that was a good 1200 cal burn. Sadly the scale didn't move though (despite thinking it would since it wasn't a special time anymore). O well, that's what happens when you eat crap for like 4 days in a row.

Gonna have to work hard to not get crazy this weekend. Leave Friday afternoon to go visit a friend in North Carolina, and return Monday afternoon. *sigh*

Random notes:
-The base gym offers incentives for attending classes, every 25 classes you get a prize. Well at 50, you get a sweet bag. I want it.. but in order to get my 50, I have double up taking a class at Lunch and in the evening starting in Sep (if I kept my regular schedule, I'd have 40 classes)...and they removed the Core class being offered Mon, Tues, Thurs... so that puts a damper on things. :/
- I am considering doing 30 Day Shred in the mornings before class, but that requires a lot, like getting up at 4am, and going to bed at 830pm... :/ Obviously not starting that one tomorrow (920pm now).
- I've taken 3 sets of pictures since I've started this...and sadly I don't see much change. I'm hoping the next week shows some more improvement, which brings me to my next thing--
- I gotta hit up the weights yo! These arms are not budging...gotta pick it up. 29 days until I go home...I need to be SMOKIN'!


It's Friday....Friday....Friday...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have that bloody song stuck in my head!

Well, today was my "Ct5K" workout. It's supposed to be the second one of the week, but we all know how the first one went...

It was worth it. Glad I waited for the 103 degree temperature to was like 90 or something when I did it on the track. My legs were not feeling the workout though. I was getting those "flat feet" pains, something I haven't gotten in a long time. It was pretty weird. But thankfully, I was able to jog 1/2mile THREE times... with a 1/4mi walk in-between each.

Afterwards did a timed minute of pushups and situps to see how I would do for a PT test- 42 situps (yes! Minimum is 38, goal is 53), and only 18 pushups. Although I've realized I've completely slacked on the pushups, so I need to get rolling on those.

I ate kinda crappy today, it was Sicily's Lunch Pizza Buffet. Although, seriously, it's amazing. It's like the one meal I kinda splurge on breads...and the second one being my cinnamon roll from The Grind Coffee & Nosh...seriously love that place. Anyway, my tummy threw me for a loop though, so I had to take it easy (couldn't scarf down my 1000 calories or whatever)... then had to get some pepto bismal before class started. Felt better though. And only had 3 pieces of pizza, one jalapeno cheese stick, and one blueberry dessert pizza piece. Not bad...considering what I normally eat! I have a hard time counting these calories, since the restaurant doesn't have nutrition I use like pizza hut's or something. Needless to say, calorie count is over today (not sure how much because realized I need to put in two more pieces of pizza) probably 500 over? Wow, maybe a meal there is like 1000-1500 calories. Sad.

Well, I'm very excited, tomorrow is En Fuego, a half day of Christian music, followed up by David Crowder. Our church at home is having "Momentum" tonight, which is a night of SICK worship and time to focus on I'm missing that tonight, but get to worship with David Crowder tomorrow night...AND Shane & Shane Monday night. Will require extra studying Sunday to cover for quizzes on Mon/Tues...thankfully the test will be after the 4 day weekend.

I gotta get to bed, it's past 11pm, and we're "supposed to leave" at 6am tomorrow...but I realized the bands don't go on until noon, and we were gonna get there at 1030...but yeah. I dunno.

Night night!


Oh Boy Thursday

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well. As you may (or may not know I guess)...the special time of the month is in full swing. And I felt like I REALLY felt the effects today. Last night, I was IN BED by 9 (no laptop or anything)...but didn't sleep til 9:30. I did not wake up, until 5:30 (unless you count the half asleep time when I kept pressing snooze). Needless to say, I was *again* rushed to class. Thankfully I got ready faster this time than last.

Yesterday I thought I would do my Ct5K workout today...but that didn't pan out. I also thought I'd get my afternoon nap in before FX45 (total killer workout on a normal day, today I just felt so dead)....but I got an email from one of my bosses in Hawaii, and I had to call him to get some things sorted out. It appears I will be heading to Srn Arizona in October for some training, and then heading to KY afterwards. Prayerfully the family will stay in Hawaii, and we'll meet up in KY (This is the best route for us, for a lot of reasons). Unfortunately it leaves Marcus to travel with the kid by himself. He asked me today how career military people stay married [when they go through stuff like this] I told him they don't, that's why it's so hard to find someone who is a career military person, that is married to their first wife.

Anyway. I'm glad things are getting settled in regards to that training (it's been looming over my head)...

Calorie count: went over by 59 calories. I'm sure if I hadn't eaten that Reees's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup (290 cal) I wouldn't have gone over, but meh. You live once. It's also not Paleo...but I tend to make exceptions during "that time." :D

Again on the scale today after workout class I was 159lbs. I'll take it, as long as by next Tuesday, it's lower than that. :I A little paranoid of starvation mode (when you work out too much without inputting enough calories...) but I'll wait until "that time" is over with, to see how my body reacts then. It's been only a week or so that I've really gotten SERIOUS about my I might not have lost any weight earlier, because I was really eating like 2000-2500 calories a day... :P with me...very likely.

Looking forward to the weekend! Huge concert/college event in Verbena, Alabama. Get to see David Crowder for FREE. Excited. Just gotta drive 4hrs to get there. It'll be worth it though :)

Keep making good choices! Moment by Moment.


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