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PFT Goal

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My squadron commander has a policy if you get more than 90 on your PFT, you get a pass day. You can only take it once per quarter (every 4mo) in order to get this pass day. I've done some fittling with the fitness calculator... and here's my goals:

Run time: 13:30 (40.5pts)
** When I was in Mississippi, I was able to get my run time down to 13:09 in 2.5months of training, 13:30 seems obtainable considering my timeframe is a little shorter**

Ab Circumference/BMI: 145lbs (30pts)
**If your BMI is normal, than you get full points for your waist measurement)**

Pushups: 42 (10pts)
**If after 2weeks of P90 I can do 32, I'm sure I can reach 42**

Situps: 51 (10pts)
** For a few years now this has been easy for me, but yesterday's fitness test didn't seem so, I know I've done it before, I know I can do it again **

I wanted to retest before Kirby left (21 Oct), but if not, we'll do it when she gets back (1 Nov). Either way, I'll keep retesting every 30days until I reach my goal!

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AMBER98 9/29/2008 1:03AM

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!!

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This is it

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well... I think my blogging is like my working out. I plateaued during the summer at around 155 and couldn't it to budge down. I went on a trip, came back around 158, came back down, and finally most recently (after starting P90) got to 153... and was 152. I think because Aunt Flow is coming next week, I'm starting to carry that extra weight. PLUS my eating has been way crazy the past 3-5 days. Out of control... especially the sweets. No good.

Plus we had our PFE this morning after shift, and I was horribly upset by results. 47 situps (bad) 32 pushups (good) 1404 run (bad) and 30.5 waist (ok). I used to max my situps at 51 and my last run for time was less than 14min. Granted, I haven't been focusing on speed, and I'm super sore from P90 legs on Friday before work...but still. I dropped the Fbomb when I crossed the line and she said 1404 (sorry Lord).

Anyway. I'm determined. My coworker and I, every other Friday after shift we're going to start doing the 1.5 mi for time. Then I'm going to start working on my situps (mostly with flutterkicks) to get my abs back to situp time (even tho P90 has ab work 3xs a week..I must not be pushing at it), and I know P90 will get my pushups to 42... I mean heck the last time I did pushups I only got like 22 or something, so I was actually pretty happy with those. Waist, I'm going for getting full points based off of my normal BMI, so I need to be at 145lbs for that. 7lbs down... it's funny. I've come so far, yet I feel like I have so far to go too.

Well, one more 12hr shift to go. Time for shower and bed... and back to work.

Please hold me accountable! To working out, AND to healthy eating!!

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AMBER98 9/28/2008 3:09PM

    I have started blogging pretty much daily about how I did the day before to help me with my accountability.

Looking forward to hearing how you are doing. Good luck!!

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Get on the bandwagon!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So it's been a very long time. I mean. Really.

So like I said in my LAST post I've kind of plateaued at 158-160, and my nutritionist meeting is on the 24th and I'm supposed to be at show that I'm making progress. But I'm not sure I can make that weight...but hopefully at least my body fat measurement will decrease from the last time. I'll keep you updated.

My friend Patricia (aka Trish) has joined SP, and now she's like the extra motivation I have to track (even on my days off!) and work out (esp on days off) because I know one of my friends is going to be watching me. In a not so weird Big Brother sort of way.

So thanks Trish, I'm excited for this journey.

So far my pushups at work have been going well. I'm up to sets of 15, and I've done at least 3 or 4 sets for the past week or so. And We've added in some planks as well (45sec, likely to add it to 60sec tonight). I hope I can keep this up, even when I go on days. It might be weird with the back office peeps in, but whatever. The AF is all about fit to fight right?

Eating...on my days working is pretty good, but then I don't work and I don't track and I think because I don't track I'm like--eh it's ok. So now that I'm planning to track on my days off...Perhaps I can really see these lbs melt away.

I CAN DO THIS. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (phil 4:13). I'm taking care of my temple (1 Corin 6:19). I can do this. I will do this. He is faithful, even when I am faithless (2 Tim 2:13).

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PPG702 6/24/2008 5:36AM

  Aww! Cooool beans! Yep, I will look at what you eat. I'm actually getting ideas from you on what kinds of snacks to get when i go grocery shopping! Except, even though Okinawa is an island, it doesn't behave in the way an island should. They don't harvest too many fruits or vegetables and import a large majority from Korea. Which means, when I go to the commissary the strawberries are $7.98. (and I've already mentioned the apples) Not good. Frozen bags of fruits will have to suffice. emoticon

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Work...takes a lot of time

Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is what I've discovered. Although shift work seems great due to random days off, 12hrs are long. And tiring. And you get home, and I hardly do much on days that I work, and as you've noticed (or maybe not) have had a hard time doing anything on my days off too!

But I've gotten some new motivation. I've been 'plataeued' (sp?) at about 160-158 lately. And don't get me wrong, it's so exciting to see the 150s! but, it's time to take it up a notch. Seemingly I've gotten a little lazy with things, and whatnot. So...

My goals are these:

-Weekly: salad 5xs, no candy/sweets 4xs, choc milk no more than 3xs
-Daily: Apple/banana, 2svgs fiber

Workout: 5xs / week!
-Running 3xs (need to get up 30 min)
-Ab Jam and Turbo Sculpt at least once a week
-Turbo Jam (at least 30 min) 2xs
-Swimming 3xs (or total 4500m/week)
-Starting to do sets of 10 pushups at work during lulls (goal of 4 sets a night)

Hopefully this new revamp, will do well. I'm excited.
Yesterday I went to the gym during my evening lull at work and did ellliptical...and tonight my coworker and I ran...1.75 miles in 17min! Hooray. Starting to run.

Ok. Back to work. Hoping to get back into the groove for sparkpeople...the working til 4am the next day messed up my food log for a few days. But tomorrow's should be better.


Oh man

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well ya''s been a while. Can you tell I've started my shiftwork. By the time I'm on a 'weekend' I'm so busy doing other things that I don't really get to do a lot of internet work (or tracking food) but I'm trying to keep it up. At least for sure being aware of what I eat. Trying to squeeze in cardio whenever I can....and starting to build up my resistance training. At a consistent 160 now--but also that time of month. *Hopefully* next weigh in (prob not this tues-next tues) will go well and in the 150s! That's so exciting to think about. Anyway.
Haven't really been doing my normal you could see with my stuff...but yeah. LOVING my heart rate monitor and seeing me work off those calories! (love the 'manuel enter calories' under myfitness).
Time for bed. Gotta get up around 2-hopefully I can do another 15 min of cardio before work! Maybe even 20! ;) Alohas and God bless!


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